IKEA Comes to Portland July 25!

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Portland, Oregon we have been IKEA-deprived. If we wanted to shop at IKEA, we were in for a 6 hour round trip to Seattle! With the cost of gas, you thought twice about that little trip.

But tomorrow, Wednesday July 25, is the Grand Opening of our very own IKEA store! So, fellow Portlanders, let’s celebrate! In fact, if you are up at at it early tomorrow morning, entertainment begins at 6AM right there at IKEA! Not really sure what kind of entertainment they will have at 6AM (the doors don’t open until 9AM), but let’s hope it involves a latte and a scone.

For those of you who can’t make it, or want to avoid the crowds, check out the virtual store!

IKEA Comes to Portland July 25!


  1. Hi Melissa –

    I found you from your post on Alicia’s blog. I just wanted to give you some feedback. Your site is great! Don’t be overwhelmed by what else is out there! I haven’t let it stop me, and beleive me, my blog doesn’t measure up at all! But, it’s a creative outlet for me.

    Stop by and visit us if you have a moment – I’m not sure you’ll get any inspiration, but it might be good for a chuckle!!


  2. melissamichaels says:

    You are so kind! Thanks for coming by to encourage me! :-) I will definitely come for a visit. I can always use a good chuckle!

    Take care!

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