Birthday Party Idea: Giant Cup Cake

Just saw this in the new Sur la Table catalog. LOVE this GIANT cup cake pan! This would surely make someone smile on their birthday! And it looks fairly easy, love that too!




Add some giant sprinkles and you have got a P A R T Y !




All Product Photos: Sur La Table

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  1. oh gravy, i want that. and is it wrong that i want to eat it all by myself?!?!

  2. This make’s great giant blueberry muffins as well:)

  3. where can i buy the pan from?

  4. Kristin says:

    I just bought this pan today from Michael’s Arts & Crafts store. Made a birthday cupcake for my mom. This is my new favorite cake pan!

  5. i love your blog, and as i were looking for some party ideas from the ligit search, i found this post! i showed that exact picture of giant cupcake to my mum’s friend who is a baker(god knows im not) for my 19th birthday last year, and it turned out great! it was sucha hit :)

    if you would like to see it :

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