Lazy Sunday afternoons in a cozy spot

Sunday afternoons, when the rain is drizzling outside like it is today, I love a cozy place to sit and do NOTHING. It is a rare treat when I can do that, but I love having little cozy spots in my big house. Places to just BE.

Lazy Sunday afternoons in a cozy spot

I am really a small house lover, in my heart, so I feel safest and happiest with places that nestle me in rather than swallowing me up in a huge room. I think that is why I find myself here. This is a little spot in our kitchen, right by the cookbooks. And if I was inspired to whip up a little something tasty, it is only a short reach to the recipes.

Happy Sunday afternoon!

Lazy Sunday afternoons in a cozy spot


  1. Love your chair..sooo comfy! I have the same little waverly check pillow. Nice place to visit!

  2. Love your cozy corner…I have one, too. It is an old wing-back chair that my mom and dad had in their house when I was growing up. Used to sit there and study (blah) and read my Nancy Drew books (more fun). That chair is in my little office…just not the green crushed velvet it used to be..instead it is a pink fabric that I need to get rid of and go to a red toile! Nice to discover your blog. Becky

  3. Becky,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your nice comment. It is nice to hear your memories about your cozy corner. I used to read Nancy Drew books too. Very cool that you still have the chair!

  4. Cherry, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like my cozy chair! Stop by any time for a chat!

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