Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy



How very touching to find that I have been given two lovely awards by some very nice people! And what an honor it is to be included in lists of such amazing women accomplishing so much good. I feel quite humbled and grateful to be mentioned, let alone in conjunction with an award.

Special Thanks to Julie at Jane’s Apron for the Thinking Blogger Award and to Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams for the Nice Matters Award. Oh so kind of you both.


Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy

I am a big fan of Toot & Puddle books. In case you do not know, Toot & Puddle are two small, endearing pigs who are best friends but are as different as can be. Toot likes to travel to unknown places , and Puddle prefers to stay home and revel in the joys of everyday life. My son and I read these books all the time and laugh until tears roll down our cheeks at their sweet little expressions and the adventures they go on.

The quote in the photo above (not sure if you can really read it) is so much like how people seem to find each other’s blogs. They follow their whims from one link to the next and end up finding the most delightful people. Like blogs, Toot & Puddle are so different from each other, but by being friends, they see and share the wonders of life they would’ve missed had they been alone. So for all of you ladies, thanks for being a Toot or a Puddle for someone else. And for reaching out a hand a friendship to me. Life is better for all of us because you are out there.

I am not sure how many awards I am expected to bestow upon others, but since I am new to blogging, please forgive me for just passing on two awards:

Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy

I couldn’t pass up bestowing this Nice Matters Award on Alicia. Beginning my blog was a little scary. But having a friend like Alicia was like already having a pal in a new school. It made the whole experience not so lonely. I am sure she has thousands of these awards collecting dust in her attic, but hey, that is because she deserves it. Her words of wisdom, encouragement and warm welcome into blogging showed me the true meaning of what blogging and friendship are all about. Her unpretentious humble and giving spirit is a blessing to so many and I am glad to call her my friend. MU-AH, xoxo!

Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy

For the Thinking Blogger Award, I will award it to someone new to me and perhaps to some of you too: Brin of My Messy Thrilling Life. I have not yet “met” her, since I just discovered her before she left on a vacation, but I can say I have enjoyed reading her blog immensely! She is a delightful young lady (you know you are getting old when women in their 20’s are young to you…) so please check out her fun stories, her very cool renovation of an old house that is full of history, mystery and intrigue, and her insights into living!

I would also just like to give my own Nice Matters Award to each person who took time to reach out a hand in friendship through finding my blog. A simple gesture but one that meant a lot. Thank you!

Toot & Puddle Tears of Joy


  1. Congratulations on receiving those two awards!

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