Sweet Escape, kind of

Sweet Escape, kind of

I can’t decide where to go today for my sweet escape. Usually I am busting at the seams with ideas for people to see, places to go, things to discover, yet today, nothing. No idea. I visited blogs that were delightful and thought about taking you there, maybe that would be a good idea. Maybe next time. Then I thought about another trip somewhere, you know, maybe South Africa. A safari would be nice. And animals like lions and elephants are inspirational. Usually.

Sweet Escape, kind of

Then I was thinking about the books I’ve been reading. Colefax and Fowler: The Best in English Interior Decoration, or The House in Good Taste. Two interior design classics. Or the mystery book I am reading. Those would really be cool to talk about, like an escape into another time or escape with a good book. That’d be good too. I will do one of those soon.

That is the problem with me. I can never decide. Everything sounds good to me. I am the worst decision maker IN THE WORLD. Unless I am deciding something for someone else. I could pick out a sofa for you in no time at all. And I am sure you’d love it. But if it is for me, I just couldn’t be sure. When my husband and I go out to dinner, I make him decide what I should eat. But if he picks something too weird I say, no I don’t feel like that. But I am not sure what I do feel like. I don’t like to decide.

But with my blog, usually if I sit down and start looking around for inspiration, something pops in to my mind. Sometimes I try to think about what you might want to talk about it. It is much funner (is that a word, somehow I am thinking not?) more fun to talk with people than to yourself. Don’t you think? So, thank you for your comments.

Sweet Escape, kind of

Colefax and Fowler, I love their fabric. It’s a classic.

You guys were really getting into our classics conversation and that made it very fun. Thank you for being a part, each one of you had such great comments and ideas. It isn’t too late if you want to add something. We are going to do those interactive blogging events regularly here. That is how much fun it was! That way we can compile the best of the best from a variety of stylish people like yourselves. Chic and non-chic alike, we all have worthy contributions. Maybe once a week we will try that for a little change of pace. I think it is much more fun to hear from you than from me all the time.

Even when you just say, Hi! I love it here! That’s good. I want you to enjoy coming here and when you say that, it lets other people know it is an OK place to be. If they were wondering if they should stay or not.

What was I talking about? Oh, yes, what to talk about. For the sweet escape. I think I am having an inspiration block, because all day I have been writing. Writing an article that is due this week. Writing my Christmas ideas for a magazine I am contributing to (along with blogging apparently comes other writing assignments, I did not know this when I decided to blog. Bloggers are writers, I just thought I was an interior designer talking about stuff I like for my own edification, but now I know how things go with blogs — you are also a writer and have to have something of interest to say quite often, in words and in pictures. Therein lies my problem). On top of writing I have been thinking of how to photograph my Christmas ideas by next week. That is the deadline for the article. Christmas in September! That is why I am having an inspiration block. My mind is a little foggy.

Sweet Escape, kind of

So, even though I realize you came here today for an escape, a dreamy photo of a faraway place, or for some design inspiration, or whatever you all hope for when you come here, today you will just get to meet my son. I know, totally uninspiring. But in a sort of way, he is inspiring. Because he feels totally free to be himself. Just like we should be in our homes and the way we personalize them. There are no rules. Just good ideas and better ideas. A designer can help you turn it in to something magical if you can’t seem to figure out how. But there really are no rules, just people with inspiring ideas who make something out of what you already have. Most of you do that very well.

Here is my son. Being himself. He looks insane. But really, he is super cute. You’d never know to look at this picture. It is just a bad angle.

Sweet Escape, kind of

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend escape planned, a time to play and be yourself. Live a little, laugh, and have some fun. I know what I am doing, decorating for Christmas!

Sweet Escape, kind of

The Christmas photo, white room and yellow room photos are all from one of my favorite places, Cottage Living design assistant. That is another great escape!

Sweet Escape, kind of


  1. Now that is such a fab photo of your son! I love it! And imagine having to plan Christmas in September!

  2. I LOVE the photo of the little one!!! LOL!

  3. Hello!! ROFL at the photo of your sweet son! Now that is hilarious!!!!! His T shirt is perfect for his costume! Doesn’t he just make you want to keep him at that age forever! My boys use to do zanny things like this and I miss those times!

    Love the Christmas stocking pic! Oh my, Christmas? Nooooooo, not yet!

    Have a sweet day!


  4. I’m just catching up (I still have to read through all those comments on the classics post LOL)!

    What a darling photo of your son! He does look super cute. Makes you wish they’d never grow up!


  5. Your son is DARLING! I’m right there with you about not feeling Christmas right now in September. I’m not even feeling Fall. I’d love to help you out with block but I have trouble deciding which style to use in which room. So… I have an 100 year old farmhouse with a Pink Kitchen, a Rosy sewing room, an Old World/Tuscan living room, Magnolia Pearl bedroom, and an ever changing back porch. So all your different styles are fun for me! Thanks. Blessings… Polly

  6. Your son is adorable! And the photos of those rooms… heavenly!

  7. That is certainly a cute photo of your son!

    I need to catch up with your blog! I love the photo of the fireplace with stockings. Gorgeous!

    I had to do Christmas in September last year…and October and November, besides December!! So I am working on FALL, this September.

    Enjoyed my visit here.

  8. Well, yes indeed, he is inspiring! And may he always feel so comfortable with himself. Wouldn’t it be great it we could bottle that kind of magic?

    Okay here’s a surprise, I loooooove that white room. Maybe my alter ego lives there.

  9. Well, yes indeed, he is inspiring! And may he always feel so comfortable with himself. Wouldn’t it be great it we could bottle that kind of magic?

    Okay here’s a surprise, I loooooove that white room. Maybe my alter ego lives there.

  10. Your son looks like a real character! Christmas in September – I am thinking about it already since it will be the first Xmas in our new house (well, the first one last year was 3 wks after moving in, so we went to visit family instead). I am dreaming already, but don’t want to fill the house with too much decoration yet, just start slowly. So if you have Christmas ideas or any good links let me know – I just want a few special things – a nice centerpiece, some glass ornaments for the tree, maybe something for my sideboard. If you have any good sites…I know you are also SO busy – do take time for you and remember to take care of yourself first (us readers can wait a day or two…)! Love to you and yours, Terri xo

  11. I have to concur with everyone about your son. Too precious for words. And today’s escape was even better in a little way. I can’t make decisions either. So today I got to spend a little time here and little time there. It was a nice change of pace.

    Have a great weekend and have fun decorating!


  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. That picture of my son makes me laugh too, everytime I see it. He came up with that outfit (and the perfect expression) all by himself!

    Yes, Terri, I will be definitely be sharing lots of holiday decorating ideas. The great thing about doing this article right now is I will have lots of holiday pictures and creative ideas for you this month! Stay tuned!

    Thanks for your visits, I sure enjoy having you all over!

  13. Hi Melissa!
    Glad to see you stopped by my blog today! I just checked in on you and love your blog girl! Hope your Fall is full of memories and good times!

  14. Hee, hee, hee… Boys will be boys! Thanks for the escape. I enjoyed the get a way.

  15. I’m a little late for your game,more than a little.but surly I’ll tell you my idea about classic style.I think whatever is in laura ashley store is classic the furnitures,chella lighting with glass droplets.everything,if you like English decorating go threw the site,especially new autumn winter catalouge online,it’s a combination of English and French decorating ,I love it,it’s best escape for me.maybe u know it but look at it’s new catalouge you’ll like it.

  16. What a lovely post! Great pictures. Your son looks adorable. I would love it if you could stop by my blog sometime soon…would love input on my latest post. Have a great weekend!

  17. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    Your son is adorably funny in that get up! After raising 4 boys, I could tell you some stories!

    Glad to see that I am not the only one who has artist block (writers block?). I am different though. It is easy for me just to create a mosaic. But when I have on commissioned, then there is someone real that wants it….I get my artist block then…lol

  18. Esther Sunday says:

    Your son! Adorable! I love reading the facts about yourself you. You are such a sweetie!
    Love, Esther

  19. I’ll take the first and the forth escape! Your son is too funny!

  20. I love the Colefax ‘s fabric too !!Your son looks adorable !!

  21. That top room looks like it was dipped in butter! Yummy! I don’t even have a favorite color because I love so many colors. It is always hard for me to narrow something down to one. So much life, so many choices!


  22. Happy May Day Melissa!
    Love your escape, especially the cute little guy in the sombrero!


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