Extravaganza, festivities and more

Extravaganza, festivities and more

I am glad you all enjoyed the home tour! I added a couple of extra photos on this post for your enjoyment. I think I can safely say we are all crazy for Sunday drives through the neighborhoods! One of my friends always calls them “Drive Bys” but I think that sounds a little violent! LOL! We are just looking and shooting our cameras, not endangering their lives with weapons !

From now on our home tours will be a regular feature for us here, snooping around to find the coolest houses ever! I’ll be on the lookout for some Christmas front porches too as the season gets under way! I always go on some holiday Christmas tours inside of houses, but I have a feeling photography of interiors might be a no no. We’ll see what I can do!

So, this week we are going to kick off the holiday season with a bang! This Friday, November 2, I hope you will join me for my 100th post extravaganza! Just to make it super fun (well, that is the idea anyways so humor me here!), we are going to be setting up our own satellite party to coincide with the holiday festivities going on at The Blissful! Oh, yeah! While they are partying in Ohio, we’ll be partying at The Inspired Room blog. Hopefully we will get to peek in on The Blissful party and just have a great time getting in the holiday spirit. Maybe I’ll show some more holiday ideas from my house, too.

So start thinking of your favorite hors d’oeuvre, beverage or perfect hostess gift ideas to bring along to the party, because that is your ticket to get in! And if you invite your friends via your blog, all the better, you get BIG bonus points for that. Especially if you show your holiday party outfit on your blog (link from my comments so we can visit too!), so we know what you are wearing to the festivities! You do all those things and you are my BFF and I give bonus points in the drawing for BFFs. But, if you can’t manage the BFF thing, come by anyways! I’ll still like you. Come in your jeans and bring Velveeta if you want.

We’ll have a giveaway or two, including the mystery gift from The Blissful ( I am truly making this up as I go along so bear with me! ) and get pumped up about the holidays! I can’t wait! Mark your calendars for November 2, so you won’t forget! I’ll be putting out a few more posts before then too so stick around. Maybe you’ll sneak a peek at the mystery gift before Friday!

In other news, I have a couple of people to thank for awards, one goes to Plum Water Cottage for a You Make Me Smile Award and the other to Nunnie’s Attic for the Spirit of Christmas award. Thank you both so much for thinking of me, you are both so sweet! I haven’t yet had a chance to put together a list of folks to pass it along to, but I did want to acknowledge the awards before more time passes and you all think I am pathetic for not playing along! I’m just slow. I also have been tagged for a meme by Jacaranda Cottage (aka Cottage Contessa), which I will get working on too!

Also, I want to thank {this is glamorous} for spending the weekend finding the perfect craft for me! Clearly she was worried and didn’t want me to fall flat on my face trying to make an elaborate craft for my Pay It Forward project, and was determined to find something suitable! Thank goodness people watch out for me! What a sweetheart, I really appreciate it! I owe her big time now. I’m so excited, I’m gonna give her idea a try and you can all laugh at my attempt! It does look easy though, so maybe I’ll set up my own shop soon!

I also want to thank everyone who submitted ideas for easy crafts, I will announce the bonus winner of my craft giveaway this Friday along with our other festivities! TTFN!

Extravaganza, festivities and more

Extravaganza, festivities and more


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, the mocha thing is going to be a challenge. I found myself craving one today! That tells you I am addicted. Anyway, all things are possible with Christ. So I overcame it…today! :)

    I LOVE your pics. What kind of camera are you using? The quality of the ones you are taking are wonderful. Just curious. Love all the pics. Looking forward to seeing more!
    Much love and blessings,

  2. Your party sounds like it’s going to be such fun and I can’t wait to attend! The house in this post is just awesome! I hope you do play along with the meme game sweetie! Wow I use the exclamation point a lot! lol Blogging is just too exciting (refraining from using !)
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. okay…a party..I love it, what fun!
    That doorway is certainly festive!!!
    You are such a fab one… lookin’ forward my dear!!!
    congrats on your ‘Christmas’ award.

  4. Sounds like loads of fun! Love the idea of taking more “drive-by” pics. I really do like seeing the inside & outside of peoples homes.


  5. Love your “drive-by shootings!” Keep them coming. the party sounds like fun, even though I’ll probably be the one in jeans with Velveeta! :)

  6. You seem to have a great time coming on Nov 2nd. I’m not at all familiar with your festivities at Halloween so I think I’d rather “stay at home” LOL. But I hope I can take a look at all of it.
    Hope you’re having a great Monday.
    Love Elzie

  7. What I like most about this house Melissa is its tasteful decorations…not overdone at all, just lovely.

  8. Sounds fun. I plan on stopping by!

  9. Hi Melissa, we’ll be there!! So happy you will be making make ‘drive-bys’ a regular feature, wonderful! Have a great week! Jenn and Jacqui

  10. As always, I am looking forward to what’s in store with you!

  11. Ok, so I haven’t mentioned the Pay It Forward swap yet because I still have no idea what I’ll be doing. I’m sure it will involve globs of glue, 50 papercuts and some unimaginative design. But, I’m working on it.

    Looking forward to Friday’s party!


  12. The party sounds devine, and I love the entry! Very spooktacular indeed!

  13. I can’t wait for the Christmas stuff to start…


  14. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog Melissa! I see you’re just as busy as I am!

    Your blog looks fabulous btw…

  15. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    WoooHooo!! A lot going on here!!! I love the holidays and it is so much fun that you are having a party….

  16. This sounds like fun, Melissa!


  17. fabulous decorating! I wish I could do that! You have a lovely blog! :) I love it.

  18. Sounds like fun in our future. I’ll be watching for more.

  19. kari&kijsa says:

    We are always up for a good party! Sounds fabulous! Not sure what garb we may don for the royal affair, but bet your bottoms we will be bringing the diet coke! Cheers!!

    kari & kijsa

  20. I posted another photo just for you. :)
    I don’t have any cake, but I do have kitkat bars.

  21. kari&kijsa says:

    Melissa- hope this was okay- We just had to link to your wonderful blog!

    kari & kijsa

  22. Goodness, Melissa, you’re right full of ideas! This one sounds like a lot of fun. I’m going to be watching from the sidelines in my jeans while carrying a tray of crackers and Velveeta. Glad that you’ll still love me! :)

  23. Ohhh, 100th post celebration! Yeah! Count me in!!! I’ll pay it forward with a mention on my blog!!! And a costume….hmm…let me see what I can come up with!!!

  24. Melissa,
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog, housepeepers.blogspot.com. You are my first visitor and I am so excited!! I can’tfigure out how to add my favorites, but I will keep trying.

  25. Love a party! Any reason to celebrate life!
    Congrats on your 100th post!
    I’ll bring the cupcakes ok?

  26. Lovely images of festivity!

    In our part of the world too we have started the celebrations leading to the festivals of lights:-)

    Blog world is so cheerful and festive right now:-)

    Happy Halloween!

  27. splendido !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Melissa,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my new blog. I am very excited; I have had 3, count them 1,2,3 comments already. Kind of like being asked to the prom by 3 guys. Now that would have been a dilemma.


  29. Hi Melissa,

    Just wanted you to know that I am attempting BFF status here. My first attempt is here: http://www.mymelange.net/mymelange/2007/10/party-central.html. I have posted about your wonderful par-tay! I will also try to *scare* up a few ideas for things to bring to the party…how bout an easy appetizer recipe??? I nominate *Rosemary Cashews*…to die for!


  30. Hello Melissa! Thanks for the mention and I can’t wait to see how your DIY project turns out!

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