Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

This is part two of a four part Gift Wrapping tutorial by our featured guests from the little shop in the middle of nowhere, McMaster and Storm! Click here for part one!

We often use flat bags that have funky old newsprint or floral print to make for an interesting gift. Here we are wrapping a box of Roger Gallet soaps and leather zip wallet. Below is a photo of the wrapped gift of soaps. Stick tissue in top, tie a square knot around the bag, use boxwood garland to shape a curly “A” and voila, a cute gift ready to go, personalized for the recipient!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Below is the finished wrapping of the zip wallet. Wrap tissue around wallet, fold down end at top and stable with our European stapler. Tie ribbon around and this time make a bow, then add the “loving” words into ribbon with a corsage pin that is poked through into ribbon knot. Use a small hole punch to make a hole in a torn row of tickets and stamp a letter of the recipients name. You’ll be ready for the holiday party in no time!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Oh, and stable ribbon to bag at very edge. Details, details!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Our stapler has a cute coppery gold staple, it’s petite, the stapler has a never jam mechanism and we use for creative projects and wrapping! It is a “staple” in our store! Contact us here for ordering details! We use French General scissors, the best!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two

Stay tuned for the Gift Wrapping Tutorial, Part Three (click here for part three) and Four, and then the Giveaway Post!

Gift Wrapping Tutorial Part Two


  1. Great wrapping by McMaster and Storm. Thank you Melissa for introducing me to these two women!

  2. So much to love about these ideas! the green boxwood letter is cute enough but the apple green with brown ribbon is enough to get me out of my cozies and head to the craft store for supplies. So, off I go!
    Thank you so much for the invite.

  3. Love the stapler! It’s a must-have.

  4. Jill Flory says:

    The stapler IS a must have! I didn’t get one when they first opened their shop and I lamented that mistake for over a year when they sold out and couldn’t get them anymore! Happy for all of us they diligently kept looking till they found the supplier and voila! we now have access to these wonderful, fun staplers! I bought mine as soon as the shipment was unpacked! I recommend EVERYONE call and order one or better yet, if you are within driving distance get in your car and get over there!

  5. Beautiful gift wrapping, thank you Melissa for hosting this marvellous week and thank you to McMaster and Storm :)

  6. I love all the colours…the combinations… the choices… the use of interesting “other” bags, papers and containers. Everywhere we look there is so much to use and it is definitely not just stock Christmas paper.

  7. hi!! where do you get the word “loving”?????

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