Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

“What inspires me in my day to day life…”

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

I am inspired by simple objects found at the flea markets in France. To hold something delicate that is over a hundred years old and feel it blush at being rediscovered.

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek

I am inspired by the gift that life generously pours out to us, even when we don’t notice. I have seen that life does not take no for an answer, and it longs for us to dance to our own music.

Words and photos copyright Tongue in Cheek

Note from Melissa @ The Inspired Room:

Please leave your well wishes and prayers for Corey’s father…he is very ill.

Beauty: Tongue in Cheek


  1. I love Corey’s blog, and boy does she have a following. I could listen to her weave her stories all day long.

  2. “To feel it blush at being rediscovered”– I loved that!

  3. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    Corey has wonderful inspiration – and is a wonderful inspiration too!

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with Corey and her father. I hope he mends soon.

  5. Corey is simply amazing – she is a perfect example of living a beautiful life everyday.


  6. Corey inspires me!!

  7. Corey’s blog is one of the first that I read everyday … she has inspired me in so many ways! ~ Lynda xo

  8. It is so great to welcome others blogs . Great idea .
    For me Corey is ont of my first source of inspiration

  9. Corey has a way with words and photos that is mesmerising. She is one og the first people I met when I began blogging and I trully appreciate her. Then again, you have such a soul…

  10. I love Corey and her style is impecable! I am so glad you featured her here.

  11. Corey has an amazing talent of combining her stunning photos with equally amazing prose – and she’s really nice!
    I usually lurk on her blog :-) She’s such a perfect choice for this series.


  12. What a stunning blog… what fabulous photos… style… grace … inspiration… LOVE IT…

    Thank you Corey for sharing your stories with us



  13. Hi Melissa, Corey and her father are in our prayers. Jenn and Jacqui

  14. Heather W. says:

    This is a wonderful blog! so glad I found it. Your photos are inspiring! I am sorry to hear of your father. I pray that he will be renewed in strength and spirit by our gracious heavenly father. May God bring healing in mind, body, and spirit. Fondly, Heather

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