Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway

Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway

Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway

Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway

One of my favorite things of beauty in my home is my oil lamp. I just love that no matter what mood I want to create in my home I can achieve it through the sense of smell. When I want to really appreciate my lovely home, I just light up the lamp and before long the house is perfumed perfectly.

–Paula from Neutral Dwelling


Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway


Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway


Note from Melissa @ The Inspired Room:

Greetings blog friends! Paula from Neutral Dwelling has generously offered a giveaway as part of our Inspiration Week! Look at this! It is a beautiful blown glass 7″ tall vase that would look divine with any decor! Thank you Paula!

Paula is a lovely woman and friend, and has a beautiful online shop and blog. Please, click over here and thank her for her contribution and the giveaway, and then leave your name and email address on this post (right here on the Neutral Dwelling guest post at the Inspired Room). Winner of the vase will be chosen at random on Sunday February 10th 6PM PST. Wednesday February 13th 6PM PST.

Photos: Neutral Dwelling

To visit the Neutral Dwelling shop, click here.


Beauty: Neutral Dwelling + Giveaway


  1. WOW…it’s beautiful and very gracious of Paula!

    Melissa ;)

  2. Lovely vase, I’m off to visit her website now.

  3. What a nice idea! Please count me in!

  4. It’s a lovely vase! I would love it! I couldn’t leave a post at Paula’s, but will get right back over there to try again…and again!

  5. The vase is simple and beautiful! I love it. I went over and checked out Paula’s blog and gave her thanks for the lovely gift.

  6. Your message makes me think that I probably already have what I want in my home. I think a lovely scent can add much. Oh, and the vase would look great here.

  7. Yummy, I love that vase.

  8. I’ve enjoyed your guest posts… I love Kim at Daisy Cottage!!! And the vase is truly lovely. So is your blog!!

  9. How fabulously generous! Lovely!

  10. I haven’t stopped by in awhile and I’m amazed at all I’ve missed. It’s been fun tonight to go back and read and enjoy every post I’ve missed. Your blog is a joy to visit.

    Love the vase!


  11. That oil lamp is Gorgeous!

  12. Paula is right. A beautiful scent is an important backdrop for beauty in my world too!

    The vase is simply elegant!


  13. Scent plays a huge role in how I feel about my home. Paula’s oil lamp sounds lovely. How generous of her to give away a beautiful vase. Please include me! The week of inspiration has been wonderful!

  14. Hey add me to the giveaway entrants… that’s a gorgeous vase and I already know the perfect place for it in my home!

  15. Renee Alam says:

    Hi.Please enter me in your great giveaway,thanks.Renee

  16. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    The oil lamp is just beautiful! And the lovely blown glass vase is exquisite!

  17. That’s a graceful piece. With a niece who loves to do glassblowing, I understand the talent that it takes to make such an item. No easy task!

  18. What a lovely vase – so perfect in it’s simplicity!

  19. Oh, Scent can so change your mood ! I also love blown glass and this is lovely. Count me in

  20. Count me in on this one! Love the color….

  21. wonderful,
    Please add me…


  22. OH! Beautiful! Count me in. Thank you.

  23. Beautiful, just beautiful… Thanks for the link.

  24. I love Paula’s blog… she has a great sense of style too… LOVE the giveaway… do count me in…



  25. I love the vase and I l;ove Neutral Dwelling! Nice post. :)


  27. Hi Melissa, we agree Paula from Neutral Dwelling is a lovely lady, gorgeous style, we have been happy visitors to her Blog for a while now! Please enter us, this is a beautful vase :) J & j xo.

  28. Lovely! Thank you.

  29. I just found your site…via…CotedeTexas and a comment left about you…I love your site…and please do count me in on the beautiful vase give-a-way…exquisite!