Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway

Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway

Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway

Walking is part of my life. Each morning I get up and go, mainly because it helps me feel positive. Usually I listen to NPR , but if the news gets overwhelming, I listen to a book on tape called: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. This tape keeps me keep centered and has also helped me get through some really tuff times.

I infuse myself with “inspiration boards” they are everywhere, surrounding me in my l’atelier. They are covered with people and memories I love, wonderful dresses, objects or people who inspire me. Also, quotes like: “Excellence is a Journey” and ” Love life and it will love you in return”. Single words: ” Glorious”, “Refresh”, “Gracious” and “Stupendous”!

My “next show” and special orders give my life structure and focus motivating my creativity.Lastly, a trip around “Bloglandia” is always a great way to get a potent shot of inspiration!

Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway
Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway
Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway
Linen Spring Pochette.
Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway
A Note from Melissa @ The Inspired Room:
Bloggy Friends, please pay a visit to Constance (and her boutique!) to thank her for her wonderful contribution to Inspiration Week! She is such a light in blogland! Then come on back and leave your email address on this post here at The Inspired Room. Winner will be drawn at random Wednesday February 13 at 6PM PST. Don’t forget the giveaway by Neutral Dwelling just prior to this post!
Photos and text copyright Constance at Rochambeau

To Visit Constance’s Blog Rochambeau, click here.

To Visit Boutique Rochambeau, click here.


Beauty: Rochambeau + Giveaway


  1. Wow, thanks for sending me over to Constance’s place! I can’t get over the amount of inspiration that can be found out here in blogland. I just love it. I wish I could just surf all day! (But then I’d get NOTHING done, instead of just NEXT-to-nothing. Hee! Have a great day!

    smaskew at

  2. Constance is so amazing, her bags are incredible! And she is a sweet and kind lady too, just wonderful!

  3. Thank you for all the inspiration YOU share Melissa!
    It is an honor to be surrounded by the other women you feaured this week. I’ve enjoyed learning about many new sites, and the people behind them.
    It was a good lesson to look inwards and write this.


  4. Very nice!

  5. Wow! What beautiful work! A real inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you, Melissa, for inviting Constance to share her work with us this week. It is just amazing!! Her imagination is incredible!

  7. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing Constance with us!

  8. I’m so pleased to see the charming and loving Constance of Rochambeau being highlighted in your spotlight this week. Not only are Constance’s Floralina’s enchanting — they seem to each hold a “piece” of who Constance is — her heart is evident in all that she does.

  9. Claudia in NJ says:

    Constance’s Blog is beautiful!!! Thank you for introducing us.

  10. Beautiful, Melissa! I’ll definitely pay Constance a visit!


  11. How lovely, I just spent some time looking at her boutique.
    I adore her work, the colors, the beauty but most of all the charm.
    Please add my name to this wonderful giveaway.


  12. Wow, I love her bags! I never heard of a Pochette before.

  13. Wonderful post and very inspiring!

  14. Penny, Mosaic Artist says:

    Now this is inspiration! What a wonderful post….

  15. Well this has been a lot of fun and what a perfectly charming little purse. I’m off to visit Constance right now…

  16. I’m following the “other” Vee around again today! hhahah…. but wanted to say thanks for pointing out Constance’s blog…I had never seen it before and it was one of those that I had to “hang out” at for quite some time. Love her shots of colour…. guess I am just not a white and pink kinda gal. I spent time scrolling backwards through months of amazing things looking for close ups of her dolls (because I make dolls) and thoroughly enjoying her presentations of other artists.

  17. Wow, what beautiful hand bags! Definitely inspiration on many levels for creating and simply admiring her beautiful touch.

  18. That is the most beautiful little clutch I’ve ever seen! Definitely inspiring!

  19. Absolutely stunning work.

  20. Constance’s work is amazing. I have drooled shamelessly at her website. Count me in for sure….

  21. Just been to visit Rochambeau, how beautiful the pouchette is..her work is adorable.

  22. Such lovely things make my heart sing. Thanks for searching out and sharing all this beauty with us.


  23. Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing all those charms with us


  24. I love this! It’s so sweet. I am enjoying looking around her sites as well.

  25. Melissa,

    This Pochette is consistent w/ your blog — a touch of spring, a breath of fresh air. It’s a pleasure visiting your blog and so glad you introduced us to the work of Constance too.

  26. Oh, how lovely,and perfect in it’s simplicity! Thanks for all the inspiration, Melissa. :)

  27. Thank you for sending me to visit Constance. The colors are just gorgeous. I love her hangbags especially.

  28. Oh!!!how lovely…I have been a fan for a long time now…her work is amazing. Each time I see one of her new pieces…I drool and say to myself this one is my favorite,,,I came over here from her blog.
    She is as lovely in person as she is on her blog :)

  29. Cheerful looking young lady isn’t she. Inspirational too!

  30. This bag is stunning!
    I would be thrilled if you could enter me in the drawing.
    I popped over to her blog and one thing is more beautiful than the next. Such creativity.

    Thank you for introducing us to such talented people.
    Kimberly :)

  31. Emily-Sarah says:

    Constance’s work is beautiful! Such talent. We women are a creative bunch, aren’t we?! Thanks to Constance and also to you, Melissa, for playing such a visual, inspiring part to help us find our way back to our awesome possibilities …

  32. Lovely bags and a wonderful inspiration. Linda

  33. Constance has been a source of inspiration to me since I discovered her a few months ago. What talent and attention to detail.

  34. what a wonderful post and Constance’s is wonderful too, such inspiration. Please count me in on your draw, the little purse is exquisite

  35. that is the sweetest purse ever – makes me want to get out some velvet and embroidery thread – oh if only I could creative something as fabulous….thank you for her blog as well – yet another place to get lost for hours on end!!!

  36. Thanks for the chance to win this! I have spent a good hour this Saturday morning all to myself with a pot of Hawaiian bean coffee and the opportunity to surf away uninterrupted! What a treat! It’s amazing how many new blogs I have bookmarked this morning!


  37. Oh my goodness such eye candy… Contances work speaks volumes… I absolutely love her creations! Please count me in



  38. parisparfait says:

    I am already a huge fan of Constance’s work. And I’m happy to count her as a good friend, as well! She’s an inspiration! Lovely post.

  39. Your blog has been one of my more frequent stops in the last few weeks. I really enjoy reading it and your ideas are fresh and interesting. I linked you to my blog, just to remember to come see what you are up to. When you suggested that I visit Constance, I did not hesitate. She will now be a regular visit as well. I so appreciate this. Susan

  40. Such a BEAUTIFUL bag! WOW! I tried to leave Constance a comment, but it wouldn’t load. LOVE her contribution to inspiration! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  41. Goodness, she has such beautiful items!!

  42. Wow . . .your site is wonderful! I enjoyed constance’s blog too!! I am an artist and soooo thrive on the inspiration of blogs/sites like yours!

  43. Simply dazzling – each item is a masterpiece! The creativity of Constance is a true inspiration…

  44. over here at my house
    we all love constance!


    she is one of the most creative
    and thoughtful artists you will ever find.

    a true inspiration
    with a heart of pinkflowers,
    constance has the most amazing eye for detail.

    if i were to win this yummy *Linen Spring Pochette*
    just leave a comment at my blog
    and i will send you my email address.

    it would make me so happy!


  46. I’m familiar with Constance’s blog. It’s always a beautiful place to drop by. She’s a great choice to feature.

    I love the picture with all the pretty bags!

  47. Please enter me in the give-away. Thank You

  48. Hi everyone, This is my first week in the world of blogging! I was home for a week with my 6-yr old daughter nursing her through an awful virus and while she was sleeping found this most wonderful blog. Constances creativity is unbeliveable and soooo beautiful. I am in awe of all the inspiration and grace that is a part of this world. I am now committed to learning from all you talented and gracious women. Thank you so much. Loreli

  49. Breathtaking clutch. I’ve just discovered this world of inspiration! Thank you so much!

  50. Gorgeous! Thanks for introducing us to Constance:>)

  51. I love this bag. Her work is increible. Thanks for sharing this.

  52. Tricia Bourdakis says:

    What a wonderful blog. The purse is a beauty! And thanks
    for all of the referrals to the other wonderful blogs. I could spend days going from one to the other. Thanks for taking the
    time to share with all of us out here in computer land. Tricia

  53. Beautiful pochette – beautiful blog! Thank you for all your interesting information too – you are definitely an inspiration to so many.

  54. Hi Melissa, Constance is an amazing lady, her work is stunning :) Thank you for introducing her to us all :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

  55. pretty pretty

  56. m e r a v i g l i o s e

  57. How lovely! Thanks for the link!

  58. Constance is a constant source of inspiration. . .her beautiful purses are magical!

  59. The dolls made me smile!

  60. I would love, love, love to be entered in the drawing for this give-away. Thank you!

    And. . .your blog is so interesting and beautiful! Thank you!