Sweet Escape: The Weekend, At last

Sweet Escape: The Weekend, At last

Have a restful weekend! Love to you all!



Cottage Living: photograph Pieter Estersohn, design Eric Prokesh
Sweet Escape: The Weekend, At last


  1. Have a wonderful weekend M~

  2. What a lovely blog you have! Whenever I come here I am amazed at how pretty things are! Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Oh how nice and relaxing it would be to have a soak in that tub.
    Mmmm glass of wine, soft music and flickering candles. Mmmmm………. so sweet.

  4. A very serene setting, simply made for a calm, relaxing bath!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. have a super duper
    tee hee


  6. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Melissa!


  7. Happy, happy weekend to you, as well, Melissa. That photo is beautiful–a sweet escape, indeed.

  8. Hope you are in the midst of a calm and restful weekend :-) Rosie

  9. Hi there!

    I just discovered your blog and am so thrilled I did. Such lovely inspiration…

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. I’m having a great weekend reading blogs…

    You and Linda are thinking alike these days…

    Have a fantastic weekend, Melissa!

  11. Snowed in and having a relaxing weekend so got to read your blog.
    Wonderful photos and very inspiring! Thanks
    Now I think I’ll head for the tub!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  12. fresh, fun and inviting bath!! Could use a warm soak right about now…
    happy weekend!XO

  13. Is that your bathroom?!?!? Seriously?? Wow. I mean, really, that would just be sooooo nice.

  14. I had to drop you a quick line to let you know that Your Week of Inspiration was truely an inspiration for me!! All the
    work you did to put such inspiring guests onto your blog
    etc. was really appreciated by me! It’s so good to stand back
    and re-evaluate one’s life. Add new things and put away the \
    things that aren’t working. Balance is the key..
    There are always things that need to be in our lives each
    day and the first thing is our walk with God. From there
    comes all the issues of life.

    So happy you and your hubby got to take some time away
    from Blogs, internets, children and work. We all need that
    at times. It gives one new Focus and planning our lives with the ones who are the most important to us. You have it right!!

    I live where I don’t have alot of interaction with others. so blooging is like my way of keeping in touch with the
    real world… But I do have to come back to reality and make
    a world for myself and my hubby in our Empty Nest. Thanks for showing me the balance.
    Hugs, Jan

  15. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend too sweetie, and that the week ahead is terrific as well!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  16. HI Melissa. I’m playing catch up this Sunday evening. Never enough time. Sounds like you’ve got wonderful things going on. I’m excited for you about the article and isn’t it nice to have jobs that are enjoyable. Have a happy Monday. Blessings… POlly

  17. Hi Melissa! I did have a restful weekend and I am dreading Monday….LOL

  18. Another stunning picture to make me dream.

    Have a great week!

  19. That bathtub looks divine. Sweet serenity!

  20. Wow! Now that is one gorgeous bathroom. Dangerous, though….I might never get out of the tub and my hubby would probably get really sick of bringing my meals to me.

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