St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day


Hi blogging friends! I have been in NYC all weekend and will be traveling back to Portland late afternoon on St. Patrick’s Day (assuming I can get out of New York City during the world-famous St. Patrick’s Day parade and festivities that will be going on near our hotel!).

I intended to visit more of your blogs (and do more posts) during my stay here in NYC via my laptop, but my internet connection has not been good. So, I apologize for being scarce! I’ll be around as soon as I can to catch up, I’ve missed you!

Just in case:

If you would like to own a piece of the Irish countryside (and who wouldn’t I might add), click here! For only $49.99 (with free shipping!) you can own your own plot of land. Your castle would have to be mighty small however.

castle photo:

St. Patrick's Day


  1. Absolutely beautiful! My oldest son’s birthday is St. Patrick’s day (and we are Irish), and NO I didn’t name him Patrick! He’s a Nicholas if I have ever seen one! Would love to be at this castle right now, checking it inside and out.

    Enjoy NYC and have fun!

    Melissa ;)

  2. Have a safe trip back….hope the leprechauns don’t play tricks on you! :-) Rosie

  3. Melissa,

    Say hello to my hometown for me! I was born in Manhattan and raised in New York, spending the better part of my childhood in the city. We moved out to CA after college, but I still hold NY very close in my heart.

    Safe travels, dear heart! I have missed you, and hope to “chat” soon. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

    Hugs and love,

  4. How lovely of you to post a picture of my home! Just kidding…what a gorgeous castle. Thank you for sharing with thoughts of St. Paddy’s Day. I wish you a safe journey and that you’ll make it through the parade route and to the airport with time to spare. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  5. Hi Melissa. Wherever did you find this?!? I’ll pass on buying the land, but will take the castle if I win the next couple of lottos. Happy St.Paddy’s Day!

  6. Hope you are enjoying yourself…

    We are missing you too



  7. Wow, how grand is that. I’ll be there’s one heck of a craft space in there somewhere-lol.

    Safe travels home and have a great week!

  8. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    Ay, a wonderful place to hang me hat! Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you, me friend! May the Luck of The Day drop a penny on yer head – and may it not hurt either!


  9. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    oh …. and Doogs says, “Waz UP!?”

  10. Hope you get home safely Melissa! Happy St Pat’s day! LOL that one square foot of land is so funny!

  11. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Melissa and safe travels!


  12. Great to read that you are in th CITY for the famous parade.
    Can’t wait to see the pics

  13. Hope that you get a wee taste of the festivities in NYC today!

    So, would this piece of land for 49.95 be large enough for a leprochaun or would it only work for a fairy?

  14. The St. Patricks day parade is so much fun. When I worked in New York, many years ago, the day was one long party. Have a happy and safe trip home to your castle…Susan

  15. I’ve been lurking off and on here for months–and since I just came back from a vacation myself, I had to say amen! to the joy of unplugging for a few days :)!—makes it all the better to come back!

    Now I’m off to buy my little piece of Ireland–ha! ha!

  16. safe travels…i have missed so much lately…thank you for being so supportive…hugs and happy st. paddy’s day…rebecca

  17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Melissa! I can’t wait to hear all about your NYC trip … that parade is amazing! Have a safe journey home. ~ Lynda xox

  18. But, but but, I want that castle. Don’t you think I deserve to live there? You could live with me for several weeks out of the year? We could host gala tea parties and such???? Hmmmm, sadness about castle envy…. If only I had married that real Irish man, who really did offer me a castle… Oh well, heee xoxoxo

  19. Paris Parfait says:

    Sounds like you’ve been having a fun time! I was once caught up in the crush of a St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York. There was literally no way to move – I grabbed onto a big football player, who barreled his way through the crowd. Talk about claustrophobia! As for the castle – well who wouldn’t want to live there, as long as there were plenty of fireplaces, servants to tend them and lots of Irish whiskey to keep one warm in the winter! :) Safe journey…

  20. Looks like you are having a nice break. How I remember my many trips to NYC.
    Lovely river photos.

  21. Esther Sunday says:

    New York City! (said just like the commercial does it) Thanks for posting a pic of my home, here. With the price of gas, I think I need to turn the heating down some.

  22. How many lightbulbs would I have to buy? Or candles?

  23. cityfarmer says:

    Missing our chats…let’s catch up….
    I’ve added you to my blogroll….
    you might enjoy my second blog

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