The Blissful Online Boutique

The Blissful Online Boutique

Exciting news … I’ve been wanting to let you all know The Blissful, that wonderful French-inspired shop featured here here here and here on The Inspired Room blog, has launched its online boutique! Click here to start shopping! Tell Abby I sent you, she is a delight!!!

The Blissful Online Boutique


  1. ooh it looks wonderful Melissa!!! Thanks for the link!

  2. Just when I was ready for bed! Thank you for sharing the news, Melissa! My beauty sleep will have to wait! ~Kathy

  3. Such a gorgeous site! Thank you for sharing Melissa.
    Welcome home.

  4. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says:

    Checked out their site and LOVE it. Will have to spend more time on it later when I can devote my full attention.

    Hope your trip in NYC was lovely! Looking forward to hearing more about you and your husbands new journey:)

  5. OH YAYYYY! :)

  6. Alison Gibbs says:

    Thanks for the link it is a fabulous place to shop

  7. Oh, exciting news! I’ll have to check it out soon.

  8. I’m running… running… running… Can’t wait to get there! Blessings… Polly

  9. I absolutely love ABC Carpet & Home!!! They’ been a favorite of mine for a few yrs. Loved your great pix. Glad you got a chance to visit such a jewel of a place…Beautiful post… Fay

  10. OMG!!! Never have I seen so many treasures in the one place! I’d need a billion dollars cause I want to buy it all!!! LOL.

    Everything was just so lovely and so much of it. You are so lucky America does everything on such a grand scale lol.

    Thank you, thank you Melissa for these wonderful pics and links.

    Anna ;)

  11. Whoops, my comment was in regards to the ABC NY store however this online boutique is also fabulous!

    Anna :)

  12. O.K I go there !

  13. I’m coming back to tell you that this site is fabulous !!!

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