Sweet Escape: Let’s Just Say it Isn’t Monday

Sweet Escape: Let's Just Say it Isn't Monday

Let’s just pretend we are at the beach. On holiday. For three months. And it is warm and we are playing in the surf. Someone is barbecuing something tasty on the grill. I can smell it, it smells delicious. And we have a housekeeper cleaning up the beach cottage. Life is good. Take a deep breath, inhale the sea air. Feel the sand in your toes. Yeah, let’s go with it. Don’t try to tell me it isn’t true. Sometimes I just need a Sweet Escape on a Monday. And that is O.K.

Photo: Coastal Living Alex Hemer

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Sweet Escape: Let's Just Say it Isn't Monday


  1. Alison Gibbs says:

    Mmmm.. sounds like a fun holiday to me.
    What a fabulous photo. Great colors

  2. That was unfair. So unfair. (I really thought I was there.)

  3. I can smell the ocean and feel the gentle breeze. And, the warmth of the sun on my face makes me close my eyes and relax.

  4. I need a holiday too…i will bring the margaritas!

  5. That sounds good to me!

  6. I love the turquoise/blue chairs and the door is beautiful! The whole scene is pretty!

  7. It is more than ok! :) I’m not getting over to see you enough!!! :( Life is cruising along and there is a lovely boy who visits my home now- so very happy! :) I think that we should all go away for 3 months- what a brilliant idea! :D thanks for the time out.

  8. I can smell those pretty purple flowers outside the door and hear the seagulls calling as I grab one of those striped towels, the dog and her leash, and head out to feel the sand between my toes! Thanks for the sweet escape.

  9. Great post Melissa!
    I felt like I was there!
    :) Melissa

  10. Melissa

    Thansk for the invite to the beach…I have a bit of a virus so this is appealing!

  11. Well, sounds as if things are busy there! That’s always good, isn’t it? Hope so!

  12. hookedonhouses says:

    Gorgeous picture. I want to tag along to the beach, too! -Julia :-)

  13. Okay Im pretending for all Im worth!

  14. Oh yeah, that sounds great! I’m in FL, but not at the beach at the moment. Love those beach vacations, mine’s coming next month!

    Have a great week!

  15. Such a beautiful photo! And it sounds lovely with the beach:-) I am afraid to say, but I live in Singapore, and here it is summer all year long…
    Have a great week.

  16. I think you have the right idea!! I want to tag along to the beach too!

  17. Ohhhh Thank you! I needed that! ;-)

  18. gorgeous!!! i want to be at the beach!!!
    warm waether , cocktails, sun lotion. sounds fab!!!
    you will have to come and look at at all the toys , and the links. it is going to be fun.

  19. I think this hallway could be right inside one of the little beach cottages I have on my blog today!

    I love this “sweet escape.” Sounds perfect!

  20. Awe…I am right there with you.

  21. i want to be there right now.

  22. This is a picture of one of my most favorite beach cottages…I cut out the picture and put it in my inspiration folder and if I remember correctly, it is owned by the lady who owns the Fresh Produce clothing line. I agree, what a great place to go on a Monday morning!

  23. melissa lewis - off the wall says:

    Oh yes, I smell it now. It’s been a long time since I have smelt the sea air. Thanks for the trip!!! Much needed:)

    BTW – love the blues and greens in this picture! They just make me happy!

  24. Sounds like a wonderful idea!

  25. Could I add…being a size 4 on this “sweet escape”?

  26. i’ve been pretending having fun and holidays…maybe for way too long :)

  27. LOOOVE those colors!! :) They make me so happy. :) Thanks for that post!! :)

  28. Sounds wonderful to me, Melissa!


  29. I can close my eyes and be at the beach in Destin, Fl where my family goes every summer – can’t wait to have the sand in my toes! Love your blogs , so inspiring

  30. Nothing would feel better right now than being on the beach…..sun baking my bones…..wind in my hair….sand between my toes……sigh…..

    :-) Rosie

  31. Hello Melissa! It would appear from the last two posts, that you’re in serious need of a holiday :) Such a gorgeous photo–the colours, the light . . . *sigh* Think I need a holiday now as well!


  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I think there is something in the air…lots of people having bad days! I hope yours got better. Barbecue at the beach sounds great to me!

  33. Oh! Where do I sign up???

  34. I just came back from the library with a really neat book…Decorating with Seashells by Anita Louise Crane…theres some really nifty projects in there I think I will try my hand at…I am collecting quite a large mass of seashells it seems….I am going to try to make something wonderful if I can ever make it through this week first!

  35. OK… I took an unintentional blogging break and I come back only to find you daydreaming. Just kidding! Your whole scenario sounds pretty good to me… the old “Calgon take me away” routine. I loved reading your kids rooms post also. Glad to be back among blogging friends like you …dreaming together!


  36. let’s say it is the begining of the week end

  37. Sounds great to me! Love the picture.

  38. Love the picture, I could dream about it all day, I need a holiday:-)

  39. oooh thanks for this one, i needed this :)
    love j

  40. Oh you’ve certainly succeeded in maing me feel the breeze and the sea air…Hmmmm!

  41. I am packed and ready to leave . Tricia

  42. I LOVE this!! It has been snowing where I live and I am craving a warm sunny afternoon. Beautiful site!

  43. I live at Nantasket Beach in Mass and am spoiled by the sea.I have been making signs out of vintage beach cottage’s being torn down and replaced by MacMansions.I am making some now for a shop on the Cape that is going to be in RH’s in June.

  44. I spent a day at Laguna Beach last week on my California vacation and your picture just conjured up the smell of the sea and the warmth of the sun. Come see my vacation pix. I will be posting some lovely “walk-by” homes tonight.


  45. Yes!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT…wishing I was there right now! Love those mags! :)

    I’m behind on blogging this week but my AI post is up now! Thanks for stopping by, I’m sorry but it was Kristy’s time to go. :(

    Hope you have a fantastic springy weekend, Melissa!! :D

  46. I can almost picture myself there…

  47. Feeling dreamy, BFF? Come on down to my new beach cottage and we can soak in a little bit of magic. I am just pinching myself, right now. Life is good.


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