Sweet Escape: Let’s Swim With The Turtles!!!

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

What have we here? I think this would qualify as a sweet escape…

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

I like.

Oh, hi friends! You caught me dreaming again. I know it is a bit fanciful to imagine such a sweet escape, but once in awhile you just have to throw caution to the wind and imagine the possibilities! And come to think of it, why should I just imagine it? Why, I say?! I’ve worked hard. I can see no reason that I should not just charge a trip like this on my visa card right now sell my mini-van and head off on an adventure!

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

I really want to jump in that water. Except for there is a giant turtle swimming in it.

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

I can picture it now.

Buh, bye, kids! We’ll see you when we get back from BORA BORA!!!

Who’s with me here, people?!

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

Where else would they bring you breakfast in a canoe? Bora Bora!

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!

Blissful sigh.

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Sweet Escape: Let's Swim With The Turtles!!!



  2. It is as if you can read my mind. I have dreamt about going to Bora Bora since I was in high school. To me, it looks like the most beautiful place in the world. Your pictures are stunning. I just keep staring at them.

  3. Did you say, “girl trip!?!?!” When are we leaving????? :)

  4. Ooh. I want to come along. Can I wear a crown of flowers and eat pain au chocolat (that’s it, isn’t it?) in a canoe?
    Just so there are no insects. Jungle bugs scare me.

  5. What time is the flight? :)

  6. Me me!! Hang on, I am coming with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoox

  7. Aaahhh! Another blissful sigh.

  8. Hi Melissa! Nice to “see” you again! ;) Just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award today. I’m sure you’ve got hundreds, but it’s my way of saying how much I love your kindness and your blog!

  9. Oh man, whats this about turtles? Our turtle drowned itself yesterday ( poor thing – got stuck between 2 rocks) and Ive seen two turtle posts in 2 days and never one before!!

    In memory of “Brown” – the turtle

  10. THAT is absolutely beautiful Melissa – I caught myself listening for the waves!!

  11. my goodness… I want to go too, reminds me of the four seasons in Langkawi and another resort in Sipadan here!!

    happy weekend :)

  12. Oh, this looks pretty perfect to me! :-) Rosie

  13. It’s comforting to see other people have cases of Spring Fever as well. That is one gorgeous place, but the turtle freaks me out a little bit. :)

  14. What a beatiful place! I’m homesick for Hawaii after reading that post. We used to go to the beach on the North Shore and swim with the turtles. They are perfectly harmless! I promise!

  15. Please add some Polynesian music to this post…..oh my, how amazingly beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh, fabulous! And hey, that’s what Visa Cards are for isn’t it??

  17. That is my fantasy vacation!! Some day when i win the lottery or maybe for my 25th anniversary. Its still nice to dream, itsn’t it. I am a new blogger and i love your site, your ideas, and your inspiration. Bora Bora here we come.

  18. Girl Trip! Girl Trip! Girl Trip!

  19. lucinda says:

    beam me up scotty! I’ve never seen water that blue before.

  20. Take me there! Bora, Bora here I come.
    Just found your blog via All things bright and beautiful. I love it and find what you post so inspiring. Thanks.

  21. ;O…….. simply heaven!

  22. Where do I sign up for this trip??!! It looks SO peaceful and beautiful

  23. thank you for giving me the idea to start begging for a trip to bora bora. :)

  24. OK! I’m packed!

  25. Ah, such torture! Those pictures are going to drive me crazy!
    I won’t be able to think about anything else all day! Thanks!

  26. Paris Parfait says:

    Simply gorgeous!

  27. Fun in the sun! Sign me up!

  28. Someone sent me these pics in an email awhile ago…just beautiful!

  29. ah, blissful sigh here too. It reminds me a little of my honeymoon – in the Cook Islands – which is where I go mentally anytime I’m having a really bad day. :-) Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog yesterday! And wonderful posts this week…it seems anytime I fall behind on my Inspired Room reading, I have lots to make-up, because each post is packed so full of wonderful goodness. thanks for the inspiration!

  30. I actually went there for my honeymoon almost 10 years ago, and dream of going back one day.
    it was heaven.

  31. Can I come too!!!
    Please …lol

  32. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    This is beyond lovely and so relaxing to look at.
    Thank you for sharing.

  33. melissa lewis - off the wall says:

    Oh I love when you dream! These pictures are fabulous. I can feel the warm sun on my skin and taste the salty sea water now. What a party it will be!

  34. the ultimate tropical holiday!

  35. Oh my God! What beauty you have created!

  36. Looks pretty good to me, right now, Melissa!!


  37. Take me away, Calgonite!!!!
    oooooooooooooooooooooh, I am right there with you….it’s looks like there is PLENTY of room! You said we leave when??!!
    xxxooo Ruth

  38. So many beautiful ralaxing pictures, I love it!

    Hugs from Singapore

  39. sooo funny to come visit your blog and see pics of Tahiti! I just mentioned to a friend yesterday that i would love to go on vacation in Tahiti and lo and behold pictures to drool over, such a fun post Melissa! thanks for the temporary fix :)
    love j

  40. Girl you are dreaming of Fiji and I am dreaming of Africa! Love your blog.

  41. I am so tired of this cold spring we’re having – but a warm breeze wafted from your photos and I know that summer will come! Or…I may have to go find it myself – in Bora Bora.


  42. HA, you gorgeous woman you! You may disable the comments – but I shall find a way!

    Melissa, you are lovely.

    I send you a thousand cyber hugs and real ones too – that is the loveliest post about your interview up there – thank you you beautiful woman – now I’m the one who’s blushing :-)

    Hugs and love to you my friend

    Felicity XOX

  43. Thems some big turtles!!! haha – let’s go swim with em!

  44. Oh so much beauty! Thank you for taking us “there”.
    Just lovely Melissa!!


  45. Now that looks like the perfect place to unwind in. *sigh* it’s just … paradise!! And I bet at night the sky is so clear and dark that the view of the stars is just gorgeous!

  46. This must only be a “slice of heaven” here on earth. God is the
    creator of this beautiful island.

  47. Dear Melissa, Thank you for such a beautiful post. Makes me crave one of those fruity drinks with a mini pink umbrella, toes in the sand, and pair of flip flops.

    By the way, to respond to the comment you left on my blog.. Sorry to hear the link wasn’t working for you. I just checked it myself, and seems to be working fine on my end. You can always get to my Cottage of the Month page by going through my website. Hope that helps!


  48. oh sweet mercy, that was just beautiful TORTURE!!! :D You’re bad…but I’m coming too!! :) Have a great week!

  49. Four Seasons Bora Bora. Nightly rates from $86,500…..


    we can dream, though, can’t we?

  50. That looks beautiful, but all I can think about is how I wouldn’t want to be there during a tsunami!


  51. Hey Melissa, I know HOW to get you that trip at a fraction of the cost AND you would be able to write it off on your taxes…I am TOTALLY serious…

    As Shrek would say, “really really!”

    ;) Melissa

  52. You dream up my kind of vacation, can you imagine being here?!!! I think this may be heaven on earth::::sigh::::

    I love your blog, glad I found it, I will definitely be back : )

    The beach house is gorgeous!

  53. Hi Melissa,
    Would you believe we’ve just come back from Le Taha’a Island Resort in Tahiti. The plane stopped at Bora Bora on the way, and yes it is as beautiful as that AND the water is really that gorgeous colour! Do Google Le Taha’a Island Resort though, it is just an island with many over-water bungalows, whereas there are now numerous resorts at Bora Bora, which is still divine, but more crowded. The French influence makes for superb patisserie and bread, the lamb comes from New Zealand, the papaya and limes are beautiful as are all fruits there, the seafood (prawns etc) is local and they cure their own Smoked Salmon. The wine is French……..recommended!!


  1. […] Before St. Regis Resort opened at Bora Bora in 2006, Bora Bora Nui (part of the prestigious Starwood collection) was the newest luxurious resort in French Polynesia. So that was the reason why I picked Bora Bora Nui as our hotel at Bora Bora. Unlike at Sheraton Lagoon Resort, Moorea, the room rates at Bora Bora Nui already include a full breakfast that features a diverse menu of international and local cuisines. Varieties of breads, fruit juice as well as fresh fruits were also served. In US, I can’t get enough of tropical fruits, so staying at Bora Bora where tropical fruits were abundantly available made me very happy. Of course, I did not miss a day without at least a glass of tropical fruit juices, and my most favorite one is mango juice. In addition to having the breakfast in one of the hotel’s restaurants, you can also optionally have the breakfast delivered to your over water bungalow via a small canoe by a hotel employee, creating a very unique room service. Where else in the world can you encounter such a romantic experience like this? […]

  2. […] addition to my real vacation spot in today’s and tomorrow’s posts, I’m sharing this dreamy vacation (and links to other favorites) for my new blogging friend Holly’s Let’s Go On Vacation […]

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