Fun Idea: Chalkboard Cloths & Placemats

Fun Idea: Chalkboard Cloths & Placemats

I love this DIY chalkboard tablecloth from A Thoughtful Place! I like easy ideas like this that are not only unique but are also a conversation starter or memory maker. They serve a purpose beyond CUTE. Love that.

This would be such a nifty idea to use for celebrating someone’s birthday (have it on the table with birthday messages) or to honor any special person or day. Leave a love note for your sweetie. You could use it to share family activities or plans at the breakfast table, a memory verse for the week, an inspirational quote, a menu, or keep kids busy when they say they are bored (as my son says at least five times a day). Or, use them as a fun party activity! It would definitely create memories!

See the details for how to make this yourself at A Thoughtful Place!

PS. Check out this chalkboard fabric, too!

Happy Creativity!

Fun Idea: Chalkboard Cloths & Placemats


  1. kari & kijsa says:

    what fun! We will have to go check out her wonderful site and find more inspirations!!

    kari & kijsa

  2. I can’t believe…I just went out and bought a can of chalkboard paint to do the wall behind my desk. I never, ever thought of doing something like this. So clever.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. So cute and whimsical!

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me” LOL! Love it!

  4. What a cute idea! there must be 1001 uses for chalkboard paint:>)

  5. Holy Cow! How fun- you’ve got my mind thinking of how to use that in someway soon :}

  6. Have been browsing through all the unbelievable gorgeous room pictures – awwwhhh – your blog is very aptly named “The Inspirted Room” – I have truly been inspired today!! The tablecloths are the neatess things I have seen – people are so creative!!!
    Have a blessed day…..

  7. melissa lewis - off the wall says:

    What a great gift idea. I love anything you can smack some quotes on in an instant.

  8. super cute idea!!
    we used to have this restraunt called “scribbles” they had white paper table covers, and baskets of crayons.
    My kids loved it, so did the adults.

  9. I am always in awe of all the creative ideas out there. I could sit at my computer all day and show you nifty stuff. But then of course, I would have no life outside of my computer. How sad indeed that would be. So, I can only bring a smattering of what I see to my blog…now it is time to LIVE and not just VIEW great ideas….so off I go…

    Much love to you all today, you all make me smile!


  10. Not only do I love the idea, but you offered a link to a great blog! Thanks, Melissa!

  11. What an incredibly creative idea! Wow!


  12. LOVE your style and ideas!! You always inspire us! Thanks for sharing.

    Amy & Rachel

  13. Melissa:

    Love the table cloth…simple ideas are always the best!!
    Your garden rooms are so so beautiful…I always log visiting your blog I know you put a lot of time in it and you always deliver a quality product….Dianne’s blog is full of fun…love her stories…keep inspiring us… Fay

  14. I love Dianne and her creative ideas! She had some wonderful things for sale on her website. Thanks for sharing this Melissa!

  15. What a brilliant idea…fantastic to use on special occasions…and how much for children would have!!

  16. I heart the placemat idea! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    As for the rice and beans in the pantry…those are always good for a meal in a pinch (so I’ve learned from Everyday Italian)!
    Trina xx

  17. Another great find from the both of you… :)

  18. Now this is a fabulous idea Melissa…I have never seen chalkboard table cloths and placemats before…I love these.

  19. That is a great idea! Perfect for lil kiddos to doodle too!

  20. Alison Gibbs says:

    What a great idea. Must go check Dianne’s blog.

  21. This looks like a fun idea, Melissa!


  22. I saw this on Dianne’s blog, too. Dianne has wonderful ideas. I recommend her blog to anyone that hasn’t been lucky enough to visit yet.

  23. How cute is this! I am a big one for leaving notes everywhere–lunchboxes, drawers, under pillows…

  24. I love that!

  25. Melissa,

    What an awesome idea! I love it! You are fantastic, my BFF!


  26. mmmm…great sayings run thru my head. I love ideas that might carry on family traditions and memories. Wonderful!!

  27. I do think you can chalkboard paint just about anything. Very cute idea!


  28. Cute!!! I especially love the message in the first photo. -giggles-

    And I think the second one is pretty cute and ‘cheeky’ too. Think that’s a quote of Alice Roosevelt…

    Looked it up. Yup… “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth [b. Feb. 12, 1884]


  29. That is really cute. Wonder how it would actually work if used as a tablemat?

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