Sweet Escape: Lovely Landscapes

Sweet Escape: Lovely Landscapes

I walked by this lovely yard the other day and thought I’d share it with you all! I hope you enjoy your weekend! I will have some more photos of the beach house next week, it is finally done enough to move the furniture in! Nick of time, too, since my daughter’s wedding reception will be there in just about 8 weeks! Eek! We have our work cut out for us. I’ll show you how things look so you can be afraid for me. Somehow, it will all come together. Right? It will, it must!

Sweet Escape: Lovely Landscapes


  1. OH, It’s beautiful!!! :) Just catching up on my week’s missed posts here, friend! Sorry I haven’t been by, thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my post last week. I am SO glad to know you and be “bloggy friends”!! Yay, look forward to beach house picts…I’m sure it will turn out FAB if you are in charge! Have a lovely weekend!!! :)

  2. Nice landscaping. I can’t wait to see the beach house!

  3. What a lovely spot, and thanks for sharing it with us.

    I can’t wait to see more beachhouse pictures, and to hear more about the wedding plans.

    Yes, it will definitely all work out, and additionally, it will all be perfect. Are you holding up okay? I wish I could come help you.

  4. That garden is goregous! Love the pergola hidden behind the plantings. The art placement is perfect.
    Totally looking forward to those beach house pics…and wedding stuff will be fun too, my “niece” is getting married next weekend so we’re in high gear around here. Fun!

  5. Beautiful!

    Looking forward to more pics of the beach house. Yes…I know it will all be ready for the wedding!

  6. I want a beach house too. Can I come and help out? Good luck.

    Lovely garden.

  7. Oh how exciting! A wedding reception will be a lot of work but I know you are up for it. I got through the graduation open house, now I’m rooting for you for your reception:>) Will look forward to some photos!

  8. Very pretty yard. Looking forward to seeing the beach house!!

  9. Oh my, I’d be so nervous to host that! But then I’m sort of shy about these things. You seem up for the occasion! Good luck to you!

  10. oh Melissa, eight weeks already!! how exciting and boy do I know how busy you must be right now!
    Can’t wait to see the beach house pics! Sounds like a blog open house event may be in the works! :)
    love to you,

  11. I am looking forward to seeing your beach house, Melissa! That’s exciting about your daughter’s wedding – I am sure things must be insanely busy for you now. I know you will manage to pull it all off with great style!

  12. Françoise says:

    I am adding my voice to the praise of the yard. It has just enough Asian in it to make it serene while being green enough to fit with the luxuriant NW.
    I also summerized my fireplace thanks to the idea you posted. I am very curious to know what you will make of my space and yard . . .
    and even more curious to hear your suggestions!

  13. Beautiful garden, Melissa!

    I’m looking forward to more beach house photos.

    Catching up tonight. Little Missy Prissy returned home, this afternoon. Mommy was really missing her!!


  14. Excuse me – 8 weeks? are you a little crazy??????????

  15. Hi Melissa,
    What a beautiful garden, can’t wait to see the beach house.
    Cheers Linda

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