Sweet Escape: No Agenda

Sweet Escape: No Agenda

Hello my little lovelies! Thank you so much for all your kind wishes and happy thoughts on my first blogging birthday! I’m totally chuffed.

Did you know that chuffed means “pleased or puffed with fat”? Blogging friend KJ from Eye-dyllic gave me the definition and I couldn’t help but smile. I think both definitions actually work well for me so I am just going to be chuffed all the time now.You’ll know that when you come by my blog and I say “I’m chuffed” I mean I am pleased you came to visit, but if I just finished my pumpkin scone and latte and say “I’m chuffed” you’ll look over at me and say, “Well, yes you are…”

OK. Enough silliness.

Look at this lovely birthday gift I got from a sweet blogging friend…

Sweet Escape: No Agenda

Mr. Winston looks so handsome sitting there on my chair. I love it, thank you! It is a perfectly whimsical rendition of my favorite spot and my favorite pup! This gift was from FiFi Flowers Design Decor…visit her here!

I hope that YOU ALL have NO AGENDA except fun & sun this weekend!! My husband and I saw this boat (above) while we were on a little business trip this week and I immediately thought of sharing it with you all for my sweet escape this week! Wouldn’t that be something? Having no agenda but to be boating?!!! I could get used to that.

Sweet Escape: No Agenda


  1. Yes I could get use to that! NO AGENDA!

  2. I am sorry I haven’t left my congrats sooner! We have had a few busy days that have left me, barely online! Shocking!

    Love your gift – what a sweet painting!

  3. Winston looks adorable in that picture ( and always, I am sure!). Fifi does wonderful prints for a lot of my blogging friends, maybe someday I will “hire” her.

    Have a great “no agenda” weekend.


  4. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    Thanks for keeping me up on the lingo…so it’s all in the context, eh? ;D

    Lovely artwork from your blogging bud…Winston is so cute!

    Have a delicious weekend!

  5. Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. Congratulations on your blog’s birthday! – I got an email from a girl I featured on my blog, she was also “seriously chuffed”! I had to turn to the dictionary to make sure she wasn’t offended… Happy weekend!

  6. I love her art work, I had featured her on my blog a bit ago. I love her whimsical interpretations.

    I could handle an escape involving boats and blue skies and no agenda! :)

  7. Now that is my kind of agenda.

  8. Oh, I just love that drawing. I have seen several things that Fifi has done & she is amazing. I’d be honored to get one of those myself! Just beautiful.


  9. Oh I missed your birthday, well done and happy bithday. You are an inspiration to us beginners.

  10. Oh- Fifi has the best paintings doesn’t she? She did one for me to put in my bathroom- Love her work! Also, I might have to copy you and put my dog named LeeLee onto my blog as well. I like your saying- “Because every blog needs a blog” So cute! Have a good weekend! Daisy~

  11. Excellent plan!

    M ^..^

  12. Fifi is so talented! I wish I had no agenda, too. Sigh.

  13. Happy belated “birthday” LOL. He looks so cute on that nice chair. Wish I could have more of those no agenda too, but it’s only one week left and then it’s back to work. Bah! Wish I could stay at home for ever!!!
    Hope you have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  14. I was wondering what “chuff” meant. I had never heard that expression, know I’ve got a knew saying under my belt:)

    Hope your weekend was a great one Melissa! Oh, you’ll have to tell us how the shower went. AND, I would love that recipe for the dip you twittered about:)

  15. Stopping by to say hello…. I am chuffed that I did!! As I truly admire the work of your friend FIFI!!




  16. I need a day with no agenda! I love your picture from Fifi….I will go check her out..

  17. Oh dear, I missed your birthday, sorry! Happy belated blogging birthday to you. (That’s a lot of alliteration … :) )

  18. LOVE that NO AGENDA!
    Glad you are chuffed with Winston’s portrait!

  19. Hello Melissa

    I’m so sorry I missed your blog anniversary. We’re home from the lake now and I hope to keep up with my visits a tad more regularly! A belated happy blogiversary, to you!
    I love the gift from Fifi. I’d love to have her do something for our home. Perhaps I’ll talk to her about a commission.

    I’m celebrating my 200th post with a little giveaway. I can’t believe there have been 200!! Never thought I’d have that many. I am continually amazed by bloggers who post daily!

    Have a wonderful week.

  20. Hi sweetpea!! Chuffed!!! Love that word, soo English! Meli, HAPPY first blogging birthday!! And many more to come. Just checking in to say hi see how you are (now you ARE a busy bee arent’t you?!!!!!!) and give a huge cuddle to Winston, who looks a treat in that cute art by Fifi! No Adgenda , love that!! Happy day sweetie!
    Jenn Jacqui and the Westie clan xo

  21. Oh yes, I could sure use a weekend on that No Agenda boat. Ahhh, just the thought. I’d of course, bring my Winston with me. He’s my little Yorkie and as my girls say, “Mom, you didn’t even want a dog, but he loves you best!!!” Yes. He. Does!! And I ADORE him too. Who would have thought?



  22. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    Oh how cute is that picture of Winston that Fifi made? He is already a sweet pea, but looks equally cute painted!


  23. Happy blog birthday Melissa! Love the boat name!

  24. carrie schei says:

    That is my brother’s boat. Where did you see it?

  25. notonlyicecreams says:

    The drawing looks lovely, and the boat… I wish I could have one!

    notonlyicecreamss inspiring blog post..

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