Christmas Decorating:
Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Christmas Decorating:<br> Why Didn't I Think of That?

I took one look at this photo and realized I should never have given away my cute bunnies (don’t worry, they weren’t real bunnies. I mean fake ones). Somewhere along the way, I determined that bunnies weren’t happening for me. We put them on our table every Easter for years, but decided if I wasn’t using them every day anymore, I could say goodbye! Now, I wish the bunnies were around because I’d put them on my table for Christmas too.

Sigh. I love the plaid and the woodland theme with the bunnies. Why didn’t I think of that?

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter anymore.

See why it is hard for me to downsize? I miss my old stuff. Ok. That’s all. Have a nice day.

Tip for the day:

Think outside the box for holiday decorating — combine old things in new ways.

Photo: Country Living

Christmas Decorating:<br> Why Didn't I Think of That?


  1. I’ve seen a ton of cute woodland decorating ideas too! I really like the effect.

    But, for the first time ever, I went “themed” to match the new decor, all silver & blue & sparkle. Which means not only do I have boxes that will go unopened this year, I will have NEW boxes to try & store in January! (‘Cuz I’m not getting rid of anything, just in case!)

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  2. Darn! Just packed away my every-day ceramic bunnies the other day when we pulled out the Christmas decorations! I would have just needed Christmas ribbon for their necks. What a great idea.

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  3. I HAVE BUNNIES!!!!! I bought a ton of bunnies last year as decorations for my daughter’s 1st birthday (Beatrix Potter theme); I just assumed they would be a “Easter/Spring only” decorations. But that picture is beautiful. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I know what you mean about missing your old stuff. I tend to do that too. I keep something for a LONG time, decide I’ve had it with storing it and never using it, get rid of it, and then see or think of a great way to use it:-( the bunny idea is very cute, maybe you will find some cute bunnies at Goodwill or somewhere, priced very cheap. They will have come from someone just like us who decided they didn’t use them enough and they will probably be regretting it just like you!!
    Have a Blessed Yuletide!

    Jill Florys inspiring blog post..Pretty Posers.

  5. Hi Melissa…

    What a cute idea.

    You know…with 48 moves under my belt…and having to down-size…or sell everything to move just in the back seat and trunk of my car…I knew I’d miss alot of my things, my “pretties”. So…I took pictures of my things. I kept those pictures for a long time…then one day, decided that even the pictures (not ALL of them) could go, too! You know why? Because I was making memories with other “pretties”.

    Try it…it may just help you, too!


    ps…you’re included today…in our Come to Jesus and Pray post…for prayer

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  6. I really love this look!

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  7. I LOVE the bunnies. We have a tiny bunny that sits on our landing going upstairs. He peeks out from behind a huge vase of flowers throughout the year, and at Christmastime i have three large wood cutout trees with lights on them…he peeks out of there. I love my bunny!

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  8. too cute! You can “Christmas-up” almost anything. Thats what I love about decorating- “you make the rules” Sorry to hear you gave away your bunnies- maybe Santa will send new ones your way. Speaking of bunnies have you seen the bunny toile dishes- I heart them!!!!

  9. Yay!! Another use for pretty bunnies. I love the way they mixed the yellow plates with seasonal plates, too. I can do that!!

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Leaving on a Jet Plane

  10. Cute idea! I wouldn’t have thought of that either. Hmmmmm…wondering where I put my ceramic oposssum. ;-)

    Hang in there, girl. I’ve been thinking about you this morning.

    Kimbas inspiring blog post..Open House and You’re Invited!!!

  11. Hmmm….I love the natural look- especially for Christmas time.

    I can certainly understand what you mean about downsizing. It IS hard. When we did our BIG move from AK to Lower 48 we got rid of tons of stuff. Once in a while I wonder what happened to X…

    I love that I can go “shopping” in my basement. I’m always discovering items I thought I’d lost/given away/sold. I’m still sifting through the stuff and slowly getting rid of stuff I truly don’t like.

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  12. I may be the only one, but I think you made the right choice about the bunnies! :)

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  13. Bonnie Mattson says:

    Melissa, I have been thinking of you as Christmas gets closer and know you must be under a lot of stress with your move and all the things you are always involved in. You are amazing! I have some Blissfully Domestic photo adding questions for you but I know this is not a good time. But after you get settled in WA. maybe would be better. I was hoping when you said you were moving it was to CA not WA…but I am sure you will love it there.

    I now exactly what you mean about the downsizing, it never fails that after a brave day of tossing there is inevitably remorse just around the corner!

  14. I like the bunnies too. I’ve been mixing dollar store glittery items with my more sophisticated things-and I love the results!

    We are THAT familys inspiring blog post..Size Does Matter

  15. I finally figured out what the problem was with my Website not coming up on here. Slow learner!

    Bonnie Mattsons inspiring blog post..The Turning of Our Hearts At Christmas Time

  16. Now I see the value in my MIL motto to not get rid of anything and to rearrange til you drop. :) Lovely idea- but the fact that you get us thinking outside the box is better than the idea itself sometimes!

    ginas inspiring blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Swedish crystal + a Christmas Eve scented candle = perfection .

  17. I often think, why didn’t I think of that, when I come HERE!!!

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  18. Oh good Lord, where did I stuff that ceramic bunny……I would have never thought of that! I am going on a bunny hunt now :)


    Denas inspiring blog post..Major Changes

  19. Great idea……was just looking at my bunny the other day while doing the quest room for Christmas…..left him just where he was…but I think I’ll give him a Christmas bow! Great tip. Love bunnies. and Christmas bunnies are a special treat! Another great tip I got from Tracey at Notes from a Cottage Industry, is to get your old skates out from when you were a girl! Deck them out too! ~Cheryl

    Cheryls inspiring blog post..looking out my window

  20. Love beautiful Festive table settings- and Plaid is way fun- I never seem to remember to use it though- thanks for the reminder :}
    Merry Christmas

  21. Yup, this is just what makes culling so challenging. The minute it (whatever IT is) is gone, we wish we had it back. Don’t worry! Those rabbits will be back at T.J. Maxx come Easter time or perhaps at the Goodwill. I’m taking your “think outside the box” as my word for the day.

    Oh, Melissa, I made one of your cookie cutter garlands and I just love it. So cute. So easy!

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  22. Christmas bunnies! Why didn’t I think of that? Love the idea, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

    Renees inspiring blog post..Christmas Baking Recipe #2

  23. I know EXACTY what you mean. We want to downsize too, and the lovely man who shares my life always says: “But WHERE will we put our stuff?” and I always answer: “Sweetie, we won’t have stuff.” Oh dear, do you think I was imagining that it would only be HIS stuff that would go? I may have to rethink my approach….. I have bunnies too!

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  24. What a great post. Sometimes we just need a reminder to see something that is right in front of our decorating eyes. :)

    Laura Ingalls Gunns inspiring blog post..Happy Birthday Mr. Decor!

  25. Wow good I’m glad I’m not the only one, I leave my bunnies out all year round I love them…I only have two for now,,,just little guys, but they are just two cute to put away…After seeing that photo I want bigger ones all in white too…Hugs, Lisa

    Lisa (Pumpkin Pink cottage)s inspiring blog post..Gunny Asked me to Please not Blog This!!!!!!!

  26. I have those moments, too, Melissa!

    It seems our woodland hearth room, etc has moved to the back porch. We’ve always done something like that in J’s “lodge”, we moved the idea upstairs. We like it! We are truly enjoying sitting in front of the fire in the hearth room this year. I found my brown bunnies at Hancock Fabrics marked 50% off, the day I bought the toile for the china cabinet. It was meant to be. They’ve found a home under the tree, this year.

    Pats inspiring blog post..~A Back Porch Christmas~

  27. Just been reading all the comments and Jan is right..think of all the other “pretties” you have or will get.

    I have moved 3 times since 2000, and decided to get rid of most of the ceramics I made!! Sold some, did car boot sale, and gave away some..I have a few items that I just couldn’t part with. Started doing ceramics again 2 years ago..and my tastes have definetely changed. But someone else is getting the benefit of the lovely things I made and used to admire. :-)

    annes inspiring blog post..Colletta di Castelbianco ….

  28. I love the “Think outside the box” idea for Christmas decorating, but also for year round.
    I have several things that I bought on after-christmas-clearance that I use in my regular decorating just because they’re sparkly and pretty. :) But I only paid pennies for them.

  29. I totally relate. I’ve gotten rid of so many things over the years… For me, it’s roosters. I had three antique roosters from my great grandmother;s farm house. One day I decided no more roosters in the kitchen for me and gave them to a friend.

    I still grieve ;)

    Have a fabulous week!!

    Mavens inspiring blog post..The First Recipe in Our Exchange… The Poolboy Tucks Into T Squared Elder’s Jalapeno Poppers!

  30. Love it. Love the plaid. Darling look. I just added a new look to my dining room table – set the table in my poinsettia plates and bowls along with place mats – just as if someone were coming for dinner – soon!


    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..from my kitchen – using herbs to dress up a turkey

  31. Interesting… I would have never thought to put out ceramic bunnies. Looks good in this photo, but I’m not sure if I could pull it off in real life. You should do a Mr. Linky of people that have used something other than the average Christmas decor.

    Amy from Texass inspiring blog post..Gifts from Kids

  32. Well, you’ve probably noticed I’m a big bunny lover (for special bunnies, that is) and use them pretty much year round. I didn’t do any vignettes using my bunnies this time, but I did leave up my green bunny plates in the kitchen & they work great with the Christmas colors of lime green and red I have going this year. Bunnies are forever in my book!

    Rhodas inspiring blog post..Foyer Christmas Magic

  33. This post made me laugh. I am trying so hard to be good and get rid of my stuff….but I second guess myself every step of the way….and then when I do actually get rid of something, I see how somebody else has used something similar and I think, “See, I should have kept that!”.

    mary beths inspiring blog post..Hot Oatmeal, Decorating and Some Good Links!

  34. yes! i do this too….i always buy red! red it the best color. you can use it for christmas, valentines day, the 4th, and gosh…’date nights’ too….red subliminally gets you really ‘revved’ up…:::wink wink::: if ya know what what’amean…!


  35. Funny you should say that — this weekend, was ruthless with clearing things out — must have donated 20 boxes of things that I thought I no longer needed/wanted, but it was so difficult! Love to just hang on to everything :) And now I’m worried I’ll miss things as well . . .

    By the way, really love the plaid wrapping — such an inspiring idea!
    How’s your week?

    {this is glamorous}s inspiring blog post..{smitten + a best friend gift list}

  36. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve donated over the years that I wish I had back. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

  37. The setting looks wonderful. Where I live bunnies (too many bunnies) run wild. So looking outside gives me enough of a bunny fix. :D

    Squawkfoxs inspiring blog post..Printable Sewing Patterns: Softie Christmas Tree

  38. I love your tip of the day…mixing old with new is one of my favorite things! And well mixing old things in new ways, that sounds fun too!!

    My mom has some bunnies…hmm, I need to share your post with her maybe she will think twice before finding them a new home!


  39. I would have never thought of that!! So cute!

  40. Love the bunnies, they like Christmas too!! It is so nice to see something outside the box, it gives me courage to try new things.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Vintage Door and A Wreath

  41. I’m always doing that …seeing something and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ Don’t you just hate that when that happens, especially if you’ve given that ‘something’ away! Well, you will just have to search out new bunnies! I love the tablescape scene …it’s so woodsy; but, sophisticated all at the same time.

    Alices inspiring blog post..OH CHRISTMAS TREE….

  42. Hi
    I used to have a bunny collection too and I also got rid of them. After seeing this I wish I had kept them too!
    Hugs, Rhondi

    Rhondis inspiring blog post..Something’s Missing

  43. Very pretty! I have a soft spot for bunnies. cherry

    cherrys inspiring blog post..Can YOU do the CAN CAN?

  44. Pretty Organizer says:

    I’m electing to go simple this year as well. In this experiment I have found that I focus more on the season… winter, warm friends, comforts of songs and lights instead of Santa, gifts, and the commecialism (however that word is spelled) of Christmas. My house is decorated with garlands, natural wreaths, bows and subtle color spalshes that feel Christmasy but aren’t overbearing. A great change for a busy year! Love simplicity!

    Pretty Organizers inspiring blog post..For the wives on Christmas…

  45. Hi Melissa! :)

    Bunnies I would never have considered for Christmas decor before but I am LOVING those stunning handpainted plates! I usually use plain white china but I am now inspired and on the hunt for something painted with red and green hues.

    Anna :)

    villa annas inspiring blog post..A nursery fit for a princess…

  46. The creativity is awesome!

    I popped by to invite you to stop by Hospitality Lane today to enter a little contest/giveaway.

    Hope things are going well in your planning and changes.

    I look forward to your update posts…


    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..Silly Grins Giveaway/Contest

  47. i love using non holiday items to decorate for Christmas. I think it reminds me that everyday is a blessing not just the holidays.

    Alicias inspiring blog post..Holiday Home Tour 2008

  48. Melissa,

    I give you permission to relax, keep it simple and enjoy the moments!

    Preparing to move, keeping Christmas, keeping your heart in sync with His….I am praying for you today!

    ps. Those bunnies are cute on the table – but I would need an enormous table to put that whole centerpiece on the table along with the dishes! :) I really do need a larger table!

  49. that is gorgeous! and i just got rid of a few that i had here! bahhhh

    Amydeannes inspiring blog post..WFW – Prepare the way!

  50. Hi Melissa! I am dreadfully behind on my blog visits …I need to catch up! I am going to revamp my site and update my blog links to buttons so I will come back and get the button that links to your site.

    I hope all is well with you!!

    Robins inspiring blog post..Old Friends, Gratitude and Less is More

  51. Hi Melissa. I love the idea of bunnies at Christmastime, and the contrast against red and tartan plaid in the photograph in your post is a stunning vignette! I collect Fitz & Floyd pieces and there is a line called Woodland Snow that depicts Santa and forrest animals in the snow. So fresh and beautiful, and bunnies are such Ambassadors of Peace, aren’t they?!

    Arleens inspiring blog post..Christmas and The Absence of Red

  52. Love your sites. Beautiful and informative. You know I found you from our Twitter convos. :) Love Giraffes too. :) Great work on your homes.

    Carolina Mamas inspiring blog post..Christmas Cards Are Complete ’08

  53. Basically I think that we should use what we love! Your bunnies are cute!

    Leilas inspiring blog post..Do you happen to have a bit of pie crust, some spinach…

  54. Oh wait, I get it, those aren’t your bunnies.
    Don’t worry, you’ll find some others…or something even better! Something that you didn’t chuck!
    I feel your pain….:)

    Leilas inspiring blog post..Do you happen to have a bit of pie crust, some spinach…

  55. Sweet Cottage Dreams says:

    Melissa, I feel your pain. Been there and done that and I do it all the time when I sold something I loved on eBay. But maybe after you move and get settled in to your new home some cute bunnies will be available for you to buy. What a charming table setting, too! I just love all of your inspiring photos. I look at my stuff and say, “Geesh, I need to trash this and get new stuff”. haha.

    love ya!

  56. I Love it! Bunnies at Christmas! Perfect!
    Sandra Evertson

  57. I’ll have to remember this great idea for next Christmas. I adore bunnies but have NEVER used them at this time of year! Thanks so much for the inspiring idea!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..PINK SATURDAY 12/06/08

  58. i have been wandering all ove rmy house today trying to find something i already own for my christmas centerpiece on my dining room table. i am sick of spending money. but no luck yet.
    but i am sure i have something! somewhere!

    meg duerksens inspiring blog post..hello

  59. terry price says:

    Hi Melissa, this is the first time I have commented on a blog, even thought I love them, but could’nt resist as i had bunnies too and had to downsize and I still regret it too, but like everyone else I will be on the hunt, can always downsize again, love your blog.

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