Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Last week we talked about neutral walls, colored walls and I even mentioned that I happen to love wallpaper. But if you REALLY want special walls, ceilings or furniture, hand painted designs and textures can give you a truly beautiful and unique look!

At our previous homes, my husband and I (ok,  my husband mostly) have tried hand painting stripes and my husband even painted a beautiful Lord of the Rings mural on our son’s nursery when he was born, but one thing we have always wanted to do was stencil a room to be like hand painted wallpaper.

Note: I tried stenciling some sea life creatures at our family beach house one time but that doesn’t count. It was awful.

One of my amazing blog sponsors, Royal Design Studios has the most beautiful stencils. Some of them remind me of the lovely wallpapers that Candice Olson uses (below).

Hand Stenciling & Faux FinishesCandice Olson

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Stenciling and faux finishing is a great way to accent an architectural feature —
or create a feature where there isn’t one.

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

I love all the options with stenciling, from an all over wallpapered effect to just a little flourish here and there. Add in some texture and faux finishing, you can take a wall from flat and boring to full of character. The style options are endless.

You can really make a unique statement!

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

And if you are really a Michelangelo, you could dress up a room with a stunning ceiling!

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

And how sweet is this nest chair? Love the stenciled back too.

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Wow, hand stenciled floors.

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes

Be sure to check out Royal Design Studio for lots of ideas, tips, stencils, supplies & and instructional materials for stenciling, faux finishing and more!

Enjoy browsing their site and be inspired! Whether you are a novice ready to learn a new technique or an expert already, I’m sure you find an idea you could use at your home.

My eyes are darting all over my house right now imagining where I could do a little stenciling or faux finishing. Hmmm….I’m hopeless. I should be packing for Blissdom and I’m thinking about how I could stencil something.

all images (except the Candice Olson image) are from
Royal Design Studio
, used by permission

Royal Design Studio is a partner of The Inspired Room

Hand Stenciling & Faux Finishes


  1. I love stenciling when it’s well done, but I’ve seen so many botched jobs, that it makes me a little leary to try it in my house. However, love, Love, LOVE the stenciled chair!

  2. Franki Parde says:

    These stencils are STUNNING! Hmmmmm!

  3. Wow, although any of the ways to use these includes a ton of work, the money saved and the overall effect are worth it. I can’t imagine ever doing a ceiling, though, but it sure does look good!
    .-= Sarah @ Dream In Domestic´s last blog ..My Semester Pledge + Thrifty Finds =-.

  4. Your pictures are stunning and very inspirational. I agree with Tammy – when done right, stenciling is gorgeous. I love the chair, too!
    .-= Karen H´s last blog ..Look Up =-.

  5. I’ve been looking for a good stencil supply resource, thanks!!

  6. Wow. That ceiling does look awesome, but my neck aches just thinking about it. I just finished my first stenciling project- the back wall of a closet (so I could hide it if it turned out really bad). You’re welcome to come take a peek!


  7. I really like the kitchen with the lt. blue walls w/ stencil, just magnificent. Love the chair idea, what a great way to do some practicing before doing a wall.
    .-= katy´s last blog ..When the A.D.D. hits me like a truck, I re-decorate =-.

  8. These are gorgeous! I wish I was brave enough to put up wallpaper or stencil in just one of my rooms. I’m always envious when I see beautiful wallpaper ~ I’m thinking though of stenciling behind my new open cabinets in my kitchen so that all the white dishes stand out more. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  9. I’ve done quite a bit of stenciling in my time–partly because “my time” has stretched for quite a few years now! I’ve wondered where you could buy really gorgeous stencils, and now I know! Thanks for introducing us to RDS.
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..Planning center =-.

  10. Stenciling would give the look of wallpaper, which I love, but then I’d never have to strip it off! That alone would be worth the time it takes!
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..you’d better mark your calendars =-.

  11. Wow, stencils have come a long way since my last experience. I was expecting a baby and doing a four color border around the ceiling which involved tulips…twenty years ago! Lovely post.

  12. cottaage dreaming says:

    Great ideas. You got me thinking this morning. Actually loved the color of the front door previewed with the stencil. Hmmm.

  13. Great pictures..love the stenciling!!
    .-= Stephaine @ Geezees´s last blog ..Geezees Census, Who are you people? And a bit about me =-.

  14. I am going to stencil something in my house, I just haven’t figured out what yet. :-) I have debated doing a wild pattern in my closet, or a nice soft pattern in my dinning room. Eventually i will decide. Have a wonderful week!
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Fabulous Guest Blogger! =-.

  15. That black & white ceiling just stopped me in my tracks! Definitely tucking that one away in the inspiration files. :)

  16. Beautiful, beautiful….I may need to muster up some courage and try this.
    Thanks for sharing
    .-= teresa´s last blog ..Heart Shaped Hot Rice Packs…. =-.

  17. Wow, I love these ideas!!! One of the reasons I keep this site on my list of favorite home decor blogs :)))

  18. I always loved how my mother used stenciling in the most unique ways throughout our home! Love all these rooms and I love wallpaper, featuring it on my blog tomorrow!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..a new bedroom =-.

  19. I love the first picture after the Candace Olson pic. So many possibilities…my mind is racing now.

  20. Wow. That is a lot to stencil. Looks great though. I am however, lacking in patience to tackle such a project.
    .-= Carmie´s last blog ..Heart Frame Just Waiting for a Man =-.

  21. Honestly, I hate wallpaper. I don’t like the work involved putting it up or taking it down. LOL! However, I love the idea of stenciling certain areas. I love the photo above where the light fixture is surrounded by a large stencil. I may have to try that.

  22. Woot Woot!
    .-= Bugs & Sunshine´s last blog ..Good Things Celebration =-.

  23. I did a lusterstone finish in a friend’s bath last week with one of Melanie Royal’s damask stencils…. my fav. I will come faux for you!!!!!!!!
    .-= The Magic Brush´s last blog ..Confessions….. =-.

  24. Wonderful gathering of examples! Is this where I can confess that I, too, love wallpaper? That nest chair is simply delightful.
    .-= Vee´s last blog ..~Vintage♥Valentines~ =-.

  25. I love the flexibility that stenciling provides. A good friend of mine made her own stencil to give her son’s Wall*E room a set of tracks across the walls. It looked fantastic!

  26. I love the wallpaper so pretty. Stencilling has bit of a bad name here in the UK after the craze of the 80’s when it was everywhere. But a little does go a long way :)

  27. I love the look of a stenciled wall. I’ve done some small stencil work but have never had enough courage to tackle a whole wall. One day soon I will try this for sure.

    I also loved all the pretty photos in your latest post from Coastal Living. Great looking, airy, breezy looking rooms.
    .-= Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY´s last blog ..Heart-Shaped Goodness =-.

  28. Thanks for the links to the info on stencils. I was thinking of doing that above my fireplace but just can’t take the leap.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..I’m swooning here =-.

  29. Hey friend,
    I dont know how I missed this post…just coming across it now! I LOVE these stencils, I use them a lot in my house and they are fantastic! The studio where I have done my decorative finish training is a friend and co-partner with Melanie at Royal Designs so we always use her stuff. This was a fun post to read. I just finished my master bedroom remodel and used their products, but haven’t yet found a place for a stencil…the room is lovely though.

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