Style Tips:: Subtle Contrasts

Style Tips:: Subtle Contrasts

I am drawn to this photo from Country Living, I guess because of the contrasts I see. It is simple in its decor but a little complicated at the same time. I love subtle contrasts….black & white, cluttered and quiet, reflective and worn, summer and cozy. Subtle contrasts makes a room interesting and flow so easily from season to season.

What do you notice in this photo?

Happy Labor Day weekend, hope you spend a little time laboring over some fall ideas for our 3rdannualfallnestingparty next Wednesday!!

Style Tips:: Subtle Contrasts


  1. I love that photo! Saving in my inspiration file now! Have a great Labor Day weekend! :)

  2. I like all the different shades of white, cream, ivory. It all just blends.

  3. Looooove the sofa and the wall arrangement is perfect. Have a great holiday weekend. ;)

  4. Melissa…I love this room too…I think the b&w makes it work for me…I love that combo the most…I hope your weekend is filled with a lot of fun and relaxation! XO, Meme

  5. BTW…I started a tumblr this morning and I am lost…lol I will look at it this weekend…XO

  6. I want that couch!

  7. Beautiful picture! My favorite is the mirrors on the far wall.

  8. I love how the mirror doubles the room (especially the wall of art). It’s interesting that they chose to use a frame that blends in with the wall. This allows the reflection to be the focus and enhances the illusion of doubling the art.

  9. Oops. my blog link had a typo. I am cringing.

  10. I notice how white the sofa is up against the wall that isn’t quite so white. And, surprisingly, it works! I never would have guessed!

  11. I have a black and white wall. And a post coming up! :)

    Lovely to have you at my place today :)

    Happy weekend!

  12. I love casters on furniture, tiny detail but it makes me happy.

  13. I love this image, too. I’ve always loved black and white, but now fear that my house is too heavy on the black side. I think I need to brighten it up a bit!

  14. I love the comfy couch, but I would be afraid it would get dirty….I love black and white and a country look.

    Can’t wait for Fall Nesting!

  15. I notice the black and white, too, but the first place I noticed it was the pictures on the wall {especially that great looking focal piece}.

  16. I love Country Living. Beautiful photos.

  17. So I may be the only one that does not like this. Sorry, but it is a little crowded for me. I do love the mirrors, it doubles the rooms size.

    I have a banjo project that I need help with. I must send a picture or post on my blog for help. It belonged to my husbands grandfather and it is old with lots of charm (no longer has strings but it would be a statement/conversation piece).

    I would like to hang it on the wall with old pictures and new pictures of our family. Do something maybe similar to this, although I do like some symmetry. Combining present and the past. Anyone have any ideas?



  19. I remember when this spread first came out. I loved it! I loved her entire house.

  20. So pretty! Simple, yet interesting!

  21. I like the way the mirror makes the room look much larger than it is. I also love the large black and white railroad (or bus?) sign.

    I have a special place in my heart for railroads.
    God bless!

  22. black and white art sign in the middle of the wall with all the cities on it…love it.

  23. heather ritchie says:

    I adore this photo too! I’m in the process of creating a very similar look in my own home right now. White sofa with the gallery above. I love how they used the large square mirror to lengthen the line of the gallery, tricking the eye into thinking the room is longer than it is. And that Richmond Express sign is to die for! I just love {like you said} all the subtle contrasts of black and white with the warmth of wood tones to soften it up. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring photo!


  24. Karen Mary says:

    I love how inviting this room is, full of interest. Pretty without frills. I smiled when I read the post about loving the casters on the couch. It’s the one thing I don’t like — whenever couches or chairs have delicate legs or casters I feel like they’re being stressed, like I’d be afraid of plopping down too hard on them!

  25. I really like the cozy couch and that bluish pillow.

    The room is a little cluttered for my taste – with the mirror reflecting all the pictures.

    Enjoy a long weekend.


  26. I love the wall art. I prefer neutral colours in a room accented by personal goodies like these frames.

  27. Thinking about Richmond…a room like that makes we want to travel and fill it with all my favourite memories…great pic!

    Jeanne :)

  28. I can’t wait until Wednesday and share my fall decorating and see all the others!!!

  29. I hope this is what I’m creating in my dining room….
    have a wonderful weekend!

  30. heather ritchie says:

    Hey girl, I’m back again, but just to tell you that I was so excited about joining the fall nesting party for the first time that I announced it on my blog as well. I’m hoping to see what everyone comes up with!


  31. The railroad sign does it for me too! It’s draws my eye right away. The entire room appears warm and inviting to me. Love the color combo.

  32. Cheryl Corrente says:

    I somehow “stumbled” upon this great blog and I love it. Your posts are great and I love the look and style of your blog.

  33. I love the black metal(?) piece on the wall and I love the mirror at the end. I also love the walls—bat and board, right?


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