The Vintage Pearl $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Welcome to Giveaway Day
on The Inspired Room!

We have three giveaways scheduled today that you are going to L-O-V-E. First up, The Vintage Pearl!

I’m in LOVE with jewelry from The Vintage Pearl. In fact, two of my all time favorite and most sentimental pieces are from The Vintage Pearl. My newest favorite is the one below called the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace! Isn’t is GORGEOUS?? I love. My photo skills cannot do it justice.

Erin from The Vintage Pearl makes unique and personalized jewelry, including hand stamped bracelets, necklaces and treasures that can feature the names or initials of special people, memorable dates or inspiring words.

These pieces come in a wide variety of price points and styles, perfect for any budget and gift need you might have this holiday season.  A gift from The Vintage Pearl would be an heirloom, wouldn’t it? Such a treasure for a mom, grandma, best friend, daughter or YOURSELF!

This giveaway is for a $75 Gift Card to The Vintage Pearl!

You can follow The Vintage Pearl on her blog or on twitter!

To be entered for this giveaway, please visit The Vintage Pearl and tell me in the comments of this post what you’d buy with your $75 gift card! Giveaway will be open for only three days and will close on Wednesday at midnight ET.

First person to comment (note: I have to approve new commenters, so the winning comment might not show up right away! You’ll find out later who the winner is!) wins a $5 Starbucks card so you can go buy yourself a holiday drink on me! My gift to you. And you are still entered to win The Vintage Pearl giveaway.


Be sure to enter the DaySpring Carved Wooden Tray giveaway here and the Gussy giveaway here!

PS. There are also new giveaways Monday on Nesting Place and Simplemom!

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  1. love vintage pearl!
    jodi recently posted..Thinking about ThanksMy Profile

  2. Love the vintage birds with pearl!
    Elizabeth recently posted..ThankfulMy Profile

  3. Love the vintage pearl!!

  4. I’;d buy the circle of love bracelet! :)

  5. I adore The Vintage Pearl!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  6. the dainty eclectic is a longtime fave of mine!
    jodi recently posted..Thinking about ThanksMy Profile

  7. I was here at 12:01 EST (see my comment on your previous post) but I guess the post went up at 12:02 while I was typing that comment/refreshing the page. I do like the leather cuff from Vintage Pearl.

  8. Heidi Biggs says:

    love the necklace

  9. karen nelson says:

    Oooooo! I’d buy the dainty drops necklace and the circle of love bracelet! Love it!

  10. Ohhh… I love the vintage pearl!

  11. Laura Faye says:

    I love the vintage lovebirds necklace! I would get my husband’s first initial and mine on it – love!

  12. I would love the “A Simple I Love You Will Do” necklace. so pretty.
    Stephanie C. recently posted..Whiny Mom MomentMy Profile

  13. The dainty drops necklace or bracelet would be at the top of my list. I love their jewelry!

  14. I am in love with the vintage silver charms necklace! It is so beautiful!

  15. I have never won anything and the vintage pearl would be great.

  16. Eternity Heart is the one that I have been eyeing for a while!

  17. I love the square names with heart necklace and the mama bird necklace. Everything is beautiful though!

  18. I would put it towards the chunky message cuff bracelet!

  19. I like the “I love you to the moon and back” It’s a saying I’ve always used with my son :)
    Kristin recently posted..We Have AllergiesMy Profile

  20. I’ve not commented before but I couldn’t resist this. I love almost everything Vintage Pearly make. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of it.

  21. That dainty drops necklace is sooo pretty! Thank you!
    BeckyB recently posted..Hallelujah!My Profile

  22. I love the vintage silver charm necklace.

  23. Square names on a chain with a pearl would be my favorite. What beautiful jewelry!

  24. The circle bracelet! I should be buying gifts though huh?
    Anita recently posted..Silver and Glass FindsMy Profile

  25. I love the Vintage Lovebirds necklace and the Photo Charm necklace . . . but oh my oh my I could buy everything in the store! Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. I would get the vintage silver charms necklace, or the love birds, or the.. I can’t make up my mind!

  27. Adriana Reaver says:

    Oooh I LOVE the chunky message bracelet! I would get that, for sure. But everything is so beautiful, it would be hard to just order one thing!

  28. I adore the lovebirds necklace.

  29. I love The Vintage Pearl. And the vintage initial necklace you ordered might be my favorite.

  30. Sheri Bernal says:

    I love the MOM necklace with the pearl, they are all beautiful!

  31. Circle of love bracelet for my mom, and maybe one for me, too!

  32. The birds with the initials g+l!

  33. It would be the layered circle of love with our grandchildren’s names on it. Such beautiful jewellery! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Crystal recently posted..The Current OneMy Profile

  34. Beth Dunsmoor says:

    I LOVE her baby spoons and to be honest I LOVE all her necklaces.! So hard to choose… I’d probably lean more towards the simplicity of ‘initial on a chain’ though – with two charms. :)

  35. The first thing I would get would be the dainty drops necklace as a gift for my brother’s girlfriend and the mother of my first little niece!

  36. Mary Feagley says:

    I need the vintage charms! I would love to add our initials…and hopefully, more as we add to our family. Blessings!

  37. Laura Elizabeth says:

    A fused heart!! Love Vintage Pearl!!

  38. I would buy “a flower and a circle” for myself, or the “layered mother of pearl” with all of the grandkids names for my mom. Thanks for a fun giveaway!
    Jeannine B. recently posted..Hour of Power – UpdateMy Profile

  39. I adore the Vintage Cuff bracelet! If I was to win, I would probably choose one of these lovely bracelets!

    I think I am going to go shopping on this beautiful site very soon:)

    Hugs to you, my dear Melissa who I think about often and miss very much!

    DebbieW recently posted..Im Just Wild About Harry and Harrys Wild About Me!My Profile

  40. I love the flower and circle necklace. I have wanted one with my sweet hubby and my name on it for such a long time. :)

  41. This ocean soul would love the mother of pearl necklace and earrings!
    Karen recently posted..I Got My First Christmas CardMy Profile

  42. It’s a tough choice between the vintage lovebirds, I love you to the moon and back necklace, or the HOPE bracelet. I love it all!

  43. It is so hard to decide – it’s all too pretty. I have looked at the circle of love for a long time. Also love the dainty initial hearts. Thanks for a chance to win!

  44. I love the lovebirds necklace – it’s so pretty!
    Lisa recently posted..In the backgroundMy Profile

  45. I would take the layered mother of pearl necklace and put all of my kids’ names on it. :-)
    Dawn Camp recently posted..Veterans’ Day 2010My Profile

  46. Amy Kinser says:

    I’m with you. I love the one with the vintage silver charms. So pretty!

  47. It would make me happy to have the “dainty drops” near my heart, one with my husband’s name and one with mine.

  48. I love the A Heart For Africa necklace!
    marloweopat at gmail dot com

  49. I would purchase the circle chain bracelet or circle of love bracelet.
    I love hand stamped jewelry.

  50. i like the layered mama’s nest + would like to start working on the eclectic charms for my six grands. (i like having their names, not their initials.) is it possible to get the charms and not the necklace since i have one already? they are so interesting and it is neat to have the variety…since the kids are so different:)
    martha brady recently posted..VETERAN’S DAY AFTERGLOW…My Profile

  51. Diane Westbrook says:

    Ahh…sitting here trying to catch up on emails and what do I find?? A wonderful “give-away”!
    I am having a difficult time trying to decide which lovely piece I would choose..
    I just spent many hours with my one and only sister this past week and sad to say she passed last night from cancer. Her familywore “Hope” bracelets in the hope that she would conquer this devastating disease. At first I thought I would love the “Nana” piece as she and I are called Nana, however the necklace with “Hope” on it is the one that I would choose and wear it as a reminder of her. I pray that there will be Hope for the millions who today are fighting a courageous battle with cancer.

  52. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Ohhh! So many possibilities! Would I buy something for me, or Christmas gifts for the daughters? I like the Simple Initial Hearts, The Hammered Stars, Rectangle Names . . . to name a few! Thanks and blessings, Melissa!

  53. I adore the vintage siver charms necklaces. Fabulous giveaway!

    Art by Karena
    Karena recently posted..Empress of the Eye Giveaway!My Profile

  54. I would probably choose either the layered circle of love necklace or the vintage lovebirds.

  55. The hope bracelet… oh and the love you to the moon necklace. So sweet! Very nice give a way! Thank you!

  56. The Rustic Cross “Faith”
    …lovely items at the Vintage Pearl
    I am going to FaceBk this now :)

  57. LOve this stuff, great giveaway!

  58. So hard to choose! I love the circle chain bracelet, the sterling silver cuff, and the “a simple i love you will do” necklace.

  59. So many lovely things!

    But my choice would have to be the baby spoons for my brand new niece! and possibly the lovebird necklace for me!

  60. I love The Vintage Pearl’s rectangle charm bracelet ;o)

  61. I love the layered mother of pearl! Gorgeous! Elsina

  62. Awesome giveaway! I also adore my pieces from her! I’d love to get the Vintage Birds necklace and get my daughter her first TVP necklace for christmas.

  63. Pretty things! I would get some ala carte charms and have them say “Happily Ever After”.

  64. What a great giveaway!

    I have four children. $75 would be just enough to get the dainty drops necklace with one charm for each child. I don’t have anything like that, and I think I’d really enjoy it!
    Brandy Afterthoughts recently posted..CiRCE Talks- Kerns Cultivating of the Soul of LibertyMy Profile

  65. Kelly Hollstrom says:

    I would buy the dainty drops necklace or vintage lovebirds! They are wonderful:)

  66. Love the vintage pearl!!

  67. I would get the Vintage Silver Charm necklace with the initials for my family.

  68. Michelle Gallo says:

    Great! Now I have something new to covet! The jewelry is spectacular. I would buy the I Love You T The Moon And Back necklace. It would be great to represent my family and a story that we have loved and read together for years.

  69. Patricia M. Ham-Ying says:

    I would love to have the Rustic heart.

  70. First thank you for this awesome giveaway. TVP rocks!!! I think I would choose the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace and from the comments it seems to be a favorite. I have also had my eye on Chunky Love or Vintage Lovebirds layered with the short pearl necklace. I am definitely sending my hubby a “hint” (email) to The Vintage Pearl website for our 19th Anniversary coming up.

  71. i’d get the circle chain bracelet with the word “hope” on it.

  72. I would get the dainty heart necklace for my girlfriend. She is always blessing me with gifts. I think this is special and she would love it.

  73. I love the eternity heart!

  74. I would get the layered mama’s nest necklace. I love it!

  75. Every piece is a work of art! I think my favorite is the faith, mercy, grace necklace. Beautiful!
    Rose recently posted..On my nightstand …My Profile

  76. Kellie Yeates says:

    I absolutely adore the circle of love necklace!

  77. Its a hard choice but I think I would get the vintage love birds necklace.

  78. I think I would design my own with her dainty hearts and pearl. That would be a great treat for this Nana.

  79. I love the “i love you to the moon and back” because my son and I play that game all the time- I love you to the moon, no I love you to the galaxy, I love you to the universe…

    I also love the vintage lovebirds!!

  80. I’d love 3 dainty drops, one for each of my kids.

  81. Carol in Md says:

    So hard to choose! I guess I’d say names with stones on a chain.

  82. I LOVE the chunky message cuff bracelet!

  83. I love the Vintage Pearl… have been drooling over their stuff for months! I would choose a personalized necklace but don’t know which one!

  84. I would get the “i love you to the moon and back” with my son’s name because we ALWAYS say that to each other. I would also talk with them about doing special for my mom. She passed away suddenly this year to Cancer and it has just been very hard.

  85. square names necklace or vintage lovebirds.:)

  86. I love the vintage charms necklace, I would like to have any of them, but I really like this new one!

  87. I would LOVE this! Thanks!!

  88. The jewelry is all so beautiful…can I tell you what my favorites are as there are a few…I love the flower and circle necklace, the vintage lovebirds, and the bitty blossom necklace! What beautiful pieces! Love this blog – thanks for the inspiration!
    Stacey :o)

  89. The square initials necklace with the pearl is beautiful. I would love to have that necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. I love the dainty drops bracelet or necklace!! :)

  91. Wow, choosing just one is going to be so hard but I love the “a cup of love” necklase. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. What a Beautiful giveway!!
    I Love the Vintage Silver Charm Necklace!

    Thanks you so much!! Love your blog!

  93. Ellen Moore says:

    I love the jewelry at the Vintage Pearl. If I win, I would buy an imprinted key ring for my husband and the layered vintage pearl for me! (I think I have the names right.) If I don’t win, I believe I will order the key ring for my husband and ask him if he would like me to include a gift from him to me on the same order. That way everyone is happy!

  94. I would love to buy the “shutterbug” necklace for my photographer daughter and the thin leather cuff for my son.

  95. April Taylor says:

    I love the Enternity Heart necklace!

  96. I love the fused heart necklace.

  97. You are so sweet to offer this beautiful giveaway!!! It would be hard to choose one treasure over another, but I think I’d go with the Dainty Drops necklace – I love the addition of those sea colors!

  98. Everything is so special there at Vintage Pearl. But if I have to choose, I think I’d go for the “I love you to the moon and back” necklace because it reminds me of my son. When he was little we’d go back and forth saying it to each other but expanding it to be ‘one up’ each time. My son just turned 18 and will be leaving the nest soon. I would give it to him to express my love for him that will never change.

  99. It is too hard to decide! I think I would have to buy the “rustic cross.” Thanks!!

  100. Rose in Ohio says:

    This IS a special giveaway!
    Really like the pearl bracelet with a charm, but now that I’ve seen the Vintage Silver Charms necklace, I’m torn between them. (And I also like your t-shirts–my teen DD would love it if I got her one of those!)

  101. I love the vintage silver charms necklace! I have been looking for one just like yours.

  102. I love the vintage silver charm!

  103. michele m fry says:

    Would love a circle necklace with all our names around it, or a bracelet, or initial necklace, ok one of everything!!! JK :]

  104. Christine Aldinger says:

    love the jewerly showing but for me i would pick the necklace with the intial charms.

  105. I’d spend it on gifts for my daughters…not sure exactly what I’d get them.

  106. I completely LOVE her work and wanted one of her necklaces for a very long time. Maybe this will be it. :) I’d definitely get a Mom’s necklace of some sort and love the eclectic charm necklace or maybe a circle necklace. For my sweet twins, Steven and Isabella and new baby, Max. Thanks for the chance to win.
    deb recently posted..What are you grateful for Design Team inspiration with Julie Ann ShahinMy Profile

  107. I am having our second baby in December, and need to add his name to the necklace that I already have from Vintage Pearl that has my daughter’s name on it. I’d be so excited to win!

  108. I heart the Vintage Pearl, if I won I would put the gift card towards two key rings – for both grandmothers :)

  109. I would get the dainty drop bracelet, with my daughter’s name and birthstone. :)

  110. I love the dainty drops necklace.
    Eleanor recently posted..My New Fall BagMy Profile

  111. I love love love the Men’s Leather Cuff bracelets!! I would buy two of these. One for my wonderful husband and one for my oldest son. What great Christmas gifts these would be!!!

  112. Andrea Johnson says:

    I love the necklace on the homepage with the names and birthstones! Beautiful!!


  113. the bitty blossoms are my favorite!! but i love it all!

  114. I <3 the key to my heart and the vintage pearl… not sure I COULD pick lol!

  115. I LOVE the circle chain Hope bracelet! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Dawn G recently posted..Simply Amazing!My Profile

  116. Michelle F says:

    faith mercy grace necklace or a few of the a la carte charms – the t-shirts are fun, too!

  117. I love the nesting circles with mother of pearl!

  118. I want the “Heart on my Wrist” bracelent!! It is so cute and would be perfect with my hubby’s name on it!! Thank you for the GREAT giveaway!
    Britt recently posted..I knew it was comingMy Profile

  119. I LOVE the vintage pearl! I really want one of those initial necklaces and some pearl earrings!
    Melissa recently posted..Marathon DayMy Profile

  120. What beautiful jewelry! I think my favorite is the vintage silver charms!

  121. I love the lovebirds with the pearl….and I love the vintage charms….it’s all so nice!

  122. I love reading your blog because you always “inspire” me. The Vintage Pearl has some beautiful things and I especially love the Vintage Silver Charms necklace. I would get the initials of my children to wear around my neck. Thank you!

  123. I love her stuff! I would love to have one of the keychains… great giveaway!

  124. Everything is so beautiful! I have been wanting the bitty flowers necklace with my daughters initials and then add one of the little circles with my son’s initial on it.

  125. I think my favorites are “faith” and the “cupped square with love”, but there are so many pretty ones, it is hard to choose!

  126. So lovely and unique! I’m going to send my husband the website as a hint! :)
    Spring recently posted..Romance and Reality… to Haiti and back again… again!My Profile

  127. I LOVE the Vintage Silver Charms!! I have 6 children and would LOVE to have their initials close to my heart!! Beautiful!

  128. The flower and circle necklace is adorable!

  129. I love all things “pearl” so I might pick the mother of pearl earrings, so classic! However it being the season of gifting, I do love the “nana” charm, and a dear friend just lost her beloved grandmother, so a necklace with that charm dangling would be wonderful to surprise her with!

  130. delightful! No doubt, i’d get the charm necklace with ‘heart for Africa on it, as my two youngest sons are from Uganda! Also, I LOVE those baby spoons! My sweet neighbor who is only 19 is expecting in a few weeks. It’s been an emotionally hard pregnancy and I’m soooo proud of her for choosing life and and excited for her as she’s chosen to parent as well. The spoon would be such a lovely gift for her soon-to-be-here daughter!

  131. WOW!!! I love, love, love her work. The first thing that I would want is the Mama Bird necklace. Then probably some initial charms, but, which ones? Amazing stuff there! Thanks for this give away!

  132. The Vintage charms definitely!!! I enjoy your blog so much -thanks!
    Christen recently posted..Thanksgiving DecorMy Profile

  133. I’d get the Faith, Mercy, or Grace necklace. Gorgeous stuff!

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  134. i love the love birds necklace!

  135. I’d love the vintage charms necklace! Just beautiful!

  136. I love the layered mother of pearl – would get circles with each of my kids’ names!

  137. Initials on a chain. I love the simplicity of this design. So pretty!
    Shelly recently posted..Monday Morning MayhemMy Profile

  138. The Vintage Lovebirds is what I would pick. To remind me of my amazing husband of 9 years all the time! :)

  139. I love the Chunky Love Necklace.

  140. So many beautiful things at Vintage Pearl, so difficult to choose. I love the circle of love bracelet…and nearly everything else.
    Karen recently posted..A magical nursery…Rogers GardensMy Profile

  141. so many to choose from…the rustic blooms or the vintage initials caught my eye.

  142. I love it all! I really like the Dainty Eclectic Necklace especially.
    Carmen recently posted..1st Birthday PartyMy Profile

  143. I would get the layered mother of pearl!

    Thanks for the give-a-way ;-)
    Erica recently posted..I finally found it!!!My Profile

  144. I would chose the circle of love necklace.
    Samantha recently posted..More Dining Room UpdatesMy Profile

  145. I would buy a photo charm necklace. They are so pretty! THanks for the giveaway!

  146. I love the vintage pearl. It is so hard to decide, but today I like the chunky love necklace!

  147. I would buy two of the wide leather cuff
    men’s bracelets. One for my son and one for my son-in-law. They are wonderful young men. I would love to tell them Jesus can do anything through them!

  148. I love the layered mother of pearl necklace…and I love ALL of the bracelets. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Jess recently posted..thoughts on friendship lindsayMy Profile

  149. I would get the vintage silver charms or the birds for myself and my hubby.
    amy recently posted..Sale- Fabric ItemsMy Profile

  150. Love the jewelry! I would pick the Vintage charms!

  151. I actually spent a fair amount of time the other night browsing your sight and decided to add the circle of love necklace with added pearl to my Christmas list.

  152. LOVE the Heart for Africa necklace!
    Sandra recently posted..Book Page WreathMy Profile

  153. Too many cute ones to choose. I really like the layered circle of love and you are my sunshine.

  154. Hi,
    I love this shop!!
    I would buy these ear rings:
    and this bracelet:

    Finger crossed!! :)
    Lucia recently posted..My FlowersMy Profile

  155. That is some beautiful jewelry, I think I may have just found where I can buy a couple of Christmas gifts for people.

    I love the antique charms necklace!

  156. My all time favorites of the Vintage Pearl are the Photo Charm Necklaces ;)
    Roberta recently posted..The 21 Purge- Day 8Choosing WiselyMy Profile

  157. I love the Vintage Silver Charm necklace with the pearl. So simple, yet so pretty.

    If I don’t win this gift certificate, I may just have to gift myself as an early birthday present.

  158. Yes I’m following The Vintage Pearl on Twitter.
    Roberta recently posted..The 21 Purge- Day 8Choosing WiselyMy Profile

  159. Love the vintage lovebirds. Thanks for the giveaway!

  160. I have a vp necklace and LOVE it…always get compliments on it! I want a necklace now for my mom…Hope to win!
    Genie Blazi recently posted..Worth the Risk…Radical Chapter 8My Profile

  161. Christie Jensen says:

    I really want the Dainty Drops necklace with all four of my children’s names and birthstones. I am a big fan of this jewlery and love that she is inspired by life and family in her creations.

  162. Yes I’m a blog subscriber for The Vintage Pearl ;)
    Roberta recently posted..The 21 Purge- Day 8Choosing WiselyMy Profile

  163. I love the layered mamas nest! wow!

  164. Love the square initials on a chain. And the simple heart initials are so delicate and beautiful. Either would be my pick! Thanks for your talent.

  165. Beautiful! I would probably get a bracelet with my sons’ names.

  166. Debbie Johnson says:

    I would by the Vintage Charm necklace for my mother. I just bought one for myself. I have been looking for a necklace like this that I could wear with everything. I wanted it whether I won the $75 gift or not so I just bought it. I would now like my mom to have one.

  167. I would get the mother of pearl necklace and earrings.

  168. LOVE the Vintage Pearl! Her Layered Mother of Pearl necklace makes my heart go pitter patter.

  169. I love the Vintage Lovebirds necklace!
    Alison recently posted..Handmade Holiday BoutiqueMy Profile

  170. I would love to get the Handstamped Keychain for my mother-in-law. I’ve been trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for her and I think she’d love this with her grandchildren’s names on it.
    Kelsey recently posted..Its All in the CrustMy Profile

  171. I LOVE that key chain for nana! SO pretty. This would be the perfect gift idea!
    Lindsay Lee recently posted..Lexi Jaynes Giveaway and a WINNERMy Profile

  172. I love the vintage love bird necklace soo much!
    Cassi recently posted..Sweater Purse TutorialMy Profile

  173. I absolutely love the love birds necklace and the vintage silver charms necklace. What could be a more perfect way to represent my family! They are gorgeous!

  174. I love the Vintage lovebirds necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. I love the vintage lovebirds or the dainty initial hearts necklace. So lovely.

  176. Therese Green says:

    I love the family nest!!

  177. I’m all about the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace!

  178. I’d pick a layered necklace for my mother with the names of all her grandchildren. What a nice Christmas gift that would be!

  179. I would love to get the necklace and the bracelet pictured! ;)

  180. I love “A Heart for Africa”. I just wish she had one with India.
    Hannah Roorda recently posted..Shameless Self PromotionMy Profile

  181. April in CT says:

    I love the vintage lovebirds. Actually, I love all the pieces and would probably debate for hours on exactly what to order!! *fingers crossed*

  182. Hi! I would either choose the Dainty Drops or the Simple Sweet Heart necklace. I love both of them!! Especially if it has my daughter’s name on it. Thanks for doing such awesome giveaways :)

  183. April Barfknecht says:

    I would buy the shutterbug and nesting necklaces. They are so beautiful – it was hard to decide.

  184. I have been eying the All Around My Faith necklace! Would love to get that (:

  185. I still love her dainty drops necklace…Thanks for a great giveaway!
    Meredith recently posted..Smiley Happy PeopleMy Profile

  186. Everything is so beautiful it is hard to decide, I love the Hope bracelet pictured above but I am also in love with all of her necklaces??

  187. I love the Layered Circle of Love necklaces – so beautiful!
    Debbie recently posted..Dining Space Houseworks Holiday PlanMy Profile

  188. I would have a hard time choosing between the Layered Mama’s Nest necklace and the Eternity Heart necklace!

  189. I love the mother of pearl earrings. I would need more time to decide what else to get because I think I would use the rest of the credit toward a Christmas gift or two for my mom and mother-in-law – they are new grandmas this year!

  190. i would love to buy the men’s cuff for my husband for Christmas and have something special engraved on it!

  191. Kristin Dennis says:

    I just love so much of this jewelry, it’s beautiful and truly unique. I’m a huge fan of personalized gifts and I would love to spend the giveaway money on my a few of my girlfriends, one of which is a big pearl lover, for Christmas. The Vintage Silver Charms necklace would be my first choice.

  192. I love the vintage silver charms necklace!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  193. I love the love birds and the circle tags w/ my children’s names. It’s all so lovely!
    Donna S recently posted..Plan to enJOY Christmas -When Do You Put Up Your TreeMy Profile

  194. Melissa, it would have to be the vintage silver charms. I LOVE yours!!!
    carol recently posted..Preparing a place My Profile

  195. Would love to win the vintage letters charms for my Mom! Thanks!

  196. I would choose the sterling cuff. So simple, I love it :) Thanks!
    Casey recently posted..Oh the bakingMy Profile

  197. I have had my eye on the layered Mother of Pearl necklace for months!
    Tracey recently posted..Pregnancy Update-Due November 29My Profile

  198. Theres so many things to choose from. I would probably put it toward matching bracelets for my 2 girls.

  199. I really want the mother of pearl earrings! And the baby spoons would be a wonderful gift for some new mamas I know!

  200. I love the heart to heart necklace!

  201. I want to get our Nonni a grandmother’s necklace.

  202. Laura Snyder says:

    My mom wants one of the circle charm necklaces with her grandchildren’s names and birthstones!

  203. I would get the “names with stones on a chain” necklace for my mother-in-law, with the names of all 6 of her grandchildren, including the name of my husband’s baby girl who passed away in 1987 after just 2 short weeks of life.
    Angie recently posted..Christmas Photo Greeting Card – 5×7 Digital FileMy Profile

  204. initial on a chain is my favorite! I’d love it with my & my husbands first initial. :)

  205. Oh, so many pretty things to choose from. I think the dainty heart initial necklace would definitely be on my list!
    Becky K. recently posted..Passing MomentsMy Profile

  206. Wishing and hoping for Our Family Tree

  207. I’d pick the angel wing to give to a friend who lost her beloved grandmother, and maybe the dainty drops, with the names and birthstones of my grandchildren.

  208. I would get the layered mother of pearl necklace!

  209. Hard to pick just $75 worth of items. Definitely on the list to consider are dog tags, rectangle names on a chain, hammered star and bitty blossom necklaces.

  210. Christy Sattler says:

    Thanks for this opportunity and sharing the website. I love the name of the company and the first piece I saw – the vintage lovebirds necklace caught my eye. We love birds in our house:).

  211. Oh I would get one of those vintage charm necklaces. They are sooooo wonderful! MAybe two! There are lots of other goodies I love as well. A shoppong spree would be fun fun fun!!!!{Excitement}

  212. Oh my goodness! I LOVE “a heart for Africa”!!!! I also like the custom circle earrings.
    Mrs. Sojourner recently posted..It Went Something Like ThisMy Profile

  213. I love the Vintage Pearl…so talented and such a giving person! Those vintage monograms are beautiful!
    bridget {bake at 350} recently posted..Cookies for I Heart FacesMy Profile

  214. Sharae Randall says:

    I would buy the Layerd flower necklace…but so hard to choose, they are all lovely!

  215. Barbara (WA) says:

    The *hope* bracelet, such an important word :o)

  216. I love the hammered star. It would be perfect for my 14 year old daughter.


  217. Janis Hill says:

    I Love, love, love the ‘Vintage Lovebirds’ necklace! What a unique piece. It would definately be my all time favorite.

  218. Love,love,love the vintage silver charm necklace,(it speaks to me!).Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  219. Hi ….I love it all, thanks


  220. I would for sure spend it on
    Sarah Scott recently posted..Borax SlimeMy Profile

  221. I think I would choose the rustic cross

  222. I LOVE the circle and heart necklace. There is some really cute stuff on the website!

  223. i love the vintage silver charms!!

  224. I would probably get the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace. It would be my Christmas prize from my kids this year :) I love that they are individual charms because we would like to add one more to our little family before we are done so I can just add to the same necklace. Thanks for the awesome give away!
    Jeannie recently posted..Monday Menu 11-15-10My Profile

  225. I love the vintage initial stamp. After looking at the website and blog, I would like to say way to go! What a wonderful story to be a stay at home mom and then open a store front with a group of women and give back to others with the non profits. I pray that God will continue to bless there adventure. They have beautiful work!

  226. I would love anything from your shop but in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would probably get the damask diaper bag for my baby sister who is pregnant with twins!
    Jeannie recently posted..Monday Menu 11-15-10My Profile

  227. I’d get myself a mommy necklace, but I haven’t decided which one. Every time I look I have a new favorite!

  228. The vintage lovebirds are lovely! We are coming up on our 20th wedding anniversary! It would be wonderful!

  229. I love the Names with Stones on a Chain-I think I would love that one!

  230. I want so much to be able to get my step mom the “I Love You” sign necklace, but I just can’t afford it. I don’t get to see her very much and it would mean so much to her.
    Amanda Kughn recently posted..Dixie BellMy Profile

  231. I adore the necklace with the bird and pearl charm! This year is a handmade gift year for our family, so it would make a delightful gift!

  232. I love the vintage lovebirds necklace!
    Chris recently posted..Ella Publishing’s 31 Off Halloween SaleMy Profile

  233. I love the Vintage Pearl! I would order the dainty drops or the simple I love you. It’s so hard to decide!
    Laura Zarrin recently posted..Illustration Friday &amp Sketchbook Project — First Kiss Illustration in ColorMy Profile

  234. SO many nice things — I love the Names on my heart necklace!

  235. the layered mother of pearl necklace is incredible! what a talent

  236. I SO love the ‘Vintage Lovebirds’… adorable!
    Jennifer recently posted..sneak peek friday cardMy Profile

  237. I adore the vintage silver charms necklace!! So cool!

  238. That’s a tough choice! I think I would get the vintage lovebirds. So pretty and unique!

  239. I’d choose “A simple I love you will do” or “Vintage birds”…but I love everything!

  240. I love that momma bird and would need some little pearl drops to go with it!

  241. I love the Vintage Silver Charms necklace!
    Holly recently posted..Monday’s Money-Saving TipsMy Profile

  242. I love the mama’s nest necklace, and I’d probably get something else as a gift as well. Thanks!

  243. It is such a hard choice, all the Vintage Pearl jewelry is gorgeous…hmm well it is a toss up for sweet vintage love birds and the faith cross…really love the rustic cross. Thanks for another fun VP giveaway. Here’s hoping it’s me this time!

  244. I would love the cup and circle necklace with my name and my husband’s name. A great look!

  245. Audrey Ross says:

    I love the Vintage Charms necklace. The pearl really makes it in my opinion. How do people get to be so clever? Love it. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  246. I love the family tree necklace!
    Erin H. recently posted..These are the words I would sayMy Profile

  247. I really want to get my husband the Wide Leather Cuff with his favorite verse on it for his birthday! I know he would love it, and he’s been wanting a new cuff badly and this is perfect! Thanks :)
    Chels R. recently posted..GUEST BLOGGER – Penne Perfection Part IMy Profile

  248. Layered mother of pearl…. FOR SURE!

  249. Love the necklace at the top!

  250. Hello Inspired Room! :-)

    I have been looking at this website forever now, but haven’t felt “guilt-free” enough to splurge! I adore their work!

    What I would get: The heart – with a J – for my husband, my love. Layered on top of a circle – with an S – for my 1 year old Sophia (Circle = circle of life!) …And on top of the circle & the heart, I’d get the pearl… A constant reminder of how precious these gifts are in my life & to always be thankful! <3

    Hope from Ohio! :-)

  251. So hard to decide between the love birds or the heart for africa!
    erica recently posted..its a wide worldMy Profile

  252. It’s all beautiful, but I love those vintage lovebirds!

  253. I love the layered mama’s nest necklace.
    Amanda recently posted..Mud Room StoryMy Profile

  254. I would get the family tree necklace for my mom.

  255. i adore the vintage pearl! it would be so hard to choose. maybe the love birds necklace? or one with my girls names on it???

  256. I love the “heart on my wrist” bracelet. I also love the photo charm necklaces. I would actually get something for my girlfriend who I have known since I was 4 (that’s 42 years!!) because she is such a wonderful support to me and she is like a sister! Love the Vintage Pearl!

  257. KELLY CALLAHAN says:

    LOVE the delicacy of the HOPE bracelets’ links. And you couldn’t have picked better initials than A & K for my daughters’ names to be close to my heart — for all to see — I adore the concave squares. Beautiful craftsmanship!!

  258. I would buy another heart charm for my simple hearts necklace, the initial of our new baby, not yet born. :) Then I would love the nana keychain in this post for my Nana, I have never noticed that one on the site yet! And I have always loved the vintage love birds.
    the chatty housewife recently posted..Two Pink Lines!!!My Profile

  259. i have seen the vintage pearl jewelry before and always been amazed at how simplistically beautiful all the pieces are. if i won this giveaway, i would use the money to get a hand stamped keychain for each of my grandmothers & 3 intial charms for my mother’s charm bracelet – one for each of her kids :)
    kait recently posted..etsy spotlight- blue bird heavenMy Profile

  260. I would love the dainty drops necklace with all 3 of my kids names and birthstones.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  261. I would get the Hope for Orphans necklace for my best friend. She and her sister were adopted, and she’s in the process of adopting a child, as well. (After having her 3rd little girl next month!)

  262. love the mama bird necklace!

  263. I’d get the pearl necklace.
    GM recently posted..Of Temporary Hiatuses &amp Fall ListsMy Profile

  264. love the layered mother of pearl

  265. It is very hard to choose a favorite! I think I would choose the vintage lovebirds – maybe the courage bracelet as well……

  266. first, i would get the long ball chain. then, I would figure out how to get the balance spent on charms for my four kids and dh.
    Julia in West Des Moines recently posted..Girl with a Knife Series- Installment 1My Profile

  267. I really like “a fused heart” and the “shutterbug” pendants.
    bek recently posted..Making Progress…My Profile

  268. I would like to purchase the circle chain bracelet.

  269. Julie Downing says:

    I h.e.a.r.t. the initials necklace for my daughter who has blessed us with our first grandchild.

  270. so much to love!
    Rebecca recently posted..Happy Halloween!My Profile

  271. Love the photo charm necklace, would make a great christmas gift.;)

  272. I love it all. Would love to get something in rememberance of my son who passed away last year and maybe something for my mother.

  273. love the faith necklace! I like the ones with children’s names, but plan to have more kiddos, so I’ll wait to get one of those.

  274. I went to take a boo, but I think you and I have similar tastes because I love the vintage silver charms necklace the best and my second choice is the Vintage lovebirds necklace. Although any of her items would be lovely to have.

  275. I love the vintage lovebirds or the vintage monogram necklaces, so beautiful!

  276. Jenny Hester says:

    I would definitely get the dog tags for my husband with the names of the kids! So sweet.

  277. These are so sweet! I would get a couple of the square names with heart necklaces, one for my mom and one for me (my usual method of shopping). ;)

  278. i like the key to my heart necklace

  279. i love the love birds necklance and the vintage charm necklace!

  280. The vintage love birds are by far and away my fav

  281. I love the ‘initials on a chain’ necklace!

  282. I adore the first photo of the bird stamp, initals, and pearl! My husband and I just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary over the
    weekend ( Nov.13th) and we did not even go out for dinner.

    This necklace reminds us of being together so many wonderful years!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  283. The vintage charms necklace has stolen my heart. [sigh]
    Lori recently posted..More hands on the wayMy Profile

  284. Tough choice between the vintage charm necklace and the Dainty drops necklace. Maybe one for me and one for my mom!

  285. I really like the layered circle of love necklace.

  286. Well, if I were really nice, I would use the gift certificate to buy my MIL the layered mother of pearl necklace. She has nothing with all of her grandchildren’s names on it. But if I was feeling naughty, I’d use it to buy me a vintage silver charm necklace. It is so pretty.

    Decisions, decisions. LOL Thanks for the chance.
    AprilG recently posted..Handmade Holidays – Rebecca Novotny DesignsMy Profile

  287. Love LOVE Lisa’s work…the family nest has always caught my eye!!! :D Thanks!!

  288. I adore the Vintage Lovebirds. Hope I win!

  289. Without a doubt, the dog tags for my grandsons!

  290. The necklace with the initials with the pearl is my favorite. All the items are perfect and lovely.

  291. Easy! The Heart for Africa necklace. Just spoke at a fundraiser last night for Blood:Water Mission, which is an organization that builds wells in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Africa necklace is beautiful (as is everything else on the site!).
    Cori recently posted..72 – Breaking Night by Liz MurrayMy Profile

  292. I am definitely loving the vintage silver charms necklace!

  293. I like the baby spoons keepsakes. Hmmm…I wonder if she would do the same for tea spoons?

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  294. I’d choose the vintage silver charms necklace for myself. And one for my mom.

  295. LOVE the vintage silver charms necklace.
    Maryann recently posted..3rd Countdown to Thanksgiving Party and Pumpkin Spice Bread…My Profile

  296. I love the Vintage Pearl’s Vintage Silver Charm Necklace as well, but good grief I love everything Vintage Pearl!
    QuatroMama recently posted..30 Day Giving Challenge Week 3 A Halo SleepSack GiveawayMy Profile

  297. So fabulous! I love the vintage love birds!

  298. Wonderful pearls, any one would be proud to have one in such a prety necklace

  299. I *love* the “You are worth it all” large layers…*love* the “Cup of Love”…everything is so beautiful!

  300. i love the necklaces!! i would probably get something for my sister in law who is having her first baby in january :)

  301. I would get the circle chain braclet and some pearl earrings to match! So beautiful! I haven’t ever heard of Vintage Pearl…so glad you introduced me! :)

  302. I love the shutterbug necklace. Wonderful stuff.

  303. A simple I love you will do would be my choice.

  304. My all-time Vintage Pearl favorite has been the Dainty Initial Hearts Necklace. One day I’ll have one! Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  305. I absolutely love the circle chain bracelet!

  306. I LOVE the vintage lovebirds necklace! That’s the one I HAVE to have!!!
    Leslie recently posted..Its All In A Days WorkMy Profile

  307. I adore the vintage lovebirds necklace and I am sure that’s where I would start…..

  308. Laura warner says:

    love your blog, always…this touched my heart, I love her jewelry, each and every piece, but when I saw the thin leather bracelet with the saying ‘Faith’ on it, I knew, that is what I would get, one for me and one for my best friend who, through no fault of his own, is now HIV positive.
    peace and love,

  309. I like the vintage lovebirds necklace.

  310. Christi Faulkner says:

    I would love one of the Faith charm necklaces. It would be hard to choose…they are all so lovely!

  311. Easy ! I would use the $75 toward two initial pendant necklaces, one for each of my oldest and dearest friends (since kindergarten) as we celebrate our 60th birthdays in 2011!

  312. I love her vintage necklaces, but I think I would buy the Nana keychain for my nana for Christmas. It’s so hard to find cute personalized anything for Nanas. Thanks for the great giveaway.
    Alissa Circle recently posted..Birthday Fever!My Profile

  313. beccalouloubell says:

    I would have to choose between the silver cuff bracelet and the “i love you” sign charm necklace. It would be a tough decision!

  314. If I won the gift certificate…I think I’d honestly use it for a nice gift for my mom. There are several things I know that she would love and it would be so fun to be able to give her a really NICE gift for Christmas.

  315. love the square initials on a chain. simple and stunning.

  316. Rebecca Hartsough says:

    I like it all, but I would purchase a stamped pendant necklace.

  317. “Our Family Nest” has always been my favorite!

  318. Wanda Stoddart says:

    Love your blogs! Inspirational and motivational on many levels.

  319. I would buy the “names on a ring” necklace

  320. I love the vintage necklaces ;)

  321. Oh I would buy the Layered Mother of Pearl necklace for my Mother – she’d love it!

  322. definitely the “nana has our heart” .. so sweet, my mother would fall in love!

  323. I love the Vintage Pearl and I would probably buy the bitty blossoms necklace…..thanks!

  324. I would probably buy hammered stars for my sisters, everything is so pretty!

  325. love the chain with square initials. love it.

  326. I would love the dainty layers necklace with my initial, my hubby’s and our soon to be daughters.
    Mandi recently posted..30 Week BumpdateMy Profile

  327. The chunky message cuff, for my lovely niece, whose Mom passed away suddenly at age 48. Joanie was 21 and honors her Mom everyday of her life by working hard to gain her Phd in Physical Therapy. I don’t know what my message would be, but it will come from my heart.

  328. If I won I’d pick the initial on a chain necklace or the dainty names necklace and probably something else on top of it. I love The Vintage Pearl!
    Tamara recently posted..HOT DEAL FREE Random House Childrens Books!My Profile

  329. Vintage silver charms is my current favorite.
    Dana recently posted..Conversations that Wear Me OutMy Profile

  330. Shutterbug or A simple sweet heart for my daughter…or both! :-)
    Talysa recently posted..Pumpkin Carrot Bread Figure Friendly VersionMy Profile

  331. I LOVE the Mother of Pearl!

  332. Lorena Mora says:

    Oh there’s so many beautiful pieces. I love the stamped ones but I also love the ones with the pearls and I would add my little ones name on it.

  333. I’d probably get the vintage necklace with my brother’s initials. He passed away two years ago and I’ve been looking for an unique piece of jewelry like this to remember him with.
    Kelly recently posted..November ShowersMy Profile

  334. Caroline K. says:

    I love the vintage lovebirds!

  335. Shutterbug is my favorite.
    Melanie recently posted..I FlyMy Profile

  336. I am a follower on twitter.

  337. Absolutely love the Vintage Pearl. Last Christmas I gave my daughter one of their necklaces. I love the Mother of Pearl necklace.

  338. Alicia's Homemaking says:

    I absolutely love the lovebirds necklace! *swoon*
    Alicia’s Homemaking recently posted..Pre-ThanksgivingMy Profile

  339. I would get the dainty names necklace with the name of my unborn child on it!

  340. Alicia's Homemaking says:

    I love the purple leaf zipped pouch…I would SWOON if there was a laptop bag in that design!
    Alicia’s Homemaking recently posted..Pre-ThanksgivingMy Profile

  341. I love the Eclectic Charm necklace! So unique!

  342. i’m actually trying to win this for my neighbor- she does not know. she loves loves loves the vintage pearl!!
    kribss recently posted..bad blogger but happy friday!My Profile

  343. Oooh, I love the Vintage Pearl! I would definitely like to have a “mama bird” necklace.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  344. I love the personalized baby spoons!

  345. I would get the initial on the chain. They are all absolutely beautiful though!!!

  346. I would have to have the square and circle layers
    with “Bryce” for my daughter and her sweet baby.

  347. I like the initials on chains (necklace) and the baby spoons would be fun to give to our new grandbabies-on-the-way.

    Jody recently posted..SmileMy Profile

  348. connie tacazon says:

    I like the shutterbug necklace pendant right now!!!

  349. I am in love with the vintage lovebirds :)

  350. Nickolette says:

    I love those vintage silver charms too and the sweet vintage lovebirds! They are lovely! Even if I don’t win here one of these may be on my Christmas list!

  351. Love the Vintage Lovebirds for my newly married daughter!

  352. love these necklaces…I would choose either the flower & the circle or the square initials…so many pretty things
    Tracy O recently posted..CTMH Spotlight Blog Hop featuring Christmas Stamp SetsMy Profile

  353. Ooh — the Pearl Bracelet with a charm! I love her stuff…it reminds me of Lisa Leonard’s things that I have worn….I will have to share the love to the vintage pearl!

  354. I’d get a personalized necklace for my family!

  355. Jessica B. says:

    I would get some lovely charms for my mom for Christmas!

  356. Oh…my heart skipped when I saw the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace……and the Vintage LoveBirds is sooooo sweet!!!
    Pleeeeeeeeeeez choose me!!!

  357. The “hope” bracelet for me because I have some :) and the “nana” key chain for you guessed it, nana!

  358. I’d buy the “vintage lovebirds” or the “mama’s nest”…
    Candace recently posted..Stone SoupMy Profile

  359. I like the All Around My Faith necklace. Thanks!
    Tanya recently posted..Jacks 7th Birthday Part IIIMy Profile

  360. vintage lovebirds
    or the hope one you picked- I love it.

  361. I would get the mother of pearl earrings and the layered pearl necklace although I love them all! I would get the quotes OUTER “Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it {yet}.” INNER ” by l.m. montgomery”..i believe that is what I would do, yes i do. :)
    alicia benedict recently posted..Life Inspirations- A Rose At Any Other Age…My Profile

  362. I love her stuff!!! I would so have to get the vintage lovebirds necklace. My husband and I have been married for 32 years – does that qualify as vintage?

  363. my favorite has always been the ‘initials on a chain.’

  364. Ugh, so hard to choose. I like the keychains as they would make great gifts, but I’m thinking it would be fun to have an initial necklace for myself. Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. I’d love the “initial on a chain” with an “a” for my little boy!
    Patti recently posted..Taking back the flower bedsMy Profile

  366. Maybe the Chunky Love necklace.
    Jacqueline Presley recently posted..Holiday Decorating Lessons!My Profile

  367. Love the vintage love birds!

  368. I love the Circle of Love necklace!!! :)

  369. love.her.stuf

  370. Mmmmmm, what beautiful pieces of jewelry! Things to definitely drool over!

  371. My new favorite is the “chunky love” necklace!

  372. I love the dainty drops necklace–would love to have it with the names of our three kiddoes on it.

  373. Oh my.. ..I would so love one of these necklaces! I have wanted one for so long, but as every other mom I’m sure I get everything for my kiddos and then don’t want to spend the money on myself! I love the vintage charms and would love to have my boys initials around my neck, my two little ones and the big one(hubby)!

  374. You have beautiful taste! The vintage silver charms necklace is my favorite, as well. I would love one with the intials of my husband and my son.

  375. I Love the layered circle of love!

  376. I would get the “Your are my Sunshine” necklace with my new granddaughter’s name as a gift for my daughter. That was “our” song when SHE was little, and now she sings it to her own daughter!

  377. Julie Hankins says:

    I would love, love, love the Vintage Silver Charms necklace. Might have to add this one to the Christmas List!

  378. Robert Szokovacs says:

    Beautiful stuff!

  379. Love. Love. Love. Love the birds, the pearl, the whole vintage beauty.

  380. I would love a necklace with my son’s name on it! How precious!♥

  381. I would definitely choose the Vintage Lovebirds necklace! I am in love with it! : )
    Jen S. recently posted..Working is bad for blogging!My Profile

  382. Love the Vintage Pearl and have ordered gifts for others from them — I’d love to have the eclectic charm necklace for me. :)

  383. I would have her do something like ‘be strong’ to help me get through the days when I don’t feel so strong!

  384. I think I would get the bitty blossoms necklaces for each of my two girls.

  385. A simple “i love you”will do.

  386. Wow! I hadn’t seen that vintage silver charms necklace before. Love it!

  387. Shelby Krawczyk says:

    I would get a necklace with the initials of my 5 kids. Love them!

  388. I would buy the angel wing necklace for my daughter-in-law who lost her Dad this summer. I love everything on TVP’s site!!

  389. I would get the mother of pearl necklace or one of the chunky bracelets. I love so many of her things.
    Melanie Coppenger recently posted..It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!My Profile

  390. I would buy a personalized necklace!

  391. Chandra McCray says:

    I love the rustic cross and the danty layered squares, both are so perfect!

  392. I want to buy it all. I just can’t decide. It’s too hard. I would love to have that problem.

  393. Love the necklaces!

  394. I would probably get the rustic cross necklace its beautiful!! or maybe a bracelet….I just don’t know all the choices…

  395. Such sentimental treasures!!! I like the vintage initial necklace! I appeciate your considering me. THANKS!

  396. Danielle Thayer says:

    The vintage Lovebirds are precious! My husband and I have been together for 17 years and still feel like lovebirds.

  397. Colleen Patel says:

    oh were to begin?? presents for me, presents for family, presents for friends!!! the $75 would be just the beginning. Currently loving rectangle names on a chain….

  398. I would love to buy the “nana has our heart” key chain for my mom, and I have my eye on a few other pieces for gifts!

  399. I would love to get either the simple initial hearts necklace, the heart to heart necklace, or the oval of love necklace… with mine and my husband’s name on it, for our 2-year anniversary :)
    Sarah C. recently posted..Menu MondayMy Profile

  400. i’d probably get the squares intial necklace on a long chain.

  401. I LOVE everything on The Vintage Pearl website, but I think my favorite is the Rustic Bloom Necklace! There are so many gorgeous choices, though! I might have to get several things! :)


    The eclectic charm necklace would be perfect. Finally a piece of jewelry big enough and cute enough to list my six children.
    Jenny recently posted..Book Review-Little StarMy Profile

  403. Cyndi Spivey says:

    I would love the pearl bracelet!!
    Cyndi Spivey recently posted..Laughter…it does a Marriage Good!My Profile

  404. I have wanted one of these for so long, but can never feel justified in spending money on you know, myself, so I still don’t have one. Anyway, I would get the circle of love, or the dainty ecclectic necklace…probably the latter. I love that.
    kristenkj recently posted..All We NeedMy Profile

  405. Wide leather cuff for my husband with his favorite scripture, for our upcoming anniversary!

  406. I love everything they have! I would adore anything with my babies’ names!!!!

  407. Loving the hope bracelet!

  408. I’d get the Shutterbug necklace!

  409. I would love layered mama’s nest or the vintage lovebirds. Oh it so much fun pretend shopping!
    Julie Brazelton recently posted..Book Christmas OrnamentMy Profile

  410. Lauri Thomas says:

    Oooh…I’d love to win the names on a ring!

  411. Without a doubt, the Vintage Silver Charms Necklace!

  412. Lisa Hinkle says:

    Hi there :)
    Just stopped in at “the vintage pearl”…if I win the $75 gift certificate, I would get the lovebirds necklace.
    Thx for having the give-aways!

  413. The vintage charm necklace for sure!!!! I have told my husband for the last few years that I wanted one of these and I guess that isn’t a good enough ‘hint’ for him…sweet guy, very oblivious! :)

  414. Jennifer M says:

    I have been pondering shopping with the Vintage Pearl for Christmas. This would certainly get me started! Thanks!

  415. Louise in NE OK says:

    The vintage charm necklace is just beautiful, but so is everything else. Decisions!

  416. I think I’d go with the chunky daisy cuff!
    Mina recently posted..All I Wanna DoMy Profile

  417. So many things to love there. I like the HOPE bracelet. But hard to choose!
    The Cottage Chick recently posted..Christmas Jar Book Recap And UpdateMy Profile

  418. I love the layered circle of love. So beautiful!

  419. I love her designs so simple and beautiful. I like the stamped initials.

  420. I love the Daisy Chain Bracelet. I think the vintage charms and the Eclectic Charm Necklace are fabulous!

  421. Wow..just came across your site and hopefully it’s my lucky day! I would probably get something with my both my daughters’ initials on it!

  422. So many choices – I love the initial charms. Honestly, all of it is lovely and every new thing becomes my favorite.

  423. I adore the hammered star necklace. I’d place the initials of my husband and myself on it. And then maybe choose one of the lovely initial necklaces for my teenage daughter.
    Oregon Sunshine recently posted..The State of EducationMy Profile

  424. i love the layered mother of pearl or the vintage tags. the vintage tags are great.

  425. I am dying for a necklace with my girls names!
    kat recently posted..Almost 4My Profile

  426. I love The Vintage Pearl! I would love to have the dainty drops necklace with all 3 of kids names & birthstones. I just love them!

  427. LOVE Shutterbug (as well as almost everything else in her shop!) xo
    linda recently posted..great day for a giveawayMy Profile

  428. I love the mama’s nest necklace!!

  429. Janet Williams says:

    If I won the $75.00 gift card, I would want the charms that I could put my 3 children’s names and birthdates on. I lost my first son in 1986 when he was 18 months, and it would be great keepsake to remember him and then my other 2 miracle children that were born and joined our family- The “pearls” of my life. Thank you, Janet

  430. the vintage silver charms necklace is gorgeous!

  431. I’ve loved the “my family nest” for two years now…how I’d love to win! =)

    I completely and utterly love your blog…especially that you don’t stage pictures of your tablecloth (that was totally fab, by the way).


  432. Traci Severson says:

    I love the rustic bloom necklace though everything that is over on TVP is gorgeous!

  433. domestic diva says:

    I’d get a layered mother of pearl necklace.

  434. I like the layered circle of love necklace.

  435. Wow…it’s so hard to choose!!! I do love the vintage charm necklace especially since our girls are now flying out of the nest. I also like the vintage lovebird necklace for the same reason. Our babies are growing up and out so it’s time to focus on my husband :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win a beautiful piece of jewelry!!!!!!

  436. I think I would get the vintage lovebirds necklace! Though I love the heart for africa one too – our second child will be coming home from an orphanage in Rwanda, hopefully in a few months!

  437. Oh, I so love the rustic cross necklace.
    Paula W. recently posted..Still WorkingMy Profile

  438. Lethea Benson says:

    I would choose the Hammered star necklace =)
    Thanks bunches!

  439. I would get the vintage silver charms necklace

  440. I would like the vintage silver charm necklace so I could wear the initials of the special people in my life next to my heart. Thanks.

  441. Ahhhh! I get so excited when you host giveaways! I would want the “A Heart for Africa” necklace and give it to my sister in law. Her family lives in South Africa and she misses them dearly. Plus…anything in your shoppe is ADORABLE!

  442. Wow!!!! I’m gonna do some Christmas shopping on that website. But I think I’d have to pick the “I love you to the moom & back” necklace or Heart of Africa necklace. Don’t give me choices when there are so many pretties to choose from!!!

  443. I definitely would love a necklace with my daughter’s name or initial. Which one I’d pick exactly …? They’re all beautiful, so it will be tough when I win. ;)

  444. First I would choose the dainty initial hearts with mine and hubby’s initials. Then it would get harder, but maybe the mama bird and some pearls for my sweets.

  445. I do love the vintage lovebirds, very sweet.

  446. Loving the hope bracelet! But I could easily change my mind with all the wonderful stuff on a later trip…;)

  447. I have had my eye on the necklace called “dainty names” for a while now!
    Cazra recently posted..Pants for Girls &amp BoysMy Profile

  448. I’d love to get a bracelet with the word “breathe” on it. Gorgeous stuff.
    Michelle recently posted..Decorating your Thanksgiving tableMy Profile

  449. If I won i would purchase the “names on a ring” for my sister-in-love with my two nephews names….I have always wanted to do this for her.

  450. i LOVE the old english font initials necklace. i would pick that, so pick me!! :)

  451. I would get the vintage lovebirds, so cute!

  452. Victoria L. says:

    This is the most comprehensive assortment of beautiful, delicate, meet all needs hand stamped jewelery I have viewed, online or in galleries. Beautiful, I love it all!!! Will be back to this store!


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