What’s On My Baker’s Rack {March}

What's On My Baker's Rack {March}


I’m a putterer.

I’m always nesting, fluffing and puttering about the house, polishing, tweaking and moving things around. That’s my kind of fun! It is almost therapeutic. It is easier for me than painting a room or doing a big project, so it is something I can do whenever I need just a little pick me up.

I am still getting used to having a baker’s rack to play with in my dining room after the big switcheroo with the dresser that was previously in here (which is now in the family room, I’ll show you an update on that next week — I know I’ve left you hanging on a few projects — OK, more than a few. I’m scattered like that in real life too.).

What I have on the baker’s rack right now isn’t really much different than I had in February, but I did bring out a few more white dishes, I brought in some white pitchers when I took them off my mantel yesterday to update it for spring (of course! more on that later), I put the apples under the dome, and snuck in a happy bouquet — just because I was craving a wee bit of sunshine.

I could have changed my word on the chalkboard, but I didn’t because my chalk pen is not behaving.

Are you a putterer?

Flash back to 2007: What I love: Puttering

What's On My Baker's Rack {March}


  1. Yes! I love moving things around and rearranging items in my house. I too find it fun to give rooms a different look using what I already have on hand.
    Stacy recently posted..A Pair of 1950’s ChairsMy Profile

  2. Yep, I’m a putterer too. I love changing out my sideboard each season and spend a happy morning doing it every couple of months.
    Grace recently posted..Help NeededMy Profile

  3. I am a perpetual putterer– it drives my husband a little nutty because he never knows what he’s going to come home to! Keeps things interesting, though! Looking forward to future updates on all those pesky half-done projects {I have several myself!}. :)
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Heidi Milton recently posted..I Cant Resist this ChandelierMy Profile

  4. Love puttering! It’s a mini creative binge!

  5. I love the white dishes and pitchers you have out, Melissa! Actually, I saw some that I passed up at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago, but I may go back and get them {beautiful white pitchers}. I see you’ve got your Dayspring silverware caddy up on top, too. What a great piece.

  6. I’m a putterer, too! I have a few areas of my house that I like to rearrange, especially as seasons change. One is a very large shelf (probably 6′ long) in my dining room. It’s the one place I can put breakable things that I know shouldn’t get damaged. Unless, of course, the kiddo sneaks his nerf gun in there! :)

  7. Definitely a putterer!! I love moving things around and it is cheaper than buying new things. Sometimes I wake up at night and some little detail crosses my mind….which is so crazy I am almost afraid to mention!lol…
    Arlene recently posted..When Nana Was a Little GirlMy Profile

  8. I’m afraid that I’m not very adventurous, and find that once I put something a specific way, I will rarely change it. This is especially case with furniture – my husband likes to move furniture around occasionally, and I hate to move furniture around – I find what I like and what I think works, and I will leave it as is.

    Having said that, I love your baker’s rack – I need something like that in my foyer, which is a little bare at the moment, but isn’t pick enough to put a heavy bookcase or other piece of furniture in it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Susan recently posted..Looking for some suggestionsMy Profile

  9. Hi Melissa,
    It’s one of my favorite things to do! I too find it to be therapeutic.

    Have a relaxing and fun-filled weekend.

  10. That’s beautiful! I love all your pretty white pitchers. I’m sometimes a putterer.
    Jo recently posted..Yearning for HomeMy Profile

  11. It’s all so pretty. I love the ironstone and your chalkboard. You have very cute accessories on there. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!
    Pam recently posted..Cute Graphics Ikea FAB Pillows!My Profile

  12. Exactly how I feel! I’m puttering today and can’t keep up with the projects I have in my head, LOL! Love your blog. It’s always a great read.

  13. i definitely am a putterer… though this vacation has made me want to change my ways a bit… hope you’re having a nice weekend!
    Punctuation Mark recently posted..Tribute FridayMy Profile

  14. Wow, I’m glad I am not the only “putterer”. I always thought something was wrong with me. I would always think “Why can’t I just be happy with it and leave it alone.” LOL But it does make me feel good when I’m done and it didn’t cost me a dime, most of the time. :0)

    Have a nice weekend I’m off to celebrate my birthday!
    Linda recently posted..How To Make a Fork Photo HolderMy Profile

  15. So nice to hear! I am a putterer, too…now I have a name for it.
    Jenny W recently posted..Go-To Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Target Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  16. I am absolutely a putterer but my husband calls me his little tinkerer! I tinker and tinker and tinker some more!! Now we are in a humongous house I need to buy more sit around furniture so I can add things on top of it so I can tink some more!
    Holly Rhodes recently posted..Everyone likes to save money rightMy Profile

  17. Denise Vander Werf says:

    My husband and daughter often ask me, “Why are you always changing things?” Does that mean I’m a putterer? My dad was a putterer so I think it’s in the genes.

    I do have a question. When you are picking accessories do think every piece needs a friend?

    • Hmmmm, good question on the accessories needing a friend. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought of it that way! I would say that I do think things look better when they have a friend, meaning if some elements are repeated. It unifies the space. Although I think you can get away with a loner in your room if it is something special that you want to stand out, or an element of surprise. Too many loners that cannot relate and your room probably will feel a little restless and awkward. Too many friends that all look alike and it will feel like you are missing depth, interest & variety! :-)

  18. I am so much a happy putterer, and I usually hum while I putter. As a young wife (ages ago) I loved reading Alexandra Stoddards thoughts on puttering.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..How to Manage Transitions part one SAY GOODBYE WELLMy Profile

    • Oh, yes, I of course LOVE reading Alexandra’s thoughts, I relate so much!! I like to hum as I putter too. I might be slightly crazy but at least it is a happy tune ;-)

  19. Coastal Femme says:

    Oh yes Melissa, I’m a constant putterer too.It seems to relax and cheer me up.I love constantly changing vignettes around the house and I love what’s on your baker’s rack- well done!

  20. Oh, yeah…I’m definitely a “putterer”! I thought it was just me! My husband laughs at me sometimes because I will move an object just “inches” to make it look right to me. He doesn’t ge it – ha ha!

    I love being home, making my home a haven for my family. There’s no place I’d rather be and I’m so thankful for blogs like yours to get extra creativity from :)

  21. Yes . . . always doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Adding things here and there. Recently I bought some flowering quince branches at Whole Foods – just love how they look like spring. I put them in a pitcher and sat them on the console table behind the sofa. Several days went by and I asked my hubby if he liked them. He said, “Oh, when did those get there? Today?” !!
    TheDevineHome recently posted..Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20My Profile

  22. Melissa…it’s beautiful! I love your white pedestal with the glass dome cover. :)
    Susan recently posted..Smart Meters- Good Idea or Bad IdeaMy Profile

  23. Yes, a putterer, definitely. My husband teases me, ‘there she goes again, shopping at home.’ My guest bedroom has been on my radar lately so I’ve spray painted a wicker tray-table a lovely shade of gray, re-upholstered the bench, found a great sunburst mirror at Pier 1 (orig priced at $149 and by the time I left the store they had reduced it to $50, a long story, damaged goods but nothing a furniture marker and a good cleaning couldn’t revive), and the improvements go on. Adding nailhead to the chair and headboard next! Love the process.

  24. It looks fantastic! I love moving things around too…and I love decorating for spring!

    Just might break out the lemons tomorrow! :) yay!
    lisa recently posted..My NEW Gluten Free Life and On-The-Go SnacksMy Profile

  25. Interesting – I’ve never heard of baker’s racks before, but that’s exactly what I need in my kitchen! I have one empty wall that I’ve added a couple shelves too, but they really don’t get the job done. I’ll have to browse craigslist for a baker’s rack. Fun!
    Jennifer M. recently posted..Date a Girl Who ReadsMy Profile

  26. Wow, I love your baker’s rack. I desparately need help with mine! I’ll definitely be borrowing some of your ideas!!
    MRawls recently posted..Bargain hunting weekendMy Profile

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