Happenings Around the House

Happenings Around the House


Let’s catch up on some of the projects I’ve been working on, so I don’t feel so behind in keeping you in the loop, shall we?

First of all, I am really enjoying the new furniture arrangement at my house, with the baker’s rack in the dining room and this dresser with the TV in the family room. I am thinking about wall mounting the TV at some point just to make it a little less bulky on that side of the room as well adding some bamboo shades to the opposite side of the room to balance out the weight of the TV. I also have a few ideas for updating the dresser, but overall, it feels so much better after making that simple switcheroo! Baby steps!

Happenings Around the House

Then, around the corner from the family room there is a little excitement going on in this space at the end of the hall. Do you have a door at your house that you keep shut? Well, that would be this office door at my house. It is opened a few times every day as I go in and out or work in the space, but it just wasn’t the kind of room I really wanted to look at or admire as I walked down the hall, you know what I mean? I just couldn’t bring myself to LOVE that room as it was, but I hated to keep it closed off! I do love seeing the light coming through the big windows.

Well, the door will be shut no more because I am finally getting around to organizing, rearranging and pretty up this room! Last week I gave away a bulky desk I didn’t like in this space and now I really have more room to dream! I’m thinking of a brighter more cheery space. Lately I’ve been drawn to citrus colors like yellow and tangerine, I guess I am craving spring and summer! Just seeing the door open with the light flooding in makes me excited about how much happier I will be leaving this door open and seeing a brighter more cheery room!

And then of course, I’m still working on the never ending bathroom project, photos will be coming soon …. but I pretty much came to a complete HALT on the bathroom project while I worked on this:

Happenings Around the House


Ta da! Our first Easter in our new coffee shop style church building! Sorry for the quality of the pic, it came from my phone and then I took a snapshot of it off of facebook so it is bad — but at least you can see that we really are meeting in the new building now and it is coming along from those cold white wall beginnings!

We’ve only been in for two weeks but it is amazing how fast you can transform a space when you put your mind to it. We have a long way to go but I’m pleased with the progress so far.

Soon I’ll be showing off some of the creative projects I have put together so far for this space, including a pallet art display piece that would be very cool even for a house, and inexpensive but funky Anthropologie inspired pendant lighting. I need to bring my better camera to take pictures though so you can get a better look.

I’m having a blast trying out new ideas and stretching my creative mind to work with what I have and what I can find on a budget! Super exciting to have this opportunity to create some vintage modern industrial elements from what was essentially a white box of a room.

My girls and I have also been working on a nursery that I cannot wait to show off too!

And yes, for you eagle eyed inspired room readers, that is my green dining room chair in the foreground of the picture. We don’t own enough chairs yet — we had people standing and even sitting on the floor.  But you know, having our own place is pretty awesome and not having everything perfect almost added to the excitement for everyone, we are all working on it as a team, so it is fun to watch it come together.

It is always fun to have a new place to call home!

Happenings Around the House


  1. Great progress, Melissa! Is that one of your dining room chairs that I see a man using at church? I love that!!!


  2. I love the wood trim around your door and floor In the pick of your office. What size wood did you use and how did you get the beaded look above the doors?!?!


    • The builder trimmed out the doors and windows — it is about 3 and a half inches wide, I am guessing, and in order to make that top piece it looks like they put the trim around the sides of the door and then capped the doors horizontally with a flat board that sticks out a bit (kind of like a little ledge) and then finished the normal flat trim across the top. Not sure if that makes sense or not!

      Flooring is a brown patterned carpet! I’ll get better pictures as I get this project under way! ;-)

  3. The new space is looking great! How terrific to have a packed house when you guys are just starting out in the new space. Can’t wait to see what you do with the office. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So happy to see that you already have such a big congregation. The space looks great and I can’t wait to see the progress pictures of that space and your office.

  5. Congratulations on the first Resurrection Day celebration in your new church facility! I’m sure many were blessed!

    It looks warm and inviting – perfect.

  6. i read your post a few days back about starting the church. i have prayed for you as i have thought about it. my husband moved me (yes i kicked & screamed) up to oregon from sunny so. cal to be apart of an amazing church plant. it was nice to see you all in your building on sunday for service. love. love. love. can’t wait to see what you do with the space. it is exciting.

  7. This Arizona gal, and former Oregonian loved seeing the print over the door with endearing words…Mt. Hood, Willamette Valley, Haystack Rock etc. Warm fuzzy feelings. I’ll be excited to return to Portland this summer to visit my sisters.

  8. Interesting space and interesting seating. It looks as if your creativity would certainly have an outlet here. Please let us see how it continues to evolve.

  9. Yes, I do have doors I keep closed in my house, but that’s because my cat eats things. Paper, fabric, ribbon, carpeting, he finds it all delicious. I have a baby gate that he doesn’t jump over (amazingly) to keep him out of the formal dining room and living room and study, so I can have nice things and paper out there. I keep my guest bedroom door and my bedroom door closed because there are decorations that he would eat. He does provide me with a good incentive to never leave paper out on the kitchen counter though, because if I do it will get eaten.

  10. Leslie Lewis says:

    Yaaaay! So excited to see your beautiful new church location! Keeping you and your family in our prayers as you continue to teach and show God’s love to your community.

  11. Melissa,

    Yes I have a room like that. In fact, I have a few. The “coffee shop” looks great!

    Stop by and take a chance for a $25 Visa Gift Card!

    Your Friend,

  12. Years ago, my dad started a church in Spokane. It was so fun to be in on the ground floor. I have never been able to do that again. But I am happy for you . . . as each piece comes together. As the ups and downs happen. As your portion of the Body of Christ becomes a family. So exciting.


  13. Life is wonderful and it looks like yours is very full, with wonderful things.
    Sweet. Love all the baby steps.
    Happy Day

  14. Am so happy for you, family & church family, Melissa! Sooo much going on — and all good! Tickled for you :) -s-

  15. I have a question about the dresser your TV is on. I LOVE this idea since “we” got a new, bigger, one for Christmas I have been looking for a dresser to copy you idea. I have found a few that would be FABULOUS painted antique white but wonder where/how you fit all of the components. We have a DVD, Wii & X-box and I am concerned about how to get them to be functional in there, ideas?

    • Yes, that can be tricky with a dresser. Right now we have our DVD player on top and the Wii and the DVR under the dresser (well, actually the DVR is on the floor but it will fit under if I unhook all the cords and scoot it under and then rehook the cords). It is not ideal to have things under because you can see them if you look at a certain angle, but at least we can use our remotes with them.

      Another option is that you remove one of the drawers and line it with beadboard or something, maybe even just paint it, and then put components in it. You can drill a hole in the back for wires. Putting components in the drawer might work for things like the wii since you could pull it out and set it on top to play it and then hide it away when not in use.

  16. LOVE the church “designing”…how great to be able to have Easter in your own space. And how thrilling to build up God’s place from the ground up. Excited for you to see what God has planned for all of you, and also for your community. xo Lidy

  17. I love these decorations! Might use the idea with the dining room set, and I’m expecting! So, I’m hoping to see in detail the nursery!

  18. I love the yellow lamp next to the television. This is the exact sort of light that I am looking for next to my bed. I have a small side table there and not much room for a lamp with a regular shade. I have to ask where you found this…please say in a store that still has it available..

    • I got the lamp at HomeGoods last fall or summer I think….not sure if they would still have one like it or not — I LOVE IT too! Thanks!!

  19. So excited about the church! It’s looking great…I’m sure your touches makes it cozy and a wonderful place to chat up Jesus. ;) (Been thinking of you much lately…)


  20. Jennifer says:

    I love your site. Where did you get the picture that is hanging above the office doorway. Those are my favorite Oregon places.

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