Pretty Fabric for the Porch

Inspiration Board: Fabric for Outdoor Rooms

The plan this summer with my outdoor projects is to create several small “outdoor rooms” in a series of simple and affordable weekend projects. FUN FUN FUN FOR ME!

I’ll be showing you the specific projects in more detail as they come together, but here is what I’m up to this week!

Yesterday’s post on outdoor spaces got me all inspired to put the finishing touches on my projects. So I had  fun doing some online fabric shopping (which I LOVE to do even if I am not buying anything!) and ordered fabric for pillows on my porch furniture.

You can see the swatches I chose above (all from I selected fabrics that would go with some existing items like a striped patio umbrella as well as generally fit with the flow of my house.

I will be re-covering a couple of chair cushions in Sunbrella white fabric (so they will be easy to wash and bleach and will resist fading from all the sun we have here, HAAAA) and then by sewing my new throw pillows I will bring in the color and pattern.

I have brand spanking comfortable new chairs on my front deck, courtesy of Lowe’s and they are going to look fabulous with some of these fabrics on pillows as well. More to come on that deck, it is looking pretty good now too!

Ready for a makeover!

Chair Before

This before photo (above) is one of the two chairs on my back deck I have to recover. This should be interesting since I don’t really sew but I’m going to figure it out for this project! Fortunately I got some good tips from my peeps on Facebook so I know I can count on you all to give me sewing pointers.

The color is horrible in this picture, I am still trying to figure out how to take pictures outside with my new camera! Ha, I’m so bad still on how to set all those dials and trying to shoot outdoors has really thrown me. But, sadly, even if the color was better, everything on the porch was still in sorry shape, so you really get the idea! The fabric is very faded (even though it is Sunbrella fabric it has faded over the years).

The Design Starts to Come Together

Slowly but surely I’m starting to see color on the deck from greenery in potted plants (also courtesy of Lowe’s!) and of course the punch of color and personality from my pallet garden, things are looking way better and more cheery already!

We are loving having our fire pit area in the back too!

Love me some simple backyard weekend makeovers and seeing boring spaces transformed! So many projects left to show you too!

I would have shown you more update pictures today but not only has it been too rainy and gray for great pictures, but now I’ve lost my camera cord. We are in a bit of tired but as you can probably imagine, we are in a bit of happy puppy chaos around here this week. Just like having a baby all over again.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get my fabric and start sewing the cushion and pillow covers! I got lots of great advice on sewing with Sunbrella fabric over on Facebook awhile back so I know I’ll have plenty of help if I get myself stuck.

Now, I’m off to look for my camera cord…hopefully Jack hasn’t chewed it up.

A few of you have asked how I do inspiration boards. I have a Mac so I use a word document program called Pages. I drag photos on to the page and move them around. Nothing fancy, but it works for me!

Fabric Sources:

Blue with Polka Dots
White with Yellow Flowers
Fishbowl Aquarium Botanicals (upper right)
Morgan Tile Seasgrass (upper left)
Wolfman Cabana (circles lower right)

For more inspiration on creating backyard spaces, check out this Lowe’s online magazine! So inspiring!

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  1. Sunbrella? Perhaps that’s my answer. I have cushions that I’m trying to replace and the cost is so ridiculous that I could purchase a new patio set for less. Off to Google “Sunbrella.” Happy projects, Melissa!

  2. So glad to find this site. I’m going to try to re-cover my awful outdoor room furniture this summer, and I need these tips. Thanks!


  3. Great fabric pics! Can’t wait to see it all put together!

  4. Love your fabric choices!! Care to sew a few extra pillows for me? Can’t wait to see it all finished….it’s going to look great!

  5. I too have a chair that looks a lot like yours in need of a “redo”. I’m hoping to find some fabric with restful, subdued stripes or even a soft floral print to go with the rest of our yard’s look. I like sewing cushions, throw pillows, etc. cuz for me it’s fun and easy! Enjoy your project. Can’t wait to see the finished look.

  6. I think we’re living parallel lives! It’s kinda creepy.
    First, you get a new puppy named Jack and your older dog is named Winston. Our old dog’s name was Jack and our new puppy’s name is … Winston! (I swear I had never seen your dog’s name!)
    I also picked out 3 of the same fabrics for my deck pillows that you have shown here. I’ve said before that we must be twins separated at birth! (Except I’m about 15-20 years older than you!) :)
    Here’s a good quote I read recently: ‘Dogs are the gods of frolic’ Henry Ward Beecher
    You get a real understanding of that one when you have a new puppy!

  7. Love your fabric choices!!! Especially the polka dot!

  8. I love your color choices! So fresh and fun. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  9. I really like all those colors and patterns – looks like it will be beautiful!

  10. This is one of my favorite “re-dos” to do. It’s usually affordable, small changes can make a big impact and your friends are immediately welcomed to your house (if it’s on the front porch) with a new look.
    Can’t wait to see the rest!

  11. what camera did you get? yes, that is washed out but if you have the ability to use manual settings I can help with the outdoor stuff.

    I use outdoor fabrics INSIDE as I have 3 black labs that love to shed on everything… I have indoor/outdoor rugs, too! Love your fabric choices… cannot WAIT to see what you do to that washed out chair!

  12. Love the fabrics chosen. They give a cheerful and Summer look! It looks to be really coming together nicely!

  13. Love the fabric! I always gravitate toward blue and green combos. Hmmm…I’ve wanted pillows to perk up my sage-green sofa…maybe a couple of these would be just right.

  14. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hi Melissa, This response is rather late (as I’m on vacation in the Northwest!) but Diane at the blog “In My Own Style” has a tutorial on no-sew pillow covers. Hope you find it helpful–unless you’ve already got ‘em done! :-)

  15. I really like your fabric choices and have searched to find them – with no luck. Can you tell me the names?

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