Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

It is a Pick Your Prize Weekend here at The Inspired Room! It has been a long couple of weeks for me and I’m finally getting back in the swing. As you probably know, last week my daughter had emergency surgery. She is doing so much better, I appreciate all of your comments, messages and concern.

The day of the appendectomy I was pretty much in a fog of disbelief as I drove behind the ambulance taking her to the hospital. They wheeled her inside, gave her some meds to put her to sleep for her surgery and I walked out to the waiting room. I was afraid, worried and all alone (my husband was still at home waking our sleeping son and two dogs) — or so it appeared to anyone watching me pace the hallway.

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

As I walked down the hall in the waiting area, I looked over at the display window of the gift shop. I did a double take. My friend Dee’s artwork (Red Letter Words), the Urban Soul line that DaySpring carries, was in the window! If I had the strength I would have done a little jig right there in the hospital after seeing those words.  It felt like a little message just for me. I wasn’t alone at all. I felt the reassurance at that moment that everything was going to be OK.

It wasn’t an ordinary piece of art work, it had meaning and a hopeful message behind it. I needed that bit of reassurance that everything was under control. Having inspirational messages around our homes works the same way, it keeps us encouraged and focused on our blessings and what matters most.

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

In case you didn’t know, DaySpring is the company behind the site (in)courage that I write for each month. They are a division of Hallmark. I’ve been a part of  the(in)courage site since its very beginning, and I was a partner with DaySpring for a year before that! DaySpring is just all around an amazingly encouraging and wonderful company I’m honored to partner with in so many ways! I’m always pleased to connect you to them and let you know about the wonderful products I actually love and use in my own home!

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

Today DaySpring is offering a pick your prize giveaway on The Inspired Room, one prize will be given away per one hundred comments! You can choose any of the items you see in this post or via the links below.

What can you win?

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}


And even if you don’t win one of those items,  you can use the code THANKS11 to get an additional 25% off EVERYTHING in the DaySpring store!  WOWZA! It’s customer appreciation time between now and August 15th.  DaySpring is coordinating their sale with the launch of their NEW website and NEW SHOP.

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}

PS. The top picture of the super cute weathervane shows a little peek at my deck. I’m finally taking pics and going to show you the new and improved look next week! The sun has finally come out and now that my daughter is on the mend, I’m back outside enjoying some outdoor room makeovers. More to come on what I’ve been up to!

So do you want to pick a prize? What would you choose and why? I love each and every product I have featured, and there are so many more I love on their website so be sure to take advantage of the sale!

Leave a comment with what you would pick if you won and I’ll choose one lucky winner for every one hundred comments. That means more of you will win!


This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced next week!

Blessings in Unexpected Places {A Pick Your Prize Weekend!}


  1. Wow – that sign was in the perfect place. This is a great giveaway – I really love that weathervane. Thanks!

  2. I love the Red Letter Designs artwork. Her products are very inspirational.

  3. Hello!!!

    What a woderful give-away!!! I would pick the weathervane!!
    It’s so rustic cute!

    Glad everything is going ok with your daughter:):) I can imagine just how frightening it was!

    Take care and have a great day!!

  4. Without a doubt, I love the Inspirational Message blocks, Melissa! I think those would be great to use to decorate a tabletop or mantel and move them around in different ways for different looks.

  5. I really like everything….I would have a hard time choosing.

    If I had to choose one, it would be the message blocks…

    Glad your daughter is well.

  6. oooh, the birdcage!

  7. I agree that messages seem to be in the right place at the right time. Glad your daughter is mending. Nothing is worse than worrying about our children. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d probably pick the “home” blocks. Just the right touch for an empty end table in my family room. Thanks again.

  8. What fun things to choose from. I would have a hard time choosing between the weather vane..very cute on our patio or the Urban soul line (picture). It would go great in my kitchen! Have a blessed day!

  9. I’d probably go for the weathervane!

  10. Michelle Gallimore says:

    I love the weather vein. I have been wanting one for years.

  11. Annette Taylor says:

    Love the Fruit of the Spirit Art and the weathvane!! I would have a hard time choosing!!

  12. Thank you Melissa! Thank you DaySpring! Without a doubt, I would pick the blocks. I have two small metal and glass tables (Pottery Barn look-alikes) in my living room (together they make a coffee table) and right now only one has something on it – a transferware bowl with apples in it. My living room has greens and reds and blues and browns in it (looks better than it sounds – ha) so when I saw these blocks I thought they would look darling on the other part of the coffee table. And I love what they say. Blessings!

  13. Nicole C. says:

    I love the weather vane, that would be my first choice :)

    Thanks for this opportunity, and best of luck to your daughter on her recovery!

  14. So glad to hear your daughter (and you!) are doing better. Abundant blessings to you both.

    While I love the blocks – I think my choice would be the weathervane. It would be just the item my weather protected potting bench needs.

    Thanks to you and DaySpring for such a generous prize!

  15. kelly in georgia says:

    So glad your daughter is doing better. It is soooo scary when your child is seriously ill.
    I am in LOVE with the charcoal pieces in the Urban Soul Line. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  16. Andrea Cseh says:

    I would LOVE to win the birdcage holder….I’ve been in love with that since I saw it the first time :) Thank you for this opportunity! I hope your daughter is on the mend!

    • Andrea Cseh says:

      oops, sorry, I meant to change the email addy for myself…I don’t use that one often. plz use dacseh@verizonDOTnet thanks

  17. Mary Frederick says:

    I would choose the weathervane. I’ve always loved them. They re,present for me, The directions of where I’m going and where I’ve been, In addition, I just adore the rustic patina. Beautiful!

  18. Glad to hear that your daughter is doing better, Melissa.

    If I should be so lucky to win, it would have to be the fabulous weather vane!

  19. Gina Morrison says:

    The weathervane is my favorite. It is beautiful.

  20. So happy to hear your daughter is doing better.
    Love the weather vane! That what I would choose for my mantle!

  21. Myra Mitchell says:

    I would LOVE the weathervane. Thank you for this chance ti win.

  22. Goodness, it’s hard to decide! I think I’d either like the bird cage card holder or the Fruits of the Spirit Urban Soul art. Beautiful, beautiful pieces.

  23. What a great reminder that you are not alone! And what a great giveaway too! I would have a fun time browsing all the products closer, but I would probably end up choosing the wall plaque “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” I just love it.

  24. Amy in PA says:

    I’d certainly pick some cool things for our family room which is pending an update – perhaps that weathervane or one of the cool signs! Glad to hear your daughter is better!!

  25. Myra Mitchell says:

    *Thank you for this chance to win.

  26. oh I absolutely love the “Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Magnetic Board with Magnet Clips”. so cute and would work perfectly in our kitchen. We already have the easel and board on the counter and love using it to write sweet messages to the family!

  27. LOVE the story about the artwork in the window during your daughter’s surgery. Of course, it was put there just for you. I had a similar thing happen when my husband was in the hospital w/ a life-threatening illness. I spotted a little angel in the store window that was just precious, and I truly felt that it was put there to remind me that God was surrounding me with people (angles) to help us get through this situation. Praying for your daughter!

  28. That weather vane would be a fun way to start prettying-up our deck!

  29. So glad to hear your daughter is doing better. What a nice giveaway! I am thinking the birdcage cardholder would be great in my sun room :)

  30. Kathee VZ says:

    Found your blog for the first time today. I found the link on (which I just found yesterday). I think I’m here to stay! I love this give-away that I stumbled across too! I would definitely choose the weathervane if I won, if I had a spot to put it. Instead I would choose my 2nd favorite – the beautiful inspirtional message blocks. I went to their site and see lots of other things that I love so I’ll be heading over there to shop as soon as I’m done looking around here.

    I’m sorry to hear that you had a scare with your daughter but happy to know that it was a simple fix. Thank the Lord that it wasn’t worse.

    Thank you for all you do here… I know I will appreciate it.

  31. I’d go for the inspirational blocks. So glad your daughter is feeling better. My kiddo had to have emergency surgery last year and it’s such a scary feeling. Lots of prayers coming your way!

  32. All the gifts are amazing…but I’d choose the weather vane. Weather vanes remind me to choose the right path, to keep going in the right direction. And…they make me smile along the way.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway opportunity!

  33. So many unique items…I love them all! I would choose from the Urban Soul line, His eye is on the sparrow… That really sums up life, doesn’t it? We worry about all kinds of things, but God takes care of the birds so how much more does He love and care for us? Beautiful.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. love that God spoke and gave you a love gift right when you needed it :)

    what a generous giveaway!! wow!! I would choose the weathervane. . .

  35. I would have to pick the “His eye is on the Sparrow” sign because that message means so much to me right now, too. But, I’d have a hard time choosing between the weather vane and the bird cage for a close second! Great stuff! :)

  36. I am loving the Urban Soul line! Would love to win!

  37. I love the weathervane. I would choose that because it fits most with my decorating style and I love what it represents. There are so many directions we can go or paths we can take, but trusting in God is how we know which way to go. I need to be reminded of that sometimes! Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it!

  38. The weathervane

  39. The blocks are sweet !

  40. Isn’t it awesome the way our Lord speaks to us with words of comfort in our difficult times!

    What a great giveaway! I think I would have to pick one of those urban signs. Would take me a little bit to pick only one.

  41. I love the weathervane!

  42. I would probably pick the magnetic board and magnets from the Urban Soul Line. Oh I hope you choose me! :)

  43. Hannah d. says:

    I have been wanting ome inspirational wall art for a long time, so I think I would choose something from the Urban Soulmlne. So many great choices though!

  44. So glad to hear your daughter is on the mend! It is oh so scary when our children are sick. Very helpless feeling.
    I love the Urban Soul sign! Perfect!

    All the best to you and your family.

  45. i would definitely pick the urban soul line! i love the encouragement of words (:

  46. How beautiful! I love the “Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Wall Art”!

  47. So glad your daughter is on the mend, and I love that God always gives us what we need when we need it. I love the message blocks, they’re perfect.

  48. Glad everything is going ok with your daughter. That sounds like such an frightening experience.

    I love everything about DaySpring….so what a fantastic giveaway. I would pick the weathervane (I guess…it was hard to decide) Thanks for the chance.

  49. {shannon} says:

    I would totally pick the weather vane. It’s quirky. And pretty. Love it!

  50. I would select the Fruits of the Spirit wall art. Such a great piece to have to remind us all of the attitude we should have on a daily basis. We just moved into a new home and it is in need of things to hang on the walls. :)

  51. Wow. How great that that particular sign was there when you needed it. All of their stuff is beautiful! I think i would have to choose the blocks. I love the messages, and they are something a bit different for me. I think they would be very at home in my home :)

    Thanks for the chance, and glad that your daughter is recovering well!

  52. Sandra Bemis says:

    What a great line of inspiration! I would choose the wall art, I Know the Plans and place it in the room of my 11 year old son.

  53. Lucinda Bostick says:

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. I am getting ready to move into a new home and am anxious to begin some new projects. What a great giveaway! It’s so hard to choose one item, but I think I would choose the inspirational message blocks. They would look great arranged on the mantel in our new family room! So glad to read that your daughter is doing OK. God is good!

  54. How fun that you saw that sign at just the right time! :) I’d choose the weathervane – I love love love it!!

  55. mommycaptainhook says:

    These are lovely pieces! My favorite is the weather vane…

  56. Debi Gontier says:

    I love the weather vane for myself. But I have a dear friend who would like the “I know the plans…” art.

  57. I would pick the weather vane but those blocks are wonderful also…hard to decide!

  58. Oh it would be so hard to choose, but I would love the weathervane–so cute and versatile.

  59. Beth Moore says:

    Awww… it’s so hard to choose they are ALL fabulous, but if I must pick just one, the weathervane takes it! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  60. Thanks for the story about your daughter. I am in awe of our great God who knows that in the middle of a lonely hospital wing, the decorator Mom He created would be ministered to be a beautiful sign created by her friend.

    I have spent lots of time the last 7 years in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals with one of our sons, and I was especially touched by what you shared, although the gift shops that I’ve been in NEED ’em some Urban Soul!!!

    Thanks for your blog/ministry to my Mom/decorator’s heart.

    I love the Urban Soul!!!

  61. How wonderful! I love, love, LOVE the weathervane and the sparrow sign. Thanks for this giveaway.

    I’m so glad you’re daughter is doing better! Answered prayers are the best!

  62. melissa! i love how He shows up with a soft, gentle touch right when we need Him! LOVE THAT!! Thank you for sharing, dear one.

    weather vane. all the way!

  63. Love the card holder. I could use it in so many ways.

  64. Melissa,

    I am so happy to hear that your daughter is on the mend. I do believe we are never alone and HE sends us reminders daily.
    What a generous giveaway. If I win I would choose “It Is Written” – Charcoal Wall Art.

    Your Friend,

  65. jennifer says:

    I have to choose??? I really love the urban soul line but I also like the weather vane and birdcage note holder…decisions, decisions!

  66. LOVE the birdcage and the inspirational message! Always wanted a birdcage but didn’t have the room for a full one – this one fits the bill! Thank you for your wonderful blog and inspiration.

  67. What a cool store! I love love love the weathervane! I’m really glad your daughter is feeling better, what a relief for you! Thanks for the give away!

  68. I’m glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. Trust me it is a blessing in disguise that you were able to follow her to the hospital.

  69. So glad your daughter is doing better. I love them all but the weather vane is my favorite. Great items, Thanks!

  70. I need something to keep reminding me to look ahead. That beautiful weathervane pointing north, might just be it! xxoo

  71. Holly S. says:

    So glad your daughter is on the mend! It really is amazing that He put that quote there when you needed it the most. HE always knows what you need.

    As for the Dayspring items, I really love the weather vane and the letter blocks. So cute!

  72. Emily Childs says:

    I would choose something for our new home–something classy, homey, and God-glorifying!

  73. I am glad you felt God with you and that your daughter is better.

    I love the weathervane and would choose that.

  74. I’m hope your daughter is doing well and experiencing a full recovery. I really enjoy your blog! I would love to win the bird cage card holder for my little girl’s room. I had a mural painted with the theme being “Kylie’s Secret Garden”. It would look adorable in her room and would be a great way to hold all her mementos. Thanks. -Melissa

  75. I love your story and the ways in which God speaks to us. Thanks for making me aware of the Urban Soul line – now I have some new gift options. I’d choose the weather vane – love the look and the message.

  76. So glad your daughter is going to be fine! Deciding is hard! It would either be the wind vane…been looking at those lately, or the Two is Better than One picture frame!
    Thanks, Tammi

  77. Love the weathervane. So thankful your daughter is better and that God is faithful.

  78. I love all of them but I think I would pick the weather vane! All of the items are beautiful!!!

  79. The bird cage is so cute…a little inspirational reminder would be a great thing to remind me He is always with us! Glad your daughter is on the mend.

  80. Ashley F says:

    i’d have to say that is amazing and God works in all the right ways. I love the entire site, but my first love was the blocks. They are way to perfect for a cute shelf in my kitchen!

  81. I LOVE the His eye is on the sparrow board. That’s my song… My dear Mother used to sing that song to me whenever I had a nightmare or couldn’t sleep. She passed away from breast cancer a few years ago and everytime I hear that song I think of her.
    I once read that a sparrow cannot learn to sing in the daylight because it is always concerned with the chatter around it. Instead, its cage must be covered so that it is in complete darkness. Then, it is able to hear its master and will learn to sing…
    In my darkest times I sing to God and he hears me. I would love to win this and hang it in my livingroom as a daily reminder that God hears me and loves me regardless of what is going on around me! Thank you so much for this offer!

  82. Pamela Laughlin says:

    I adore the weathervane, but Jeremiah 29.11 has been our family verse for us and our 5 children, so there are never too many reminders in our home with this wonderful verse on it! I love Dayspring products! Thank you so much!

  83. I’m so glad your daughter is doing better. May God’s blessings and wisdom surround you and your family.

  84. So glad your daughter is okay and recovering. My husband had an emergency appendectomy 5 years ago and it was pretty stressful! His was about to rupture and we were so thankful for the Lord’s protection.

    If I won, I would definitely pick art from the Urban Soul line. I really love the “His eye is on the sparrow” one. (Love the old hymn!)

    Take care!

  85. I love me some DaySpring and I have loved the blocks ever since I saw them the first time!

  86. Bethany [wifey] says:

    Oh I just love the weathervane! I would pick that! Although, I was so moved by the His Eye is On the Sparrow message for so many reasons, its a real toss up. Isnt it funny how you get signs along the way and there it was in the hospital for you. We used to sing that song in chorus in high school and I have always loved it since!

  87. Jennifer says:

    Oh how cute! I love the birdcage holder! So cute…have a great day and thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  88. kay tangner says:

    Praises for your daughter!! I am a volunteer in a children’s cancer center. Today is a special birthday for a very special patient who is being treated for Ewing’s Sarcoma at M.D. Anderson. This is her third time for cancer before the age of 20. She still loves to tell everyone that “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He is watching me.” I would love to tell her she was a winner of such a product from Urban Line that seems to fit her perfectly. Thank you for the chance.-kay

  89. I love the blocks. I love the idea of being able to change them up for fresh encourament at surprising places around the house.

  90. Michelle says:

    I am so glad that the Lord spoke to you through that artwork…He is so good to us! My husband has been in and out of University of Washington Medical Center over the past 2 years for a liver transplant and various complications. The Lord used your blog to encourage me during those times. I started visiting your blog back home in Idaho before my husband got sick, and remembered while living in Seattle for 3 months post transplant, (and missing my 2 teenaged girls back home), that you were somewhat of a local in the Seattle area. So reading your blog there not only brought me the familiarity of something from home but also made me feel like I actually knew someone in the area! Thanks =]

  91. Kathy S. says:

    These are all so beautiful! I would choose the inspirational message blocks. I love that I could decorate with these in any room and change the message for our inspirational need.
    Thanks for the opportunity and I wish your daughter a speedy recovery.

  92. So glad your daughter is on the mend. Absolutely love the weathervane & Dayspring!

  93. Love the Urban Soul Line!

  94. Kathleen says:

    I would pick from the Urban Soul Line, The Fruit of the Spirit. We use that scripture passage in teaching our “little Saints in training”. It is good to be reminded to be full of “love, joy, peace,patience,kindness, goodness,faithfulness,gentleness and self control.”
    Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful creations from DaySpring. Glad to hear your daughter is on the mend.

  95. I would have to choose that divine weather vane! I’ve been looking for one for ages! So glad your daughter is on the mend… I’m sure you’re wrung out after coming through that shock and angst. Blessings to you all!

  96. I think I would chose the Weathervane! My 2 young sons are very much into geography, and every time we move (we are military, so it is A LOT, we put paper on the walls with the cardinal directions, so that they can orient themselves. This would look much nicer…

  97. So glad that your daughter is doing well. I would pick the piece you saw in the gift store window “His Eye is On The Sparrow” because I know He has kept an eye on me during some difficult times. I do enjoy your blog.

  98. Melissa, that is so sweet. I love it when God does something so precious as to take the time to show us He is with us right there in our moment! Love this story…and the giveaway:) Thanks for sharing this.

  99. I love that weather vane & also the bird cage.. I’ve ordered from Day Spring in the past.. Great company and great products.
    Im so glad to hear your daughter is improving. She’ll be right as rain pretty soon if she isnt already!
    Godspeed! :D

  100. So happy to hear about your daughter. I think there is nothing scarier than when one of our children are in pain or danger. I couldn’t imagine having to drive behind an ambulance with one of my children in it! But God is good.
    As for the items you’ve shown us, the birdcage made me squeal a little :) If I don’t win it, I will buy it someday!

  101. I love that weather vane & also the bird cage.. I’ve ordered from Day Spring in the past.. Great company and great products.
    Im so glad to hear your daughter is improving. She’ll be right as rain pretty soon if she isnt already!
    Godspeed! Have a great day!! :D

  102. Oh I so love the weather vane! (and I bought those same pillows for my porch this year from enjoyed the peak at your porch so far…)

  103. I would chose something from the Urban Soul Line; I just love those signs! Love you blog!!!

  104. Glad things are getting back to normal and you are back to enjoying your outdoor spaces.

    I love the weather vane!!

  105. I love that little birdcage! I can think of so many ways to use it in my home!

    I’m sorry about the mess you’ve been going through with your daughter. I’m so happy hear she’s ok, and that you were able to find peace and be ok too.

  106. I love it all, but would have to go with the weathervane. I am so glad your daughter is feeling better.

  107. I would choose a sign from the Urban Soul line. I love having God’s promises from Scriptures displayed throughout my house.

  108. I love the Fruit of the Spirit – Chocolate Wall Art! :)

  109. Patti H. says:

    I love the birdcage cardholder. Thank you for the giveaway! Glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend. Sincerely, Patti H. Livonia, Michigan

  110. I would pick those adorable blocks – been eyeing them for awhile now!

  111. I love, love Dayspring products! I have been married now for 5 years and knew from the start that I wanted the decor in our home to be inspirational and meaningful. Dayspring has helped with that goal! If I were to pick a prize, I’d have a hard time choosing between the weather vane and the message blocks.

  112. Love the bird cage! great quote about our Lord’s love!
    It would be a beautiful addition to my bird cage collection :)

  113. I love that weathervane!
    So glad your daughter is recovering from her appendectomy.
    Very scary experience.

  114. What a great reminder…His eye is on the sparrow! I’m so glad your daughter is doing better. I think I would choose the weathervane, but I do love that verse!

  115. I love everything in the Urban Soul line…oh…sheesh…I love almost every product Dayspring offers!

    I love the Inspiration Message Blocks the most though…I think!

    So glad to hear that your daughter is on the mend…God is good! : )

  116. I would pick the blocks! I always think about ordering them I am trying to find the perfect spot to put them! I love all of Daysprings products! It’s hard to pick just one thing!

  117. Glad your daughter is on the mend & you had inspiration to see you through.
    I would choose: I Can Do Everything Through Him – Charcoal Wall Art
    p.s. I love your blog !! M–

  118. I like the Plans to prosper you charcoal art. My favorite verse!

  119. I LOVE Dayspring; I have been one of their customers for years! I would love to win any of the items pictured above, but the birdcage is SO precious! I can see it in my kitchen. Glad to hear that your daughter is better.

  120. The weathervane would be awesome! I love it! Dayspring is such an awesome site! I love their sales. Last year I did most of my Christmas shopping in Oct. there! It was fun!

  121. I love the “It is Written” plaque.

  122. I love the items you showcase-the weather vane and blocks, but as a single income family, their prices are too expensive! Hope your daughter recovers quickly! Thanks for the beautiful photos!

  123. Charlotte Buster says:

    Sometime, we need to be reminded that “His Eye is on The
    sparrow, and I know he watches me” part! Sometime, alone is just downright scarey, take it from an ol’ lady who certainly knows the feeling. I would love the “reminder” of that fact as I walk into the “unknown” of growing old…in years, hopefully not in mind and outlook! I live by faith, and hope….and seems to me you do too! God bless your dear one as she recovers and her Mom too…!

  124. I love the weather vane. It would make a great accessory in the guest room.

  125. What a sweet story – love how God works through others to encourage us! Dee is so wonderful (and so is DaySpring) … I adore their heart for Christ & others. Dee created a beautiful canvas of the 1 Peter 4:10 verse for our ministry & it proudly hangs where I can see it every day. Don’t enter me in the drawing – just wanted to say hi & add my thoughts. Blessings!

  126. Mary in Idaho says:

    Today I would choose the weathervane; but I love them all. A great big THANKS for educating me about the Dayspring web site too. I buy many Dayspring items in stores. I also did not know it was part of Hallmark. That explains why our Hallmark stores have been carrying Dayspring. OK, I think I’m a little late to the party, but always happy to learn new things.

  127. I’ve been wanting a couple of Urban Soul Wall Arts for quite a few months now (for my sewing room). So, I’d choose one (or two) of those!

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  128. I would pick something from Urban Soul…love that art! Glad your daughter is better!

  129. Just stumbled upon your blog from twitter. Adding you to my role right now. Love your site. :)

  130. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well!
    I love the Urban Soul line, especially the Fruits of the Spirit piece :)

  131. Glad to hear your daughter is getting better. I love the weather vein…have wanted one forever. :) Thanks!

  132. I think the message blocks would look great in my house!

  133. I love the bird cage note holder. I have needed something to go on my desk and this is just perfect! And, with an encourageing scripture message! The weather vane is tops too. Love your site and dayspring too!

  134. I really love the Urban soul line. I enjoy funny and inspirational messages around my home
    The Weather Vane is cool too.

  135. I love every prize….I would love to win any of them. I’m glad things are settling down at your house!

  136. C Graham says:

    The weather vane, for I need to find, to be found and to be reminded many times each and every day to seek.

    Thank you…

  137. I love the birdcage cardholder!

  138. Angelika R says:

    I liked the sign, the one you saw in the hospital (and how neat is that coincidence?!)

  139. I have been wanting to put blocks on my mantel for a while. The Inspirational Message Blocks would be perfect! I already purchased the thanks giving hurricanes and a inspirational sign for our bedroom from DaySpring this week. Love their site!

  140. Sarah Marie says:

    Ooh, I would LOVE the Weathervane! Cute combo of colors. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  141. Sarah M. says:

    I love the message blocks–I can think of so many things to do with them!!
    Glad your daughter is well!

  142. I love the weather vane. Birds always remind me of the Lord Whether it be the dove of peace of the sparrow that remind me of my importance to God.Please pick me.

  143. I love the sparrow, or fruit of the spirit, and I love the blocks! So hard to choose!

  144. I would love the weather vane. These products are lovely and I would enjoy them in my home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  145. I don’t know what I would choose, but I know I would have a great time trying to decide!

  146. praying quick health back to your dd! since my dh is a bird fanatic, the bird cage would be my obvious choice.

  147. I would pick the sparrow sign to give to our wonderful friend, tutor, and teacher who is a little sparrow herself! Thank you.

  148. I would choose the His eye on the sparrow sign! I love that! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  149. Wow, lots of good stuff! I’d have to choose between the Plans to Prosper wall art, the bird cage, and the weather vane! :)

  150. That weathervane will hopefully be sitting in my living room!!

  151. Franki Parde says:

    GREAT NEWS that your daughter is “on the mend!” Keep us going, doesn’t it?!? Anyway, “sign me up for the weathervane finial. Cute!

  152. Kim Moss says:

    Oh boy, I love the weather vane, the blocks AND the signs. I’d have to do some serious choosing!

  153. So good to hear that your daughter is doing well! I’d pick something maybe the “road trip” wrapped canvas to send to college with my daughter.

  154. I would love to have the weathervane or the birdcage. I also like the wooden pedestal. Lots of great things from Dayspring.

  155. I would choose that weathervane – love it!

    And I’m so glad to hear your daughter is recovering well. You are not alone.

  156. What a precious blessing that your daughter is on the mend. God is good! I would love one of the urban style signs – the more scripture I’m surrounded with, the easier it is to write it on my mind.

  157. Lucinda Kroner says:

    Love the bird weathervane. It would look great in my house, but which room?

  158. SK Bryan says:

    Glad your daughter is better. I would choose the weathervane or inspirational blocks.

  159. i ADORE the inspirational message blocks! truthfully, i love them all, but those blocks are great. a second would be the bird cage message holder… LOVELY!

  160. So glad you daughter is feeling better! We are going through some difficult times right now, so I think I would chose the “Eye is On The Sparrow” sign.

  161. I’m glad your daughter is getting better!
    I’d choose the Message Blocks or the Bird Cage card holder.

  162. One of each in the Urban Soul Line please!!!!! I love all of the sayings, I know that I could find a place for each. :) Actually we are starting a new MOMS Ministry at our church and this year we will study one of each of the Fruits of The Spirit each month. I will be hosting this wonderful group of ladies here at my home each month, wouldn’t this be the perfect piece for them to see each month displayed in my home as they enter. Loving it!!!!!

  163. I would choose the “I know the plans I have for you…” sign from the Urban Soul line.

    Life brings unexpected hardship and it is so nice to know that God is in control!

  164. Oh I love the weather vane and the message blocks. It is so hard to see your child jurt and not be able to help them! Glad you girlie is doing better!

  165. Terry Pitzer says:

    NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! While I really like the inspirational signs, I absolutely ADORE the Weather Vane. It would be just the right finishing touch for my screened porch.
    So glad your daughter is doing well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  166. I have had my eye on those inspirational message blocks for awhile now. I love that you can switch it up as often as you’d like- and that my little guys could help me choose the word :)

  167. Thank you incourage for your insightful messages each day. I too am thanking the Lord with you for your daughter’s improved health. I have been in a bit of a “slump” lately with so many projects to be done around my home, and your website, “The Inspired Room” has breathed upon me sweet blessings. I love, love, love, the inspirational signs ~ especially the eye is on the sparrow sign. It is all adorable and wonderful.

  168. I love the Phil 4:13 from Urban Soul. So happy your daughter is on the mend. God is faithful!

  169. i love the weathervane.

  170. Glad your daughter is home and on the mend. Love your blog. Thank you! Love the weathervane too.

  171. I love the Red Letter Words line and I’d like to take your idea and spread them throughout our home. Thanks for sharing! And thanks be to God for His care and healing for your daughter.

  172. I can’t decide between the Birdcage Card Holder and the Weather Vane! I love all it!!

  173. I just am madly in love with the weather vane how nice!

  174. Michele Penrod says:

    Much too difficult to choose! However I, like you, was touched by the “Sparrow” quote. I must have needed that comforting message for myself today. Thank you!

  175. I’m so glad to hear your daughter is doing well. We’d do well to remember that we are never alone…that God is with us and carrying us through the good times and the bad. I love the items you featured today. I really love the weather vane and the “…eye is on the sparrow” sign. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. I really like Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Magnetic Board with Magnet Clips, but everything is beautiful! Hard to choose!

  177. Catherine A. says:

    So happy to hear your daughter is on the mend AND that you found unexpected comfort when you needed it most. That touched my heart. I loved that weather vane the instant I saw the picture. How fun, cute and inspirational. Thank you for the chance.

  178. I’m glad to hear your daughter is healing. I adore the weathervane, the sentiment is near to my heart and I adore the look…it would look great on my sunporch.

  179. Isn’t it wonderful when God delivers that little reassurance we need RIGHT when we need it in a real and tangible way? I am loving that weather vane!

  180. Glad to hear your daughter is better. Love the weather vane!

  181. I love the weather vane and the message blocks… would be hard to choose one! :)

  182. Traci Major says:

    We went through the same thing with our daughter when she was 12 years old…she is now 21 and it is one of those life-altering events! She was so close to not making it, the infection had spread through her body and because of the location of the appendix, even after 4 visits to the dr. for her symptoms, it had gone undiagnosed until the day she was so sick I just drove in a frenzy to the emergency room. Thankfully we did have people joining us later to pray…it is such a scary feeling, isn’t it? And I can say God has brought her through and restored her body to health, though for her it took a few months of staying at home from school and a lot of rest. I am so glad your daughter is on the mend, too!!

    I love these items, my favorite would probably be the birdcage as you could clip little verses to it! Thanks for sharing with us and I so enjoy reading your blog!!

  183. Glad your daughter is doing better. :-) I love both the weathervane and the blocks. That’s a tough choice. I have a great spot to display the weathervane, so that is probably my first choice. Thanks for this opportunity.

  184. Loooooove the bird cage. I’d hang it near my front door to remind myself and my visitors to “be still,” as it says on the bottom. Isn’t it easy to be rushing everywhere and not have a quiet heart and share joy with others? I’d love to win this sweet reminder!

  185. Very glad that your daughter is doing well :D I would have to pick the blocks as my fave. Thanks for pouring your heart out in your blog. Have a good weekend!

  186. The weather vane is speaking to me right now. We are in a place where we are looking to God for direction for our future. So glad that your daughter is doing well.

  187. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well.What an ease off your mind it must be.

    I’m loving that weather vane right now

  188. The bird cage card holder would be so cute in our kitchen to hold notes & cards & photos as they come in.

  189. I would choose the blocks, I think. I also liked the birdcage with the pins for notes, etc.

  190. New to the site and LOVE it already. I would chose the blocks, it think…

  191. Alyssa L. says:

    I’m glad your daughter is on the mend. :)

    I would choose the “Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Wall Art.”

  192. Glad your daughter is better! My now 17 year old daughter had an emergency appendectomy when she was 7 and it was very scary!(Seems like a life time ago!) I love the weather vane or the “I can do all things” sign ss I am about to enter a new chapter in my life.

  193. The Red Letter Words will be my first choice. I like Fruit of the Spirit because it has been always one of my favorites. Another one is “Eye is on the Sparrow.” I have always enjoyed using inspirational accessories for home.

  194. I think the sparrow sign is my favorite–I love all their stuff, though.

  195. Colleen in Dallas says:

    Definitely one of the Urban Soul signs.

  196. Man, I like everything… I guess I’d pick the weathervane or bird cage. Love it!

  197. Oh Inspired Room…how you daily inspire me! I would enjoy any one of the gifts, but especially the birdcage. It is so joyful and positive it would make me remember to give thanks for each day!
    So glad your daughter is on the mend. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  198. I love the Fruit of the Spirit chocolate wall art. I am trying to live a more mindful, loving life each day and would love to have it right by my front door. I’m glad things are going better. I really enjoy following you on your blog.

  199. Michelle Wright says:

    I would love to win one of those signs. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  200. I love the blocks! :)

  201. Wendy White says:

    Love the new products! I would enjoy the weather vane…I collect bird feathers to remind me of God’s provision stated in Matt 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

  202. Isn’t that so much like our Father, who knows what we need just when we need it, to show you that display with that particular message?! I am thankful that your daughter is on the mend and that He is the Great Healer.

    I would choose the Let Your Light Shine wall art, as we are going to downsize in a few months to a nearby town and new neighborhood where I would like to reflect His light.


  203. Watching our children go through troubles of any kind is definitely the most gut-wrenching. I’m going through that right now and would definitely choose the weather vane which would remind me to look to Him for direction, courage, and guidance.

  204. Sarah Ellis says:

    Glad your daughter is doing well! Enjoying your blog! I like the weather vane.

  205. The weathervane! Too cute. Love that you saw her work at the hospital. Such an encouragement.

  206. I love the weathervane! We are never alone, whichever direction we face, we will find those messages we need very most.

  207. I ♥ the message blocks! A great vintage look.

  208. I love the weathervane! Such cute stuff!

  209. wall art – please

  210. Love the Urban Soul line. Picking one is hard but I’d go with “I can do everything through Him”. I have the perfect place in my living room for it!

  211. To choose is just so difficult as they are all soooo cute!!! I have just discovered your blog and i absolutely LOVE it. We moved into our dream home a month and can’t wait to implement some ideas you have shown me. I think I would have to pick the bird cage for adding little photos or notes to. I am a photographer and am always looking for fun places to put pics. Thank you for what you do! Happy your daughter is feeling better :)

  212. I love the Psalm 1!!
    If I win this, I would give it to our son and his wife…who recently moved into a new home. Actually it is a VERY old home that they are restoring…plus..they are living off grid!

    Blessings on you for having this generous giveaway!
    Congratulations in advance to the person who is blessed with the gift!

    Happy Weekend!
    Dawn @ 4:53 am

  213. I really like the blocks. I love that they can be used to make so many different words!

  214. Love the weathervane, it would look stunning on my baywindow!! Your site is so inspiring!! I just recently bought my house about a year ago and I am always looking for fun, creative decor ideas and your site is a hot spot!! Thanks

  215. Glad your daughter is ok! I love the Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Magnetic Board with Magnet Clips from the Urban Soul Line.

  216. Since we’re closing on our first ever HOME next week, I’d have to choose the inspirational blocks!!! ;-)

  217. The weathervane! Love the message and it would brighten up my blah deck.

  218. Oh boy! It is too hard to pick only one.I would love to have anyone, but can you send me the bird cage card hold to Brazil?

  219. I just found your site and I think I’m going to love it! I loved the weathervane, but then, I loved everything I saw!

  220. Ohhhh, that weather vane is awesome and would look great on my stairway landing…

  221. I love the inspirational message blocks. you can put them anywhere.

  222. Monica Flores says:

    I love the blocks!

  223. Love the message blocks but also the complete Urban Soul line! So glad to hear your daughter is doing well!

  224. The weathervane is too precious! Love it all!

  225. Kathy Martin says:

    I love the weathervane! So adorable. The Home blocks are also precious. Love your blog!

  226. I love the Urban Soul line! Everything offered is super cute – hard to pick one thing ;)

  227. Love the weathervane!

  228. Ooooo…so many lovely things…but I ♥ the weathervane! I think I’d choose that!
    (Glad your daughter is recovering. A mama’s heart just isn’t at ease when her children are not well.)

  229. I would have to choose the weathervane, on a day like i have had today, its a reminder that with a slight change in direction, new opportunities can present themselves and send us in a whole new direction

  230. LOVE love the blocks!!! I can just see them on my mantle! :)

  231. Katie Seest says:

    The fruit of the Spirit wall art in the Urban Soul line is amazing! Hope & pray your daughter has a quick and complete recovery.

  232. I would love the His Eye is on the Sparrow wall art!!

  233. My daughter and I agree that the birdcage is perfect for us! It’s neat when inspiration can be so classy.

  234. I really am liking the “Bless our Nest” framed canvas print, that would be so cute (and inspiring) to have in our home. So many items, difficult to choose just one. Thanks for having the giveaway and heading us in the direction of the sale, yay!

  235. Ooooh, my….decisions. :( I looove RedLetterWords. But that weathervane….(sigh) OK, if some angel lands on me (Daddy? Stevie? Uncle AG? Tommy? Help?) it’s gotta be the weathervane. Countrygirl in the city. Driven home by losing Daddy,the farmboy that always loved the land&its critters and gave me that gift. Yup. WEATHERVANE ;)

  236. Lanelle Lambert says:

    Ooh so hard to choose. Loved them all. But in the end the blocks won my heart. They are just darling and I love that I can mix them up. Thank for the give away. Glad to hear your DD is doing better.

  237. Teresa S. says:

    I like the fruit of the spirit sign.

  238. I like the “Plans to Prosper You” signs from the Urban Soul line!

  239. The “It Is Written” wall art from Urban Soul. Spelling meaning for me as God has healed me from 2 stage 3 cancers. Love those words…they are alive!!

  240. Monica Larson says:

    Loving the message blocks. What great products.

  241. So glad to hear that life is returning to normal at your home! And what a blessing to be reminded that the Lord knows every little thing regarding us and has a plan.
    I LOVE the weathervane. We had one on our garage until the wind and my husband conspired to bring it down!

  242. Love the Inspirational Message Blocks. Something I’ve always wanted, but never buy for myself! Glad your daughter is on the recovery. God Bless!

  243. The weathervane – we all need to be headed back to Him. Blessings to you and your daughter.

  244. It’s hard to pick just one thing! I would probably pick the weather vane. Second choice would be the bird cage card holder. Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. I would choose the message blocks. I love the versatility of them and also the meaning behind the words. I think we all can use a little reminder of the One who takes care of us through this journey called life.

    I’m glad you’re daughter is doing better.


  246. I LOVE the Urban Soul stuff! I would probably pick one of the first two with the birds. I love references to birds like that. I also like the imagery of being a light and letting it shine…it’s a concept that’s been on my mind since I counseled at my church camp this summer and we talked about it. Also love your blog by the way…I read it all the time! Glad your daughter is better. =)

  247. Love the Fruit of the Spirit wall art!
    Thanks for sharing your story and encouragement.

  248. Ooh…tough choice between the Urban Soul line (it would take me ages to pick my favorite!) or the Blessings blocks. Decisions, decisions ;)

  249. Tough choice between the Urban Soul line (it would take me ages to pick my favorite!) or the Blessings blocks. Decisions, decisions ;)

  250. I would choose the birdcage card holder…the share joy wording caught my eye. I AM SO happy I just found this blog…we are God-willing moving in to a new home next month after 3 years of renting and now having 2 young children and I’m trying to stay in the excited of decorating a new home, rather than the anxious. The message on the birdcage is perfect and would remind me of the important things!

  251. I love the weathervane. I love all things Dayspring! I’m so glad your daughter is feeling better.

  252. I would pick the weathervane. My mother-in-law would love to have this- and another gift checked off! I also love the urban soul art words!

  253. Thanks for the opportunity. I really like those inspirational blocks…so many ways to use them!

  254. I love the weather vane

  255. mandy at eight is enough says:

    i love love love the inspirational letter perfect are these…

  256. Marian Baldock says:

    They are wonderful! I think i would pick the sparrow sign and then the birdcage.

  257. I really like the weather vane. Thanks for offering this!

  258. Rejoicing with you that your daughter is on the mend. I really love the inspirational letter blocks.

  259. Brandi Pittman says:

    So happy for your daughter and family, hope she continues to heal fine. I really love the birdcage, but don’t really have anywhere to put it now… so I would go with something from the Urban Soul Line.

  260. I am torn, love the “His eye is on the sparrow…” plaque but I like the birdcage too. It’s all good. Glad your daughter is ok.

  261. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Wow! So hard to choose–so many great gift ideas. I rally like the Scripture on the bird cage, think the weather vane is cool (love those funky colors!) and love the idea that He is watching over me. So, I’d choose one of the wonderful things that Dayspring offers! (So glad it was there to encourage you at the hospital, and that your daughter is doing well. Praise the Lord!)


  262. I would pick the inspirational message blocks, I have had my eye on those for a while now.

  263. I’d have to go with the weathervane. Love, love, love it!

    And I can’t wait to see your deck! I’m in the process of designing my backyard and am looking everywhere for inspiration.

    P.S. Glad your daughter is doing well. My appendix ruptured when I was in the 3rd grade. Not fun!

  264. Carmen E. says:

    I have to pick only ONE?? :) How ’bout one of each? Ok, well, I guess I really love the Bird Cage Card holder. LOVE Dayspring products!

  265. Elizabeth R. says:

    I love all of those pieces!!! I know how those “God-things” can pop up at the perfect time!! I think I would choose the weathervane because it is fabulous!

  266. Glad to hear your daughter is better … I great reminder he loves us so much. I need to get the message blocks.

  267. I would definitely pick the blocks – how cute are they?! Well actually I would choose them all but the blocks top the other choices :-)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  268. Okay, I narrowed it down at least. I would either pick the weather vane because of how unique it is along with the message of seeking God.

    I also love the “It is written” charcoal wall art because those are some of the best messages from scripture to lift any of us up.

    Lastly, I love the “As for Me and My Household” picture frame because I have a 10-year-old son and it’s really important to me that he continue to develop a relationship with God and to follow him.

    So, one of those 3 … hee, hee.

    Thanks Melissa for the contest.
    I’m glad your daughter is recovering.

  269. I’ve had my eye on the bird cage holder for when I get some extra money :) I never win, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

  270. Kim Burmane says:

    I would pick the bird cage card holder. Whenever I am having a rough moment I say to myself “This is the day the Lord has made”. It reminds me that each day is a precious gift. Thank you for the chance to win.

  271. How fun! I would pick the Inspirational Message Blocks :)

  272. So glad to hear your daughter is doing well. Of all the BEAUTIFUL pieces I would choose the weater vane – reminds me of the verse “No matter where you go I AM there.” Thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful give-a-way!

  273. I’d love to win. I don’t really think it is possible on these blogs however. But, as you can see….I keep trying.

  274. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I am so glad your daughter is on the mend! If I won I would chose the weather vane :)

  275. Hi ~ I would pick the “Plan to Prosper” Wall Art Set. The verse has a special significance for my husband and me. 13 months ago he was let go from his job of 25 years. Times are uncertain for us and when our faith gets low, this verse sustains us. Fun giveaway!

  276. I would absolutely choose the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT – chocolate wall art. It would sit square in our kitchen eating area so all four kids along with DH and myself could be reminded continually!

  277. melissa s says:

    I like the Urban Soul line

  278. I love the weather vane! I have long been hooked on them. I, too, am glad your daughter is doing well. God does send us little messages especially when we need to know He is there with us at the times we feel all alone. Thanks for the chance to win something from DaySpring.

  279. I love the weather vane. I’m glad your daughter is doing well. God is so good to send us reminders of His presence when we need Him the most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  280. I love the weather vein. In fact, I love the DaySpring items so much that I placed an order. I didn’t win the memo board with the easel so I ordered it. I can’t wait to get it along with the tea pots that I ordered.

  281. I like them all. I like the versatility of the message blocks. So glad your daughter is doing well.

  282. I love anything “DEE” . I was hooked as soon as I got the cards in our swag bag at relevant last year! I have one piece in my living room but I would love another in my bedroom!

  283. I would love to win the weathervane. We’re building a new house and it would look perfect on my new screened-in porch.

  284. I’d choose something for my walls- they are so sadly bare right now!

  285. I like the wooden caddy- it’s so cute and practical.

  286. I love the inspriational blocks….so many ways to change them up.

  287. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Weather Vane, but also have been a long time fan of Red Letter Words!

  288. I love the Red Letter Words Sparrow art. That is one of my favorite verses. I am glad it encouraged you during your stressful time…it always soothes me too!

  289. I love the weather vane and blocks

  290. Christy Cannon says:

    I would love the birdcage and the idea of clipping more encouraging notes or verses to it!

  291. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a chance to win the weathervane. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

    I’m so glad your daughter is okay … and seeing the canvas from Red Letter Words was definitely not a coincidence … just a reminder that you are never alone. :) Glad she is doing well!


  292. Shannon Macklam says:

    I love the weather vein!

  293. Hi Melissa, I’m so glad your daughter is recovering well. I look forward to seeing the outdoor makeover too. If picked, I would love to have the little sparrow piece- it’s a message we all need to hear (probably every day!).

  294. Definitely the weather vane! How adorable is that? And with just the right message, too!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  295. It is so hard to pick because I love it all. My daughter is going through a rough patch right now so that plaque would be so right on the spot for her! Thank you for the chance to win!

  296. Elisabeth says:

    I would choose “as for me and my household” We’re Christians and I’ve always loved that verse.

  297. I’m so glad your daughter is doing better.

    I like the blocks. They have so much meaning. And I like that they can be changed.

  298. Marla L. says:

    I would choose the weather vane, it would look cute out on our deck. Love your sight and incourage too. Thanks!

  299. Heather J says:

    I would choose the ‘Plans to Prosper’ plaques. A verse I kept in my heart during an especially trying time – a wonderful reminder that God is in control!

  300. Just love the bird cage!! Dayspring is a great company.

  301. I love the bird cage! That message is the one on my heart these days.

  302. Vicki Harwood says:

    I would pick the weathervane, although all of the things shown are just great, I love their products – the messages are wonderful.

  303. I love the “Fruit of the Spirit” by Urban Soul Line. It is good to keep it in mind.

  304. I would probably pick the weather vane but the second runner up would be the inspirational blocks. Glad your dgtr is on the mend!!

  305. I would pick the birdcage card holder. I have a dear friend who LOVES birds and that would be perfect for her birthday in December!

  306. LOVE “His Eye Is On the Sparrow” print!!! :)

  307. Lori Kachowski says:

    If I were picked for the prize giveaway I would choose the inspirational message wall plaque His Eye Is On The Sparrow…I love birds and have always found such comfort in this promise!

  308. I love the weathervane! It is so cute and I love the bird on top!

  309. Riley Hammond says:

    I absolutely love the weather vane!

  310. I adore the weather vane. To me it would be reminder that no matter the weather or direction you travel in the world god is always there showing you his path for you.

  311. I’m a Word-Girl…can’t decide between the letter blocks or the Red Letter artwork! Always inspired to add Scriptures and encouraging words around my house. Thanks!

  312. Oh the bird cage for sure. I love it!

  313. OH! I would love the bird cage card holder because its sooo cute! What a perfect little spot to pin notes and things! :)

  314. Ellen Moore says:

    I would choose the bird cage card holder. I have never seen anything like it before, and I need it, er, want it, a lot. Thanks for hosting this give away.

  315. I definitely would choose ANYTHING from the Urban Soul Line…. HOPING I win. :o)

  316. I love the weather vane!

  317. Helen Hackworth says:

    I would pick the letter blocks but I love it all!

  318. I would love to get te Inspirational Message Blocks. I also love the urban Soul Ruth verse.

  319. I am loving the inspiration message blocks. But I would probably be long in deciding…

  320. It’s Sunday morning, not a breath of wind (just the birds) and the sun is streaming through the window. Perfect. I have some time for myself and with a fresh cup of coffee in hand, have come looking to further indulge my creative side by looking at some of my favourite blogs. Then, I found yours. Magic. Over the coming weeks I will take much pleasure in having a look around. Thank you. And as for these gorgeous prizes, I just love the weathervane, as I have just created a secret tropical garden in my backyard.

  321. sangeetha says:

    the bird cage

  322. I would love the message blocks! I have been eying them for awhile.

  323. I would pick something from the Urban soul line. Love all of it! Probably would pick the “this child i have prayed for” for my children’s bedroom.

  324. So glad your daughter is doing ok….I had an emergency appendectomy 3 years ago and it is a scary experience for sure. I love the weather vane…and everything else! Looking forward to your outdoor room reveal!!!

  325. Amanda C. says:

    I would pick the weather vane!!

  326. Louise in NE OK says:

    I really love the weathervane.

  327. I LOVE the Plans to Prosper You Charcoal Wall Art Set from the Urban Soul line. I would love to have that for my home.

  328. Darlene Rugg says:

    I love the weather vane. I would also use it on my patio and love the bird on top.

  329. I would definitely pick the “His eye is on the sparrow” canvas. I love it!

  330. I would pick any of them. I love them all. Birds bring me joy. My favorite is probably the weather vane or “His eye is on the sprarrow” canvas. Thanks for all of your hard work with your blog. It’s wonderful.

  331. I so love the magnetic board and clips, would be great just above my desk and remind me everyday what blessings I have in my life of my family.

  332. “His eye is on the sparrow’ Love it!

  333. I love the chocolate magnetic board from the urban soul line. It’s SOO cute!!! :) Thanks for giving stuff away!

  334. Sharalyn says:

    I adore this:
    Let Your Light Shine – Chocolate Magnetic Board with Magnet Clips!

  335. Just like you were, Melissa, in the time of trouble, I need the reminders: I would def. pick “his eye is on the sparrow” canvas. Thanks for great givaways!

  336. Sara Fitch says:

    If I were to win, I would pick the bird cage card holder. I write little prayers on scrap pieces of paper throughout the week and put them in a box, but this would be a beautiful way for my family and I to share our prayers.

  337. Love the weathervane, the bird cage is really cute, too :)

  338. Thanks for the opportunity!!! I love the Urban Soul line. It’s so good to have those reminder messages before me. And I just might select the same message God had for you in the window of the gift shop.

    What is there about birds? God encouraged me (following the death of my dad) one early February with the appearance of a Great Blue Heron…on a snowy, ice-covered bayou…where, at that time of year in Michigan one would NEVER been seen. And after losing our ministry positions at the church and feeling like hope was gone only to look out in my garden and see…a lovely Junco (small gray bird) building a nest in my huge beautiful garden pot….and eventually seeing eggs and little birds…and remembering how much God cares for the birds…how much more he cares for me. Being humbled…and filled with hope. Which continues to carry me more than 2 years later.

  339. I would definitely pick the “sparrow” artwork. That song was one of my grandfather’s favorites. I remember it being sung at his funeral…I would love to have it!

  340. Something from Urban Soul, most definitely! I love Dee’s work.

  341. Oh I love the HOME Blocks.. Love it, love it!

  342. I’m liking that weather vane! I might pick that. It’s cute and I love birds!

  343. Tina Buford says:

    I love Day Spring! The thing I would choose is the sparrow picture!

  344. One of my faves is the Chocolate colored Let Your Light Shine Magnetic long thin Board with magnetic clips… I love it and would add little post it notes of encouragement and reminders to pray, not just “important” reminders notes!

    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  345. Andrea Wood says:

    Anything from the Urban Soul line would be lovingly welcomed in our home!

  346. Donna Bowes says:

    Love “His eye is on the sparrow!” Thanks for the giveaway!

  347. I love the bird cage or the weathervane… both are fabulous…….

    I’m glad you little girl is ok now!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  348. I would pick the Sparrow plaque.

  349. Judy Stuebe says:

    The birdcage is truly lovely, and I love it!

  350. I know it is closed, but I would have chosen the “His Eye is on the Sparrow” plaque and hung it in my 9 year old’s room. Her dad (my husband) is currently undergoing treatment for the re-occurance of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He will undergo a second stem cell transplant this summer. Since the beginning of December she has cried herself to sleep almost every night. Not just crying – wailing/carrying on. She is in counseling and now takes a melatonin every night. No TV, journaling about feelings, trying to talk about it more. But that verse and every you tube video I can find – that is what finally calmed her down. We mention it over and over – especially when she seems to slipping down that slippery slope. One day at a time…what else can you do? 9 year olds shouldn’t know things like stem cell transplant, chemotherapy, full body radiation…but that is what God has handed her and our family – now we perservere this race set out before us…


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