Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Jack :: 13 Weeks Old

He is still pretty cute, huh?

Dog Days of Summer


  1. Christine Aldinger says:

    cute? pffft you mean adorable!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! He’s adorable!!!

  3. very cute

  4. He looks so big now. Really cute. I’m sure he owns the place.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. He’s adorable!

  6. So cute! Love your site :)

  7. He is very cute…he looks so soft and fluffy!

  8. He’s very cute, don’t you just love the joy they add to your life !

  9. Jack is very cute!

    I hope you and he have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Sigh, I am in love… how is Winston doing with the new ball of energy (and fur)????

  11. those noses get me every time… :)

  12. Jennifer Talley says:

    We just got a little girl Goldendoodle here in Maryville, TN named Delilah! She is only 8 weeks old. She looks exactly like Jack!

  13. so so cute!

  14. He is too cute! Almost as cute as my Murphy! (maybe cuter, but don’t tell her)

  15. He is so freaking cute! Hope training is going well. Our 11 week puppy has been a lot of fun but a lot of work.

  16. Your dog is daring. Any “doodle” makes a great dog. I have a 3 year old mini goldendoodle. Cute and wonderful! Enjoy your dog and thanks for sharing!

  17. SO cute :)

  18. So cute and adorable…

    He has some pretty lazy bones in there too,
    which of course is a good thing for little cute puppies ♥

  19. Look at him!! He is so worn out from being adorable and cute ALL THE TIME. That’s a lot of work for a little guy!

    He is precious. He looks like a snuggler.

  20. I found your blog through Pinterest but what really drew me in was the picture of Jack sitting on what I’m assuming is your son’s lap. He is really cute. We are mulling getting a poodle for our family as well, just not sure yet. Seems like a big responsibility. But, Jack is adorable!

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