Wearing White {Slipcovers} After Labor Day {Finally, Back Deck Progress Check-In!}

So in the middle of June, I started several “outdoor room” makeovers. I might have been a little too ambitious, but that is how I roll. I went to Lowe’s and had so much fun, I got all sorts of great things to add privacy, function and beauty to my patio and deck areas. And then summer weather decided not to start until August. And then we got our puppy Jack. And my daughter had her emergency surgery. And my husband and I went away on a romantic getaway. And, well, you get the idea. Life happened.

But, while the projects went a tad bit slower than I had hoped, I still got ALMOST all the way to the finish line with my projects! I’m not much of a gardener and nothing is perfect yet, but it was fun working outside! I worked on a family fire pit area, a potting table,  a front porch, a fairy garden, and a pallet garden and now, my back deck! So, at least I have a great start on my yard for next year!!

Alas, the delay in getting started means my by the time I got around to showing you the back deck, the patio furniture is is wearing WHITE after Labor Day. Is that one of the unpardonable decorating sins? Not sure. But who cares anyway when we are still having summer weather! YAHOO! I’ll be enjoying my recovered cushions and prettier deck for another couple of months before it is time to put the cushions away for the season.



I started out with a frightful mess. Dingy moldy old patio cushions, dead plants, and no privacy at all.


It was pretty depressing. I had dead sticks on wimpy trellises.

And I ended up with gorgeous lush greenery, beautiful trellises and white covers for my furniture. And my lovely yellow pallet garden which is just to the side of the chair, somehow I forgot to get it in the picture.

Yes, I chose WHITE Sunbrella fabric (you can find the fabric source here) for outdoor cushions, not only because it goes with my green and white striped umbrella but because the fabric is easy care, it won’t fade in the sun and can be washed and bleached as needed! The cushions will be put away all winter and be lovely all summer.

And in case you are wondering, no, I didn’t end up sewing the slipcovers myself. I fully intended to try, but I have such a busy life my mom came to my rescue again. Not sure how you DIY divas do it all yourselves, I have to delegate! I guess I’m a “DIY {with Help} Diva.”


 I brought my HomeGoods curly woven planter (purchased last year and used indoors in the winter) out for plants. The cute clay pots were from Lowe’s. I loved the colors!!

And my yellow HomeGoods planter, YUMMY!

I had my hubby attach my new trellises (from Lowe’s) around the deck for the vines to grow on and give us the privacy we had hoped for. They are such great trellises, they look so heavy duty and substantial, not like most ready made trellises I’ve seen.

The wisteria vines are so hardy and fast growing they’ll cover those trellises next year! Eventually I’ll probably have to plant them somewhere else so they don’t take my deck down with their vigor, but for now, they are awesome. I also got a blueberry bush which has provided us with delectable blueberries! The plants came from Lowe’s.

You can see how NOT fancy or remarkable the deck is, it is a very ordinary suburban Washington state new house deck. But a few trellises and plants (and of course, my pallet garden) help to give it a little more personality, greenery and privacy.

I also covered up the worn deck (since I wasn’t ready to refinish or restain our deck just yet) with a weather and dog friendly outdoor rug from Lowe’s.

And then, the part that will tie it all together and give it the punch and pizazz, will be my new fabric which will become pillows for the chairs. They will be like the icing on the cake. Not sure when I’ll get around to sewing them, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks. The sources for my fabric can be found on this post.

They are such fun colors and patterns, I am really excited about them.

While I was out taking pictures I let Jack come hang out with me. He got into paper towels and every pine cone, branch, stick he could find. I kept taking them away saying “You are going to choke on that.”

You can see by his picture, he had a thing or two to say about THAT.

Sassy pup.

Thanks to Lowe’s for the plants, trellises, large pots, and outdoor rug and paint  for this outdoor space! 

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  1. Very nice upgrades, Melissa!

    We made some changes on our deck this year too. So nice to have a pretty place to sit!


  2. What great colors you choose. I really like it.

  3. Your before pictures look much like my patio at the beginning of the season. Your deck went from drab to FAB! Love Jack. How’s one of my favorite dogs in blog land, Winston?

    Your Friend,

    • Winston is well, such a sweet dog he is. 16 and still just hanging in there (not thrilled, mind you, but tolerant!) with the idea that Jack has joined the family lol!

  4. Terrific makeover! Love the new trellises! I had big plans for our back yard that kind of fizzled in the summer hubbub, too. Yours definitely came together, though. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So pretty Melissa! I love the trellises and the colors in your umbrella and pillows. What a nice space to hang out!

  6. I love your deck! You did a great job. Changing the subject, maybe I missed it, but what kind of dog to you have? So cute! Love your blog-

    • Jack is a goldendoodle. There is a link to a post about Jack up in the content if you want to see more of him!

      • Thanks, Melissa. I thought I recognized that face! I have a mini goldendoodle and I can see the resemblance. Great dogs. Give Jack a pat on the head from his friend, Wrigley!

  7. Beautiful space. Jack needs some toys.

  8. It looks beautiful! I love the trellises. Your fabric is amazing….the colors and patterns are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. How wonderful! Your reward for all that hard work is a lovely outside area. I hope that you are able to enjoy it all the remaining days of summer and well into autumn.

  10. Hi! Are you going to do Fall Nesting this year?

    • Gah, YES!!! I totally flew right past it and didn’t realize it. I’ll still do it, let me pick a new date and announce it. So sorry, got a little crazy with a few things at the end of the summer and just spaced the date!

  11. great job, it looks fantastic! and the pup? he’s adorable! :)

  12. Perfect, what else can I say:)

  13. Where did you get the umbrella? I love your colors? Also, where did you get your fabric for the pillows?

  14. Beautiful! I’d love to pop over with a treat and enjoy a nice chat in any of your lovely new spaces. There’s only a few thousand miles between us. Tee Hee :D

    Your choice of the greens, yellows, and whites are wonderful…perfect marrying and contrast with nature.

    Melissa…I’m a wee bit concerned with that gorgeous Wisteria. Will it overwinter in those pots okay, and how quickly will it grow so that it ruins your trellis and is a nightmare to take down? I’m sorry…it’s so lovely…but I just had to ask. Don’t hate me. :-(

    • We shall see! It is not hard to remove them for the winter at this point. They are still small and pliable! Next year is when I’ll probably plant them, if they survive! It is worth the experiment, they were affordable and hardy! No hating :-) I’m a novice gardener so everything is trial and error.

  15. How lovely you have made your dec Melissa! The fabric for the pillows will ready aid some POP. Jack is so cute!

  16. Melissa, I found your site through Pinterest. Love your style and I live in the PNW as you do. I also LOVE Home Goods-may I ask where you found one? I have not seen one in the Seattle area. Thanks~

  17. Barbara (WA) says:

    It looks wonderful and cozy and peaceful, well, except for the busy little companion :o) Love your fabrics. And isn’t it awesome to finally get July weather around here? Hope it lasts awhile…

  18. Great job! I love the fresh colors, Melissa. Outdoor rooms are my favorite rooms.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you said,
    “Not sure how you DIY divas do it all yourselves, I have to delegate! I guess I’m a “DIY {with Help} Diva.””
    I am RIGHT there with you.
    I even did a confession-post all about it {http://www.fieldstonehilldesign.com/2011/06/thoughts-confessions-of-non-do-it.html}
    You can read it. You know. In your free time. HA!

  19. Love your table rock-garden ~ will have to put that on my DIY list ~ I love all garden-y things!! ~luv your pup!
    ~Chris Ann

  20. Melissa it all looks so fresh and inviting. Love all the plantings and the fabrics. It looks like a deck that would make you want to sit and relax for a nice evening. Great job, Kathysue

  21. Melissa, I’m so amazed and proud of you. That was alot of projects to tackle and the end product looks amazing! Yay for you…and Jack of course was great support I know. He is adorable and I’m sure will always be into everything…because that is his calling in life. Hahahaha.
    Have a blessed week.

  22. My old trellises got hailed out this summer and so now I need to put something new and tough out there. Yours are beautiful. Love those fabrics.

  23. Love it all! Until you showed pic of the deck from outside, I sure thought it was a whole lot bigger! Jack’s adorable! My 1.5 y/o grandson is happier with toys that are not toys, too LOL!

    Just a side note about wisteria: it’s almost impossible to get rid of once you establish it in the ground AND it’s a huge attraction to bees. So choose their site very carefully!

  24. I loved the fabrics and plants! SO cool! I did a lot of flowers on the patio this year, and it made it feel like a resort. Oh it was so wonderful!

    And be careful!!! The look in Jack’s eye told me he wants to do a little decorating of his own! He definitely thinks there can be more than one decorator in the family. ;o)


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