Inspired Holidays {Day 16}:: Fresh Inspiration

Inspired Holidays {Day 16}:: Fresh Inspiration

Sometimes when it comes to decorating with a little more personality, we just need to push ourselves to try something we haven’t done before.

Try Fresh Colors.

Don’t be afraid to break out of a traditional seasonal or holiday color scheme and try something fresh and new to you. (photo via Southern Living)

Inspired Holidays {Day 16}:: Fresh Inspiration


Combine natural elements like fruit with greenery for a centerpiece — so simple but so pretty from fall right on until Christmas!

Inspired Holidays {Day 16}:: Fresh InspirationBHG

I love the unexpected combinations like a tree in a pitcher or pail. Putting this vignette on a staircase rather than a table or mantel is also a fresh and fun idea.

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Inspired Holidays {Day 16}:: Fresh Inspiration


  1. Loving that BHG photo with JOY spelled out in turquoise, but that’s not what really makes me happy…it’s the chipped, scuffed stairs looking so like my own. ☺

  2. I love these ideas and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)


  3. love the combination of fresh oranges and pine boughs – can just imagine the fresh smell.

  4. Love the idea of the small trees in white pots- Joy
    I think I will be doing this….thanks for the inspiration….just pin it to my “Christmas” board at pinterest.

  5. I love the little evergreens in the pail I now want to make this for my front porch for christmas time!! Thanks

  6. oh and by the way thanks for the epson salt idea… totally using that too!

  7. I love these pics! I have to copy the J-O_Y one.
    Thanks for lots of inspiration as usual! :)

  8. What lovely pictures! Your blog has the perfect name, because you are an inspiration. I’ve been longing to add some fall decor to my home, but I don’t want to spend money…I will have to see what I can dig out or make ;-)

  9. Each if these ideas are so pretty…simple and charming. Biggest plus even I can create them alk by myself. Passing the epsom salts but only to the most special friends. Our new secret gift

  10. Melissa,
    I loved the unexpected blue-green pumpkins. They especially look nice with the stools!

  11. Melissa,
    I just showed my husband the tops photo with the 3 white pumpkins.

    Our family went to the orchard today to pick pumpkins. I got some harvest corn and some bumpy gourds. The munchkin got his pumpkin. And, my hubby bought 3 small white pumpkins – two w/o stems and 1 with.

    He made a baby white pumpkin snowman for our living room.
    So darling.
    It was fun seeing a full sized version :)

  12. the BHG idea is spectacular! thanks for sharing! I’ve linked to you here:

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