Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway

Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway

Not only is it Thanksgiving week, but it is project week around my house! In keeping with my crazy tradition of getting stuff done right before (and during?) the holidays, I’ve been making some progress on painting my walls! I cannot wait to show you the recent developments! Swine walls, be gone! Well, not gone, but slowly going away!

You will see a little sneak peek of my newly painted entry by looking at the top photo. I’ll be sharing more of the entry project later (and yes, for those observant people who are wondering whatever happened to my kids’ bathroom project, it is DONE ENOUGH and looks cute — I promise it, will be revealed the first week in January!!).

Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway
In addition to the swine elimination, I got some new art that I am super thrilled about! I don’t know if you’ve seen this artwork yet from Emily at Jones Design Company via DaySpring, but it is even better in real life than I expected!

Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway

First of all, not only is the art itself lovely and the scriptures really cool, but it is huge. I mean, really a lot larger than most of my art! Which I absolutely adore because it really makes a statement!

The other thing I love about the art are the frames — they are awesome. They are nice and chunky custom looking frames! The framed art or gallery wrapped canvas prints from Jones Design Company (including the customizable prints!) are all on sale right now through November at DaySpring for 30% off! YAHOO! They are a real deal so don’t miss out!

NOTE: There are lots of great deals at DaySpring right now, including one of my favorite accessories…the wooden caddy! Check out the wooden caddy giveaway over at DaySpring too after you enter the giveaway here today!

Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway

And because DaySpring is pretty much the most generous and awesome company around, they are wanting to show you a little love today by giving some art away! Hip hip HOORAY!


Five lucky winners can choose any piece from the framed, gallery wrapped canvas or personalized art from Jones Design Studio found here! There are more options than what you see in my post so be sure to take a looks.

Leave a comment to enter and let me know which piece your favorite and you’ll be entered to win! There will be FIVE WINNERS!

Thanks DaySpring!

Sneak Peek of My Entryway & A Jones Design Company Art Giveaway


  1. melanie kleinhans says:

    Love the bird!!!(and the verse!!) Would love it in my house!!

  2. Ellen Price says:

    It’s hard to choose a favourite as they are all so beautiful! My first choice would be the bird motif, since His Eyes are on the sparrow and on you and me!

  3. I love the bird and the chair!!! I’d love to win. :)

  4. Love these! My favorite is probably the navy chair (As for me and my house), but I also love the bird (His eye is on the sparrow)!

  5. LOVE the fruit of the spirit framed. so perfect for my kitchen here in Uganda!

  6. I can’t decide!! I like the chair and the pear and the bird- all in frames. If my hand were forced, I’d go with the bird.

  7. Lovely. The art is so simple yet so beautiful. Love them all.

  8. I really love the Fruit of the Spirit framed, it would be perfect on my stairway/landing wall.

  9. Love all of them, but I think my favorite is the framed turquoise “seek first” bird. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  10. Very tough to pick one but…the Bird motif would be perfect. Very nice.

  11. Rebecca Bradley says:

    I love the as for me and my house…in a beautiful frame, please!

  12. tough choice – I do like the teal “You are here to be a light” lamp one. :)

  13. I LOVE the chair piece. I’ve been eyeing that up since Emily had it on her blog. It would love PERFECT in my formal living room. Love the frames too!!!!

  14. I love the bird……..and the scripture as well. But there isn’t a bad choice among them!

  15. I love the bird print with “Seek Ye First” woven throughout. After going through a hard time this year with my husband being sick, it reminds me that if we seek God above all else He will show us the way we should take and take care of us.

    My favorite is the Seek First His Kingdom – Bird Framed Canvas

  16. Love the bird print:)!!!!

  17. Anne Marie says:

    The bird print is calling out to me but I love all of it.

  18. LOVE them!!!! Especially the bird!! And, I love the striped walls in your home!!

  19. So beautifully simple, yet they create such a statement. I especially love the Fruit of the Spirit Pear.

  20. I love the Fruit of the Spirit Pear. That green is my fave!

  21. Pamela Laughlin says:

    Beautiful art, as usual, from Dayspring!
    I love the “As For Me and My House” taupe canvas!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    God bless.

  22. Love the fruits of the Spirit pear.

  23. I hesitate to mention my favorite because I’m remembering that post you did on birds. =) Yes, I love that little blue bird with the “Seek ye first” scripture, which I should know the reference of, but don’t. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your many accomplishments!

  24. Seek first His Kingdom! bird framed canvas! Love, love, love the scripture AND the bird! It would be a beautiful and meaningful addition to our home! Thanks Dayspring for your generosity! Michelle

  25. Hannah weeks says:

    Those are beautiful! I don’t even know which one I would pick. It would be hard to choose.

  26. So Hard to choose………..they’re all Great! I suppose I’d choose the bird with the scripture “Seek Ye First”. That verse pretty much sums up our life in Christ and his promises for us! So thankful for His Word!!

  27. I love all her art! I think the bird is my favorite though. Hope to win one!!

  28. Sunday Burquest says:

    I love the Gallery Chair Wrapped canvas – as for me and my house – Beautiful!

  29. I love the fruit of the spirit with the pear. Beautiful!

  30. I love the ‘you are here to be light’ in navy!!

  31. Love them all….so hard to pick just one, but I say I am leaning towards the bird!

  32. I love the bird, “Seek first his kingdom” print. I also LOVE the frames! Your entry looks beautiful, amazing colors!

  33. Love the hallway, can’t wait to see more pictures. I love JDC and her blog, she’s so creative! I really love the chair print, and I love that you can personalize them, what great gifts. Have a great day!

  34. Carolyn Maves says:

    I love the one with the bird, I love the watch the birds. Lovely blog, thanks.

  35. I love the one you picked,actually! All beautiful but one of my favorite scriptures is the “as for me and my house..we shall serve the lord..”. so my vote goes for the taupe framed chair with that saying…the pear is very cute too!

  36. Kristi Reneau says:

    I just love the bird…perfect!


  37. They are all so pretty. I especially like the little bird :) Thank you for the chance to win.

  38. Brandi Pittman says:

    It’s so hard to decide, but I think I would go with the framed bird print… love them all!

  39. I adore the chair, framed and personalized. Thanks for the entry! :)

  40. I think it’s gotta be You are the Light in Taupe. Perfect for my Mom Cave. The but Eye of the Sparrow– may have to get that for my kids’ bathroom!
    Thanks, Melissa– Happy THanksgiving!!

  41. Wow, Tough choice … But I’m going to say e framed bird. I have always loved that verse!

  42. you are here to be light is my favorite! hope you are well and thank you for the giveaway!

  43. I love the “May your cup overflow” canvas art!

  44. I adore these! My favorite by a mile though is the bird! Pick me! Pick me!

  45. Karen Kenton says:

    Love the chair, it has one of my favorite verses. As for me and my house, we WILL serve the Lord!

  46. Lovely statement art, all of them! But…My favorite is the chair in the pale aqua, saying “as for me and my house” in the gorgeous chunky frame!

  47. It is soooo hard to pick, they all make a statement, but I would go with the chair with As for me and my house :) Beautiful.

  48. Wow, what cute prints. My fav is the Seek First birdie… Gotta love Dayspring!

  49. love them all! xox

  50. I LOVE the, As For Me and My House – Personalized Chair Framed Canvas in Navy. These aare really unique and beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  51. Love the bird and the chair…so simple yet beautiful.

  52. I like the “Seek First His Kingdom – Bird Framed Canvas” choice!

  53. I like the Fruit of the Spirit Pear framed canvas.

  54. Deann Carpenter says:

    My favorite is the “Road Trip;” sign!

  55. Cindy Whalen says:

    I love them all! The bird is beautiful!!!

  56. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “chair” piece (As for me and my house…) and also the bird. So sweet, so simple, I love them all. Thank you for your posts and wonderful inspiration. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  57. Cindy Whalen says:

    I love the bird!! They are all beautiful!

  58. My favorite is “Seek first His kingdom” – I love it!

  59. LaDonna Stubbs says:

    The chestnut chair! All is comfy in my house when we serve the Lord!

  60. Love the chair prints and especially those frames!

  61. Cindy Whalen says:

    My favorite is the bird, but Love them all

  62. Love them all, but would probably choose the lamp print in navy. Thanks for entering me in your drawing!

  63. I like the bird and the pear. They are so neat!

  64. Wow, I love Emily’s ART! And on sale, that’s a nice gift itself! If I won, I’d LOVE her Navy “You are Here to be Light” art. But, I’d want a collection to make a big statement :)

  65. Melissa, first of all your entry and your bathroom both look great! I love the scale of these framed prints in your bathroom! Second – thanks so much for offering such a lovely giveaway. I adore Emily’s prints. I’d love to hang a You Are A Light print in my home!

  66. Lindy McLain says:

    I love the bird…….I love all of them!!

  67. Cindy Whalen says:

    I love the bird. Love them all!!!

  68. Anita Gambrell says:

    Seek first His Kingdom- bird is my favorite. I love every single one of them! The bluegreen color I have in my dining room. It is so beautiful, I enjoy your blog so very much.
    Thank You!

  69. I would choose the bird with “first we seek is kingdom”. This has been a pivotal year for my family. We used to be a interfaith family trying to balance congregational and catholic faiths. But it became confusing to our children and there wasn’t any real sense of a religious home. Last year we made the commitment to send our children to catholic school and I at the age of 40 just completed my confirmation. We worship together every Sunday with grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins too. At night the children and I end our day by saying prayers and I sing a hymn to them. It has been an amazing experience. So long winded but the scripture from Matthew speaks volumes to where I am right now within my faith.

  70. oh, they’re all so lovely! i’d probably choose the fruit of the spirit because i have a pear thing going on in my dining room (:

  71. Love the “Fruit of the Spirit” pear!

  72. Such beautiful choices. I adore the “You are here to be a light” print. So classic.

  73. Like everyone else, I also love each and every piece of artwork. I do however love the personalized “You Are Here To Be Light” in Teal. Now, whether it is framed or wrapped, that’s my most difficult choice.

    Unbelievable giveaway…thx for the opportunity.


  74. Susie Derse' says:

    You are here to be light is my favorite expressionn…This expression sums up a lot of my philosophy of life, and as an educator I also love the image of the lamp (of learning/knowledge). What a beautiful, comforting, inspirational piece to me.

  75. Myra Weare says:

    What a great way to encourage or witness to guests that may visit my home or to instill scripture in my kids!!

  76. LOVE the “seek ye first” bird art! So cute… love them all! pick me:)

  77. “as for me and my house” its my favorite

  78. Donna Hollingsworth says:

    I love them all but I would choose “As for me and my house”.

  79. Tana Hendricks says:

    Love the pear art! What a wonderful idea.

  80. I love the blue bird with seek first the kingdom of God!

  81. The blue bird! I love the colors and the words are beautiful.

  82. The chair! As for me and my house in Navy. It’s wonderful.

  83. Hertexas00 says:

    My gave? You are here to be light. Reminds me of my grandmother. Any time I struggled with what to do, how to react, she always said “be the light….”. Loved my Nini!

  84. Beverly Nobrega says:

    Hi Melissa, I thought I was the only nut who conquered big projects right before hosting large crowds of people! Yeah, I’ve found yet another reason to love you. :)

    I love the taupe chair print from Dayspring. We just finished studying Joshua and I love that he made the specific and intentional decision to follow the Lord. That is what is required today in our society. I have to make an intentional decesion each day to follow God’s plan for my life and my family. It is so easy to get distracted and end up following the wrong things.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope it is filled with lots of love, family and friends and pumpkin pie!

  85. My favorite is the Seek First His Kingdom bird framed canvas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. OMGosh!! I would soosooooooo love the little bird with the Math. 6 verse!! Love, love!!! Thank you and thanks to Dayspring!! Love you both!

  87. I love the bird print. I am a big fan of Emily’s blog as well. She is a great talent!

  88. Great Giveaway! I love the Bird Framed Canvas!

  89. Lisa McNamara says:

    Beautiful. I love the words but making an “object” out of them in ingenious. People are so creative – I love your website.

  90. Stephanie Craven says:

    After going to see Courageous two weeks ago, I’ve been looking for a As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. I love this print on the chair….it speaks volumes to me.

  91. I love her artwork and your entry looks great! I like the Seek First His Kingdom bird prints. Thanks.

  92. Peggy Nagy says:

    These are so clever. I think it is a toss up between the sparrow and the fruit of the spirit.

  93. Ellen Moore says:

    I would love to have the large pear, “Fruit of the Spirit” for our family room. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  94. Sheila Rogers says:

    As for me & my house, we will serve the Lord! Amen

  95. Oh my… love them all!!! But if I had to pick one, it’d be the “As for me and my house” one. They’re all so fabulous, though!! :)

  96. I love the Fruit of the Spirit. I think it is wonderful and a great reminder above my kitchen table where we eat breakfast in the morning. :)

  97. Me, me, me! I love the “seek first” framed canvas – gorgeous!

    AND I so want to paint my bedroom wall like your stripes!

  98. Melissa, Thanks so much for your visit to Hill country House a week or so ago. I subscribe to your blog and always enjoy seeing what you will write about next. You are a creative and spiritual inspiration. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  99. Love the bird framed canvas!

  100. I love the “You Are Here To Be Light” piece in teal. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway!

  101. Erin Young says:

    love As For Me and My House – Personalized Chair Framed Canvas – Teal

  102. Love having Scripture around my home. I love all the prints, but really love the “For as me and my house…” print!

  103. It’s looking fabulous!!! And what a surprise to see stripes!!!! I’m loving what I see!!!
    I have been smitten with Emily’s prints since I first made her blog acquaintance nearly a year ago. The lamp print and the pear print are over the top cute! And even better…I LOVE those verses. And probably would do well to have them in front of me often!!!!! My fingers are crossed to win. I have NOTHING over my sofa…this is the first time in 12 years that my sofa will be on a wall…and maybe one of these prints would be the place to start a display.
    P.S. I’m painting up a storm too…fortunately my guests aren’t arriving ’til Friday. :-) Now I’ve got to get back on that ladder!

  104. Patti McGinnis says:

    Seek First His Kingdom – Bird Framed Canvas, my favorite

  105. They are all so pretty… hard to decide what I would pick. Chair? Pear? Bird?

  106. You are correct – lovely pieces, very dificult to choose. However, since I am partial to pears, the shape, the significance, I would have to choose the wrapped canvas pear – marvelous color, comfortable vision, excellent words…all in all, just perfect…..and thank you for introducing us to this vendor! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  107. I do love the bird! Thanks!

  108. I love the pear print!!

  109. Teal framed lamp….no doubt! LOVE that Scripture especially since my son Luke knows his name means LIGHT!

  110. Courtney R says:

    It’s gorgeous!! I love the ‘chair’!

  111. KayLynn Drummond says:

    I love her art and my favorite is the chair print!! Thanks so much!

  112. Katie Seest says:

    Definitely the Fruit of the Spirit pear framed canvas. Lovely!

  113. I love the “You are here to be a light” print! Thanks for sharing!

  114. I love the different sizes and would absolutely love the “bird” print! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

  115. It’s tough to decide because I like them all. But if I had to choose just one I’d pick


  116. I would like to have the teal bird Seek First His Kingdom. Those are really beautiful and I have the perfect spot one.
    thank you for the post and the giveaway,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  117. The bird framed canvas is my favorite :) Love the verse!

  118. I live the pears…perfect for a kitchen I think.

  119. Love the Fruit of the Spirit with the pear!!!

  120. Fruit of the Spirit! Thanks!

  121. I like the simplicity of it all.. Love the framed chair in taupe.
    LOVE the stripes in your entryway!!

  122. Mary Lindsay says:

    fruit of the spirit pear framed canvas

  123. I LOVE the chair one! I have several of her prints and have enjoyed them so much!

  124. Your entryway looks great! I love these pieces. Tough to pick a favorite, but I’d go with a personalized lamp framed canvas in Taupe!

  125. amber Peters says:

    I love her artwork! My favorite is the You Are Here to Be Light print!

  126. Barbara Phillips says:

    Love the taupe walls! Many of my main floor walls are taupe. I think it gives a great background color.. says classy without making to big of a statement so the furnishings and artwork can make the statement rather than the walls! And, because of my love of taupe, I would choose the Taupe Lamp with the gallery wrapped canvas.

  127. I love the framed bird print! A wonderful reminder to Seek First His Kingdom… in all things. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

  128. I like the chair piece. Those are really nice!!

  129. I love your new entry way with the stipend walls! The colors are fabulous. My favorite picture is the Bird: Seek first the Kingdom… Hope I win one! :)

  130. I love the seek first bird.

  131. I’m totally into birds right now, love the Seek ye first bird framed canvas!

  132. The Bird for SURE!

  133. Hard to choose, however I’m loving the chair.

  134. Either one is amazing! What a great giveaway!

  135. Love these!! I’m a bird lover myself. ;) And if anyone is looking for another giveaway to enter, I’m giving away a juju hat or Christmas cards over on FlutterFlutter!!

  136. I love the bird print – a welcome addition to any room in our house!

  137. Fruit of the Spirit – Personalized Pear Framed Canvas is my favorite!

  138. OH MY, love love love the Bird canvas “Seek First” and the Pear “fruit of the Spirit”…goodness, I love them all!! Thank you thank you!!

  139. The fruit of the Spirit pear is lovely….

  140. I love the little hint of horizontal stripes – they’re looking lovely! I do the same Mad Dash Decorating just before the holidays. Rather fun tradition. Good luck!

  141. I like the bright green pear. Fruits of the Spirit are such wonderful blessings.

  142. I love the bird framed canvas!

  143. I love the personalized chair canvas, “As for me and my house…” Thanks!

  144. Oh1 The bird!! That blue is sweet!

  145. Marie Valum says:

    how beautiful! Love all of them!

  146. That little blue bird print is awfully cute!

  147. I have been eyeing the light print for awhile. I would love to win it. Thanks!!!

  148. All are so pretty! I like the “seek first the kingdom” print. :)

  149. Love the bird framed canvas! It would go perfect in my new home office!

  150. I love them all. I would probably pick the “as for me and my house”.

  151. It’s hard to decide. I like them all. Maybe the bird print?

  152. I love the “Fruit of the Spirit – Pear Gallery Wrapped Canvas” … so cute! ranelle dot forgione at gmail dot com

  153. These are really cool. I would pick the bird print I think.

  154. I love Emily’s work, she does a beautiful job in all of her creations. I have been following her for a while. I would love her Fruit of the Spirit – Pear Framed Print. We are studying The Fruit of The Spirit in our Women’s Bible Study and have held the meetings in our home so I would love to add this to the entry when the women arrive. Loving your newly painted entry, Melissa. Happy Thanksgiving.

  155. Christie Jensen says:

    Seek first his kingdom is beautiful, love all the designs.

  156. I loved them all. But if I had to pick just one I think the pear with the fruit of the spirit would be my favorite. These are really neat!!!

  157. Would LOVE this! I don’t know that I have a favorite – I could find a place for just about any of them in the house!

  158. I love the brown chair “As for me and my house” print. They are all beautiful!

  159. Samantha Binger says:

    This is amazing art! I love how they speak scripture in a beautiful, stylish way. They really do make a statement. My choice would be the chair: “As for me and my house..” Thank you for the inside peak into your delightful home!

  160. My favorite is “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Our family’s motto.

  161. I love the personalized You Are Here to be Light. Love the message on that one! Love Emily and Dayspring!

  162. Very lovely, they are all beautiful. If I could pick just one, I think I’d say the bird (or the pear? ). Okay, I mentioned two, it’s a toss up! LoL

  163. I love the Fruit of the Spirit Pear Framed print. It would be perfect in my kitchen!

  164. I’m a big fan of Jones and Co and kick myself for not ordering one earlier. I do really like the new substantial size. My favorite, of course, is the chair. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely art. I feel greedy saying this, but I would wrap it up and give it to Santa to give to me. :)

  165. I love this art… and I know just the place I would put the “Seek First His Kingdom – Personalized Bird Framed Canvas” {the blue bird one}. That one is definitely my favorite. Thanks! :)

  166. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I love the birdie print with the Seek Ye First verse. So beautiful!

  167. love the simplicity of the art with the power of the words! i am torn between the bird and the pear…

  168. My kitchen is all fruit, so if I had to choose it would be the pear.

  169. Love all of her work and have for a long time! My favorite piece is probably the chair with the verse from Joshua 24. Love.

  170. Betty Montgrain says:

    As for me and my house chair framed canvas taupe

  171. So many beautiful pieces! But, I think my favorite is the
    As For Me and My HouseChair Gallery Wrapped Canvas in teal.

  172. I would like to get the bird and the pear. I have been waiting to find great art for our new house. I wish they also had something in a orange or red or yellow.

  173. Love them all, but I think I would choose fruit of the spirit.

  174. Colleen in Dallas says:

    Love the bird framed canvas.

  175. Love that chair…although I also love the message in the light. If I win, I’ll have to flip a coin!

  176. Love the them all,

  177. I love the little bird! They are all so beautiful though…

  178. My favorite is the You Are Here to Be Light – Lamp Gallery Wrapped Canvas in Teal

  179. Aww, such a fun giveaway! I love the Lamp print, on the wrapped canvas…would just have to choose a color! :) Would be such a great addition to our living room wall!

  180. I think they’re all gorgeous, but I would choose the teal bird. It matches the best with my stuff!

  181. LOVE the pear. Actualy love them all. Thanks for continuing to bring this neat art to my attention. I just love the messages throughout my home.

  182. I love all of the prints! I really love the As For Me and My House chair print! Pick me pick me!!

  183. I love the all of them but i would choose Joshua 24.;o) Lord bless!

  184. I would pick the fruit of the spirit, it will goes best in the color of our wall.

  185. So hard to choose! But I do love a good piece of bird art :)

  186. Love, love, love the Joshua 24:13 “chair” print.

  187. kathybritton says:

    I love the Seek First blue bird!!!!!! I love when inspirational items are so simple and beautiful. L-O-V-E-

  188. I am grateful for others whose gift is beautifing the space around them & then share that gift with others. I like the bird with Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God. It is my lifetime scripture, always a reminder to stay focused on what really matters. Blessings to you.

  189. I love Emily Jones. the pear print is my fave. thanks for the chance.

  190. Cindy Denison says:

    They are all very nice, but I really love fruit of the spirit.

  191. I love the bird canvas ones.

  192. I like the chair in taupe! They are all so nice.

  193. i love the bird “seek ye first” ones! thank you for the giveaway

  194. For the ‘Heart of the Home’, aka any kitchen, the Fruit of the Spirit.

  195. I am enamored of them all! But, I am a bird lover, so that’s the one I would pick if I have to pick a favorite!

  196. Jennie Springer says:

    I like the personalized chair canvas in taupe. So nice.

  197. I’d probably pick the fruit…. not sure- I have a pretty blank canvas to work with!

  198. I like the Seek First His Kingdom – Bird Framed Canvas the best.

  199. Jessica Rogers says:

    Love them all, any one would be a gift.

  200. We are keeping busy with projects this week too. I don’t know why we thought renovating the fireplace, building a media console, shampooing the carpets and rearranging furniture was so important on top of having guests a few nights, hosting our families second thanksgiving meal and getting ready to leave town soon. Sigh.

    I love the bird print, it would make a great gift.

  201. Linda Dumansky says:

    The color blue, birds,rustic frame, and Matthew 6:33 (a verse I need to remember again and again)…that’s my favorite!

  202. Jennifer W. says:

    Absolutely adore the bird and Scripture!!! Is my favorite!! Very nice and refreshing to read! <3 & :)

  203. I’m so fond of these prints! I think it would be fun to put two lamp prints on either side of my bed in place of lamps for fun!

  204. I am in love with that chair print. I know just where I would hang it!

  205. I love them all!! I think I like the bird one the best in the aqua because of the beautiful color and it would fit perfectly in my kitchen I am currently remodeling. A perfect first decoration. I love them all though, the messages are wonderful and the frames are amazing, love the distressed black and substantial width. What a find!!!!

  206. My favorite is the Pear Framed Canvas.

  207. Love the bird print with the “Seek first the kindom of God…” verse! Love the frames too. :)

  208. Andrea Cseh says:

    Wow…beautiful and meaningful art! I am drawn to the bird “seek first His kingdom” but am torn between the lamp and “fruit of the spirit”! What a great opportunity!

  209. Love them all, but the first choice would be Pear, the fruit of spirit.

  210. I love these prints – thanks for hosting a great giveaway! My favorite is the framed let there be light print.

  211. Peggy Streeter says:

    I would pick the lamp…love the prints and designs!!!

  212. The words speak life in a creative way. Love the framed pieces, ALL OF THEM! If I had to pick one it would be the chair.

  213. Love “Seek first His Kingdom”!

  214. I love the “Seek ye first” with the bird.

  215. candy jones says:

    I had a hard choice to make between the little bird and one of the chairs. But I pick the chair with “As for me and my House…”

  216. My favorite is the Fruit of the Spirit framed pear canvas! I love the jolt of bright chartreuse green!

  217. I really like the pear!

  218. I love love love the Seek First His Kingdom Blue Bird Framde Canvas! Darling!

  219. Love the bird.

  220. I like the Seek First His Kingdom Bird Print.

  221. Cheryl moeller says:

    Love, love, love the bird.

  222. I love your stripe-y wall, Melissa! The DaySpring art is pretty wonderful too! I checked out the website and fell in LOVE with the Fruit of the Spirit piece- that is one of my all-time favorite bible verses. Happy Thanksgiving!

  223. I like the “You Are Here to Be Light – Personalized Lamp Framed Canvas – Taupe”.

  224. i love the chair with as for me and my house and also the bird with seek ye first-two of favorite passages!

  225. I adore these! I love the font! The bird is my favorite! So beautiful.

  226. I like the “as for me and my house” and the frames are great!! Your wall looks awesome!

  227. I really like the Fruit of the Spirit, framed.
    Thanks for hosting.
    (The bird is so cute, too!)

  228. I love the bird print so much. The color, the shape of the bird, and of course the Scripture. I hope I win!

  229. Monica Bowles says:

    My favorite is the “as for me and my house.” I have purchased several other prints from Jones Design in the past, and I would love to have more!

  230. I love the artwork. It’s simple, elegant and inspirational. I think the chair is my favorite, but I really like the bird as well. Great job on the entryway.

  231. i love the framed teal lamp! I hope this giveaway is international :)

  232. That art work is amazing!

  233. I think the “as for me and my house” is beautiful.

  234. I love all of them, but my favorite is the fruit of the spirit pear – framed canvas! It would look awesome in our kitchen!

  235. I love it all!! i love emily’s design, she is so good. i LOVE the framed lamp and chair prints.

  236. The bird with Seek ye first the kingdom is lovely. That’s what I’d get.

  237. Margaret W. says:

    I love the lamp one. So beautiful.

  238. I like the pear, such a great sentiment.

  239. The bird and scripture are my favorite, but I do love the lamp and chair as well!

  240. I have a perfect spot for the blue bird and verse!

  241. I love As For Me and My House – Chair Gallery Wrapped Canvas – Navy.

  242. The chair!

  243. LOVE the bird print! So cool!

  244. Angelika Rauth says:

    OH MY GOSH you got the stripes in your house! I had no idea!
    And of course I will enter your contest, I like the “As for me and my house…” chair prints, in navy or taupe. I have been wanting something that has that phrase in my future home anyway, so this would be perfect!

  245. I love the chair – As For Me and My House. Personalized framed…but which color to choose? Taupe? Navy? Decisions…

  246. Sarah Nutter says:

    This is SO WONDERFUL. I love this art!!!

  247. catlin Evans says:

    I’ve been admiring these for a long time…I guess I’d choose the chair “as for me and my house”…

  248. I always love vintage things, your rustic frames are unique and all the colors are really my love~

  249. Jennifer Givens says:

    I LOVE the “God is Good” framed canvas print…I can see it hanging in my living room right now! Thanks!

  250. I love these….my favourite I think; it’s so hard to choose just one…is the framed chair print in the taupe. Beautiful.

  251. I LOVE the fruit of the Spirit. Love it!

  252. I LOVE the blue bird! I’m a breast cancer survivor (3 years!) and when I finished treatment, I bought an adorable necklace with a bird cage charm and a bird. The bird signified freedom to me. The bird is such a lovely symbol and the scripture is even more beautiful!

  253. Love the little bird – so sweet:)

  254. Jennifer White says:

    I like the, “Yo are Here to be My Light.” print.

  255. You are here to be light – that’s my favorite! Oh, how true!

  256. Love them all – it would be hard to choose but probably the chair.

  257. Lisa Aukeman says:

    I am loving the green pear with the fruits of the spirit verse. Thanks for the give away!

  258. I would love the framed bird “seek first the
    the kingdom”…I have the perfect spot for it!

  259. I absolutely love them all. I love this chair though, as for me and my house… Love that scripture.

  260. I love the bird framed canvas, “seek ye first…” I also really like the framed pear with the fruit of the spirit.
    Decisions, decisions….

  261. I too would love the blue bird, it would look great in our office/library…..but I also loooovvvveeee pears. Tough decision! But I would love to have to choose!

  262. I adore the bird. My life has been very humbling as of late. I found out I had breast cancer and now am recovering from a double mastectomy. I really could use reminders of the Lord everywhere in my life.

  263. Carmen Goddard says:

    I love the tray with the scripture around it – beautiful

  264. i like fruit of the spirit/pear print.

  265. I love the bird! Thanks for the chance to win!

  266. The pear is beautiful. I would love to win.

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  268. I would like the… Seek First His Kingdom – Personalized Bird Framed Canvas I think!! :) <3

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  270. Helen Tisdale says:

    Love the scrip0ture art! Can’t get enought of God’s Word displayed in the home! I love the picture of the chair!

  271. I love all of them! What a creative way to share Scripture on our walls!!! Wow! Thanks for the opportunity!

  272. I love the bird framed canvas – Seek First His Kingdom. This says it all on what our purpose is.

  273. LOVE the photo with the bird!

  274. I like the canvas gallery wrapped pear – fruit of the spirit. :)

  275. Holly Arrendale says:

    I love the Framed Bird-what a beautiful piece of art!! Love it :) Happy Early Thanksgiving!

  276. I LOVE the Fruit of the Spirit print! Thank yu for posting these- even if I don’t win I think I’m going to have to invest for my office and home!

  277. I love all DaySpring’s products, but the “May Your Cup Overflow” canvas really catches my eye today. Such a wonderful reminder to wake up to in the mornings, right next to the coffee pot! Thanks, and stay blessed!

  278. I love them all. They’re wonderful.

  279. I love the chair – and I think it looks great in your bathroom. A while back you posted about painting the vanity in your bathroom and you’ve inspired me to try it too. I’m tackling it in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to see the results.

  280. I LOVE the taupe Light/Lamp print. That would be perfect in my front room in the new house.

  281. I really like the chair. I have seen that verse presented as art in many ways, but I like this semi-subtle design, and would proudly put it in my front entry.

  282. Amy Sullivan says:

    I love the bird and it’s scripture! It would look so great in my new house!

  283. Seek first the kingdom – bird!

  284. Love the amazing blue “Seek ye first” bird.

  285. Choose? Ha! I want them all! I’ve always adored her art. I do love the chair…and the lamp…but still. All of them would be amazing someday. :)
    Love what I’m seeing of your entryway! Mine is striped, and it’s pretty much my favorite part of our house. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  286. I really love the Fruit of the Spirit! The others are great too though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  287. Love any of the pear gallery! :)

  288. Love the pear and the verse perfect for my kitchen.
    I would love to win this!!

  289. So cool…I love the silhouettes with the scriptures. My favorite is the chair.

  290. Bonnie Martin says:

    Love them all but really love the Fruit of the Spirit pear

  291. Lori McHale says:

    “You are here to be the light” is my favorite design. In May, I started a non-profit organization doing bedroom makeovers for critically ill children and I am also witnessing to the families…I am praying that God is using me as His light :-) They are gorgeous, unique and subtle pieces! Thank you for sharing and doing the giveaway!

  292. Those are really beautiful arts!!I love them so much!!LOL

  293. What a treat to see such great art with scripture! LOVE!

  294. I like the “As for me and my house…” taupe piece.

  295. I love the taupe framed As For Me and My House!!

  296. I love the fruit of the spirit!

  297. Suck lovely art! I love the Fruit of the Spirit <3

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the giveaway. :)

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  299. I like the seek first His kingdom Bird print best.

  300. I think I will have to look at Emily’s work some more before I choose a favorite! I know I would enjoy any of them.

  301. I love the Seek First bird print.

  302. Kelly Wetherholt says:

    Oh my goodness I love them all! Love the fruit of the spirit! My birthday is Saturday! Adding it to the wish list!!! ;0)

  303. I can’t choose! I love them ALL!

  304. I love all things bird!! Really it is so sweet and very inspiring. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  305. I’m torn between the pear and the chair, but I think the “As for me” chair would be perfect in our foyer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  306. I like the Joshua Charge one. I am not sure which color I would choose though.

  307. Guess I have to enter again due to blog being down. Sorry about that. The Fruit of Spirit is the one I love but I love them all

  308. Nancy Salamon says:

    I’m loving the navy framed chair. :-) Great stuff there!

  309. Yay! I finally got in! Thanks for the giveaway, Melissa. It is hard to choose just one–they are all beautiful. I love the pear–the fruits of the spirit.

  310. The color blue, a bird,rustic frame, and Matt. 6:33 (something I need to remember daily). It’s perfect!

  311. You are here to be light is my fav!!!Thx for the chance to win!

  312. Love the bird

  313. Yay! Thank you for doing this giveaway – What a treat!… I love them all, but my favorite is the “Seek First His Kingdom.” Too perfect.

  314. I love the fruit of the spirit pear.

  315. I love the fruit of the spirit canvas!

  316. I’d love either the chair print or the bird print – gorgeous!

  317. The framed “Seek First..” print is beautiful.

  318. Richelle DiCola says:

    I love the fruit of the spirit. I enjoy your blog.

  319. I like the As for me and my house. Thanks!

  320. They are all wonderful! The bird is my favorite though.

  321. Absolutely love the scriptural chair verse! Added to my wish list!

  322. I reeeeeally like the Fruit of the Spirit Pear print… the bird too!

  323. beautiful art!!! love the fruit of the spirit and the bird print!!!

  324. The As for me and my house chair print is great. Thank you for the opportunity to win…love your blog.

  325. Matthew 6:33 Is one of my favorite verses. ‘Seek first His kingdomand His righteousnessand all these things will be
    given to you as well.’ A great daily reminder in the bird print that could hang in my kitchen if I were to win it. Thanks!

  326. I love them all – it’s so hard to choose! I think the “As for me and my house” chair print is my favorite! Thanks!

  327. I love all the beautiful art but my favorite is the As for me and my house chair print in navy.

  328. Lovely– all of them! I’ll decide my favorite if I win! ;)
    Thanks for the chance! :)

  329. I love the framed bird canvas (Seek ye first!

  330. I love the You are Here to be Light, taupe. So awesome!

  331. Oh I love them all!
    I like the bird best…..I think.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  332. I love the seek first his kingdom framed canvas! Thanks so much!! :)

  333. My favorite piece is the Seek First His Kingdom bird, beautiful!

  334. I’m not sure if this giveaway is over, but I’ve had my eye on these prints for a while! My favorite is the fruit of the spirit…for my kitchen.

  335. The bird is my favorite.

  336. I love your entry way…great job. As for the prints, I like the bird in blue. Hopefully I’m on time to enter the giveaway. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  337. I am loving the teal lamp that says You are here to be light….an awesome reminder to keep in front if us.

  338. I love the Seek First His Kingdom bird print!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  339. love the chair, with the saying!
    sooo unique and gorgeous :)

  340. The chairs! Love’em!

  341. I would love to have the ‘You are here to be light’ in navy.

  342. Mary Kay Scanlon says:

    Wow…these are so simply, elegantly awesome!!! I love them all!

  343. I absolutely love them all…but I think my fav is the bird!

  344. I love the blue bird …. her work is amazing. Would love to win and give it as a Christmas gift! Thanks!

  345. Alice Herren says:

    Love the Seek First His Kingdom bird framed canvas. Need that verse as a daily reminder!