Green with Envy.

Mint Green Kitchen via BHG

Natural Fern Green Bathroom via BHG

Moss Green Kitchen via BHG

Kelly Green Curtains via BHG

I think I like every shade of green. Except, green with envy. That I don’t like as much.

Do you like green?

I know not everyone does. Take it from Kermit, it’s not that easy being green.

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  1. Kim Porter says:

    I am loving that green island!!

    Kim @

  2. I do love green – next to blue it is my second favourite colour. I love most shades of green, but I don’t like pukey yellowy-greeny-brown colours. I’m more of a pure green type person. I love the inspiration photos you found, especially the first one.
    Grace recently posted..Ukrainian Easter Egg PhotoshootMy Profile

  3. MarySue says:

    I am finding myself drawn to green more and more… never used to like it really. But I love every one of those pics you posted. I just feel kind of… happy looking at them! I’ve been planning to paint my white-cabinets-with-black-countertops kitchen a warm buttery yellow since we moved in, but lately have been considering green instead. So I guess you could say green is *growing* on me ;-)

  4. You have to see my post from January 8!! Too funny!! I guess great minds think alike. And yes, I do ADORE green – obviously!! Haha!

  5. I love the green! We just painted the feature walls in our home a lovely soft sage green, and it looks so restful now. I haven’t blogged about it yet, but i will soon. I love the first kitchen too. Very drool-able:)God bless x
    Karen recently posted..Solar, So good.My Profile

  6. I am totally in love with green! Love this post Melissa!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair
    Megan recently posted..Hooked on PinterestMy Profile

  7. I don’t really use it in my hom that much. I do like all pics above except for the bathroom shade. I’m much more of a blue and grey and yellow and lots of whites and cream person.

  8. Green is my favorite color since childhood. Yay, GREEN! It’s the first color mentioned in the Bible, too! (Genesis 1:30)

  9. Hi Melissa, I love green and it’s my favorite color. I’m currently writing a post about shades of green for later this month. The title? “Green with Envy”. Well, that was my title-lol. Must re-think it now.

    I think it just means great minds think alike.

    Hope you have a great day.
    Lisa recently posted..Foyer TweakingMy Profile

  10. I love the first image–the watery greens, the textures. Really restful and inspiring at the same time. Beautiful!

  11. No green here, with the exception of a table cloth. I had a green kitchen in my last house and loved it. In this house we went with blue/grey with red accents. Loving that. This house just doesn’t seem to have a green vibe. But, I did find a lovely bright green old window that I am going to incorporate somewhere in the house.
    Kim recently posted..Waffle LoveMy Profile

  12. Yep – I love me some green. I used to think it was maybe a knee jerk after growing up in a home decorated so heavily in blues – but, no, I just really love green. It’s peaceful and fresh. Love these photos.
    Barb – The Empty Nest Mom recently posted..Jump Start Your Day with TortasMy Profile

  13. Melissa- I love all of your pics for this post- I adore the updated farmhouse look. Green freshens a room …so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. I was a green girl when I first got married and carried the green theme into almost every room. I wavered and moved on to yellow and blue tones, but now I am back. Kelly green curtains. Love them. Sage green beachy walls. They are making a come back in my home. Paired with Red, Orange and Turquoise- they are now fun.
    Pine Tree Home recently posted..Food ChoicesMy Profile

  15. I LOVE the green kitchens….something so refreshing about each of them. Funny, I would never say that green is one of my colors…but I lean towards earthy shades of green all the time, I have a green coat, and my favorite dress when I was a little girl was chartreuse green with white polka dots. And…there’s nothing better than soft green grass under bare feet and a walk through a woods filled with budding green in the spring. Yay for your post & green!

  16. I love green! I have a shade in our home called “Silent Fog” and it is used to highlight and in two bedrooms … very relaxing.
    missy june recently posted..March MadnessMy Profile

  17. Susanne says:

    Hmmm.. I’ll be the “naysayer”. Green has never been among my top colors. Very hard to dress on St. Patrick’s day…lol. Interestingly, enough the photo of the kitchen with all of the bright white, makes the green passable. I never thought I’d say that. I recently read on article that when there is alot of wood in a room i.e. the bathroom shown here, green is a preferred color to use on the walls…never yellow. I have to admit that it appears to work. Just a reminder that minds need to be kept open. We are having a sunny day here in New England and may it pass across the entire country. Bye for now!

  18. I love green! One of the first things we did to this home was paint it’s exterior green. I’ve also used various greens in 4 rooms in our home. Green can say earthy and rustic, or it can go bright and happy and springtime renewal. Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.
    laxsupermom recently posted..Built-In Bookcase – FinishedMy Profile

  19. Yes, yes, YES! I love green:) I just got some new green curtains( ugh, actually tablecloths) from Target. I can’t wait to get pictures of them. That green bathroom is absolutely fabulous!!!
    Midwest Magnolia – Melissa Lewis recently posted..sisters and running shoesMy Profile

  20. Green is one of those universal colors–just look outside. It goes with everything when done in the right shade and intensity. It can be very fresh and invigorating!
    mary timmers recently posted..So Close, But FarMy Profile

  21. Michele says:

    I love green!! I like all the inspiration photos, particularly the moss green kitchen. mmmmm.

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue/green/teal/seaglass color in the kitchen! It’s a color I never get tired of … it’s in my dining room, office, bedroom, and bath at home. And on my blog and logo at work!

    Restful, peaceful, calm.
    Linda Stoll recently posted..Your Personal Invitation to Simplify!My Profile

  23. Love love love green, it is one of the main colors in my home. Just look at my kitchen, green cupboard, green and white striped wallpaper, yes indeed I do love green. Great minds think alike. My last post was on GREEN!!!Did you see the new Spring Wisteria catalog, it has some great green pieces. That is what I did my post on. Happy Monday,
    KATHYSUE recently posted..Do You Like The Color GREEN?!My Profile

  24. I love green and who wouldn’t want one of those green rooms? I love that bathroom.

  25. I do love green! Painted most of the interior of our house green, Crocodile Tears green is our green. We’ve had so many compliments on it. Our white trim looks great w/ it! It also works w/ browns and black. It’s very similar to the natural fern green above, just a little lighter in color.

  26. I love green! I’m so glad the world is now seeing it as the neutral it is (unless its a really crazy shade). I probably love turquoise slightly more than green, but it’s a close second. I also love yellow – but can’t wear it and don’t normally decorate with it. Love those pics :)
    Lisa recently posted..What I Love to Do One Afternoon a WeekMy Profile

  27. Thanks for the post, Green fits in every space you just have to choose the right shade and intensity. I’m Loving mint green this month!
    Shabby Chic decor recently posted..Wall art, 2012 design trendMy Profile

  28. I absolutely love green! It’s my favorite color ever. I wear it. I accessorize with it, but I’m very particular about painting with it. It must be a certain shade and pretty pale in color. Sages and pale olives are my favorites.
    Mimi recently posted..The 4 Lessons Walt Disney Can Teach You About Success And CarnationsMy Profile

  29. jennybc says:

    love green! I love how fresh it looks, how warm it can look and how it pops against white. i could use shades of green everywhere…my husband even commented on it.

  30. I love green! We live under redwood trees and green just feels like a natural choice. I painted a favorite dresser and my dining table and chairs in a pretty asparagus green:

    Just a great way to bring in the outdoors in.
    Bettsi recently posted..The Ten Month SlipcoverMy Profile

  31. Yronelle says:

    Well I have to admit that my favorite color is green and in fact, most of things at home are green…
    Yronelle recently posted..Waterfront GoldMy Profile

  32. Marilyn says:

    I love green and enjoyed the photos your chose–and Kermit puts a smile on my face!

  33. Bernadette says:

    LOVE those Kelly Green curtains with the matchstick bamboo blinds. Gives me some ideas for an updated window treatment around these parts.

  34. I’ve got a St. Patrick’s Day birthday so it’s a forgone conclusion that green is up there as a favorite color. Those are some pretty nice rooms but I’m a sucker for a farmhouse sink. I love the subtle green that is there just enough to make things cozy.
    Lynn recently posted..Kitchen Sink IncludedMy Profile

  35. I don’t know how I missed this one, but I love green. As a designer said in HB or their 500 Paint Colors book, it is a true neutral. I plan green n every room except the bathroom & kitchen & that’s a feng shui thing I read somewhere & can’t shake it. Has to do with the room directions&waste water & chi. Sigh. Anyway look outside ;) it goes with everything, and depending on shade goes from perky to soothing. Gotta love that!

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