A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

{Yes, he chews on his name tag while wearing his color when he can’t find anything else to do.}

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Every night, Jack goes to sleep in his bed.

Yes, this is his puppy crate.

He loves his bed and when I say goodnight to him, he is usually fast asleep on his back. Unless I am trying to take his picture. Then he opens his eyes and glares at me. He feels cozy in his little nest and will not go to sleep unless we shut his door. It has been his safe place for sleeping since he came to live with us. Shhhhh, don’t tell him he has a pink blankie. He doesn’t know his colors yet.

When we get Jack up in the morning, he is rowdy, energetic, happy and cheerful.

He always begins the day riding in the car, taking his boy to school. He loves that part of the morning.

Every day is an adventure for Jack.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

He likes to explore the neighborhood. He is also very easily distracted.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

But one furry foot in front of another, he sets out to find whatever the day might bring.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Jack is always looking for fun. And pine cones. And star fish. Mostly, he just looks for trouble. Most of his days involve at least 20 somewhat alarming incidents where his mommy or daddy or siblings need to intervene to pull something out of his mouth like a remote control, a lego, toothbrushes, homework, or bills we needed to pay.

Even though he still gets into trouble every day, he does know better most of the time. He just likes to try new things and test out how we might react. That is always a fun game. He graduated from puppy school but probably will have to repeat it.

Maybe with his own special intensive program for curious dogs.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Last week he carried an entire potted plant from our deck to our family room and dumped the dirt all over the carpet. He thought that was fun. I wish I had that on film.

Right before he was so excited about going out to the deck to get the plant, he didn’t notice the screen door was shut. Good thing it wasn’t the glass door.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

On Monday, Jack is getting a new fence to fully enclose our yard (finally) so he can run free as a bird in the sun all summer long. He is looking forward to that. We all are. Otherwise, we will see him doing too many things like this:

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

There is no real explanation for the random things he does.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Why does he chew his bone while laying on his back?

We do not know.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

But he thoroughly enjoys every moment of every day.

In case you are wondering what he is laying on, why yes, that is my white Pottery Barn sofa without the slipcovers. Most of the time now our white slipcovers are in the wash and our couch is naked, thanks to Jack and his destruction. We even have to put the cushions in another room so he won’t try to pull the foam out of them while the slipcovers are off.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Good thing we have white slipcovers to wash and bleach, though, because if we didn’t, we’d have a really messy upholstered couch that was difficult to clean. Instead, we wash slipcovers several times a week.

We do try to keep Jack on the floor, but he thinks he is part of the family. No one else has to stay on the floor.

No one puts Jack in the corner.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Jack gets very impatient and embarrassed and makes funny faces when he realizes we are taking his picture.

He thinks he is a celebrity though so he is used to all the photos.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

This is Jack’s favorite spot in the whole house, the leather ottoman.

He throws his toys everywhere all day long, and then hangs for naps and resting on his ottoman.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

He likes to watch TV with us and tries to eat our popcorn.

Jack is kind of weird. But we like him.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

Sometimes he and his boy hang out TOGETHER on the ottoman.

And that reminds us why we have Jack in the first place.

Seeing him trying to squeeze himself onto the ottoman next to his boy is why we put up with the fuss, the mess, the antics, the expense.

Jack is a part of our family.

The end.

Have you ever had a crazy pet like Jack? You can tell us about your pet’s antics in the comments if you want today! I’m ready to laugh.

Ready, set, COMMENT.

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}

A Day in the Life: {Jack the Goldendoodle at Home}


  1. Leonie -Australia says:

    Oh my goodness he is so cute & looks like a real character. It would be impossible to be cranky with him with that adorable face. I think I would buy a really large blanket to put over the couch it would be easier to wash than the slipcovers all the time. What is the breeds that make a goldendoodle?

  2. LOL–love Jack! He would be a great playmate for my “idiot dog” (if we could stand the destruction). We have WAY too many ….. uhm…..indiscretions to tell about, I’ll hit the highlights! :)
    She pulled a cactus completely out of its pot and left it in the middle of my bed.
    We were having a concrete sidewalk poured, and she escaped-right in the middle of it!
    She caught a bird and brought it inside (alive) and turned it loose…that was a lot of fun trying to catch it!
    Oh…I could go on (and on and on). Love her though, so will CHOOSE to be amused instead of exasperated!

  3. Jack is so endearing bc of those eyes, they are so sweet looking. We have a little 4lb yorkie named macaroni. He’s not as much trouble as jack, but he’s also 3.5 now, so I’m sure jack will outgrow all his puppy trouble seeking ways. Macaroni is part of our family too, it’s the best.

  4. I laughed out loud at “he will probably have to repeat puppy school”! He is so cute (and hilarious!) I’ve said it before, you need to write a “Jack” book for children. I know it would become a bestseller!

  5. I just blogged about my dog today too. He’s a labradoodle and the stories you shared remind me of him! I love how they just want to be like us so bad and they have sooo many “ooops” moments! Thanks for sharing!

  6. We have a labradoodle named Charlie who is just a year old and acts just like Jack. He too lays on his back while chewing his bone (we even have the same toy bone that you have for Jack!) and hangs off our leather ottoman. We don’t let him on the furniture because he is so huge (83 lbs!) so it’s his way actinglike a human in the living room. He is our first pet so it has truly been a test of my patience at times, but he is a great dog and my kids even call him their little brother!

  7. I love the personality he shows! it’s great:) And while I’m not an animal lover my 3 girls somehow are. If we didn’t live in town we would definitely have a dog. I won’t have an animal in my house – I’m just funny that way, but we do have outside cats and the girls love them!

  8. “repeat puppy school” makes me giggle…been there,done that….Mine is a “teddy Bear”and she makes us laugh every day….mind of her own…:)I so LOVE reading and seeing Jack….
    Thanks for sharing…:)

  9. Hello- I enjoy reading your stories about Jack. How sweet. What a lucky dog!
    Please promote to your subscribers,friends, family to adopt from a rescue group/animal shelter when looking for a pet. You probably know this already, but there are many “Jacks” waiting for a home and unless they do find one their ending will not be as happy as your lucky Jack.
    Adopt one until there are none.
    Thanks for sharing your sweet stories,

  10. OMG this dog is adorable. You can tell he has personality from the pictures. He is animated for a dog that is LOL!


  11. You had me laughing the whole time! Jack is just precious – and quite the character! We just got a golden retriever puppy in February so I have been so drawn to blogs that have dog posts! I have been documenting our little Rosie’s antics each week. Never a dull moment with a puppy in the house! You are lucky to have such a fluffball that doesn’t shed much! We thought about getting a goldendoodle but my husband and kids wanted a golden retriever – so we will now have fur all over our house for the next decade or so! Thanks for sharing your adorable dog with us all!

  12. We now have three dogs and the last one came to live with us after grandma went to the nursing home. Lady is a golden retriever who used to live on a farm way out in the country, just her and grandma who is 101. She moo’s like a cow and gets up with the chickens and yawns in my face trying to wake me up. We love her dearly though. We’ve told her, “You’re a city dog now”, but teaching her to bark instead of mooing and to sleep in until the sun comes up is going slowing.

  13. kris with a k says:

    Oh, so fun! We have 2 Labradoodles and can share so many similar stories. One particular day our younger one (2 years old) noticed the bag of magazines and other paper waiting to be recycled and apparently had an issue :) When I can home from work, the ENTIRE living room floor was covered with pieces, shreds, and tiny bits of paper….the box of tissues had also given him an attitude, I suppose, as it had also been torn apart and added to the chaos. My older (by one year) female sat looking as if to say “It was ALL him, Mom,” and he stayed outside until it was cleaned up, peaking through the doggie door to check to see if it was “all clear.” Gotta love them! (I know I do).

    • Hahaaaaa! When I was a kid we had two puppies and they always tore apart newspapers and magazines. They could make such a mess! But it really was a funny sight to come home to! Wish we had secret cameras to watch what they do when we aren’t with them!

  14. Christine Aldinger says:

    i am still laughing…….how adorable

  15. Oh my goodness! Your Jack is my Sonic! And we love the chaos so much we have a 3 1/2 month old black goldendoodle named Spooky! I spent this morning in the back yard, trying to find my other shoe. The backyard is full of all sorts of treasures found around the house. And in the garbage can. Such a joy!

  16. Too funny! Jack is awesome! We have a little puppy named Sneakers. He’s a Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie cross. And he is hilarious. He makes us laugh every single day.

  17. We have Zoe, a Rat Terrier and Black Lab mix. Yep, you read that right. She looks like a Rottweiler… she has a big head, but she also has the biggest heart. She is 9 now so she’s pretty much trained but when she was a puppy she got into a lot of trouble. Now she just steals empty toilet paper rolls from the trash can and chews them up, not sure why, it can’t taste too good. When she feels like playing she lays on her back and “mops” the hardwood floor. She’s a silly dog and my children ADORE her.

    Love your Jack, he’s a cutie!

  18. I really enjoyed your “Day in the life of Jack”. You write very well. We have a seven month old puppy named Maddie. She is Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. This weekend she ate and then threw up a piece of our house’s foundation. This could become serious if we see the walls cracking at some point! Later, she showed us the dead bird she was eating. Gross!!! I washed her mouth out with soap! I told her we were going to call the police and report a murder if she did that again. We love Maddie and treat her like a child but she is unlike any other dog we’ve ever had. I love your blog! Donna

  19. Amy Smith says:

    Love this post! It is always interesting to me to see how people try to keep their homes pretty while still allowing your dog to be a dog. We have 3 big dogs, with the largest being a 5 year old, 183 lb Great Dane. They all are allowed on the furniture, sleep in the king bed with us (the Dane sleeps under the covers), and are treated as our children. So there are some definite decorating challenges we pet owners share, like constant washing of the couch slipcovers (we use throw blankets when guests are not here) and bedding, lots of vaccuuming/steam mopping of the floors to remove dog hair, drool, etc, and constant cleaning of the glass from noseprints, pawprints, etc. Or having to keep all breakables out of the height zone of a wagging tail, which on a Great Dane is 3 ft high! However, I would not trade them for the most beautiful home in the world, becasue to me, without my dogs, there is no “home”. I am always looking for useful ways people with dogs can decorate in a liveable, comfortable way that is also pretty. So, keep up the good work!
    Amy (no blog… yet :)

  20. We have a 7 month old labradoodle named Mozzi and he chews on his bone on his back too! Maybe it’s a doodle thing. Love all the stories and pics of Jack. He’s so cute. How could you ever be mad at that face?! Mozzi gets me every time with his puppy dog eyes and that i-know-i-did-something-bad-but-look-how-cute-i-am crooked smirk.

  21. Jack is devine – but you know that already :)
    Our little family member with fur was Charlie, a toy poodle who originally was black but at age 17yrs was totally silver! What a gorgeous little man he was. Our youngest son and Charlie had an amazing bond. Our son has a rare disorder that requires hospitalisation and Charlie tuned in and totally new when our son was ill. Charlie would sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed and would tune in to those worrying times. On one occasion the Paediatric ward allowed us to bring Charlie in for a visit when our son wasn’t doing so well. It was an incredible relationship! Charlie lived to 18.5 years. He was an inquisitive creature resulting in two broken legs. I Feel truly blessed to have had that wonderful creature in our lives. All the spills and accidents were worth it. Oh how we miss him.

  22. Coastal Femme says:

    Loved this post. Living with pets is truly one of life’s greatest joys- mess and all. Jack is adorable!

  23. …what is it about dogs…they are so much trouble at times…but the fun and joy they bring outweighs everything… our border collie toby lived 19 years…have pictures of our youngest with him on the first day of first grade…and the first day of college…border collies do love to heard…lucky we had squirrels and birds and rabbits…and little boys…ps…jack is a very good name…our little grandboy is named jack…and his grandmother thinks he needs a dog…but…i don’t get to vote…

  24. Miss Maggie the almost 2 year old black lab would love to come and hang out on her back swimming with Jack. She might even share her bone with him. And she has a favorite chair and ottoman (you note I said chair AND ottoman) No one sits in that chair anymore ever since Maggie came home. She takes up most of our king sized bed such that we awaken with crinks in our backs from making Maggie comfortable. And God knows you have more patience than I do because the white slipcover is LONG gone and we have covers over everything something I swore I’d NEVER do. Of course I found myself looking at a black slipcover last night too and I never thought I’d consider THAT either. How do you DRY yours?

    • We put ours in the dryer until they are almost dry and then lay them over a railing so they don’t get too crunched up. I’m sure once Jack is past the puppy stage we will have to get new slipcovers!

  25. Lia Hain Clark says:

    Our Lolly is a very large, 2 yr old Labradoodle. She looks exactly like Jack and behaves in a similar fashion. She is mellowing as she matures, but “naughty” is still her middle name!! She is devoted to our 3 young homeschooled children (ages 6-8) and never leaves their side when playing outdoors. She is fiercely protective of them if a stranger comes on the property, but she has finally befriended the UPS truck man. We love her to pieces! Now if we could just teach her to stay out of the pool!!!! LOL

  26. I have a Gus – who is a too tall for the breed Golden. He counter surfs with abandon and loves avocados, bananas, peanut butter and pumpkin. He will make substitutions for those items with shoes, sunglasses, socks, paper, his sister Golden (picks her up by the tail and drags her across the room. or by her collar). In case you’re wondering – NO. Gus is not a puppy. This is the calm after the puppyhood.

    My understanding is that when a dog lies on his back, it is a sign of security. So congrats – you have a dog that is secure and happy!

  27. We have a golden retriever named Jack. I love this post. you have the cutest doodle I have ever seen. I love it when you post pics on instagram, he makes me giggle, so much personality!

  28. I LOVED the story about Jack!! He’s so adorable. I have a miniature Jack whose name is MADDIE ROSE. She’s about one forth the size of Jack but silly just like him and looks like him too.
    Her yard is fenced so she’s become the border patrol. If she sees someone suspect (a person walking down the sidewalk) she charges the fence and ends up in my perennial gardens with rocks spraying all over the place barking and then looking over her shoulder to see if Mom is watching her brave behavior.
    She has a leather ottoman but prefers something more ‘soft’… like her red chair. There are a couple towels to keep it clean which work fairly well.
    But she likes to lay on her back with her feet in the air and her head looking in the opposite direction. When she wakes up after a good night’s sleep on Mom’s bed she rolls around and her hair sticks up all over the place but she’s ready to go. That little butt is hesitant to go down the stairs but she gets really brave and off she goes.
    When it gets really hot in St. Louis she prefers to lay on the wooden floor close to the register.
    Thank you for your story about Jack!!! He could come to my house any day! I love him and we haven’t even met.

  29. We have a 9 month old golden retriever. I feel your pain. He is so darn destructive. But not a mean bone in his body. He also feels the need to eat anything and everything and unfortunately has a very delicate stomach. It’s not pretty and we need to find a taller compost bin to keep him from eating things like cantaloupe rind.

    You can totally teach your dog to stay off of the furniture. Just be firm with him and he’ll get it. In Washington, it’s way too rainy and messy with those muddy paws. It’s been pouring the last two days and Franklin’s paws and underbelly have made the floors filthy. I can’t even imagine if he was on the couch! You’re a much nicer dog owner!

  30. Jack is so adorable even if he is trouble. I love his pure joy and happiness. It’s obvious nothing really affects his love for life. One day he’ll grow out of all his mischief but in the meantime if he becomes to much trouble you can send him to my house ; )

    I remember when my dog Lily would grab the toilet paper off the roll and have a long stream running through the house. I thought it was hysterical! She also loves to get ahold of a sock, run with it, toss it in the air, and run some more. When she was a puppy she used to chew the bindings off blankets as well. Besides that she was a really good girl!

  31. He’s adorable! I’ve never been able to have dogs (or cats, though I would prefer a dog over a cat anyway) because of allergies. Thanks for all the pics!

  32. Oh goodness… so many comment. I have three D.A.Ds {Dumb A*s Dachshunds} but really, it is the Mr and I who should be considered the Dumb A*ses. One is fine. Two is… well, okay… but THREE?? What the heck were we thinking?
    Roscoe is chill until he gets outside, and then he turns in to GIDog who digs foxholes all throughout the fence line. Someone should tell that dawg we’re not under attack, and China is really really far away, so stop trying to dig there.
    Next is Emma whose main goal in life is to trash tip, jump up and get her skanky nose prints as high as possible on our glass doors, and to skulk around like she’s in trouble. She’s Sneaky-Pete and can’t be trusted, but she also has the silkiest coat and is the consummate love dog and has couch-radar and will be on your lap before you can put your feet up on the ottoman.
    Bailey is our one-dog-entertainment center. She’s a party waiting to happen. And if it doesn’t happen, she’ll throw one for herself. She’s ditzy and wacky and walks with a waddle since her back legs somehow are longer than her front. We swear she has the Smurf soundtrack playing on a loop in her head. She loves to drag her bed around the house and isn’t happy until she dismantles/disembowels every stuffed toy in the house, and will not rest until any squeaker is rendered unsqueakable.
    They all have issues, but there’s not a one we would do without.
    Now… don’t mind if I go blog about my dogs. You’ve inspired me.

  33. I think Jack and my Joey are related. Even though Joey is a Long-haired Mini Doxie! They do many of the same things. Joey just turned three so some things have lost their charm for him. He loves to check out anything he wonders about. This morning I found a spool of thread in the hall. Wondering where it came from I soon found out. I had put my little, travel sewing machine on the floor of the guestroom until I take it out to our travel trailer. It had a spool of thread and was threaded, ready to stitch. This morning I found the spool in the hallway, partially unrolled with thread going back to the machine – that was still completely threaded and ready to stitch! Only one explanation. A short, little Doxie lifted the spool off with his teeth and traveled a ways with it!

  34. Dougherty says:

    Oh do *not* let my husband see this post! I’ve been bugging him for a dog pretty much since we got married and he is convinced that a puppy won’t be worth the trouble. I grew up with dogs, raising two pups through high school and then had to leave them both when I went to college. One thing he won’t understand until we have one is that even if they are a bunch of trouble, you love them anyway and the love of a dog cannot be replicated or replaced!

    Since we rent we currently have a cat, her name is Pixel and we took her home at around 13 weeks old. She was a *terror*, especially because our previous rescue cat was old and quite sick (though we didn’t find out for 3 months) so he was very mellow. To go from old and sick to healthy and a kitten… wow! To this day we find her on top of the fridge trying to get into her food container, under our bed waiting to pounce our toes and if we had lever door handles, we’d never be able to keep her contained. She has mellowed over the years (she’s 3 now) but being half Siamese she is naturally very curious. Thankfully we have a lot of windows and local birds that keep her very occupied, including this huge blue jay who hops around our rose bushes by her favorite window and teases her mercilessly. Her newest favorite thing is to get on our bedroom windowsill and tease the golden retriever next door while he’s in his outdoor kennel. She likes to rile things up, we talk about getting another cat to keep her busy but we’re afraid that we’ll end up with two ultra curious, trouble-maker cats :-P

  35. I don’t think he’s crazy…he’s got a run of the house & he knows it! Happy owners, happy dogs :)

  36. LOL! Jack is just a puppy still. Our dogs have always acted like what you’re describing…until they reach the magic age of 4 years. You don’t have much longer to wait. So cute, how can you ever get mad at them, right?

  37. Jack is too cute!! I take pictures of Emma, our 2 year-old Lab/Hound mix all the time! She chews her bones on her back, just like Jack, and holds it between her paws like a baby. Dogs are too funny!

  38. I have a mini goldendoodle and it is so funny to read about your Jack and see the similarities with my Trice. So similar! Aren’t dogs the best?! Loved the post, thanks for sharing!

  39. Jack is adorable!!!! If I had white furniture I would let him up on it too. How could you say “no” to this cute doggie. It would be impossible.

  40. Melissa,

    Jack is too cute and I loved reading about his antics. Thanks for the smile.
    We have two Siamese cats — Puter and Mishka — and a Rat Terrier, Scout.
    Puter and Mishka are indoor cats, yet have gone on many successful hunting expeditions. http://www.fairfieldhousenj.com/2012/04/18/book-ends/
    Scout wants to be Don Draper http://www.fairfieldhousenj.com/2010/08/29/mad-dog/

    Animals add so much joy to our lives. How is Winston?

    Your Friend,

  41. maria & Cameron who loves Jack! says:

    We don’t have one yet, but we are hoping for one in the not so distant future! Meantime, we get lots of enjoyment from reading about Jack – He is our favorite!! We really had a feast today!! Thank you for sharing, and we have to say that Jack has the most perfect, cutest puppy nose in the entire world!! What fun!!

  42. Linda Bates says:

    Thank you Melissa for sharing a day in the life of Jack – I love reading about him, he is so much like my Toby was. He was also very naughty when young,causing chaos & mess everywhere, but he did settle down some as he got older. Thankfully he never totally lost the cheeky pup inside, even at almost 15 he continued to make me smile every day with his funny ways…..how I miss him.

  43. lauralee says:

    HI Melissa, Love your story. I love his cozy bed and that he wants the door shut!! So adorable. Wanted you to know we bought a dyson animal vac because of you and your crazy fur post!!! We LOVE it so far. It is almost scary to look in the canister. We have a 5 year old, 85 lb golden retriever.
    We just bought the dyson dog grooming attachment to control some of the unending shedding. Do you have that? Thanks! Take care.

  44. Jennie S. says:

    Jack sounds just like our goldendoodle! Enzo’s favorite place in our house is also on our leather ottoman and he sits on it just like Jack! He also chews on his bones while laying upside down. I don’t get it either, but I’m glad to know that he is not the only weirdo out there. =)

    Most recently Enzo came downstairs with the lid to the trash can on his head. He tried to act like nothing was wrong and that he had not been up to no good. Obviously, we knew otherwise.

    He will be two in July and has not slowed down at all, still very puppy like. Still has man incidents of having to take things out of his mouth on a daily basis! You know that he has something, even if you don’t see it, because if you look at him he will take off running.

    I love reading about Jack and I always share your posts/pictures about him with my husband!

  45. Ummmm, thus could have been my post right down to the Goldendoodle and white slip covers. But aren’t our fluffy friends just the best. PS. Last week h gabbed my clothes ff th bed after I ironed them, took off out th door and buried them in a mud puddle! I guess he didn’t want me to leave! Oh and he is currently on round two of training because round one didn’t sink in.

  46. Susie Powell French says:

    So enjoyed this post! I LOVE your Jack! We have a Yellow Lab, Kona….Oh my goodness, the trouble she got into is EPIC…she didn’t mature until she was about 4. She is lucky she is still with us…those first 4 years were unbelievably brutal……her best “epic” adventure was getting out of the back yard and running up to the private school in our little neighborhood.(she LOVES kids) They were having a Thanksgiving Feast in the multipurpose room. Kona proceeded to jump onto the 50 feet of tables lined up with oh…about 100 kids and proceeded to run the length of the table….with food crashing to the floor, cups of milk spilled and basically Mayhem happening! Haha…so sweet that your Jack loves her boy….Our Kona sits and watches for our 2 sons who are away at college, to come home. All of those years they were her boys…day in and day out…..when they come home she visits their rooms wanting them to wake up and say hello…she is so patient and quiet…..she finally grew up!

  47. Jack is too cool. I love hearing about him. You are lucky to have him!!

  48. We have an eleven week old golden doodle. Enough said…


  49. Seriously – how much joy have your dogs brought to your life? Jack is the cutest, his face has so much personality, and I love the posts about him! Our dog is a 6 year old St. Bernard and he doesn’t get into too much trouble except for the fact that his fur and yes, drool, requires constant cleaning, but neither of those things are his fault and he’s a really good boy so we love him anyway. The funniest thing about him is that he’s a big old scaredycat and tries to hide behind me whenever the kids are playing with balls (balls are scary) or the vacuum is out (very, very scary!!) He reminds us of a child that closes his eyes and thinks he’s invisible!! Makes me laugh every day. Enjoy your pups, thanks for the very entertaining post about Jack’s life!!

  50. Lori Harmon says:

    I love your dog! I love mine more, but I really love Jack! He is so cute and such a poser! Keep posting the pictures!

  51. We have a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier that does the same things. He carries his food bowl to us, he loves to be scratched while he poses in the downward dog yoga position, and he totally thinks he is a one of us. We do too and can’t imagine life without him. He will be two in August and very thankful the little puppy days are behind us.

    Love the Jack posts!

  52. JaneEllen Jones says:

    I laughed so hard reading all the comments. Ah what absolutely magical memories they give us. I wouldn’t miss any of it even with having to constantly vacuum from spring to fall.
    We had a black cocker for almost 14 years and she was a character, so smart and what a personality. She loved going in the truck with her Daddy and I. She thought the passenger seat was hers and only let me sit there if I shared with her. I still miss her and she’s been gone for almost 3 years now. We got her at the Helena, MT shelter.
    It took me quite awhile to be ready to get another dog. We were on our way to PetSmart for one of their adoption galas when our granddaughter called to tell us she’d found us a dog. We had hoped to get another smaller dog but one look at Tommy’s sad, needing to be loved face, and I couldn’t say no. We always kiss him goodnight and tell him we love him every night. The first few weeks after we got him we kept telling him he was our forever little boy and this was his forever home. He’d been to several shelters and had been foster parented.
    He’s a black lab/border collie and so darned smart I wonder who the human is sometimes. He was a year when we got him and the first few days he showed signs of how bright he is. He’s over 3 now and if I was very mad at my husband and needed to go somewhere else to live I couldn’t as I could not leave that darned dog. He’s about 72 lbs. and boy does he shed and loves to walk across my wet floors right after I’ve just mopped.
    He doesn’t get on the furniture, must have been taught before we got him. He is such a delight for hubby and I. He’s alot more dog than maybe 70+ year olds would consider but he keeps us moving. He doesn’t like thunder and lightning at all, hides behind my husband’s chair or comes to me. When hubby scolds him he comes to me. Loves to drape himself across my husband’s lap and hang out as long as he can. He doesn’t like raised voices at all.
    Our daughter’s family dog died recently and she says she won’t have another dog, too much work and heartache. (I bawled like crazy as we were dog grandparents and he loved us) Maybe when the kids are grown and gone they’ll reconsider.
    I used to laugh at older people that made horse’s rear ends of themselves over their dogs. Guess who does it now? Yup. But it’s worth it. What joy our Tommy gives.
    When our kids (4) were growing up I was the one that brought the puppies and kittens home. When dog had puppies (anywhere from 8 to 10 puppies a litter) I never wanted to give them away, they’d be 3 and 4 months old.
    I sure enjoyed your blog tonight. Makes me feel good to know other people love their pets so much. Tommy is definitely part of our family. My Mother in law got mad at me one time and accused me of loving the dog more than the kids. Welll…. Just kidding. (maybe)

    • OK, your story of kissing your dog goodnight and telling him you love him made me cry!! SO sweet, we do the same thing. We sure do love our pups. Our family (my parents) have lost several dogs and it is always so sad :-( … they are part of the family.

  53. Seeing these pictures of Jack make me think of the poodle we had as a child. She was black but her fur looked just like this when my parents waited too long to take her to the dog hairdresser. She was a part of our family too, a priceless childhood memory.
    Thank you for sharing.

  54. Jack is so adorable. We have a karelian bear dog, her name is Sammie and i totally agree with you sammie is as much of a family member as anybody else. We don’t know where we would be or what situations we’d be in without our little Sammie…But its shedding season right now and it’s kind of driving me insane…. none the less great post!

  55. Allison C. says:

    I LOVE it. We have a Goldendoodle that looks exactly like Jack, her name is Lilly and she is just like him. She lays on our sofa not very lady like I may add, with everything out for the world to see.

    She loves to go in the car and loves balls, socks and anything else really that she can carry around in her mouth.

    We have a son too, that is Lilly’s brother and she acts just like a little sister would.

    They are so great.

  56. We have two labs – a chocolate and a blondie. They both think they own the place. The choco boy sneaks onto my blue velvet couch, where he KNOWS he’s not supposed to be, and when I catch him, he wags his tail and gives me this guilty look. They each have their own wing chairs, which are really good for nothing else but their naps as they’re hard to keep clean with hairy dogs in them all the time. The blondie sleeps at the end of our [king] bed, which means I’m regularly washing a giant duvet cover. We’ve gotten a lot more leather furniture because it seems it’s easier maintenance with dogs that love couches. That’s not the only dog-related decor decision I’ve had to make! I’m sure people without dogs think I’m crazy, but they are so wonderful and enriching, it really doesn’t seem like a bother at all.

  57. I don’t have any pets, but I love them dearly and after reading and viewing all I can say is awwwww!

  58. Adorable! And makes me miss our two labs that we had overseas. We do have 2 crazy cats at the moment but a god is definitely on the list too! Enjoy your special fuzzy child. God bless x

  59. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    Jack is a riot. We have a Bulldog, Riley, who is just as wacky and silly and loved as your Jack. Riley thinks car rides are the best, followed by Daddy’s lap and popcorn while watching TV. What can I say, except we’re in love with our best boy. I don’t know how to live without a dog.

  60. Brenda F says:

    I loved your post on Jack! I have a black labradoodle named Pepsi. He is three years old on May 2 and is a laugh a minute. He makes all the funny poses and does all the silly things your Jack does. Pepsi is about 65 lbs and is the exact black version of your Jack. We keep his hair quite short though and because he is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab, he doesn’t shed too much. We have trained him not to climb on the sofa unless his special blanket is on it. We have quite a list of all the things he has eaten (dryer-ball, anyone?)but he pretty much stopped eating strange things at about the 2 year mark (knock on wood). He has brought so much joy to our lives, I honestly could not imagine life without him! The other funny thing he does is groan. If he thinks we aren’t paying attention to him, he will groan and then slump down with a big “harumph”. It is so funny! And Doodle’s noses! Aren’t they huge? Love it!

  61. Jack is adorable — and I am not even a dog person! Super cute photos, especially of his fuzzy-fluffy head and feet! Too cute!

  62. What a great post! I use to have a golden retriever that would lick my fast every morning to wake me up! This post almost made me cry thinking about him! But on a lighter note, Jack is adorable. Makes me want to get another dog!

  63. That was such a nice post!! I have a Lab named Oscar. And he is the part of our family too. =)
    He always welcomes us cheerfully whether we are out for the entire day or even for half an hour.
    And after we come back home from a long tiring day we First put water in his bowl and later on have ourselves :)
    He loves eating anything and everything as far as it is edible and makes puppy faces whenever we sit to have something.

    We love him sooooo much !!

  64. too cute! We have a 6 month old lab shep mix (she is pretty small for her two breeds – only up to about 40 pounds) and luckily, she took very well to puppy school. Though we very much still come home to chewed shoes (her fave), papers tossed everywhere…etc.

    Puppies are awesome!

  65. Jack is ADORABLE!

    We have three Boxers. If you know anything about Boxers, you know that they are puppies till the day they die. They sleep on our beds and love to cuddle any time of day or night. One night Dayzee May, our neurotic girl, was sleeping behind me. During the night, she often lays the side of her head on top of the side of my face. On one particular night, I vaguely became aware of her turning and laying her face on mine, only she suddenly felt cool and a bit wet. I lifted my hand up to touch her to find that she had…GACKED IN MY EAR…she didn’t even wake up. Later, my mom bought me a musical card with a dog on the cover…the song on the inside was, “I’m sorry! So Sorry!”. She signed the card by stamping it with Dayzee’s pawprint.

  66. Jack is the cutest! I love Doodles! I have a labradoodle and she knows she is the apple of our eyes. She cannot stand it if I pay attention to the baby or another dog. Starts whining and pushing on my hand, like a three year old child would! She gets her hugs and kisses each night before bed and gets tucked in with her blanket…spoiled I tell ya. But she is a member of our family and I wouldn’t give her any less!

  67. I have a delightful 10 year old harlequin Great Dane named Eleanor. This dog has the most human-like expressions I’ve ever seen. She watches TV and enjoys YouTube videos. Eleanor firmly believes she is a small puppy and has absolutely no idea that her hind end even exists. The thump of her tail on the wall causes her to about jump out of her skin.

    Eleanor is the queen of comfy in our house. She sprawls across her beds, crawls up on the couch and drools all over the pillows, and every so often declares my bed as her domain. She is content to squirm under the covers and position all the pillows to her liking.

    Despite the ups and downs of adopting a geriatric dane (adopted at 7 after she “used up” by a puppy mill), I wouldn’t give her up for the world.

  68. http://thedomesticlady.com/2012/03/08/bi-polar-chihuahua/ I posted about my little dog a few months ago. Dogs are just great friends. Would be hard to live without him.

  69. Jack is adorable! I love how you refer to your son as his boy. Wasn’t that in some children’s book?

  70. I have found some awesome room ideas on your site but, this article had me giggling the entire time thinking about our two Shih-tzus you definitely have a new fan!

  71. oh melissa — such a touchingly lovely post! jack is adorable.

  72. I have three kids of my own:) Blue: a four month old dacshund/pit, Roxo: a three year old pit/lab/boxer/golden retriever( who is currently make it entirely to difficult to type as he refuses to move off my arm. He is definitly a mommies boy)and Annabear: a two yr old St.Bernard. MY days are filled with walks. Picking up blues accidents or chewing disasters ( the most recent one being eating the 3, x, and e key off my laptop) Chasing the little (well one is little) ones around the park because they do not want to stop playing. Drool and dog hair galore. The wagging tail and guilty look of Roxo when he ate my dinner off the table as I went to grab a glass of water. Coming home from work and getting knocked on my butt by a 175 lb Annabear because Daddy thinks its cute and I cannot seem to train her to stop jumping with him contradicting me, and all the chaos, frusteration and craziness that comes with owning 300 lbs of dog. But its also filled with the sweetest puppy kisses. The knowing look of “Mom I know something is wrong, so I am going to lay my head on your shoulder and just let you cry until you have nothing left in you.” The excited little jumps and barking when daddy mentions car rides. Watching Roxo (100 lbs) lay there with the rope in his mouth while Blue(20 lbs) tugs so ferociously at it growling and trying so hard to get it from his brother. Smiling as I watch Annabear ever so gently wrestling with Blue. Laughing because Roxo has a weird obsession with burying his face in the grass and just running, and Blue loves to chase Annabears tail ( he amuses himself with it for hrs!!!) And at the end of the day I curl up with my fiance in our king size bed and somehow still have no room. Roxo sleeps across our feet, Blue wedges himself in between us with his head on my neck and Annabear plants herself across all our pillows until right before we fall asleep and she jumps on the floor because she is too hot.I wake up and go to sleep everyday content in the fact that those dogs are my kids, I would die for them and them for me (Roxo has proven it when we had someone break into our house) I love the craziness, the frusteration, the energy, the smiles, the laughter, and most o0f all the love they have brought into my life. They will always have a place in my heart and home even after they vare gone:)

    • I shared this with my fiance and this was his reply:)

      Now she gets how i feel :) and you wonder why i dont want to get up and fold laundry when the dogs curl up on me or when annabear or roxo jump up in my lap and roll on their backs demand a belly rub.Or Blue attacks me with kisses the minute I get home and sit down after work. Or when i walk into the bedroom and find roxo wiggling back and forth, upside down with his head hanging off the bed and he messed all the covers up. And then he sees you and freezes……. staring through the wrinkles on his face and the upside down jowls, and all you can do is smile and think of submitting a picture to upside-down dog.com. Only in a moment of joyous chaos like this can you really understand what loving your dog is truly about :)

  73. I just found your blog and I adore it!
    We’re also planning to get a goldendoodle in a few weeks and we can’t wait. Did you get him a metal crate as his first bed with a divider or did you use another type of kennel?
    I’m looking forward to reading more stuff!

  74. I have a goldendoodle named Jack too!!

  75. Our schnoodle, Zoey, watches TV as much as any human. Her favorites are Animal Planet and Dog with a Blog. She will wait and wait and watch and watch for any animal to come on the TV and then she goes crazy. From another room, she will hear a commercial beginning, which features a dog [or cat] and come running to watch it. Also chews a bone while on her back using her paws to steady it. Adorable.

  76. We also have a goldendoodle at our house and she is like Jack’s twin! Her favorite spot is our blue chair and she has claimed it as her own. She also loves her kennel and is very curious. Reading about Jack made me smile :)

  77. Soooo ironic! I have a 9 year old goldendoodle named Jack. He’s the most loyal dog with a big personality. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. Its so funny seeing the resemblances between the two

  78. My son just bought a golden doodle for his wife and it’s a boy. I thought they’d want a girl puppy. The breeder is a friend of mine and has been trying to get him to get one for my DIL and grandkids. She told me the boys are the best dogs ever! I can’t wait to see him. I just told my friend I followed a blog that has one! He so pretty/handsome😁 She breeds several different types of dogs. Idk how she parts with them🐕. I live in Alabama my friend that raises the puppie lives in Tennessee. Who knows your Jack could have come from her😁

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