H ello from New York! I’m off on an anniversary adventure with my hubby this week sightseeing and enjoying the city! Yahoo! Then I’m meeting up with a blogging friend you all know for a girls’ day of shopping and maybe some coffee at a charming cafe—and we will be taking you with us! More on that to come.

Have you been to NYC? What are your favorite things  to see?

p.s. you can follow the rest of my trip on instagram: @theinspiredroom




  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip!! Happy anniversary!

  2. i love THE CITY! My hubby and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in NYC this September! :) Have a wonderful time…I look forward to checking out your instagram…i’ll live vicariously through you while I twiddle my thumbs in kansas. :)

    • Oh awesome!! We didn’t plan our trip in advance, but we are having a great time and are stumbling upon all sorts of awesome places!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time! My daughter leaves in a week to go. She has tickets for the 3rd row of Wicked….If you have not seen it, you HAVE to…best thing I have EVER seen in my life.

  4. Have fun! I live in ny state, so I’m in ny all the time. I actually work there part time on Friday nights and Sunday during the day. It’s going to be great weather this weekend for u!

  5. I must be an amazing fresh eyes…I was born and raised here so its just the same old, same old and, in typical NY style, I have never been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building… and I’m 56!….Now I live out on the North Fork (country) and going to the city jams my frequencies! Happy Anniversary …that’s the real gift!

  6. My two friends and I are ready to “get on the Chinese Laundry” bus and spent the day in NYC!!! We’re off to see “Priscilla.” Aren’t the store windows just AH MAZE ING!! franki

  7. Have fun. I am envious!

  8. How fun and romantical! May you two have a renewed sense of each other and a renewing of your spirit while you are there. All alone. Without work or children. Alone together!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I love, love, love NY! My husband and I have been there several times but we need to go again – I need another fix!

    We usually go to eat. Spice Market is one of our favourite places. Eataly for lunch or snack. Grimaldi’s for pizza. Ouest is also good and I could go on and on…..

    We love books so a stop at Strand Bookstore is a must.

    We’ve also done the usual – Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Central Park, walked the Brooklyn Bridge, saw a Broadway show, walked and shopped 5th Ave. etc. One cool tour we did was the Tenement Museum. Very interesting to see how people lived. You actually get to tour an old tenement building.

    Whatever you do, have fun!

  10. Oh- so wonderful- Happy Anniversary you will have a wonderful time.

  11. Isn’t it wonderful that you have a little breathing room again so that you can take some time away? Happy Anniversary! May your week be filled with many lovely memories in the making.

  12. I love to get double decker pass and explore the city on my own!!

  13. We loved New York when we visited as newly weds. We are planning to return next year with our two teenage daughters. Have fun

  14. Laura B Jenkins says:

    Won’t go to NYC without a trip to Ground Zero…and pizza at Lombardi’s…Happiest Anniversary..hoping for clear, sunshine filled days and cool nights..

  15. I’m a native New Yorker who lives in Arizona now. Ah…my favorite haunts are the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where I spent MANY hours in my favorite exhibits: Egyptian, Medieval and Asian rooms before I was hired by them. Oh and that wonderful Edward Burnes-Jones exhibit so long ago.), Greenwich Village where my son and I ate at the Slaughtered Lamb (West 4th Street not too far from Washington Square Park) and the many odd shops in the East (St. Marks Place) and West Villages. I left before 9/11 so I was not there when it all happened. Also the endless bookstores. You can find some neat ones tucked away in the East Village. I know everyone does the usual tourist thing but there are many tiny places tucked away that only natives know about. I remember there was a button shop on E. 9th, but I am sure it is long gone. But yes, it was all about buttons! The Cloisters, which belongs to the Met, is at the very tip of Manhattan. Definitely a place to visit if one loves Medieval and religious art. Think Book of Kells.
    Have fun, nonetheless. :-)

  16. Looks like a blast!! LOVE your red boots ;)

  17. Christine says:

    LOVE the city…going there this weekend for the Norwegian Independence Day Parade in Brooklyn. Been there many times – the last trip we visited the 9/11 Memorial – very moving, a must see. Some of our other places are Smac (gourmet macaroni and cheese to die for), Whole Foods, Katz’s Deli and where ever our feet/subway will take us. BTW – New Yorkers are some of the most friendly people around – they are just extremely focused!

  18. Happy anniversary Jer and Melissa!!! Love you both,and sending huge hugs! May the Lord bless you with many happy years to come.

  19. Oh I loved New York when we visited–and that’s been almost 12 years ago. I so wish I could go back. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  20. What fun! Is it a special anniversary? Hubby and I went to NYC for our 5th anniversary (we’ve been married 31 years now) and I got the flu part way through. My fever was 104 when we landed home again in Toronto and we were the last plane in before the shut the airport down because of a snow storm. My head was just killing me as we drove through Central Park and visited museums. I couldn’t wait for the 4 hours to be us so I could take more tylenol. I would sit in the middle of the room in the MOMA and hubby would go and see what famous not-to-be missed pieces there were and then I would focus on those from the bench and then then move to the next room. It made for a memorable trip – although maybe some of those memories I could have done with out – ha! Here’s hoping you stay healthy. Enjoy!

  21. I am new to the site. Love it. I have a golden doodle, 3 1/2 yrs old and about 50 lbs. She squeezed thru the car sunroof ( which was only opened half way) to get to us while we were having lunch. I love these dogs but after a 3 hr hike- about 5 miles along the Seattle beaches – you would think she needed a nap. NOPE.

  22. It’s a fun city, isn’t it? So glad you got to make this trip! It’s a long way from WA State to NYC, but don’t you think even a long plane trip is fun sitting by your sweetheart? :)

  23. I’m so glad you took a PediCab instead of a horse drawn carriage! The horses are treated horribly and it’s abuse to have them out in the traffic congested streets of Manhattan. Thank you for your compassion!

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