One Chair — Three Looks

One Chair -- Three Looks

Mix up the accessories with a classic piece of furniture to give the room a whole new look!

Versatile Furniture

One Chair, Three Looks

When you have a classic piece of furniture, the options for styling and updating your look are endless. Here, I pulled together three reading corners, each in a different style — all with the same wingback chair as the foundation. I love how each space has a different feel just by switching out the accessories!

One Chair -- Three Looks


One Chair -- Three Looks


One Chair -- Three Looks

Do you have versatile furniture you can pair with updated accessories to get a new look?


Reading Corner #1: 

Chair: Jayson Home
Pillow: ABC Home
Throw: Land’s End
End Table: Overstock
Lamp: Wisteria
Rug: West Elm

Reading Corner #2 :

Chair: Jayson Home
Pillow: Wisteria
Blanket: Mar Marco
Wall Light:  Circa Lighting
Garden Stool:  Jayson Home
Rug: West Elm

Reading Corner #3 :

Chair: Jayson Home
Rug: The Rug Company
Pillow:  ABC Home
End Table: ABC Home
Pouf: Z Gallerie
Lamp: Jayson Home


One Chair -- Three Looks


  1. Oh how fun this is! I am in love with the yellow throw in number 3…so many places that happy little thing could go in my home.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmmm…# 2 or #3….#3 or # 2…. franki

  3. #1! Reminds me of a cozy place to read for the Fall : )

  4. love the coziness of that first look

  5. I am so bad at mixing and matching traditional pieces into my contemporary home; I love the look though! Can’t decide which of those three looks I love most :)

  6. Really fun post. I love that you shared how people can update their look. I ‘play’ with client pieces in this very way (and constantly in my own space). Great visual styling ideas.

  7. I love the second look the best! A great chair is a starter for lots of looks.

  8. I love all three, but the second look is my favorite! Our sofa is a very similar color to that chair, so we are loving finding all sorts of ways that we can style our living room!

  9. I love #1! Looks so cozy and calm.

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