Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

Blue & White Collections

As I go through my house reorganizing things bit by bit, I sometimes make happy little discoveries. Like finally finding the missing black cabinet drawer we lost when we moved from Oregon to Washington.

Three years ago.

Eh hem.

Or this weekend when I discovered I had quite an assortment of pretty blue and white things stashed away in boxes. I put a few of them together on a shelf, and now I have an unexpected collection of blue and white to display and enjoy.

Such a happy discovery!

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}

 Do you ever make unexpected discoveries while reorganizing your house?

Are you following along with my kitchen remodel? I know I’m totally overdue for an update, so stay tuned. Ha.

Unexpected Discoveries {Blue & White Collection}


  1. In my opinion you are allowed a free pass on things misplace after a move. Moves arr so stressful, especially cross state. It’s like when you find money in an old purse you pull back out–delightful error.

    That’s what I told myself when I ran out of steam in July regarding unpacking after our fourth and final move in 19 month. Some stuff was coming out of storage, etc. I still have a few trunks sitting and eyeing me that I’m avoiding. But judging from your discovery of stunning blue and white, maybe there are surprises in there! I’m almost done decorating my library (with the help of Darlene at fieldstone hill) and I found a lot of brass bookends I’d forgotten about that fit perfectly with the room design.
    Sarah recently posted..Concerning Fairy GardensMy Profile

  2. Those look great, and what a wonderful surprise! I especially like the blue tea kettle. I love that A A Milne quote!
    Kelly – Talk of the House recently posted..Where Do You Hang Your Coat?My Profile

  3. There’s nothing like finding some long-lost or forgotten treasures in the back of the cupboard or the bottom of a box or in a pile that badly needs sorting through.

    I think most of mind are in huge Rubbermaid bins on basement shelves. Treasured things I collected over the years at auctions, flea markets, and garage sales that are too fun to part with, but not quite fun enough to have on display upstairs.

    I just might be motivated to head on down there today …
    Linda Stoll recently posted..Quieting UsMy Profile

  4. We just moved…and when I say just I mean last week! We’re still in box overload. ((I know I should be unpacking instead of reading blogs))) anyway. Its funny I was decorating our master bathroom, and all the things that were on our mantle have now wound up in our bathroom. They look great! Nothing new needed. Just an open mind and clean pallet.
    Deana recently posted..Good News Comes via Email!My Profile

  5. Yes, once found a beautiful sunset landscape I had purchased at a auction in my basement. Oh had cOme home to a house fire so guess good reason to lose it for a while.

  6. Yes! Moving does that. I can’t believe all the things I found when I packed up for our last move. 11 years in one place with lots of unopened boxes means LOTS of discoveries. My intention in this place is to use those discoveries (not all at one time – haha!).
    I love blue and white. Always. Always. Lovely!!!
    Diane recently posted..Not 10, Not 40, But 100 Percent Chance of RainMy Profile

  7. Not only do I make unexpected discoveries, but sometimes putting one thing down absent-mindedly helps me pick a wonderful new layout or juxtaposition of elements. Your blue collection is very pretty! Love it!!
    Carrie recently posted..31 Days to Lovely Little SpacesMy Profile

  8. So pretty (and useful, too!) franki

  9. Now that is a delightful find. Such a lovely grouping of blue and white and I especially like the tea pot. Do you use it?

  10. I didn’t realize how much milk glass I had until I started cleaning up our basement after the reno. I think grouping it in one place will have high impact like your blue and white collection which looks so lovely!
    Shauna recently posted..Satori’s Blogiversary + Giveaway Event {Day One}My Profile

  11. Absolutely! I went to reorganize a corner cabinet to fit a box of glassware I had been shuffling around in my dining room for two years….and in clearing out the cabinet realized I was finding quite a few salt and pepper shakers I had forgotten about. I didn’t set out to collect them, nor consider that something I collected, but by the end of clearing out realized I had over two dozen sets!!! I had no idea I had that many! I repurposed the “teacup shelf”my grandpa made for me and put them all on display in my newly painted kitchen, they look great and the kids switch out which set we use at the table all the time!
    Love the addition of the baby elephant to the display!

  12. no but I constantly make them while going through our storage shed LOL

  13. We’ve lived in our home for three years – and had three moves in quick succession before that. This weekend, I cleaned out and organized our garage – tools together, sports together, camping together, etc. I found a bucket of wiffle balls that my son used in elementary school (he’s a sophomore now – and doesn’t play baseball). I found a couple of bats that are wayyyyy too light. And we had a family afternoon game of wiffle ball. It was fantastic! So fun! Just an unexpected surprise….

  14. I love the blue and white! I rediscovered my Blue Willow china after years of not using it. When I was putting everything back in my cabinets after our kitchen makeover I realized it would look great with my white cabinets. I was happy I didn’t have to go out and buy anything new.
    Jennifer recently posted..Dining Room MakeoverMy Profile

  15. Sad to say, we have moved so often it has always been hard for me to “keep” collections of things. am an “UN-pack” rat in that I toss things away or donate them quickly to avoid having to pack them over agin in a year or two! Now that we are settled in what the hubby calls his “FRP”(final resting place), I am coming to terms with living out my years in our lovely, little country home! I love your little place on the web and am taking many notes on how to get my house to be all “pitty” as my little girl used to say (She is now 20 and I guess, not so little any more). Enjoy the day…

  16. I love that A.A. Milne quote. I might have to hang that in my studio somewhere.
    shelley recently posted..Uncharted Territory: My Read-Aloud Chapter Book Journey with My Six-Year-Old BoyMy Profile

  17. Tracey Bradshaw says:

    We moved house back in May and I am still slowly unpacking boxes – some of which were packed by people other than myself over 4 years ago when I was bedridden for a long stretch following a car accident.
    I have made many delightful discoveries – my books, my craft and sewing gear, photographs, some things that I had totally forgotten about, making their rediscovery so much more exciting (as well as lots of ‘stuff’ that had not been missed which will be moving on to new homes).
    My favorite find so far was a forgotten collection of antique and vintage haberdashery (French buttons, beads, thimbles & buckles) purchased at a yard sale only weeks before the accident.

  18. Yay! You found the missing drawer! :-)

  19. I’m convinced that during moving, gremlins come and make off with items, stowing them away in the most unlikely places. We moved in January and I still can’t find things, or I discover items that I didn’t remember having.

    What lovely serendipity to find your blue and white collection. I love, love that Lomonosov china tea cup. Gorgeous!
    Lorrie recently posted..Blue and Gold Mosaic MondayMy Profile

  20. Love love love the quote from A. A. Milne. I like the cobalt blue and white collections.

  21. I love Lomonosov china. :)
    Tara G. recently posted..A Little Help From My FriendMy Profile

  22. What beautiful discoveries! I love the blue and white teacup with the gold embellishments! :-)
    Maria recently posted..Friday’s Fancies — Back to School!My Profile

  23. Sofia - WinterStays says:

    I love this tea set! I’ve seen so many gorgeous tea sets while traveling the world for the past 3 years, and I always promise myself that I will return one day to buy them all.
    Sofia – WinterStays recently posted..Inward Double Rodeo 990 – Gus Kenworthy = SICK!My Profile

  24. these are so beautiful! Reminds me of ginger jars :)
    how2home recently posted..How to: Make a memorable gift for a special friend :)My Profile

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