{Life Behind The Scenes}

{Life Behind The Scenes}

I have been a busy little bee lately, putting my house back together again now that the major parts of the “remodel” and house painting are done done done! I’m so happy to have my house back to myself. SO HAPPY! It was lovely having people working on my home, but I do like to wake up to a house without workmen around so I can go downstairs for coffee in my jammies.

While I’ve been trying to regain some order in my home, I have been taking little breaks for shopping at some of my favorite stores and squeezing in a couple of fun projects too! You can get the first sneaky peeks of what I’m up to if you are on Instagram because, let’s face it, it is SO easy to snap a pic and send it off to Instagram! But I promise, I’ve got a million and one things to show you all here very soon.

Are you on Instagram? Leave your Instagram user name in the comments! Mine is theinspiredroom!
{Life Behind The Scenes}


  1. How fun! I always enjoy sneak peeks at what people are working on or shopping for and dogs of instagram is also fun. Instagram is fun for that! Looking forward to following you! I’m bloomingange on instagram.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. I’m designingaround on instagram

  3. I’m Eat2gather on IG..looking forward to following you ; )

  4. Melissa, it’s been so fun watching you transform your house. So much going on there these last few months!! I love Instragram for how quick and easy it is. It’s the perfect passtime waiting to pick up one of my kids from school or sports! I am following you…..I’m shine5.

  5. Your pics look like an Anthropologie ad! I love the sconce in your kitchen. I can’t wait to see the rest of it. My Instagram username is classicstylehome.

  6. I have those anthro bowls! Not sure what to do with them yet!

  7. I sense your spirit starting to soar!!! So happy for you!
    Don’t laugh…I tried to sign up for Instagram…but it seems one needs to have a cell phone to do that? One day I will again. Until then….I’ll see your fun on FB! :D

  8. Love Instagram! I’ll definitely be a new follower. I’m laura_holt on IG. :)

  9. Yes! I am loving my new Instagram account. It is like easy blogging ;)
    @fieldstonehill see you there, sweet girl!

  10. Enjoy some quiet mornings … coffee in your pajamas with no workers in the house, must feel delicious.


  11. I love Instagram. @readandtellme

  12. I love Instagram – I’m heatherbquinn there just like on Twitter :)

  13. My instagram is Lib_ster_P – would love to have you as a follower – I already follow you!! I share your love of Anthropologie!!!

  14. Love you to keep up my instagram is kyshine3 Thanks

  15. La_coquette

  16. Julia Swale says:

    Love your blog!, i look forward to reading it every day!…I’m juliaswale on IG.

  17. My IG name is inspiredtime this is my photography IG

  18. Cant wait to see more!

  19. I am on Instagram as gator1378

  20. mine is erincl123 :o)

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