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Living the Life

Living the Life
Living the Life

Living the Life

What have you been up to lately? My daughter and son had the flu over the past week, so we’ve been laying low. No fun! But we are still getting things done around the house! Can’t wait to show you more!
How about you, has the flu hit your house?

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  1. Hitting right now even as we speak. Son in bed. **blech**

  2. No flu here yet! Praying we escape it! I did have strep throat a couple weeks ago which was really random! Hope your family gets well soon! Love the picture of your hubby(?) playing the guitar!

    • Oh good, I hope you escape it too! Grrr on the strep throat though.

      Yep, that’s my hubby with the guitar! It’s nice to have a musician in the house :-)

  3. Thank God, no, I’ve only had flu once and that was back in 1974. The last time I had a 24 hour bug was 10/10 and think it’s because I boost my immune system with Sambucol and elderberry juice.

  4. The blessed life…until the flu hits. :-/ Hope you stay healthy.
    Love the peek at the island and I like what I see :)

  5. We are trying to finish up some house projects because we are hosting a bridal shower at our house in 1 1/2 weeks.Yikes!

  6. Strep, Flu B and the stomach bug/flu hit our three young boys this past week. This momma is exhausted!! The boys are all on the mend – but weak. Homeopathics and vitamins – everyone taking something different. I need a vacation to give my brain a break!!! Sunshine and 19 degrees here in southern Indiana today. So thankful for the beautiful sunshine!! :)

  7. Mary Louise says:

    i love this post….i am sorry you are down with the flu. But your home looks so healing and sweet in these photos. I hope everyone gets well soon!

  8. Fun pics! I LOVE how your kitchen is looking. :) Sorry to hear about the flu! I hope it goes away soon, and takes nobody else down.

  9. I love all the pictures. :) The one with your dog reminded me of the pins I saw the other day of people posing, laying on the ground, etc to get that perfect picture. Would that have been you? ;) Husband just got over the flu. Thankful that I usually don’t get sick. Now we are brainstorming why our water well breaker keeps tripping. Praying it isn’t the pump and we (as in husband) has to pull up 160′ of pipe to get to it. Yikes. Have a blessed day. We are getting much needed rain so we are definitely being blessed.

  10. Oh yes. We’re in recovery mode around here. I can’t believe how a 24-hour stomach virus can take so long to get over. We spent the weekend on the couch, texting other members of our family to see how they fared. In all, 9 of us (one son-in-law escaped) had it. Not fun. Hope you are all feeling stronger each day.

  11. We have been lucky with the flu not making an appearance in this house. Got the flu shot but that doesn’t seem to matter this year. Hope we escape it!


  12. What quiet peaceful photos. Hope the flu has passed and everyone is on the mend. We got hit in the fall.

  13. What a lovely post. Your home is full of joy and beauty. I love how you have touches throughout that are meaningful. We love pets to and all children should be raised with pets so I am so happy to see your beauitful dog is part of your loves as well. I get a flu shot every year for the past 25 years so no flu here but I did have a monster cold that lasted a month and was awful. Hope everyone is better sooln

  14. The only good thing about getting sick is that it forces everyone to stop and slow down a bit. Hope your kiddos are feeling better soon! Please, Melissa, where did you get the adorable animal furniture knobs?

  15. These are such wonderful and heartfelt pictures! I see the Anthropologie ruffled pillow sham you have. That is the softest bedding ever! I pet it everytime I walk by it in the store, lol.

  16. Melissa,
    I’m sorry to hear that your kids are down with the flu. Hopefully they feel better soon . Jack looks like a huge comfort.
    Your home looks stunning BTW.
    Take care,

  17. Cool post! The pictures say everything. And by the way, I love the cup and saucer. It looks antique. What room is that or who’s room is the one with two lampshades and one frame hanging between the windows? I love it. It looks cozy and provides a good view outside. I hope your son gets well soon. I just had the flu last week. Now I’m pretty much okay. Really annoying to have the flu especially with my busy schedule. I’m glad my flu finally left.

  18. What a charmed life!

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