{Weekend Dreaming} Gorgeous Lake House


If I lived here…I would invite you all over for a girls’ weekend lake house party! Girls only.

We would leave all the laptops and cell phones on the other side of the lake so we could enjoy an unplugged weekend!

All of our kids would be taken care of back at home, by family, of course.

We’d sit outside in those chairs late the first night in our jammies and talk, laugh, swap stories and ideas.

In the morning (really late, after we slept in and no one woke anyone up) we’d make coffee and scones and then go out in boats to gently (no one would get sweaty) row around the lake.

We’d stop for lunch at a charming bistro and then spend the afternoon browsing on a lovely little street of quaint shops.

We would suddenly realize we were a little sad that we weren’t able to Instagram or FB about all the fun we were having since it was an unplugged weekend and we didn’t have phones, so we’d ask someone on the street to take our picture and text it to us for later.  Crisis averted.

Then we’d return to the lake house at dusk, make ourselves some fruity drinks and take a nighttime swim in the indoor pool.

Because I dream it must have a pool in that glorious house.

We’d end the day all in our cozy yoga pants, making snacks and watching chick flicks.

By the time the weekend was over, we’d be BFF’s.

Forever more, every time we’d visit each other online, we’d fondly remember our weekend with all of us hanging out at the lake house.

The End. You know? I really like this dream.

What if YOU lived here?
{remember, don’t burst our bubble….this is just for FUN, not real life}
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  1. I like and could really use this dream / reality right now.
    Julie recently posted..Building a Window Cornice – TutorialMy Profile

  2. I’m not sure that I want to break the spell by dreaming up another idea . . . your plans for this house and a girls weekend there sound absolutely perfect. :) Is that what heaven will be like?

  3. Oh my GOODNESS! Heaven!!! If I could earn enough one day, I’d have that as my second home and host a weekend exactly like that once a month. :) {Happy Sigh}
    Jennifer recently posted..GIVEAWAY…and oh, so many things. :)My Profile

  4. …oh! i would come..i would come…only i would be out there in the morning with my coffee watching the sun rise…(and i promise never ever to wake anyone else)…blessings laney

    • Lorena says:

      Laney, I’d be up early with you, we’ll make an early batch of coffee, drink it by the lake side, maybe I would kayak around the lake for an hour, and later make the scones for the other girls, I don’t get hungry that early anyways! The plans for the rest of the day sound absolutely PERFECT!! I know we all agreed that this is just a fantasy, but why can’t it be real?

  5. I am SO in!! Just name the day/time, and tell us where this heavenly NIRVANA is! I think girl time is so restorative! Thanks for your Anthropologie post the other day too. Got my creative juices flown!

  6. Me too!!!

  7. this looks like my dream home! Oh the parties I would have and the food I would prepare!
    Eat 2gather recently posted..Baked Reuben SandwichMy Profile

  8. Miss Mary says:

    If I lived here … I would live happily ever after!

  9. That seriously sounds like HEAVEN. Especially leavin’ the kids at home part. :)
    Mindy recently posted..Crock Pot BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches + Our Latest Meal PlanMy Profile

  10. If I lived there, I would never want to leave. That is probably one of the greatest homes I’ve ever seen.
    My new dream home certainly. Many thanks for sharing!

  11. I would have a big barbecue and invite all of our family and friends to come and visit our dream home. And we would have bouncy houses, a band, and maybe even a giant outdoor movie screen for after dark.
    Nicki recently posted..Living With An Addict- Part 4My Profile

  12. It looks like a fairy tale house… I think I would want to stay there with my prince charming and never leave..ever. lol
    Angela recently posted..The Secret Side of Household Tips: What They Never Told Us!My Profile

  13. Hi Melissa,

    I LOVE your blog. I am interested in speaking to you about advertising my online home decor boutique on your blog. The link to email you is dead so I wanted to know the best way to reach you.
    Thank you,
    Katie Culp

  14. Count me in Melissa!! It sounds like a perfect weekend. :)
    I might add some awesome music….who plays guitar?..and a fire and candlelight for those late nights.
    Now only if dreams would be come reality. Ahhhhh….
    Diane recently posted..Spring’s Official Arrival :: Winter Aconites :: The Week at a Glance 3/16My Profile

  15. Perfect!

  16. Almost like I was there…great dream!

  17. I’ve had the same dream!!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful….. aww, a glass of wine and no worries. Thanks for your blog!!! You made my day and many other days, thank you!!! :)
    Shannon recently posted..MinecraftMy Profile

  18. That’s a gorgeous house, and you can count me in for the fantasy weekend. I wouldn’t change one detail!
    Brenda recently posted..Erin Go Bragh!My Profile

  19. I’m already packed. I tossed my phone into the lake while skipping across that gangplank to your house. I’m ready!
    Cynthia Robertson Shaffer recently posted..master bath restyle #1: hooks! lovely hooks!My Profile

  20. Kristin in VA says:

    Just tell me when to show up! Thanks for all the inspirational posts! Reading your blog is an escape for me!

  21. I say matching jammies for everyone! You know what they say….dreaming is the first stage to making it happen.
    Happy Day
    teresa recently posted..Flourish Getting ready for Open House-My Profile

  22. I think I might have to wake up early in that house just so I wouldn’t miss any of the glorious sunshine that I imagine streaming through every window! Living in the PNW, I just wish for sunshine more than anything.

    And I might want to sleep on the lawn, just so I could see the stars as I drifted off to sleep, listening to giggles of happy women!

  23. This house looks amazingly beautiful. I don’t think your plan can be improved upon! It’s a pretty dreamy house, that’s for sure.

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