{Garden House} Dreaming of a Greenhouse for the Backyard

{Garden House} Dreaming of a Greenhouse for the Backyard

Garden House

Greenhouse via BHG

Our weather in the NW has been pretty fantastic lately, I am so inspired for summer! I’m still planning my backyard makeover. I can’t help myself, I think I love dreaming about a charming yard this time of year as much as I love looking at beautiful homes.

What is it about a garden that is so romantic?

I think this beautiful garden house would be a perfect addition to a backyard (MY backyard hahah). Most charming greenhouse EVER? Yes! It would fit into my garden design plans quite nicely! I can imagine myself puttering around in there, planting herbs in cute pots and tending to seedlings. And I don’t even have a green thumb! What’s up with me and gardens? I just love them.

I don’t really want to burst my own dream bubble, but sadly this lovely greenhouse probably won’t be in my budget for this year. 

Sigh. But a girl can dream. You never know what might happen if you dream big, right?

So what I want to know is, do any of you have a greenhouse? Do you love it? Talk to me.

Check out these links for more summer house or garden sheds inspiration pictures!

PS. I’ve got a “front entry makeover” update for you soon, just taking the pics!

{Garden House} Dreaming of a Greenhouse for the Backyard


  1. No greenhouse here, but if I had that one I would probably “hide” there from time to time. :D

  2. I bought a greenhouse, $150, from Tractor Supply and it’s been fabulous. My greenhouse is about 6×8 feet and big enough to handle any/everything I want to do. It’s been a joy to me.
    If the greenhouse in your post is made of glass, it’s quite impractical for that location. One tree branch in one wind storm and shattered glass means a lot of clean up and expense.

  3. I have a greenhouse that I actually turned into a playhouse for my daughter. It makes our backyard!! I just did an update post about it if you want to check it out. :)

  4. I would love to have a green house or a conservatory but I do not have one yet. Until then I will just be inspired by all of those that I see in the magazines and on blogs.

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth

  5. Yes, I do have a greenhouse and spend a lot of time in there! My hubby built it from recycled materials. The windows are from old sliding glass doors, most of the wood from a garage we dismantled. My youngest son and I removed a zillion nails from that lumber!! But my friend has a small pre-fab greenhouse that works quite well. They put it on a block foundation so it would be high enough to stand in and she enjoys it very much. She’s growing tomatoes in there right now.

  6. We’re dreaming of a very cool greenhouse, too, Melissa. We have one that we’ve used for years, but it’s getting tired and old. :) Happy weekend, friend!

  7. We are in the midst of a front-yard makeover. I live in the desert, but when I’m done I’ll have a formal (with much of it edible) garden in my front yard.

    I used to have a black thumb–but then I took a ton of gardening classes about gardening in the desert, and I learned what I need to succeed here. The more I try, the more I learn what works for me.

  8. Hello Melissa- I am originally from Seattle as well – actually, Everett, but moved to Colorado about nine years ago. I live in Castle Rock, about 30 miles S.E. of Denver, and although I love this beautiful State, growing anything is a challenge, unlike Seattle where just about anything you put in the ground has a pretty good chance of growing! Before moving to Castle Rock 3 years ago, we lived in a small town called Elizabeth, CO, where my husband built a beautiful little greenhouse attached to the back of our kitchen. He built it entirely of recycled materials – the walls were from doors that had been in a remodeled grocery store, and the entrance was an old screen door that he had found in our barn when he moved here and covered in greenhouse plastic. He also tiled the floor in tiles he found on freecycle. It was big enough for us to sit in on some beautiful purple wicker chairs that we found at a garage sale. It was a lovely place, and we dream of having another someday – the one in the picture you posted would be ideal! Your Blog is absolutely beautiful!

  9. My glass green house is small, metal supports for the glass, floor of slate. I never use it. It is either too cold or too hot, it leaks when it rains, the door sticks. I thought it would be a great place to read in the winter when there isn’t much sun. Too cold. I put in a tiny pot bellied stove and the first time I made a fire in the stove the heat cracked the most of the glass in the greenhouse. I like the idea of a greenhouse but it has not worked out for me.

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