Cottage with a Charming Pool House {Weekend Dreaming}

Cottage with a Charming Pool House {Weekend Dreaming}

Cottage with a Charming Pool House {Weekend Dreaming}

House Beautiful

As long as this house was in a sunny location, I think it would be heavenly to have a backyard pool!

If I lived here, I’d swim every day and be strong and thin! Yay for that!

Cottage with a Charming Pool House {Weekend Dreaming}

And that pool house? Take a peek at what it looks like inside. So awesome. I think I’d take it over the charming pool house as my own little blogging studio. CuteNESS!

Now it’s your turn! What if YOU lived HERE?

If I lived here is an occasional weekend series here on The Inspired Room, just for dreaming!

Cottage with a Charming Pool House {Weekend Dreaming}


  1. If I lived here, I would plant lots of pots of colorful flowers; then sit back in one of those comfy cushioned chairs with a tall glass of sweet iced tea.

  2. MarieRoxanne says:

    If I lived here I would get rid of the pool, and plant a garden. I don’t like pools… yes, I may be the exception!

  3. If I lived here, I would be by the pool side from sun up to sun down, reading and blogging and loving life.

  4. KATHYSUE says:

    I don’t live in that particular house but I do have a pool very similar in a sunny spot and trust me you would probably not swim every day, but I must say I do love seeing it outside my window, especially when we have the fountain on and I love that sound of splashing water. I don’t have a pool house unless you consider my live-in house a pool house. LOL
    Happy Weekend,

  5. No doubt about it, Melissa. I’d cut my hair short and spend so much time in the water I’d be a prune. And probably all wrinkled from the sun too. Haha!! I dream of having one of those small pools…I think they are called endless pools…to swim in but not take up a bunch of room. And then to float and sun in. That sounds wonderful. But, I digress. I love the pool house too. So…between swims I would host more swims and easy outdoor grilling parties. I could really get into it…as long as the sun was shining. ;)
    Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!

  6. I like the way the stuff are kept in the open shelves. They look cluttered but so beautifully cluttered :)

  7. I love that house! How lovely is that. I love my house, too, even though it isn’t as awe inspiring as that one.

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