Quirky & Classic Entry

Quirky & Classic Entry

via Atlanta Homes

“I’ve always loved quirky things that are mixed with classic,”

says Ann {the homeowner}.

“More than anything, I wanted this house to be fun.”

I think that is a lovely way to approach a home, don’t you? Reminds me of this post. 

Do you ever think about the words you might use to describe your home?

Quirky & Classic Entry


  1. I’d describe my home as coastal-cottage-beach-relaxed-traditional-americana looking. Even though we do live in coastal Louisiana, we’re a good 40 miles from the Gulf…so no, it’s not quite authentic. But you know, it makes me happy. ;)
    Susan recently posted..The Great Galveston Family Vacation ~My Profile

  2. I’m obsessed with those floors


  3. I sooooo love that door! This is exactly the kind of door I will look for when I build a house. Now I’m torn because yellow is really great and beautiful color for a door, but I kind of love teal and turquoise. Yikes! I’ll figure it out — I’ve got years to do so. Definitely gives that otherwise very simple space an excellent pop of color!
    Celena Green recently posted..Tattoos: Good or Bad?My Profile

  4. Cathy Bagi says:

    Today, this day, God has used you, to inspire me, a sixty year-old mother of five, Nana of five, to believe
    in myself and my own giftings. I also see everything as a magazine cover!! I just thought I was a bit weird
    but now I realize,[thanks to your blog] that I will carry on, being completely who God made me to be. Also
    for my generation, this blogging and sharing is pretty new stuff. But I am discovering it and loving it all.
    Thank you, and God bless you

    Cathy Bagi

  5. judith mallory says:

    Please, Melissa, tell us where to get those floors!

  6. HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and you have been such an inspiration! And congratulations on BHG! What an honor and you deserve it!
    Corrie recently posted..A Shelf On The FlyMy Profile

  7. Hi Melissa, I am in love with the yellow front door, the floors and as you said the character overall is wonderful. I guess I would have to use the words my guest have used over the years. Peaceful, comfortable,classic, with a touch of elegance.
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  8. I love the idea of a home full of classic and fun pieces. I’ve been thinking I need a little more more fun for our home in colour and pattern here and there – something to makes us smile. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Kristin says:

    I like to think of my home as a growing collection. I love to collect items on my travels and display them as memories around my mom. I especially love finding art work from local artists.

    It is important to me though that my home is relaxed and comfortable as well, with beautiful character.

  10. Love a home with lots of character…quirky included. My Home style- If I like it I make it work. =) I think at times I don’t really have a style….but then I see a pattern happening as I shop…so maybe I do. I love, old, reused, vintage, soft blue and white.
    Happy Day
    teresa recently posted..All in a week-My Profile

  11. I’ve never seen wood floors like those before and I’m assuming they are reclaimed wood. They’re gorgeous whatever they are! I also really love the choice of color for the door. It is eye catching and fresh all at the same time!

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