Smells Like Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon


Smells Like Sweet Vanilla CinnamonI love for my house to smell delicious in every season.

I’d prefer no one makes it smell bad for any reason. Ever.

It’s kind of a deal breaker for me.

In the spring and summer, I love the scent of citrus or lemongrass or jasmine wafting through the house.

My summer Anthro candle basically smells like Heaven.

But if if Heaven has a Fall season, which I certainly believe with all my heart it will :-), it will probably smell like vanilla. Or cloves. Or cinnamon and orange. Or probably some warm and delicious combination of all of them.

Ideally, the scent would be from flowers in the spring and baking in the fall.

But sometimes at our house, it’s from a candle.

My current favorite fall candle, which I shared back in August (I get started early haha), smells divine.

I love that candle so much, I just got a new one just like it, but in THIS cute jar (above). I got mine at Anthropologie.

Wish you could take a big SNIFF and see what I mean about it smelling divine.

And because the jar is red & white, it makes me get a wee bit excited about Christmas, which in case you haven’t noticed yet,  is only like 68 days away if you want to plan ahead a little.

You are welcome. 

Smells Like Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon

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Smells Like Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon


  1. I saw this candle in an Anthropologie store here in London and the gorgeous shape of the vessel caught my eye almost as much as the scent itself! Cheers from England! Will

  2. Sweet vanilla cinnamon? Oh, I wish I could scratch and sniff my computer screen right now! Like you, I love the scents of fall! Little things like scents do make such a simple difference!

  3. I have that candle on a candle warmer in my classroom after your post in August. I alternate between it and Volcano. The students all love it and prevents my room from smelling like sweaty teenage boys.

  4. Christine says:

    I’m going to have to find an Anthropologie store in my area and got here and smell this candle. It got rave reviews on the website. I’m a big time candle nut. So I will have to see what this one smells like. The container is very nice, too. Good to keep after candle is gone and use for something else.
    By the way….the pumpkin squares came out wonderfully delicious!! I made it with gluten free flour and used vegan cream cheese and Earth Balance butter. I can’t have dairy, either. Anyways, it was soooo good!! :-) Thanks for the recipe. Everyone else liked it too and they’re not plagued with the same sensitivities as I am.

  5. Cinnamon and vanilla are my two most favorite scents. I bet they are heaven together. Is this a soy candle or a regular wax candle.


  6. I’m hooked on pumpkin spice scents right now…I love different scents to reflect the seasons…

  7. I would love to smell that candle through this computer! I need a fall candle! Oh, made your pumpkin bars, took them to a blue grass get together. Everyone loved them ! Thanks, my new favorite bar!

  8. I would buy this just for the jar! It’s adorable —- filled with that yummy vanilla cinnamon scent is a real cherry on top!! I smell a trip to Anthropologie in my future!

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