Natural Decor: Decorating with Branches

fall leaves

Do you love to go for walks in the fall? I do!

I know many people might think of a favorite store, Pinterest or a blog as their first place to go for home decor ideas, but to me there’s nothing as inspiring and creatively invigorating as simply taking a walk outside. There is so much creativity and beauty to be found in nature. From colors to textures to objects like beautiful branches, pine cones and leaves — it is all so inspiring to me!

Right now when you take a deep breath outside my door, it smells exactly like Christmas trees. That is one of the most awesome things about living in the northwest! We’ve got lots of beautiful trees! And it smells divine.

nature walk for decorating

And as a bonus with all the amazing trees, oftentimes on my walks I find sticks, branches, leaves, pine cones and other natural treasures.

decorating with branches

Two years ago I found a branch outside to hang Christmas ornaments on my window. 

fall mantel

This fall in my yard I found some branches with pretty colored leaves to use in a hurricane vase on my mantel.

birch branches

But THIS WEEK, on a walk on what might have been the most glorious day of Fall so far, I found the motherload of branches on the ground around some trees. Birch branches, moss covered sticks, and small logs.

Needless to say, I was THRILLED to see them.

I may have let out a little squeal of joy and called them my pretties.

I may have picked up so many that my husband had to drive back with the car to bring them all home.

I may have brought home one beautiful branch (not pictured) even taller than my front door (which is pretty tall!).

I was thrilled.

Yep. Now I have BIG plans for branches in my holiday decor.

What are your favorite places to find branches?

christmas front porch branch decor pottery barn

front porch with branches via Pottery Barn

Here is a great inspiration post from a couple of years back with lots of ideas and photos of branches in decor: the most versatile holiday decor!

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  1. We have a little park near our house where I walk my sweet doggie every day. It’s always full of nature’s beautiful bounty – loose limbs, pine cones, acorns, rocks, leaf clusters, berries, dried weeds of various kinds. I’m always carting something home to use in our decoration. I’m sure the neighbors get a kick out of watching me juggle branches and bundles of weeds while my dog hauls me down the street! I’m right with you, Melissa! It’s the BEST decorating material! Who can make prettier decorations than the Lord Himself!? My fall mantel is currently displaying some recent finds – oak leaves (still green), some red firebush leaves, and a couple of acorns that look like they’re wearing winter hats! Love it!

  2. I’m with you, Melissa. Nothing is more beautiful than lichen and peeling bark on an old tree branch. Isn’t God’s artistry phenomenal?

  3. Melissa…
    Not having access to all the usual goodies in this “in between” stage I’m currently living. I decided I needed to look to nature for my supplies. Armed with a good pruner and some paddle wire and God’s magnificent trove of natural goodies, I was able to create some natural loveliness. You know…I think it’s way more fun and fulfilling than anything a store has to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing what you put together. Have fun!!
    Diane recently posted..Be…Creative :: Natural Fall Wreath TutorialMy Profile

  4. I love the photo of the leaves. There is nothing better than kicking your way through a huge pile of autumn leaves as you walk through the park! And the last picture of the Christmas lights in the branches gets me really excited. So pretty and atmospheric…lovely…

  5. You’ve said it well, Melissa! As much as we all love blogging, let’s turn those screens off and head outside for a hike!

    Linda recently posted..People 101 : : Day 29 : : Giveaway #5 – King’s Faith DVDMy Profile

  6. I love using branches…for every season! This year I cut up a fallen white birch tree to use in several ways. It looks so pretty stacked in the fireplace. The only bad news is that I tweaked my back while using the chainsaw…nothing a few dozen trips to the chiropractor wont fix!!
    Laura recently posted..Fine Art Photography Giveaway…My Profile

  7. kristin m says:

    I’m with you. I love branches and have been known to haul a fallen tree branch (or even a small tree) into the house for decor. I have curtain rods made of branches and branches standing upright in urns. I much prefer real natural elements to fake ones.

  8. The branches look so pretty, and I wouldn’t have thought that by myself. If I came home with a huge branch, I think my husband will have thought I’d gone crazy…haha
    Lisa recently posted..I’m Just Different Now…{Miguel’s Missionary Moment}My Profile

  9. Me too me too =) yes, a walk around the yard or country side! When I get a chance I even plant things in my yard for the soul reason of “growing” a centerpiece. =)
    Love the way you think.
    Happy Day
    teresa recently posted..Monday’s five-My Profile

  10. I’m so excited to see what you do with these. I literally live IN THE FOREST outside of Great Smoky Mountain National Park and we have glorious branches EVERYWHERE! I’m looking forward to the ideas!
    Missy Robinson recently posted..I Didn’t Believe in Soul Mates Until I Bared My SoulMy Profile

  11. I love that branch above your winder hanging bulbs!! Such a great idea.
    Tanya recently posted..Three Key Characteristics of a Smart Social Media PolicyMy Profile

  12. I love your collection of birch branches! Can’t wait to see where you put them. So much great texture and coziness for the winter months.
    Shannon [Our Home Notebook] recently posted..How I Keep Our Home Clean Enough [Free Printable]My Profile

  13. I love your natural decor! I love taking walks in the fall as well. Just the other day I was gathering some leaves and pinecones from a yard in the neighborhood. Hope they weren’t watching out the window!
    Melinda recently posted..Before and After: Master Bathroom MakeoverMy Profile

  14. Janet Lavine says:

    So I hate to admit but I paid for fresh birch logs and tall birch branches at our local farm. I always thought that fallen branches would be full of bugs which I didn’t want to bring in my house? Do you spray them first? I keep birch trees branches out all year long. Love them!!!

  15. How fun to use what is around you … and it looks beautiful.

    Glenda Childers recently posted..Standin’ in the Need of Prayer (or The Holy Spirit and The English Channel)My Profile

  16. I love your ornament branch! We have a lot of trees and it always seems like endless branches in our back yard after windy days. They are a great decorating tool. Well done!
    erin recently posted..[Mr. Goodwill Hunting]: NAME THAT PRICE!My Profile

  17. Oh I love the birch tree picture !! We live in the south now and there are no birch trees, and no beautiful fall colors. The photo did bring back memories though of where I grew up in Michigan. Loved those trees . I do have birch logs in my fireplace for decor that I brought back from a trip up north. Thank you for bringing back those memories.
    Joann recently posted..The white washed brick projectMy Profile

  18. Catherine says:

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    I love all the decorating pictures and conversation. Therefore, when I received an advertisement that popped up on your site requesting a “visitor survey”, I wanted to add my positive two cents worth praising your site. I assumed that on your page it was legitmate in regard to your seeking what folks like to see etc. But once I started the survey, it was clear that it was a phishing survey. I stopped it immediately. It was about cars etc. types makes models, what are your preferences in cars etc, household income, , when would you purchase a new car. I don’t know if you are aware of this on your blog or not, and thought I would attempt to contact you in regard to this phishing. I couldn’t find a contact button, only a join the conversation spot. I hope you remove this after you read it as not to bring down the party. Thank you!

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