The Two Secrets to Keeping My Pantry Organized

The Two Secrets to Keeping My Pantry Organized

My small pantry under our staircase is one of the most organized rooms in our house!

I am so excited that my pantry makeover is featured today on one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing! This little pantry by our kitchen has been one of my favorite spaces in our home ever since we completed it about a year ago!

Want to know my secrets to keeping it organized? I don’t know about you but I am much more likely to keep a room or area of my home organized and cared for if 1) I redesigned the room from top to bottom myself so I really love it and 2) if it is open to another room or used regularly.

People often fear having an open pantry or open shelves because they want to be able to close the door on any potential mess. But I’ve found that when a space is open I’m more conscious about keeping it organized!

Since my pantry meets both of my requirements of being pretty and open for viewing, I can assure you it still stays organized most of the time! VICTORY!

You can read the Q & A on my pantry and see the feature over at I Heart Organizing! Thanks Jen! :-) 

The Two Secrets to Keeping My Pantry Organized

The Two Secrets to Keeping My Pantry Organized

The Two Secrets to Keeping My Pantry Organized


  1. I do really love your pantry! You’ve used the space so well, it looks like such a pretty and nifty space, it helps me to realise I don’t need a giant room for storing food, just a simple little space under the stairs would be a great place for a pantry! x

  2. My pantry is under our stairs as well, so I am taking notes. :) I agree, when something looks pretty I tend to try harder to keep it that way. My pantry is definitely on my things to “pretty up” this year!

  3. Yes, I am this way too… Sometimes just cleaning up seems somewhat boring and I don’t feel very energetic. *But* if I can first totally reorganize the room – and this first stage results in a big mess, of course, in what I call ‘creative chaos’ :-) – then I end up having much more energy and motivation to do the work. Funny, isn’t it? :-)

  4. karen on bainbridge island says:

    My pantry has a door, but I always seem to have the door open. It’s still an organized mess!

  5. It really is such an honor to feature your beautiful pantry! My pantry is jealous! Thank you for the inspiration!


  6. Yay for the fab feature!!
    Your pantry is pretty cool. Seriously, cool….forget pretty. Well….it’s pretty too. [sigh] Maybe I have pantry envy. Gosh….do that have a group for that? :)

    p.s. I have a confession. Generally my closets, cupboards, etc. look pretty tidy. Yeah…I’m kind of weird like that. On the other hand they usually don’t look pretty. Just tidy. I look forward to working on the pretty part. Keep your fingers crossed…say a little prayer….there’s a possibility on the horizon for me to actually make a pretty pantry. ;)

  7. This is so adorable and so organized. I would love any tips you have for food space/pantry space when you do not have any hall closets in your house and you have a very small kitchen. We have a cottage-style home with our kitchen open to our living room. My “pantry” is half of my kitchen cabinets, but with 3 children we really need more pantry space. Any ideas would be so appreciated!! thanks! :)

  8. Sharon McGuire says:

    I have pantry envy during Lent. So so wrong.
    Seriously, this sent me scurrying around to see if I had jars and baskets to make mine pretty too. Just the jars were a major improvement. Thanks!

  9. Your pantry looks great! I especially love the little basket on the wall that can hold packet spices etc. My pantry needs a major overhaul and this has given me some great ideas.

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