A Cottage Cabin Getaway

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

I came across this little California cabin on Country Living and thought it was so sweet.

Wouldn’t it make a charming getaway?

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

A Cottage Cabin Getaway

Photography by Victoria Pearson

A Cottage Cabin Getaway


  1. maripaz says:

    Hola! me ha encantado el post y sobre todo ese encanto tan dulce que tiene la cabaña, pero no para un ratito si no para vivir en ella!

  2. Very sweet! I subscribe + pretty much still love Country Living magazine.
    Each month’s issue seems to be thinner than the previous one, which is worrisome.
    But I digress. Back to the cottage. My favorite feature was the gallery wall above the couch.
    It looked very ‘real’ + collected.

  3. This is such a cute place. Love all the whitewashed wood and the easy, breezy look of the decor. Looks like a fabulous place to go for a retreat.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Oh how fun this would be. Yes a mountain getaway would be fabulous. Love the kitchen and that gallery wall too.

  5. Cute cottage! 21 years ago, I was early pregnant with our first baby and feeling pretty awful. We went from Texas to Minnesota to visit my mom’s family and spent a couple of days at a little cabin at a lake in Wisconsin. It had the tiniest white range in the kitchen and the thinnest walls ever. In the middle of the night, I woke to the sound of loud nibbling. About that time, I heard my mom (in the next room) whisper to my dad, “Do you hear that?” I whispered back, “I hear you, and I hear that!” Turned out that a previous guest had thrown peanut shells into the oven, and Mr. Chipmunk was visiting every night and having a midnight snack! He also felt quite free to bite through the plastic bag of bread that we had put in a basket on top of the fridge. Good times! P.S. The cabin was not nearly as lovely as the one you posted. Of course, it was long before social media and blogs and Pinterest to help us decorate!

  6. I have a little table just like the red one in the cabin! It looks great painted. Thanks for the inspiration. In my wildest imagination I am off to that cabin for a wonderful 4th of July celebration fixed with a small-town parade, games, paper boat races, and homemade ice cream! Happy Independence Day!

  7. What wonderful memories this brings. I love it all but especially the horizontal wooden planks in some of the rooms. Reminds me of the farmhouses my mother’s dad designed and built near Bryan, Texas for my grandmother and himself and then for my great aunt and uncle on the next farm. All the walls were horizontal planks, there were tons of windows and the orientation of the house on the land was perfect. I don’t have real clear memories of my grandparents’ home (I was quite young when my grandmother passed away and my granddad sold the farm and came to live with us in Houston) but we visited my great aunt and uncle every summer and I remember so clearly how each room was painted a very soft pastel, they had “real” hardwood floors and the house was so open and airy (the ideal for open plan). Two weeks there every summer eating fresh food grown/raised on their farm, fishing in their tanks, pumping water from the tank outside and visiting the outhouse (my dad eventually installed running water and an indoor bathroom) – we kids couldn’t wait. Every memory was so great, but today it’s mostly the perfectness and cleverness of that house. My grandfather had no training – he just knew. I only recently realized that these memories and also seeing the cottages/Victorians (single and two-story) in the little towns along the way and deciding that one day I would live in one is part of what makes me love and long for country. This was so refreshing, Melissa!!!

  8. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    I am already pretty lucky to live in a place where other people like to vacation. But, that doesn’t keep me from dreaming of a small cabin near a lake or on a bluff or in the woods somewhere! There is just something about being able to furnish a cabin that is very appealing. It would be so different than what you would do in your everyday home…more charming, more rustic, less fussy, less work.

    Dreaming on…..

  9. All of my favorite things here in this post! It brings me back to my most favorite childhood memories spent at a cousin’s cabin! Lots of good old fashioned fun amidst simpler times. Beautiful photos here – thank you!

  10. This cottage is adorable! So cosy :)
    She Adores Vintage

  11. What a pretty little cabin. I have been looking for some inspiration for decorating a bookcase. It is a traditional piece of furniture in very modern high rise condo, but I think the collection of little clear glass bottles might be the way to go! I like the display wall over the sofa, too. What a nice collection.

  12. Beautiful…makes me what to paint everything white in our cabin…but I would have to battle my husband…so it will stay “log” color.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Lovely cabin, so light and airy. Love the dragonfly drapes. CL has come a long way since their dark and cluttered days for sure.

  14. My husband built a cabin on our property that joins the National Forrest. We go there often especially during the 4th and Labor day weekend. He took 2 window frames and cut pictures into collages and taped them to the window frames and hung them on the wall. Most of the pics are of family and friends and good times shared at the cabin with all the grandkids. The only thing I don’t like is having to keep everything in closed containers because of mice. We try to get rid of them but others take their place. Small price to pay for our own piece of heaven on earth though!

  15. What a sweet space! I would definitely be okay with spending some time relaxing in this setting : )

  16. Thank you so much for sharing our images of this adorable California cabin! We’d just like to note that these beautiful images were taken by Victoria Pearson.

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