Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

I‘m extra excited about fall this year! Not that I’m not always excited about fall, but you know. Every fall is new and exciting :). Even though we are in that awkward and less than pulled together state of being all in moved into our house but not at all set up, I still am loving that I can putter around the house and start to cozify it.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

There’s something so comforting about creating a cozy place to call home for your family in the fall, the best season of all! Even just pulling out the warm plaid blankets and the plush pumpkins has been a good reminder that in time, layer by layer, this house will become our home.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

You can find this mirror hereThe lamp seems to be sold out everywhere I check, but it’s called the Safavieh Color Swirls Lamp in Navy! I got it on Overstock.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

It’s the layers that will add the warmth, the character and the personality that will make this house feel less like real estate photos and more like a reflection of the people who live here now. Nesting takes a bit of time, trial and error, patience and happy experiments, fails and wins. Little by little more of the pieces of the house-puzzle will start to fit and soon the whole picture of what our home will become will start to be revealed.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

The deeper joys of nesting don’t just come from setting up the most perfect vignette or decorating with seasonal elements, but rather through the process of settling into a new comfortable rhythm of life. Puttering around the house might seem like a frivolous or even unnecessary pursuit, but the fact is that nesting in the fall isn’t wasted time at all. It’s a comforting way to welcome us home.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

Today my friend, Chris Ann, from the LoveFeast Shop, is giving away a Velvet Pumpkin Large Set of Six! These are not just ordinary velvet pumpkins, they are heavy weight works of handmade art. Those stems! That chubby plushness! If you win, you can select the color of the set that will look best in your home, or give a set as a special gift. Just leave a comment below to enter! One winner (U.S. only) will be announced Friday.

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}

PS. Exciting news! I have a copy of my new book in my possession right now! Eek! I can’t believe it! It’s so surreal to see it sitting in my new house. We are so proud of how it turned out, it’s absolutely gorgeous in real life. In a couple days I’ll share some more details, show you a sneak peek of the interior and do a giveaway of the very first signed copy! :) You can pre-order it now for about $19 at Barnes and Noble or Amazon!


*Don’t forget to enter the Plush Pumpkin giveaway by leaving a comment below!*

Are you beginning the fall process of settling in and making things cozier?

Share what fall nesting looks like to you over at Home Love Stories!

Cozy Fall Nesting {Settling In}


  1. Love the different shades of blue and textures you use in this room. It looks so cozy and gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year and I love these pumpkins!

  3. Two nights in the 60’s on the Gulf Coast have me ready for fall! Soon time to bring in the potted plants…where to put the ever growing ficus!?

  4. So excited for you to start feeling more settled, and for all of us to get to watch your new home unfold. Absolutely love your blog and design style. And wouldn’t mind winning a few velvet pumpkins. : )

  5. Love those pumpkins and your home is beautiful :)

  6. Fall is my absolute favorite season!

  7. Fall has always been my favorite season. It has always felt more like a new start than January 1st. I really enjoy watching this new adventure unfold on your blog.

  8. I also just moved into a new house and adding a few small touches has made it feel like a home, even though we’re hardly settled in. Love these velvet pumpkins!

  9. I love your new home. I would love a set of these pumpkins – they are just perfect for making a cozy, autumn home!

  10. I love fall too…pumpkins and boots.

  11. Fall is absolutely my favorite season of the year; football, friends, cool temperatures and pumpkins!!

  12. love, love, love the pumpkins! They would be awesome in my home!

  13. Love ,luv, love…….hard to find white that look festive!

  14. Kim @ Irishman Acres says:

    I’m loving watching you in your new home! what a perfect time of year to NEST!! and those pumpkins are a great addition to your new living room, and will look equally as good in mine! ~Kim

  15. It’s still warm where I live so in just starting easy with a little early fall decorating. Those plush pumpkins would fit right in!

  16. Kelci Tingley says:

    Gorgeous pumpkins- have always wanted them too! Love the lamps on your console too- where did you get them?

  17. Love fall…the cooler temps, the upcoming holidays, bonfires, changing leaves and pumpkins! Love everything about it and would love a set of velvet pumpkins to add to my decor!

  18. Congratulations on the newest book! How exciting! Love the pumpkins!!

  19. Love your post but hope that you will give us some longer views of your vignettes of design in your new home.

  20. Shely McBride says:

    Fall in the Midwest is glorious colors, crisp mornings, hearing the high school marching band practicing Early day, afternoon blue skies with white clouds, the leaves turning to shades of yellow, gold, orange and red, football Saturday’s, fire pit week ends and all things pumpkin; the colors, the shapes, the tastes of pumpkin bread, the warmth of a pumpkin spice latte, Ahh, how I love fall!

  21. Love the pumpkins! Just the thing to cozy up my condo.

  22. I love the crisp morning air which signals the beginning of fall – it is exhilarating!

  23. Your new home has such beautiful views! Thank you for the chance at the pumpkins!

  24. I L.O.V.E. Fall. It is my favorite season of the year for sure. The pumpkins are beautiful – what a beautiful way to decorate for this beloved season.

    Melissa, love that you are celebrating Fall with some fun decorating – even as you are unpacking boxes and trying to decide where everything goes in your new home. Good for you.

  25. I am extra excited about fall too this year because it’s the first fall I get to spend with my 9 week old son, Tanner! He is about the size of a pumpkin ☺️

  26. Marla Payne says:

    Love your new home! Thank you for an opportunity to win a set of beautiful plush pumpkins! They are lovely!

  27. Your new house is looking great. That is a precious dog too!

  28. Those are beautiful pumpkins! I love teh color

  29. Lori Consolazio says:

    I LOVE Love LOVE these pumpkins!! I’ve always loved these pumpkins ever since I saw the first one. Especially the way Melissa used them in her decorating. She made them especially more charming than they already are! Recently I’ve seen the knockoffs in the stores, but there is no comparison to the beauty of the handmade pumpkins with their natural stem. So charming and gorgeous!! Whoever wins them will be thrilled! What a great giveaway!!! ???

  30. I am looking forward to seeing your home as you unpack & settle in. And those pumpkins. . . They would look great in my home!

  31. Kathy Sturgeon says:

    I can’t believe you’re already moved into your new home! Seems like just yesterday you were talking about moving to Seattle and going house hunting! Fast work! The pumpkins are just lovely, too!

  32. Fall is refreshing! Thanks for offering these pumpkins to one of us.

  33. Yes! I started fall decorating on the first of September – even though is was as hot as could be here in Missouri!

  34. Practically dancing that it’s finally almost fall!

  35. Kathy potter says:

    I love looking at the ways you decorate various rooms. Those pumpkins are so unique and elegant.
    I can see them on my entry table!

  36. Denise Kendel-Stewart says:

    Love the pumpkins!

  37. The pumpkins would be perfect for my fall decorating.

  38. You are motivating me to work on my old home as you work on your new one. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. Plush pumpkins definitely cozify a room! Love them! Thanks for offering a giveaway!

  40. Ah, love fall. And those pumpkins in white and all shades of greige!

  41. Mickey Newma says:

    Love your home. Would love a set of pumpkins.

  42. Congrats on your new home! We have our home on the market and I so miss being able to really decorate for the season.

    The velvet pumpkins are to die for. Love love them.

  43. I love the cool, crisp air of fall. I like to put a pot on the stove simmering with cinnamon sticks, orange slices and cloves to really add to that fall feel.

  44. Would love these pumpkins in my home, I’ve been admiring them for the past few years!

  45. Its so refreshing to see you living in a real and realistic Seattle house. I dream and oogle over some bloggers homes but feel disconnected or not achievable because I can’t afford a 4,000 SF 8,000k home. I’m excited to see what your going to do with this cute Seattle home that I feel I and a lot of my friends live in. I would love these pumpkins in our new Texas home. We relocated recently and these remind me of the Seattle and my mom. She loves cloth pumpkins.

  46. Love seeing pics of your new home! I’m hoping that next year when I am done with school I will have time to finish my home.

  47. Fall decorations are the best and I sure would love to add those velvet pumpkins to mine!

  48. Janna Cooley says:

    I love those pumpkins!! They are just gorgeous!

  49. Love the pumpkins

  50. Becky Daniels says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year! Would love a set of these pumpkins.

  51. Fall is my favorite. This is my first fall of being in my new home too and loooove those pumpkins!

  52. I want white velvet pumpkins!

  53. Michelle Holland says:

    I would just LOVE those pumpkins in my home!

  54. I love your blog and sharing fall with you!

  55. My new season is empty nest (happening this fall). A new way to spice up the house would be a lovely distraction – would help fill some holes as the girls leave with their belongings.

  56. Debbie Green says:

    Love the pumpkins, so pretty!

  57. Helene Roesch says:

    Excited for your new adventure! And I love the pumpkins!

  58. Lisa schillinger says:

    I absolutely adore the plush pumpkins and cozying up the house for fall. Nothing makes me happier with my home than when someone doesn’t want to leave because they feel so comfortable and at ease. And yes I believe that is more than just the decor but who doesn’t love a fall plaid throw and some plush pumpkins to go with it!

  59. Debbie Carr says:

    I’ve been puttering around my house all morning. I love fall and the nesting that comes with it. I would love these pumpkins to help with my nesting. Love your blog and can’t wait to see what you do with your new home.

  60. I’m enjoying following along as you make your new house a home! We are in temporary quarters now as we pursue our dream of downsizing. These velvety pumpkins do speak “cozy” for fall!

  61. These plush pumpkins would make the perfect addition to my fall decor! Each year, I like to add something new to freshen things up — and these would do the trick!

  62. Ooooooo! The velvet pumpkins are just yummy. I love your blog. It inspires me to hunt for treasures when I’m out and to notice spaces within a room that need some lovin’.

  63. Tricia maederer says:

    The pumpkins are beautiful! I also just moved into a new home and would love these to cozy-up our home! Thanks for the chance!

  64. So excited to see you work your magic in your new space. Love those pumpkins!!!

  65. Ashley Bowman says:

    Those little pumpkins are gorgeous and eye catching! Would love to have them in my new home! Melissa, you are so inspiring! I am currently reading Love The Home You Have and it has truly given me a heart and passion for my home like never before and make it truly “ours”. Thank you

  66. Pamela Archer says:

    Now that there s some rain and cooler temps in the forecast, it seems like it’s time to “autumn-ize” my home. Thanks for the inspirTion!

  67. I love the transition from summer to fall, when I can bring out my cozy decor! Fall has a homeyness that invites you to cocoon, to find a fuzzy throw blanket and curl up with a mug of cocoa.

  68. Monique Lewis says:

    Those pumpkins are a classy decoration for Fall. Absolutely love them!

  69. Deb Bagnasco says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year and I enjoy decorating, these pumpkins would be a welcome addition.

  70. FAll is for gathering — family, friends, foods — and sharing.

  71. I’m looking forward to being along for the ride…seeing how you cozy up your new home! I gave my mom a purple velvet pumpkin a few years ago; she used it to stick her favorite pins and brooches on. Mom is gone now, and I have the purple velvet pumpkin….would love for it to have some “friends”!

  72. Living in New England and finally feeling some fall weather has been slowly “puttering” too. These pumpkins would look great in my family room, I would put them on my mantle and enjoy them all the way until December first! Thank you for your wonderful blog/website…I’ve been finding more quiet times to sit and read your book “Love the Home you Have” and can’t wait for your new book! In fact, heading over to pre-order it now! Thanks so much!

  73. Hillary Jaime says:

    I look forward to watching you transform your new house into your home. I love these pumpkins. They would look fantastic on my mantel!

  74. Autumn is also my favorite season. The weather finally starts to cooperate and having the windows open after a hot and very humid summer just feels like a dream! We are busy finishing painting projects leftover from the spring and gearing up for a garage sale this weekend. This year we’ve focused more on our house and have replaced an old sofa and chairs as well as replacing an almost 20 year old mattress for my husband and I. Now we just need to sell all the old! After it’s finally all out of the house I can start to focus more on our fall decor and cozying things up here in the house. Today I will be making pear jam from all the pears we picked off of our pear tree last week so the house will smell wonderful! Autumn is a beatiful season!

  75. Michele Laramay says:

    I live in Upstate NY. I love Fall, but am sad to see Summer go and dread Winter.

  76. Your blog is so inspirational. I too am moving into a new home which is 6 hrs away from my current residence. I can’t wait to get completely settled and begin my nesting projects. I have a large dough bowl like yours and the pumpkins would help make my new home a little more fall.

  77. Loving watching the process as you make this house your home, thank you for sharing your journey. Those pumpkins can’t be more beautiful, thanks for a chance to win.

  78. How beautiful are these pumpkins! The perfect touch for Fall!

  79. I’ve been wanting a set of these bad boys for a while! Thanks so much for the chance. :)

    xo Michael

  80. Patricia Lipp-Strayer says:

    We’re just beginning the process of fall nesting here in Kansas City. Those beautuful plush pumpkins would be a lovely addition to the collection of glass, ceramic and wooden pumpkins that usually adorn my home in the fall. I love the way you’ve shown them all nestled together in that beautiful wooden “boat”. I can picture them on the mantle in our great room now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  81. Hoping I will be able to cozy up a new home before the end of Fall! Sell, house, sell!!

  82. Congratulations on your new home & new book! Love how the pumpkins look in your new space!

  83. Charming pumpkins. And I would be charmed and delighted to have a set come live at my house.

  84. This is my absolute favorite time of the year! Love the cooler weather, leaves changing color, apple picking, pumpkins. I have all my fall decorations ready to come out of the garage to be put up around the house. Can’t wait I think I’ll have my husband take out the stuff the weekdend. We live in NJ we get all 4 seasons here. But the Fall has to be the best !

  85. Kimberly Marshall says:

    Ahhhh- the early signs of Fall are all around us here in SC inspiring me in so many ways. I’m enjoying my morning coffee with the doors open to let the morning air inside. I feel inspired to clear away clutter and to begin bringing some of these glorious colors I am seeing emerge outside to the inside as well:). My son bought me the most beautiful brilliant plump orange pumpkin over the weekend. I’m in love❤️. I have a thing for pumpkins. I think it started for me with the It’s the Great Pumpkin peanuts cartoon in childhood but needless to say- They are a very special part of Fall– each one with a personality of it’s own:). I love your blog- thank you for opening your beautiful home to share with us. Happy Nesting❤️?

  86. Love the pumpkins & looking forward to fall decorating too!

  87. Your house is coming together so nicely – LOVE the picture of the dog!! The pumpkins are so adorable – I do not have very much in the way of Fall decorations and would love to win them so that I can get the house in the “Fall” mood! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  88. Can’t wait to see each new thing you do to your home! I’m getting back into projects now that the kids are back in school. I’ve painted the laundry room, rearranged some artwork and I bought some trim for my kitchen chairs that I refinished in the spring but needed the final touch. I’d love a set of those beautiful pumpkins!

  89. I love love love fall!! Orange leaves and pumpkins and smores by the fire pit. I also love The Inspired Room for ideas and motivation!!

    Thanks for sharing your home with me

  90. I am soooo excited about fall! And, I looooooovvvveeee those pumpkins. I’d love a beautiful set for my home!

  91. Suzanne Ferrer says:

    Your family room looks great already, Melissa! Can’t wait to see you work your magic in the rest of your home!!!

  92. Barb in Phx says:

    The pumpkins are beautiful. I love the “harvest” colorway. Thanks for this opportunity.

  93. Looking forward to following your journey with the new house. Congrats on the new book! The pumpkins are beautiful! Have a good day!

  94. So excited to see how everything comes together in your new house. We moved 3 months ago and have yet to add all the cozy touches Bc we’ve been busy painting walls and trim and putting in new carpet. Also – love the pumpkins ;)

  95. I adore the pumpkins especially their jaunty stems. Good luck settling in.

  96. Fall is my favorite time of year! I have eyed those velvet pumpkins for a long time. They look great in your new home. I can’t wait to follow along as you make your new house a home!

  97. Fall is hands-down my favorite season! I love anything to do with crunchy leaves, cozy quilts, soups, stews, and pumpkins. These pumpkins would be the perfect touch on my entryway table. Great post…awesome giveaway!

  98. I’ve always wanted one of these sets and the Natural Set would be perfect!

  99. Congratulations on your new home and book. I will be moving into my new home in about three weeks and so excited to decorate for fall. I love the velvet pumpkins and would be lovely in my new home. Thank you!!!

  100. Super cute plush pumpkins! Fall is my favorite season. My kids and I just can’t wait until the crunchy leaves fall because we just have to walk through them and hear the rustle sound they make.

  101. I adore the white ones!!!! Love these!

  102. I do love the transition into fall, as it is a fresh, crisp outlook on the remainder of the year. Congratulations on the new book! And thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I live in Florida, and need all the help I can get “fall-ing” up my home. These pumpkins would do the trick!

    PS: Check out Pottery Barn’s new ornaments… They have one that looks just like Jack!

  104. Bonnie Martin says:

    LOVE the pumpkins!!

  105. Although the temp is still in the 90″s here, your Fall decorating is very inspiring. I would love to win the beautiful pumpkins. An awesome start toward that new season!

  106. Nothing says Fall to me the way pumpkins and fall leaves do!

  107. It is staring to feel like Fall here in VA! Temperatures are down into fifties in the morning.

  108. Love your home and the velvet pumpkins!

  109. Cute pumpkins, does she make gourds too?

  110. Great to see you settling in to your new home…the pic of Jack is adorable! Also, thanks for the wonderful giveaway. I have wanted a set of those pumpkins since forever…would love to win!

  111. Your house looks great and the pumpkins are a beautiful touch!

  112. Fall is my favorite season too! Had my “colors” done and I am an Autumn for my wardrobe as well. Fall inside and out!

  113. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year – the cozy sweaters and blankets, the crisps nights sitting by a fire, and snuggling deeper into the sofa as I look around my cozy family room.

  114. It’s hard to get in the fall decorating mode when it’s still over 90 in Texas. But I pulled out the pumpkins and fall tablecloth and it feels cooler already!

  115. Warming things up, from the stove to the mantle!

  116. Love the plush velvet pumpkins… A perfect way to make your home cozy for fall! And love reading your blog… Enjoying watching the process as you make this new house your home!

  117. I’m looking forward to fall – we’re having a taste of it this week in North Carolina and it’s been lovely.

    Also, it appears a move is likely in my near future as well, though into temporary accommodations. I find it really hard to feel excited about renting after owning our (first) home for the last 13 years. But I’m watching you piece your new place together and the idea of starting fresh is appealing.

  118. Love those velvety plush pumpkins. The natural colors are lovely, the red or purple sets are gorgeous and rich and warm! Thanks for the giveaway.

  119. I’m trying to ‘cozy up’ around here but feeling like I’m missing something. I think it’s soft, squishy pumpkins! Thank you for the giveaway!

  120. Those pumpkins are to DIE for!

  121. Cindy Childers says:

    Can’t wait to see how you decorate the ‘Window” side of your living room. That is just a stunning view!

  122. Love the sorbet pumpkins!

  123. Paula Culver says:

    Love your family’s desire to be close in location and still do the work God has called you to do. I follow your blog and have learned a lot about making a house a home. I would love to have a set of the pumpkins for Fall!

  124. Favorite part of any blog….hearing plans and dreams for new spaces!

  125. It’s great to see your new home coming together and so fun that the first season you get to decorate it is Fall! I’m in New England where Fall is pretty much the favorite of everyone. It still feels like summer right now – 80 degrees and my kids don’t start school for another few days! But I couldn’t wait any longer to start cozying up my home for Fall. :)

  126. Susan Callan says:

    Fall is such a blessing. A new cozy season ahead. Would love a set of pumpkins!!!

  127. Love your new home and love the pumpkins, thanks for the give away

  128. I love rearranging pictures on table tops and bookshelves to make room for fall decorations. The kids and I pull out all the fall decorations and have so much fun rediscovering forgotten treasures and finding the perfect places and ways to arrange all the pumpkins, leaves, scarecrow and other goodies we find.

  129. So looking forward to the cooler weather and love those pumpkins!

  130. I’m all about cozy and nesting but have not begun transforming my house with fall decor. My husband and I are developing a family ranch and our days are consumed. The fall decorating is in my mind and heart. Will get it done soon hopefully. Love your dog, your blog, and those beautiful velvet pumpkins.

  131. Congrats on your new home and getting to be closer to your girls!
    I’m excited to see what you do with your new place :)
    Fall is my favorite season too and I have a wooden bowl just like the one in your picture so those cute little pumpkins would look just right!

  132. I love the change in seasons. It’s a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to see your house come together.

  133. We are moving into our first home, and these pumpkins (I LOVE the Natural set!) would be the perfect fall touch for our new place!

  134. Fall is such a cozy time of year! I love your attention to detail in your decorating. Those pumpkins are very cute!

  135. Fall is my favorite :) Great pics – thanks for sharing!

  136. Wendy Drake says:

    Can’t wait for your new book and those pumpkins are the cutest things ever!!!

  137. I sooooo love fall and all that comes with it and the pumpkins are adorable!

  138. I LOVE fall..and those pumpkins are perfect!!

  139. I simply can NOT wait to get your new book! I pre-ordered it the first day you said it was available to pre-order! Love watching you set up your new home- and can’t wait for the sneek peek into your book:)
    Elizabeth in TN

  140. Your house looks like it’s really coming together…..and I LOVE those lil punkins!!

  141. Kelley Lubanko says:

    I love the wooden mirror – Where did you find that?

  142. Beautiful pumpkins!

  143. I love those adorable pumpkins! Can’t wait to see your new book!

  144. Gorgeous velvet pumpkins!!

  145. Kathy herrick says:

    i love using the fall colors to decorate. would LOVE a set of the plush pumpkins!

  146. Love the colors and texture of these gorgeous pumpkins. I am seeing them everywhere. Your house looks great already…amazing. Moving is a huge upheaval, but settling back down is such a joy. Blessings as you feather your new nest. :-)

  147. Barbara Kujawski says:

    It’s lovely to see you settling in. I’ve always admired your style, and the pumpkins look great!

  148. “It’s the most Wonderful time of the Year…..” FALL! Football! Throws! Cozy! Love it all!

  149. I love the white mixed with the gold tone pumpkins. So beautiful! Happy Nesting

  150. Those pumpkins are beautiful! Although I would have a hard time choosing a color….I like them all!

  151. You continue to inspire everyday. We won’t see fall until sometime in October here in AZ, so it’s nice to hear how others experience it now. Thank you for all you share.

  152. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! So comfy and cozy. I’m a longtime reader, keep up the good work! :)

  153. Here’s to fall and pumpkins!

  154. Hi! Love your blog and would love to win the giveaway. Thanks!

  155. I can’t wait to see your new home evolve! I have a ranch home and it will inspire me. From seeing the plush pumpkins you used last year in your decorating, I have come to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the texture of the plush pumpkins and would be thrilled to win the set!

  156. I love, love, love Fall and especially PUMPKINS!! Also am loving seeing the photos of how your new house is going to come together — you definitely have the right touch — really enjoy your blog!

  157. Although I live in the South, the weather is definitely changing. Cool air and bright sunshine. And the season will just get better and better!

  158. Stefanie Leland says:

    I too love fall. After the drought filled summer we have experienced in California it takes on a whole new meaning. Perhaps fall this year means a renewal of peace for our beloved state and people.

  159. Love fall, love pumpkins and especially love your blog! Can’t wait to buy your new book :)

  160. these are so unique …I love them

  161. Congrats on your new house, your new book, your new pumpkins! Every Fall I see these featured on several blogs and d.r.o.o.l…..

  162. CJ. McDowell says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading ur emails…love getting ideas from u

  163. Hi Melissa! I’m new to your blog and I just finished reading your first book and am so looking forward to the new book! I love your style and most of all your authenticity….good luck with your new home and can’t wait to see how you put your look into it….and those pumpkins be bangin’!!!!

  164. kathy dwyer says:

    Living in AZ, we need all the fall inspiration we can get since our transition of the seasons is so subtle! Love those pumpkins!! Thank you.

  165. I love watching your home come together! Fall is a great time to move and start afresh..

  166. Connie Harper says:

    Would love to have a set of those beautiful pumpkins!! Thank-you:)

  167. I live in a mid-century ranch home – can’t wait to see how you update yours! I haven’t started fall decorating yet – maybe this weekend?

  168. I enjoy fall though part of me dreads winter and snow as the weather cools. However, I’ve been able to light candles these last several days and I’m looking forward to continuing that through the fall and winter! Those pumpkins are just awesome. :-)

  169. Congrats on the book! Thanks for the giveaway! I can’t wait to see you knew home!! (Nice to see Jack’s doodle nose too) ;-)

  170. Hoping to starting cozying up my place soon. Those pumpkins sure would help! One would be great but 6! Oh the possibilities! Thanks for the giveaway. The picture of your dog is adorable!

  171. Eleanor Fodrey says:

    I am excited to follow your blog to see how you make your house a “home”. Congrats on your new book.

  172. I see those cute little ‘stools’ with the white legs all over blog-land! I NEED one! where do I find?

  173. I love fall decorating! I live in CA where it’s still pretty hot, so I haven’t brought out the pumpkins yet, but I can’t wait!

  174. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fall! These pumpkins would be the perfect addition to anyone’s fall decor! Thanks for the opportunity to be gifted with these!

  175. I just started my fall nesting this past weekend. A set of those gorgeous pumpkins would be a great addition to my home. Thanks : )

  176. Your fireplace looks so much like ours in this 58 year old home. Still settling in to our home that we bought last September. It takes time to make it a home and I am okay with that as I enjoy the process of making it ours. Congrats on having a copy of your book there to read, how exciting!!!!!

  177. Nicole Paschall says:

    I can’t wait to see how you set up your new space! And I would love a set of those pumpkins to celebrate my favorite season, fall!

  178. Happy Fall! Your home is looking cozy already–your fur baby looks comfy :)

  179. I love the pumpkins. But even more, I love your sentiments about how nesting is not time wasted. It creates a safe place to land for our families. Such a great reminder. :)

  180. We just moved into our first home in at the end of April and we’re still working on trying to make it ours. It is so much bigger than any apartment or rental house we’ve lived in and trying to find our style and dream about what we want to do to it has been a lot of fun. Fall is my favorite time of the year too. Last week I made crockpot pumpkin butter and this week, apple pie spice pecans. I can’t wait to start decorating for the season =)

  181. I too have a ranch home and am looking forward to your updates for my own inspiration. The pumpkins would look lovely on my mantel too, especially since they’re not orange! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  182. Shella Hayes says:

    I love the outdoors and fall is the perfect time of year to be outdoors. The crisp air is so invigorating and all the colors are to die for!

  183. Deanna Titzler says:

    I am so ready for Fall to hit Texas where the temperatures are still in the 90s. I love how you are already incorporating your well-loved style into your new home and look forward to the changes you plan to make. We have been actively remodeling our older home for more than a year. So much more to do. Your blog has been an inspiration to me!

  184. Those pumpkins are adorable!

  185. kristin Hale says:

    I love your blog and always get so inspired from your pictures and words. I live on a budget as a single mom and I’m so busy with a full time job. Your small ideas make a big impact and I’m always excited to get your email. Sincerely, Kristin

  186. These plush pumpkins would look fabulous in the new family room we just built. I love fall nesting too!

  187. I’ve always been a fan of those pumpkins. They look gorgeous in your new place. My brain hasn’t clicked into fall mode yet, but I’m sure these beauties would help. :)

  188. Those neutral colored pumpkins would look perfect in my fall decor!

  189. I love these pumpkins, I pretty much drool over them every year.
    It looks like one member of the family is settling right in. :)

  190. I love following along as you settle into your new house. The pumpkins are the perfect addition for fall decorating.

  191. I love your decorating style. I like comfy ,cozy decorating and oh my gosh the plush pumpkins . I looked at those pumpkins on another website, can’t remember what site. But I love them. I’m going to order your book also. I am in the process of decorating for fall, this is my favorite season. I love your BLOG, congrats on your book.

  192. Ms. Maggie the elder says:

    I have already started the process of Fall since the Summer was so warm and bright=overwhelming. Pumpkins would be a nice touch of glamour to the more austere fall that I have planned with those plaid blankets and less crazy Summer clutter (banish sunscreens to the bathroom).

  193. Though I always mourn the passing of summer- the crisp fresh air of fall, it’s slanty sunshine and brilliant hues does bring joy to my heart. You just have to capture that essence and bring it indoors. It’s charm is contagious and soon you’ll be spreading visual joy and comfort to those around you!

  194. Susie Davidson says:

    You are right about autumn…….there is something about this season that invites cozy nesting. Thank you for sharing your inspired home.

  195. Tracy stelmar says:

    I just found your blog and I am loving it!

  196. Melissa, I’m always ready to welcome the cooler temps that autumn brings! I really like the neutrals & blues I see in your photos. Oranges not so much. The velvet pumpkins beg to be stroked! Who can keep their hands away! Thanks for all your constant inspiration to us. I’m loving the home I’m in! Blessings!

  197. I absolutely love fall and anything cozy and pumpkin!

  198. I look forward to watching how you make your new home your own. You’re such an inspiration as we settle into our new/old home in NC. Congratulations on the new book! I can’t wait to read it. And thanks for the chance at the pumpkin give away.

  199. I love reading your blog! It’s so nice to know there are others out there who love to nest as much as I do. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas and your life with us. AND – I Love those pumpkins ?.

  200. oh i’d love to win

  201. Lory Keller says:

    Even though I’m easing my way in to Fall, I love the deliciousness the season brings!

  202. I love the Inspired Room! Your talent is amazing – I could own a warehouse full of furniture/collectibles, etc. and could never pull it together the way you do. Looking forward to Fall as well. The pumpkins are pretty too. It must take a lot of time (and talent) to make them.

  203. It is so fun seeing your new home! And I love the quote – I needed that reminder that it’s not wasting time.

  204. I fell in love with the velvet pumpkins when you first posted about them years ago. I know when they start showing up in your posts again that FALL IS ALMOST HERE!!! Best season of the year…

  205. Carole wilson says:

    Thanks for bringing me along in your Fall excitement! Switching out the colors on the porch and linens as we speak (email)!

  206. Teddi Pettigrew says:

    I hope you are taking the time to sit with a cup of tea and just feel the joy of it all! And of course, enjoy your view!

  207. Heather Dundore says:

    I’m infatuated with the velvet pumpkins! :) I’m just beginning to pull out the fur pillows and blankets and will hopefully get my box of fall decor out of the box today to start the slow process of “autumn-izing” my house!

  208. Stacy murdock says:

    I love your fall room. Congratulations on your book! Love the pumpkins!!!

  209. Marianne Hamilton says:

    Love those velvet pumpkins!

  210. I have been enjoying your blog so much this past year when I first discovered it. Now I am excited to see you create your new home! I love your inspiring words.

  211. I look forward to seeing how you decorate your new home! You do have a lot of good ideas. It would be wonderful to win the beautiful velvet pumpkins.

  212. I’m so glad to see “blue” used in fall décor. My home is accented with blues and I’m definitely adding it to my fall décor. Love these pumpkins!

  213. Bonnie Thompson says:

    I’m looking forward to your posts about your new house. Thanks for the give a way.

  214. I live in the Seattle area and don’t drink coffee – gasp! My morning is warmed up with your kind, inspiring words and beautiful pictures. My sweet husband got my box of fall decor down from the attic last night. My fall puttering begins today in my slippers. Thank you!

  215. Melissa, I am so happy for you about your new home. I know it must have been hard to leave your last home after you had made so many wonderful changes, but I also know how it is for your heart to tell you it is the right time for a change. Your spirit and your love will make this new house a gorgeous and wonderful home, too.

    I know I don’t get to leave a comment often, but I do read all of your posts. My mother has dementia, and we are plotting our way through this day by day. I just don’t have time to blog and comment like I was able to in the past. All things with time.

    Thanks to you and Chris Ann for the opportunity to win. I have been drooling over those wonderful sets for quite some time now. They are “ooey gooey awesome”. I’ll have my fingers and toes crossed. haha

  216. Linda Wilson says:

    Love fall no new house but new great room, kitchen & dining area. Hot chocolate laced with Godiva caramel & whipped cream in front of the fireplace or walking thru the fallen leaves in boots and jeans. It is all good.

  217. Your home is looking great! I would love to enter the contest for the beautiful velvet pumpkins. Thank you!

  218. I’ve always loved the pumpkins from LoveFeast! Can’t wait to see how your new home comes together!

  219. I love how you’re settling in and getting things cozy! Congratulations on your new home!

  220. Exciting to watch your new home unfold. Best wishes!

  221. Cindy Adair says:

    I am so excited about your book coming out. Love following your blog!

    I would love to win one of these wonderful sets!

  222. Happy Fall! I enjoy your blog so much- a daily inspiration for sure! And Fall- who can resist the pumpkin!
    Thank you for helping me enjoy a little peace during a hectic day.

  223. Janet Woodman says:

    I can’t wait to buy your new book. So exciting. I would love to enter to win the set of beautiful pumpkins- color of my choice. Please enter me. Thank You

  224. The pumpkins are works of art!

  225. Fall is definitely the best, I love the decor of course, but the smells and the food just tops it off to be perfect! (Also my birthday is in October, so good things must come from fall!)

  226. Your pictures inspire me to make our house cozy. Thank you!

  227. Love those pumpkins so much! Can’t wait to see your home come together!

  228. Jennifer Morrow says:

    I recently found your blog and I’m in love with your style! Thank you so much for offering the chance to win the pumpkins! I just started decorating our home for Fall and these would be a lovely accompaniment.

  229. Love the cool mornings, warm afternnons, crisp evenings of the Seattle fall weather. The pumpkins would be a great way to start adding some cozy to my house.

  230. I always look forward to your fall nesting posts! It really helps me get in the mood to decorate my own home. Thank you for the chance to win the plush pumpkin set, they would look amazing as part of my dining room centerpiece. Congrats on your new home, looking forward to your posts on the plans you have for it!

  231. Pick me! Pick me! Fall forward… My absolute favorite time of year. I find myself completely inspired by your work and perfectionist results! I love the little velvet pumpkins and would love to display them in my home.

  232. Fall is really a favorite of mine. And pumpkins, of the real and the plush variety, are a must!

  233. Marie Tucker says:

    I love anything pumpkin!!!

  234. Julie Davis says:

    Congratulations on your new home, it’s already beginning to look cozy. I’d love to cozy up my home with a set of velvet pumpkins, they look beautiful.

  235. Priscilla Smith says:

    Love the Fall nesting concept! It really does make home more inviting .
    The pumpkins are lovely. They would complement any home decor!

  236. I love, love, LOVE these plush pumpkins! I just stumbled on them recently at a boutique nearby and they are stunning! I so enjoy your posts and inspiration as we just moved into our home barely a year ago and decorating is an ongoing endeavor. Looking forward to adding your book to our living room. :-)

  237. I love to nest around my home in many of the ways you describe! Now a days, my nesting time is restricted to nap time, when my 2 year old and 6 month old are asleep! This year my fall decor will include some works of art from the cutest toddler around… Some pumpkin hand prints, and a wooden pumpkin that I purchased for him to paint all over. I think we will be doing that project together this weekend <3

  238. Love, love, love those beautiful velvet pumpkins! And fall is one of my favorite times of the year….thanks for all your inspiration!

  239. Your mantel is inspiring. Mine is 6.5 inches deep, too narrow for my pottery bowls and really anything I wan to put there. But I see there is hope. Thanks!

  240. Elizabeth Carter says:

    I adore these! Pick me! :)

  241. So exciting to watch you put together and cozify your new home! Fall is definitely the best time of year! Love those cute pumpkins!!

  242. When the weather cools and the humidity drops, my nesting instinct kicks in. It is in overdrive right now and I would much rather be nesting than working but the nesting has to wait till evenings and weekends. Your new home looks lovely and I know you are enjoying getting it just right for your family. Thank you for the lovely inspiration as well as the opportunity to win these lovely pumpkins. I’ve always thought her pumpkins are the most beautiful around.

  243. I have been adoring these little beauties. Have seen them displayed over and over and I just love them.

  244. Wow, those pumpkins are just lovely! Enjoy your new home!

  245. Love this time of year! Football and cozy touches to the house- throws and pillows for snuggling in to watch football or my favorite decorating show! The Plush Pumpkins are perfect for the sophisticated but playful Fall decorations for my main living area. The girls are teenagers now, but they still want the Fall and Halloween decorations! Love, love, love them!

  246. I would love to add these pumpkins to the small amount of fall decor I use around the house. I look forward to each new post from you making your new house into a home.

  247. I’m rearranging my living room today to get ready for fall:). Your post was perfect timing for me

  248. Love your blog! Have followed you for a long time!

  249. I am so in love with theses pumpkins & have been for quite sometime. I always enter a contest, but never win. Maybe this will be my lucky time!!!

  250. Angela Jackson says:

    It’s still in the 90s here in Texas, but I’m not letting that stop me! I got my fall decor out yesterday and am starting the process of transforming our home from sunny summer sanctuary to cozy fall cocoon. Can’t wait for the cooler temperatures to go with it all.

  251. I love fall nesting. I came down with vertigo a couple of weeks ago and was so happy to be recovered enough to putter and put out fall stuff yesterday! Love watching your process at your new house.

  252. Loving the thought of fall even if it is just barely dropping on the mercury!!Those velvet pumpkins are to die for!!!

  253. It looks great! You are so on top of thing!

  254. Love these pumpkins and so excited to see you settling into your new home. Thanks for all the idea in each post!

  255. I am looking forward to seeing how you settle into the fall nesting in a new home you are just moving into! Such an exciting time!

  256. I am decorating impaired and I think it’s exactly the layering you mention which doesn’t come naturally to me.I get the furniture set up in the room and then don’t know where to go from there! I’m always inspired by your lovely posts and pictures…maybe the pumpkins will be the beginning of a new room!

  257. Yippee for fall coziness! Putting out the autumn scented candles, thick throws and pumpkins / gourds ;-)

  258. I love these pumpkins! And your new home will be just as stunning as your previous one. Love your inspirations on your blog (and in your book)..

  259. Terri Sullivan says:

    Fall’s my favorite season of them all. Would love to win a set of these beautiful works of pumpkin art to nest around my home.

  260. Love your blog and love velvet pumpkins!!

  261. Fall is such a treat!! We just moved, too, so I’m excited to follow your example of re-nesting in a new home.

  262. Linda Grubbs says:

    It’s suppose to be 90 here in Manhattan, KS today….but I know fall is just around the corner! Love those pumpkins!!!
    And that Jack-face!! what a DOLL he is. Just makes me smile to look at him. Looking forward to following you all as you settle into your new lovely home. xoxo

  263. My favorite time of year – Fall is just so lovely! Pumpkins make me smile! Your home is already looking “cozy”, but my favorite photo is the one showcasing sweet Jack!

  264. Love those cute pumpkins! Too bad you don’t include your Canadian fans in these contests?

  265. those pumpkins are just the best thing! and your home is so comforting. thank you for sharing.

  266. What a fun give away!

  267. I am pulling out the Autumn décor today. This is my favorite season. The velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! (I also love the throw blankets and the driftwood heart). I am so inspired by you and your beautiful blog and am anticipating the exciting journey of making your new house your home.

  268. Beautiful pumpkins!

  269. Betty Crews says:

    Thank you for your positive inspiration as we embrace the beauty of fall!

  270. Lisa Hitchcock says:

    Love these pumpkins! So fun to see you nesting in your new home.

  271. Congratulations on your new home! And for making it cozy eventhough it’s not all done. Inspirational!

  272. Every year I admire your beautiful pumpkins. I would love a set of my own!

  273. Love your blog so much!! PS-met The Nester last month & she said that we are twins!!!

  274. I love fall and setting up the new rhythm on the season!!!

  275. Melissa, I have always been smitten with those pumpkins! And I have to say… you chose the perfect colors. They are so lovely to transition from summer to just before Christmas so easily without having to make lots of changes. :) But… even more… YOUR BOOK!! It’s gorgeous!! I can’t wait to read it, too!
    And lastly… your new home is YOU! I love the stamp you’re putting on it and I’m enjoying seeing your things in new spaces. This is fun!!! {{hugs}}

  276. Liz Sproule says:

    Nesting in the fall is my new favorite poem!

  277. Love decorating for fall!

  278. Maryanne Soper says:

    What a great post! I am having fun this week getting out my fall wreaths, candles, and seasonal decor items. Thanks for the quick peek at your new house.


  279. I’m loving seeing your house become your home!

  280. Girlfriend, you are the fastest unpacker in the West! How do you have things so pulled together already? Wow! *** I have just the spot for those fabulous pumpkins — they would be so happy on my fall mantle, I just know it!

  281. Beth Wigner says:

    Love your enthusiasm for your home and the way you make it seem simple to decorate with what you love! I also love the velvet pumpkins that will carry you through fall to Thanksgiving.

  282. There is indeed something very special about fall. It is the best season! Being a born and raised life-long New Englander I am quite partial to this season!
    Love your new home and can’t wait to see the progression of it all coming together!

  283. I’m enjoying seeing how you are progressing with your new home. Loved you first book and I’m putting your new one on my Christmas list. I will be following along to see all the new wonderful things you will do in your new home.

    Sue in Fl.

  284. Thoroughly enjoyed your comments on nesting, layering and it not being a waste of time. I’ve noticed in previous posts that was have a small print in common then today noticed your white and blue dog on the case perched on a stack of books…I also have two of them. Just fun to notice similar likes. Happy new home.

  285. I am so happy to have found your blog. I thoroughly enjoy looking at all of your creative designs and inspirations.

  286. As always, I love your posts about fall; but, most of all, I love that sweet picture of Jack, your “big puppy”! The room just wouldn’t be the same without him. ❤️

  287. Abby Osborn says:

    I would love to have a set of the pumpkins!!! So cute and a perfect way to cozy up my house!

  288. Love this blog and love the velvet pumpkins. I hope I win!!!

  289. Wondering if your topiaries on the mantle are real or artificial? I so want to have something alive with some color on my mantle. Tried a lemon cypress, but that was extremely short lived…’s now a dried up relic waiting to be thrown away. Always shied away from artificial plants in the past.

  290. I’m excited to follow along as you settle in to your new home. And the pumpkins are gorgeous!

  291. Susan Smith says:

    It would be so wonderful to win! These are beautiful! Can’t wait for your new book!!!

  292. Rosemary C. says:

    I love that it is finally starting to feel like fall. Those pumpkins are lovely!

  293. I love following your blog and can’t wait for your transformation of your new house. I have just started pulling out my fall decorations and would love some velvet pumpkins. So cute!

  294. Chris Horne says:

    i love the word you used, cozify. Just feels right this time of year. And I love the pumpkins.

  295. I love Fall! There is just something about the cooler temperatures, and the smell of Fall. I love the pumpkins, too!!

  296. Fall is my favorite season. Loved reading about nesting for fall.

  297. Love those cute little pumpkins and FALL time!

  298. I love the crisp cool days of fall, the fields of corn and soybeans drying for harvest here in the Midwest, and the beautiful leaves turning russet, gold and red.

  299. Love that Fall is almost here! I’d love to show off those pumpkins in my house!

  300. Siobhan O'Riordan says:

    Love the pumpkins! I love collecting elements of fall decor in different mediums – grapevine, mercury glass and ceramic are some of my favorites and the fabric pumpkins are gorgeous!

  301. Hey Melissa, I love it that although you are not quite settled into your new home, you are still embracing the beautiful fall season while trying to make your new house feel like home! I have been admiring the velvet pumpkins for a few years now; they are so cozy and I have just the place for them in our home! Anyway, I love your blog as it is always an inspiration to love the home you have!

  302. Viola stuckey says:

    I’m looking forward to do some puttering around with some pumpkins.

  303. Scarlette Chapman says:

    I live in California where we’re in our 4th year of drought. It’s been so hot and miserable. However today we’ve had the unexpected gift of rain! It makes me happy to know that soon our milder Fall weather will be here.

  304. LOVE fall and LOVE those pumpkins!

  305. Thanks for sharing this new adventure, Melissa!
    1-Love what you’re doing with your new (becoming) home! Esp. enjoying influx of colors (and nautical painting) which enhance your water views! Know you don’t like “swine” and “hog” colors very much; but have you considered a little less grey?
    2-Don’t recall seeing those wonderful marbleized lamps before: am smitten! Could you reveal source, pls?
    3-Looks as tho Jack’s adjusting to the move well (terrific pic!) – so how’s Lily doing with the many changes?
    4-Reminder to all: Another way to enjoy Fall (and echo those pumpkins) is to watch the total lunar eclipse on Sept. 27-28. The full harvest “blood moon” eclipses like this only every couple of decades. Eastern 1/2 of US can see entire “happening” – like a big, round orange pumpkin in the sky! Best of all, this show is free! Access internet (Goddard and Time & Date) sites for more info.

  306. I would LOVE LOVE a set of these. I’ve admired them for years now!

  307. I’ve really enjoyed reading your emails….they take me away from my reality for at least a little bit!! Pumpkins are SO cute!!

  308. I love these pumpkins!

  309. Treena Geary says:

    I just found your blog a little while ago – and I am enjoying it so much. Thanks for sharing your attitude and decorating ideas. I have begun the fall transition in my home and I love it.

  310. Barbara Jones says:

    Congratulations on your new home! I look forward to your blogs showing your “nesting” progress. I know it will be lovely and reflect warmth and love. Decorating and celebrating Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love that it is about “Giving Thanks and Celebrating with Gatherings of Family and Friends”. The colors of Fall bring warmth into my home as the weather changes to cooler days and cold nights. The display on your mantel of the beautiful pumpkins is a good idea I would like to follow. There are so many ways they could be incorporated into Fall decorations through out our homes. Thank you for your creative and inspiring ideas!

  311. Welcome Home! Happy Nesting!

  312. Can’the wait to see what you with your new home. Looks lovely already. Those pumpkins would sure bring the fall inside.

  313. Your place looks so cozy already! I love it! And I would love some of those pumpkins too ;)

  314. I just recently found your blog. Your home is so warm and cozy and I love that dog!

  315. Nancy Bennett says:

    love the pumpkins.

  316. I love watching your new house take shape with your old familiars. I would love for those sweet pumpkins to become old familiars at my house.

  317. Fall is my favorite time of year, I have already started to decorate. I would love to have some of those really cute pumpkins, Happy Fall!

  318. So excited for Fall and cooler weather! Thanks for the chance to win those cute pumpkins!! :o)

  319. Grace Swaney says:

    I have enjoyed your emails so much. I have them sent to work and I save them until I have a challenging time and after doing what needs to be done, I look at the Inspired Room. Thanks to all of you that work together to create the Inspired room.
    I would LOVE to win a set of pumpkins!

  320. Tami Kaufman says:

    Love the pumpkins! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new “old” home!

  321. Lorie Underwood says:

    I’m trying to learn and implement the theory of layering. Easier said than done for some of us. I’m thinking these pumpkins might be a start for my Autumn Nesting.

  322. Fall is my favorite time of year – cooler temps, gorgeous colors, and enticing smells! What more could a gal ask for???

  323. Looking forward to the changing of the leaves and nesting in my home which has slowly become Inspired to our family. These pumpkins would look lovely on my dining room table.

  324. Alissa Rieth says:

    Love cozying up for fall! I am putting out the pumpkins, muting my color scheme from bright greens and lavenders to sages and plums. Oh, and making soup!

  325. Glorious fall! Cozy and golden.

    Congratulations on your new home and finally getting to the puttering. Love those pumpkins!

  326. Wendy Price says:

    Love the fabric pumpkins – they look so elegant!!. I have picked up some mums and itty bitty pumpkins to start my fall decorating. Love the fall hate what comes after it. The dreaded S word.

  327. Bonnie thompson says:

    The velvet pumpkins are so lovely it would’ve a treat to have a set!

  328. SueinMtVernon says:

    I am so ready to start decorating for the fall season although I can certainly wait on winter – I hate shoveling the white stuff. Thanks for the chance to win those adorable pumpkins!

  329. Susan McEwen says:

    These pumpkins are fabulous. I’m drawn to anything out of the ordinary! Would look great on my mantel! Oh, yes!!

  330. Oh I love these pumpkins!

  331. P.J. Jackson says:

    I just love the sweetness of the little velvet pumpkins. It’s the simple things that are so special.

  332. Rita Nelson says:

    I would love to have a set for my favorite season!

  333. I love this cooler weather and I love the scented candles for this time of the year!

    The pumpkins are gorgeous!

  334. What a cozy home already! I love nesting and making things cozy, and can’t wait until it feels more like fall here to do it. I love the pumpkins, and would love a chance to win them!

  335. Meredith Haas says:

    I love devouring new pictures and articles that you post. Gives me such inspiration to continue to the next step. And not much is as exciting as making a new home your own!

  336. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I am pulling pumpkins out of my storage closet. They are making their way to my mantle and other spaces in our home. I ❤️ your velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings to you and your family as you settle into your new home.

  337. I have always wanted to be good at preparing my home for the Fall season but I’m just not :-( I find it hard to decide on the right decorations and additions to bring that cozy feeling into my home. I love seeing your ideas. Congratulations on getting settled into your new home!

  338. Even though it’s still in the 90’s here in Texas, I am more than ready to start fall nesting! Love the look of your new home and the velvet pumpkins.

  339. Fall is the best season!!! Thank you for the decorating inspiration!

  340. I love the fall in the Hudson Valley! Mother nature sure puts on a beautiful display here in the valley…

  341. Your home is looking beautiful! And those pumpkins, oh how I’d love to see some in my home! Thanks for the chance!

  342. Nancy Bryden says:

    Fall is just around the corner…looking forward to pumpkins!

  343. Love these pumpkins and would love to win a set. Thanks for the chance!!

  344. Love those velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Fall Y’all (as we say in Texas)!

  345. I love your home and decor, I love fall, and I love those adorable pumpkins!! :)

  346. Those pumpkins are gorgeous! And I can’t wait to get your book…it’s already ordered!

  347. Amy Brentlinger says:

    Fall to me, means cozy!! I love to decorating for Fall. Those pumpkins are adorbs!!

  348. We are settling into our new home and love your comment of “cozifying” the home! We are on the same quest, blessings to you and your family as you settle in.

  349. Oh how I would treasure a set of those plush pumpkins! Love seeing your new home come together! Happy Fall to you and your family!

  350. Fern Hummert says:

    Love reading your blog everyday. It inspires me!

  351. Being from Florida, pumpkins are about the ONLY way to get the feeling of fall! Love your inspiration for making a home!

  352. I love the Love Feast pumpkins, and have admired them each time you post about them!

  353. It’s so much fun to ready the home for the new season! I can’t wait to see what you do in your new home!

  354. yes! i totally agree with your comment “nesting…a comforting way to welcome us home.” this weekend, despite being in the high 90s i put out my fall items. it was hot….but the house felt so much warmer (haha figuratively…because it was warm already!!) and ready to welcome the fall season. love the rich colors of fall. i enjoy making my home warm and welcoming!
    thanks for sharing how you are making your new house into a home ;)

  355. Love these pumpkins! Pick me!

  356. Timely blog post, I have been puttering all morning adding fall touches! I have tweaked and twisted and am now relaxing reading your blog, always a welcome diversion!

  357. Beth Jacklen says:

    Love those pumpkins! Want a whole set!

  358. I’m on pins and needles waiting for each post as your new house becomes your home!

  359. This year fall nesting is very different than in the past. We have had our son home for 3 months and it’s all about making rooms cozy and comfortable…with elements of the season: pumpkins, neutral burlap with pops of burgundy and deep orange, and mums.

  360. We just did an unexpected and unwanted move as well, but we were blessed with a large beautiful house and I’m loving the challenge of adapting my decorating style to our new surroundings. It’s so fun and inspiring to follow your story of moving and settling in! Fall is a great time to transform a new house into your own home.

  361. Brenda Parnell says:

    I love fall as well. Such a cozy time and the cool weather and colorful leaves make it so beautiful. The plush pumpkins are so pretty and would be a welcome addition to our home.

  362. I really enjoyed your first book. I can’t wait for the second one to come out.

  363. Those are the most beautiful pumpkins!

  364. I really enjoyed your first book. I can’t wait for the second one to come out!

  365. Elizabeth Heironimus says:

    Cute pumpkins! Whoever is gifted with these will enjoy.
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  366. Meredith Higgins says:

    Hello! Today was my first day checking out your blog and I will most certainly be back! How inspiring!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration to others. I have been eyeing these plush pumpkins for a while now and would be overjoyed to win them!!!

  367. Cozy throws, fall scented candles, lots of pumpkins – real and not so real

  368. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I can’t wait to get started “cozying” up our home. Your home is come together beautiful and I’m enjoying watching the process. Also, the pumpkins are wonderful.

  369. I just found your blog about a month ago. I love it. I love Fall…it has always been my favorite time of year. I spent yesterday putting together our new fire pit because sitting around the fire with the kids and grand babies is life to me.

  370. Michele Heimlich says:

    The perfect fall accent!

  371. Cindy Nichols says:

    I LOVE the pumpkins! Living in Hawaii it takes a bit more effort
    to create the feel of Fall in our home. These pumpkins could do the
    TRICK! Aloha, Cindy Nichols

  372. I love the plush pumpkins and they would add so much to my fall decor. I always look forward to your blog posts in my email and am excited to see how you decorate your new home. Can’t wait for your new book to come which I have preordered:). Thanks for all your encouragement in the area of making a house our home.

  373. Patti Lambert says:

    Thank you for sharing your jouney with all of us.
    I am a November baby and have always loved the Fall with Winter a close second.

  374. Melinda Young says:

    Fall is my excuse for making pumpkin muffins! Love the color and of course cinnamon smell through the house!

  375. Although I love spring and summer and all the warmth that comes with them, I think that what I like the most about fall is the chance to prepare for the cold of winter. I struggle with the cold of winter, and fall allows me to better prepare for it–especially mentally! To feel like we are all “snuggled in” and ready.
    The beautiful colors that come with fall are such an added bonus!!

  376. I have been home the last few days recuperating from gallbladder surgery :( but that has given me the opportunity to open the windows and enjoy some incredibly gorgeous weather here in St. Louis rather than being cooped-up in a climate-controlled office building :) ! I’m looking forward to putting out some fall decor as soon as I can, because I love pumpkins and bittersweet!

  377. Sara Breeggemann says:

    I have loved these for the past couple of years, but they are WAAAY out of my price range for seasonal décor.

  378. autumn colours fall colours extra blankets clean windows to peer out at the autumn trees in their splendor pressing leaves in wax paper cooking with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spices nutmeg in porridge with vanilla and cinnamin

  379. Kristen Lenca says:

    I love your new home and can’t wait to see it evolve over time…and love the pumpkins (and Jack) too of course!

  380. Kristol Stenstrom says:

    I just LOVE nesting in the fall. Cutting bittersweet is one of my joys during this time of year – that, and putting pumpkins absolutely everywhere!

  381. I have been pulling out a few fall touches, even though I haven’t been ready to let summer go! Would absolutely be thrilled to win the pumpkins. Love them!

  382. Love everything about fall! And after this HOT summer, the crisp air is very welcome!

    These are the sweetest pumpkins ever ❤️ Would love to have them in my home!

  383. Thanks for the wonderful blog. I love these pumpkins!

  384. Lila Piercey says:

    I too love these plush pumpkins but then I love all things Fall and pumpkins! I love fall colors and love to decorate every room in my house-even the bathrooms. Every room gets some fall love from wreaths on the bedroom doors to glass pumpkins on the side tables!

  385. Love your blog. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and sharing your home with us. These pumpkins are beautiful!

  386. Love the plush pumpkins. It seems like fall has come early where I live. Love the fall and the pumpkins would give me that extra fall feeling. Thanks for a chance to win.

  387. I am sad to be leaving summer behind but then I remember that we get to move on to the season where everything revolves around pumpkins & cozy blankets & sweaters and it makes me feel a little better. :)

  388. I would love to win the pumpkins but seeing sweet Jack’s face is even better.

  389. Fall is my favorite time of year. Your home is so inviting and those pumpkins are adorable.

  390. Love the pumpkins!!!

  391. It’s looking lovely, Melissa! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway… these plush pumpkins have been on my wish list for YEARS!
    xo Heidi

  392. I love those pumpkins and I love your home!

  393. Fall is my favorite time of the year too. It’s funny you posted this today. Just yesterday I was puttering around, and I changed the furniture in my living room, centering everything around the fireplace. My 10-year-old son actually noticed it and said it was the perfect time to do that, because pretty soon our family of four can all sit there by the fire and read books. He’s a bookworm. :) Home really does make a difference!

  394. FabulousFall

  395. Jenna Sagen says:

    I have always loved these pumpkins and wanted some! It would be great to win!

    Love your blog and cant wait to see how you transform this house. Your last one was beautiful!

  396. Theresa Van Eck says:

    Seeing these gorgeous pumpkins this week inspired me to get out my fall decor and begin to embrace the season. Would love to receive my own set of them on Friday, which also happens to be my 57th birthday!

  397. Cheryl Evans says:

    I am so excited for Fall. It is tied with Spring as one of my favorite seasons. I love everything about pumpkins! I love to use them in decorating and eat them in all kinds of ways. There is something so comfortable and homey when they are around. I love how they come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes, just like people! Pumpkins, like people, can be so inspiring :)

  398. I have a recurring dilemma that occurs every year that maybe you can help me with…
    I’m a Jersey girl! I grew up by the shore and experienced the lovely shades of Autumn, crisp air, pressed leaves, etc. But, now, I live in Florida where it is hot through October with virtually no change to make it feel like my favorite season is here. My favorite season (Autumn), holiday (Thanksgiving) and decorating is fall colors and layers; but, the layers also seem to make it “feel” hotter in the home. Do you have any suggestions to bring Fall to Florida?
    Your new home is lovely! I’m looking forward to following your journey in making it your own.

  399. I am so happy for you to be nesting in your new home. No matter the season, one tweak at a time and layer by layer, each new house becomes a family home. Thank you for being so genuine and transparent!

  400. Fall is my favorite time of year. These would look awesome on my dining room table!

  401. Not quite fall here but SOON!!! Fall is truly my favorite season of the year. Would love a set of velvet pumpkins!!!!

    Am enjoying how you are making your house a “Home”

  402. We are planning a move in about two months so it would seem silly to “nest” for the fall…but with all the chaos of packing, I need some cozy. It is my sanity!! I will not do what I would normally, but I definitely will still keep some throws out and come up with some little vignettes, even if only using some outdoor things like branches, leaves, pinecones, rocks, and whatever! Those sweet little pumpkins from the LoveFeast Shop would certainly help my decor and will travel well once we move! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  403. You must be so excited for all these new beginnings….new home…new book…enjoy every minute of it…

  404. Am just in love with your blog, and looking forward to your journey to home in your new house! Congratulations on the beautiful book!

  405. Colleen in Dallas says:

    I love the pumpkins!

  406. I love Fall the pumpkins and your style!

  407. I’m so excited for you on the new house and new book!!!! (I can’t wait to own it as well!!) We just purchased our new home 2 months ago and we are going through the settling in process with 3 littles (7,5 &2) it’s so great having the space of our own again to create our home (and an outlet for my DIY madness!) Fall is my FAVORITE time of year for many obvious reasons so winning a set of these pumpkins would be just perfect! :-) Thank you for all you do! Love the blog!

  408. i love fall and pumpkins and would love these! congratulations on your book!

  409. Vanessa Wozniak says:

    The velvet pumpkins are beautiful!

  410. I just discovered your site and am so happy to have found it. Your style is beautiful! I’ve seen these pumpkins too and would love to win a set. Thank you!

  411. Alice Adams says:

    I am pulling my fall decorations out! Fall is my favorite season! These pumpkins would be a great addition to my pumpkin collection! So excited to see your new book! Congrats to you on your new home and your book! I can’t wait to see more photos of your place!

  412. Aw, I love the “set up” phase of a new home! I am crushing so hard on the velvet pumpkins–had my eye on these babies for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  413. Looove those pumpkins!! And your just moved into house looks a whole lot more put together that my moved into 10 years ago one does!

  414. Marie Rhudy says:

    I love these pumpkins! They are just so classy.

  415. Mary Baroletti says:

    Just so adorable! They are just so perfect for the fall!

  416. I LOVE these pumpkins! So different from what you see in the stores. Would love to see where I could buy them.

  417. Katie McKenzie says:

    The fall décor in my house is greatly lacking! These pumpkins would look awesome on my mantle and will help kick start my fall decoration collection :)

  418. Congrats on the book! Exciting!

  419. Jennifer C. says:

    Love it! Love the new home, love the pumpkins, love the season, love the book!

  420. Kathy Snedigar says:

    Awww – velvet! Such a cozy & warm texture. Perfect pumpkins for Autumn surprises!

  421. I love the mention of warm plaid blankets and plush pumpkins; I’m not a big fan of fall just because it means that winter is not far behind( and winters here are extremely long and cold) but you make it sound so inviting. If there’s one thing about fall that I enjoy, it’s the many changing colors and the cooler ( but not too cold) weather that makes a walk outside so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing how you make your home ready for fall, you have inspired me to add a few touches of my own.

  422. Those are so pretty!

  423. I love reading your blog as you decorate your new home!

  424. Fall–can’t wait! Although here in the South we can still expect those days of 90+ degrees–we begin to feel the hope of fall!

  425. Fall is my favorite time of year! I buy pumpkins,mums and put out lots of fall decorations to make my home inviting and restful!

  426. Just starting the fall decor season with shades of white and cream and tan…then plan to slowly add more color as the temps get cooler. Congratulations on the book – can’t wait to see it. As always, the pumpkins are adorable.

  427. Congrats on the new home! We moved this year too and puttering around the house decorating is what makes me feel like what makes our new house a home. Love the pumpkins as always and will enter again to hopefully win one of these times-ha!

  428. Shirley Short says:

    Velvet pumpkins… yes please!

  429. Would love to win a set of those adorable pumpkins! Was just working on pulling out some fall decor today and could use an update! Looks like your puppy is getting settled in to his new digs! :)

  430. Love these little pumpkins! I’m definitely in a fall decorating mood, even if the temps are still in the 90’s!

  431. Just purchased your first book…looking forward to settling in to read it with a cup of pumpkin coffee!

  432. Fall is my favorite time of year; October is my birthday month; and I love those pumpkins. I enter your giveaway every year. Hoping this is THE year I win. Happy Fall!

  433. We are building and fall in a new home is something to look forward to. Decorating with these pumpkins would sure make me happy! Many of my ideas for our new home have come from you, Melissa. Love your blog!

  434. Beautiful job of decorating without it looking kitchsy or cutesy. Love it!

  435. We are in love with the velvet pumpkins. I just bought a plum colored mini pumpkin today. Would love to have a whole set of the. They are very plush and beautiful.

  436. love the velvet pumpkins! how cute would these be sitting on my kitchen island in my dough bowl! maybe i will get lucky, somehow i never do:(

  437. I love to fall and pumkinizing is a wonderful way to cozy up fall

  438. Love your home and blog!!! Love the velvet pumpkins!!! Appreciate your teaching of loving the home I have! Working on loving my 1970s home!!

  439. I have the most perfect pewter bowl that I bought super cheap at a church rummage sale that is DYING to be filled with these pumpkins! Love the lagoon color!!

  440. Thanks for your great post. Grew up in Seattle so am enjoying your move <3

  441. I am obsessed with those pumpkins!!

  442. I love your style. So young and fresh.

  443. I love fall, my birthday 9/22 always begins the fall celebration in our neck of the woods..even though we are empty nesters, we are new grandparents & we’ll be sharing our 1st fall with the new little ‘lovebug’

  444. Jennifer V. says:

    So looking forward to fall after living in Hawaii the last three years!

  445. cathy claus says:

    love those pumpkins— love the transition into fall with all the autumn colors and using nature to cozy things up!

  446. Love the pumpkins! My fall decorations need a update!

  447. cathy claus says:

    — love the transition into fall with all the autumn colors and using nature to cozy things up!

  448. Obsessed with these pumpkins! Got my fingers crossed!

  449. Love the velvet pumpkins! Thanks for the giveaway.

  450. These are so beautiful! I’ll bet in person they are even more wonderful! What a generous way to celebrate fall!

  451. Have always loved those pumpkins from LoveFeastShop…..

  452. Mary cupples says:

    Love the pumpkins!

  453. ….”comfortable rhythm of life.” !! Throw in some beautiful pumpkins, and let the nesting begin. Love your home, your style and your writing!! Thanks for taking us along on this awesome journey.

  454. These are gorgeous – hope I’m the lucky winner!

  455. Debra Dutton says:

    I live in Florida where we don’t have an actual change in seasons, but these pumpkins would go a long way in helping me update my fall decor without using browns, oranges, and yellows.

  456. Love those velvet pumpkins!

  457. I can’t wait to being my fall nesting! I am in California and the weather has been so hot! But yesterday and today we had rain and its overcast and 70 yay! I can’t wait until our “cold” fall weather is here to stay. I am also pregnant so this fall the nesting will have a whole new fervor haha

  458. pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin

  459. Fall is my favorite time of year! Living in the Midwest, the nesting has begun!

  460. Love those velvet pumpkins …fabulous! Looking forward to following you as you transform your new home into that special, cozy, comfy, beautiful place to live and thrive. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  461. Kathy Smith says:

    I love fall and these beautiful plush pumpkins.

  462. Fall Is An Absolutely Fabulous Time Of Year. These Beautiful Pumpkins Are A Tactile Treasure. Thank You So Very Much For The Opportunity To Win A Set Of My Very Own.

  463. I love fall. I love the velvet pumpkins. And I love your blog. May God bless your new home with lots of love and laughter.

  464. Love that stone fireplace! Fall is my favorite, as well.

  465. I love your blog and I am crazy in love with all the pumpkins at LoveFest–especially the velvet ones!

  466. Fall is the absolute best season!

  467. Shirley Martin says:

    Can’t wait to get my Fall decor out! I love those pumpkins!

  468. Becky Handshew says:

    Happy nesting and fall coziness to all!

  469. Pumkins? Did someone say pumpkins? I adore pumpkins! I’ll take two or three…:}. One for me and two to share! Love your blog!

  470. Love the pumpkins! Maybe they would help me to love fall! After fall comes winter❄️❄️❄️

  471. I’m a new follower but already a big fan :)

  472. I have loved the LoveNest pumpkins since the first time I laid eyes on them. Looking forward to my Fall nesting this weekend while I bring out all the decorations.

  473. Megan Sanders says:

    Pumpkin and fall love!

  474. Love the pumpkins– and this season—fall is my fave!! already pre ordered your new book!!!! can’t wait!!

  475. Love these velvet pumpkins in all the harvest colors!

  476. My end of the day comfort is to read my favorite blogs…including yours! <3

  477. Love these! Bring on fall!

  478. Diane Peterson says:

    Love, love, LOVE those cute pumpkins! They are elegant and classy.

  479. I love autumn colors -nature decor -candles

  480. Love those pumpkins!!!

  481. Oh I’d love to win the pumpkins! I just moved, and can’t wait to start adding some Fall touches.

  482. Happy fall nesting! I hope that you will be feeling settled in your new home soon.

    What beautiful pumpkins! So plush and plump! And I love the cover of your new book – so beautiful!

  483. The pumpkins are adorable. Looking forward to purchasing your book!

  484. Love the pumpkins! And excited for your new home!

  485. I love looking at your pictures and getting inspired by them! I also think those pumpkins are pretty cute too.

  486. Julie GOnsalves says:

    Welcome home and I love the pumpkins!!!

  487. I love these pumpkins!!

  488. Julia Molewyk says:

    Those pumpkins are really pretty with their velvet shell. I’ll be decorating my home for fall this weekend and those pumpkins would be a great addition. Thanks for the chance to win!

  489. I have adored these pumpkins for years! These colors are just gorgeous!!

  490. Diane Westbrook says:

    Oh, first of all….I just want to grab that sweet doggie face and give him/her a big kiss and a hug. I love love your dogs!! I am so looking forward to how you decorate this “new” home. I have followed you since the large older home and marvel at what you can do. You really do it all so very well! The pumpkins?? oh, yes please…I would truly love to have a set. best of luck to all!! Diane

  491. Love the pumpkins. Thanks!

  492. yay for autumn!

  493. Roetta Mann says:

    Fall! My favorite time of year! And the gorgeous pumpkins, love them!

  494. I always say that I have “pumpkin-itis”! I just love pumpkins in any size, color or fabric! (I’ve also spread this “itis” to many of my friends.) Please pick me!!!!!

  495. Would love to own those—we just got our first house and have no fall decor!

  496. I just love reading your story. Sweet doggie face resting on you throw.

  497. I miss your last home already but am so looking forward to visiting you in your new one!!

  498. Best of luck in getting settled in your new house this fall! I never tire of your blog and all the topics it touches on! Love the pumpkins! …My mom’s birthday is on Halloween so I have fond memories of decorating for Fall. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house and hear about all the adventures you’ll have living closer to your daughters! :)

  499. I fell in love with the velvet pumpkins while reading your blog a couple of years ago. I am very excited to watch your new home evolve. And we live in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon so I am very excited for fall to arrive; my favorite time of year for nesting.

  500. Gorgeous!! I would love to have a set of these darling pumpkins! Thanks for the opportunity!

  501. Your new home is looking lovely already! Those plush pumpkins are such a perfect addition to fall cozy! (Fingers crossed I will a set for myself!!) :)

  502. Beatriz Chastine says:

    I love Fall too!!! We moved into our place last October and were overwhelmed that we didn’t decorate. Now that we’re more settled, I am in that stage of trying to make our house feel cozy…

  503. I can’t wait to see how your house turns out. I love Fall and these pumpkins!!

  504. Love the pumkins! Fingers crossed to win… who doesn’t need more pumkpins?
    Congrats on the book!

  505. Would love to win the pumpkins!

  506. Would love those gorgeous soft fall pumpkins. Thank you for giveaway chance!

  507. I’m a pumpkin collector, but no velvet pumpkins yet! These would be beautiful. Enjoy your new home. Seattle is a favorite of mine.

  508. The blue and white accents in your living room are beautiful! It’s fun to see your new home ready for fall!

  509. We just started building our forever home and I am loving all of the blue. The pumpkins take it to the next level. Thanks for the chance to win.

  510. Pauline Martin says:

    Blessings as you continue adjusting.

  511. Gorgeous! Love!

  512. The velvet pumpkins are beautiful! What a wonderful reminder that Fall is actually coming (even to hot & humid Houston, Texas)! Can’t wait to see how you work your magic to make your new home a HOME. I’ve really enjoyed reading your first book and have pre-ordered your new one. Keep up the wonderful, inspiring work.

  513. Regina Schifani says:

    Love the pumpkins!

  514. I have been reading your blog for a couple years now. I truly enjoy your home(s), style process and writings. Thank you for bringing us along!

  515. Suzanne Fife says:

    I just love your decorating style. Cannot wait to see how your new home comes together!

  516. I have been looking at the velvet pumpkins EVERYDAY. So cute. Love your new home!

  517. What a great giveaway! I’d love to win those adorable pumpkins!

  518. Living room looks great! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!

  519. Fall is Prime Puttering Time for me … And those pumpkins are darling!

  520. pumpkins!!! I too moved into a new house and it is screaming for some fall decor!

  521. I have preordered two books and I can’t wait to get them! One for me and one as a surprise for my daughter-in-law. I just bought my first purple aster plant for my back deck! Those and the mums mean fall to me.

  522. Kristi woldstad says:

    These are lovely! What a wonderful giveaway. Happy Fall!

  523. Love these pumpkins! Would love to have a set for fall in my home!!

  524. Congratulations on the new book, such excitement! Love those pumpkins!

  525. I love the fall here in New England, the leaves are already starting to change color here. Those pumpkins are the perfect touch to your new home. It’s coming along beautifully! Can’t wait to get your new book!

  526. Love your new home and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

    I’m looking at an empty spot on my coffee table for some of those beautiful pumpkins….. Thanks for the opportunity to win some!

  527. You are my #1 favorite blogger. I love your sense of style and can’t wait to see your new home “room by room” as you get settled in. I love these pumpkins and enter every give-a-way that I find that features them. Haha!!

  528. As hard as it is to see summer go, the fun and coziness of fall decorating make it easier to bear. Hope Jack and Lily are happy in their new digs.

  529. Kelly wetherholt says:

    We just moved into a new house in July and we are still living in the crazy of renovations too! I am sooo ready to do some fall nesting!!! Bring on the pumpkins!!! Surely they will cheer me up!!! :0)

  530. Can’t wait to see how your new home progresses! Love the pumpkins…

  531. Brendt Blanks says:

    I’ve “Fall-en” in love with these cute pumpkins! Hope to win!

  532. Robyn Alexander says:

    Love those beautiful pumpkins and your cozy home :)

  533. I love the chic comfort of these pumpkins. I’m currently trying to make a basement apartment a home for my family while we live with in-laws during a season of transition. Would love to display these!

  534. Love love these pumpkins, thanks for the giveaway!

  535. Adore these plush pumpkins. What a great way to start fall!

  536. Oh my goodness, those pumpkins are so stinkin cute! …and I’m looking forward to watching your new home unfold…and your book. :) Be blessed!

  537. Megan Senese says:

    Love the velvet pumpkins!

  538. Rise Chirrick says:

    I love your words of “home wisdom”. Real and down to earth.

  539. I love fall! I love that I can cuddle up in a nice warm blanket and sleep all day! Your house looks so cozy and inviting! I love the cooler temperatures! Welcome Fall

  540. My family moved the same time yours did. Your blog has been such an encouragement & true inspiration during the time of packing, unpacking, sorting and now settling in. Thank you!

  541. Fall is the best season! Watching the leaves change colors and falling to the ground is peaceful. Excited for you on your new house. Can’t wait to see all of the lovely things you do to make it your family’s home.

  542. Carol Landeis says:

    Hello Melissa ~
    Love the pumpkins and love the look of your new book. Can’t wait to devour the pages within. Your home looks cozy already. Excited for the adventure together.

  543. Alexandra robertson says:

    just lovely!! hope to win these to bring some fall love into our home.

  544. We just sold our house and will be moving into an apartment in the middle of October so i’ll be more than ready to bring some fall elements into my new space. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

  545. I have been dying to find those velvet pumpkins since I stumbled across one of your older posts on Pinterest and I saw you had a gorgeous blue one. ??? I think they would survive my twin boys, so I would love to have them in my home for this fall!!!

  546. I’ve barely gotten past the window shopping/ inspiration phase! Those LoveFeast pumpkins have been on my wishlist forever…

  547. Your new home is just beautiful…not to mention Seattle is one of this Southern girl’s favorite places to go on the West coast ?. Happy amazing Fall!!

  548. Cozy-fying in fall seems to come naturally. Plush pumpkins are perfect!

  549. Love the pumpkins! Fall just makes me happy. It is my favorite season

  550. Fall decorating is so exciting–from Indian Summer to cooler days and nights–I have decorated with many different pumpkins over the years and I love the ideas of using what you have and adding to. These pumpkins are the best that I have ever seen. Would love to add them to my decor for a fresh look. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the texture and quality of the pumpkins. Each individual nests with their own artistic ideas and textures.

  551. Love those pumpkins! Just started to reluctantly “put away” summer today, not quite ready to give it up yet…

  552. Can’t wait to see how you decorate your new home. And those velvet pumpkins…OB-SESSED!

  553. I have been reading your blog for years. You and I are a match. I just moved into a new home we built on a lake in Northern Michigan. Your blog has helped me a lot. Those pumpkins would be awesome as new homeowners one does not have the money for things like that. Especially since hubbys business took a nose dive with the price of gas. So I am trying to grow pumpkins so I can try to make this precious velvet things.

    I would love to be chosen for the pumpkin giveaway and spare me having to try to make my own. I have 4 puny pumpkins in my garden….argh.

  554. Fall is early sunset and a crockpot dinner simmering in the kitchen when you arrive home. The scent and the mood is set, with the addition of a salad and some crusty bread. Add a smiling face, whether it be a partner, friend, or pet, and the evening is off to a good start.

  555. Love those plushy pumpkins
    I thought I heard one say,
    “decorate your house with me,
    ’cause fall is here to stay!”

  556. Finally! Just a bit cooler here and a light shower yesterday. It’s beginning to feel like fall will really come. how exciting it would be to win those beautiful pumpkins. I’ve seen the mass produced ones, but they always come up lacking something compared to the artistically created ones you’ve pictured. I’m enjoying watching your home coming together bit by bit.

  557. I’m loving the fall inspiration – and would love some plush pumpkins! I enjoyed looking at the post about different houses you looked at during your Seattle area house hunt. One of the houses pictured was my sister’s old house!

  558. Brandi Young says:

    I’m so excited for fall but it’s still hot here in Phoenix. I’m certainly dreaming of modifying my home for cooler temperatures. I have one plush pumpkin from last year and I’m going to dig it out this weekend!

  559. Barbara (WA) says:

    Seeing some familiar things from your previous home in the photos makes me feel this is now your home!!

  560. Congrats on the new house, can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

  561. What a lovely home and decoration you have! Hope I can do something like this at my own home this FALL season. So inspired by this Melissa!

  562. I love fall! October is my absolute favorite month of the year… it is such a cozy time and your decorating really provides that sense of coziness. Those pumpkins are darling! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with all of us. =)

  563. Cynthia LeBlanc says:

    After the last six months of settling my mother-in-laws estate, and moving my own parents into assisted living, I am especially thankful for the more relaxed fall and time for my own home. This week I pulled out my scented candles, bought fabric for new throw pillow covers, and purchased mums. Time to rest up a bit from family care and snuggle into a more restful season!

  564. These pumpkins are beautiful and I would love to add them to my fall decor. Thank you for this giveaway ;)

  565. Jeanine Fairchild says:

    They are beautiful and I would love to display them in my home I am slowly putting together.

  566. I LOVE Fall!! It’s so beautiful and inspiring to look outside at the misty morning and see the sun breaking through to burn off the beautiful morning haze. Warm boots in crisp leaves, your breath making clouds, cold noses and warm lips…. LOVE it! :)

  567. Laura Davis says:

    Love your classy, eclectic style. So excited to see your new house evolve with all of your personal touches. I live in a 60’s ranch in Western Kentucky and am Following you closely for additional inspiration and ideas :)

  568. Kristi braine says:

    I love that wooden mirror!

  569. Fall is a time to get grounded and surround ourselves with the beauty of nature.

  570. Fall is my favorite time of year! The coolness offers such a respite, and the colors are food for the soul.

  571. I LIVE FOR FALL! I fell in love with these pumpkins last year!!!

  572. So happy to hear that all of my “puttering about the house” has a purpose!. Creating a comfortable and cozy nest for my family sets the mood in our home. I won’t feel guilty about spending time making it “Just right”

  573. I’ve been reading your blog for years and always love these pumpkins!

  574. Patricia Marcus says:

    I love these plush pumpkins and always follow the inspired room.

  575. I love fall, this post is just the inspiration to embrace changing up the home, making it cozy-licious! Thanks!

  576. I love these pumpkins! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  577. Tracey Cipriano says:

    Melissa, you have such a gift for decorating and inspiring others to make our homes the best they can be. My family consists of my husband, myself, and our golden retreiver, Rex. I look forward each year to my husband’s yearly golf trip to Myrtle Beach. It gives me an opportunity to nest and love on our home a bit, then he comes home to a warm, inviting haven. Tomorrow evening I’m going to a do-it-herself workshop at the Home Depot to make a rustic pumpkin which I plan to put outside on our front stoop. That will be the beginning of my nesting weekend. I love fall, and everything pumpkin! These little pumpkins on your blog are adorable, and would look beautiful in my home. Thank you so much Melissa, for all the wonderful inspiration!

  578. I would love to win the set! It’s so adorable!

  579. Our house is all fall-ified. Feels so much cozier!
    I would loooove a set of those pumpkins. I’ve always wanted them.

  580. Love love love these pumpkins!!!
    Great giveaway, thank you!

  581. Love the pumpkins! Perfect addition to any fall decor! Thanks for your wonderful ideas!

  582. i love love these pumpkins and would be over the moon if I won them!

  583. I love the way your white pumpkins transform your blue and white from cool to cozy.

  584. The cool temps just make you want to move about and “cozy up” your home. Love the pumpkins!

  585. Fall is my absolutely most favorite season! You will soon have your house just as cozy as before. The picture of your dog is adorable! I love the pumpkins too.

  586. They have quite the variety of colors! The Holiday Reds could be left out through the New Year. I’ve been clinging to summer, (After all the first day of fall is not until next week. Lol), but I would love to get out my red, wool quilt. It’s special because my grandfather pieced it and my grandmother quilted it. Thanks for the nudge.

  587. Yesterday I began packing away summer things. The mornings have a crispness that says fall is here. I love the coziness of this season and bringing out my fall decor. Love the pumpkins! They would be a nice addition to any home!

  588. Love! Can’t wait to start decorating for fall!

  589. I’ve been getting settled into my new home for the last year, so I understand the need to nest and make your new space feel like home. Best of luck! And I can’t wait to receive your new book, which I’ve preordered. Hope I’ll have some new plush pumpkins to add to my fall decor?!

  590. Love the pumpkins. pick me ! pick me !

  591. Heather Beato says:

    What beautiful and tasteful fall décor. Love them!

  592. Pick me !

  593. Looking forward to seeing your new house become home so much! And I’ve always loved Love Feast pumpkins—thanks for the chance to win!

  594. I love fall! And I LOVE these pumpkins!!!

  595. I’ve admired these pumpkins for several years now !

  596. I love these pumpkins! Would love to win one!

  597. Other than Christmas, decorating our home for fall is my favorite. It feels like the house is making itself warm and cozy to welcome us back indoors after playing outside all summer.

  598. Hello,
    This is the first time I’ve ever responded to you. How exciting! I’ve already ordered your book,and own the first book……… it, by the way. Love your Blog also .Thanks for all your encouragement, and knowledge,and humor. Your wonderful and I wanted to tell you that. Thanx,Martha

  599. I love fall and those pumpkins are adorable!

  600. Birthdays and fall are my favorite to decorate for. <3 I've been drooling over these pumpkins for years!!

  601. I adore velvet pumpkins! Fingers crossed to win even though I’m a day late in commenting! I love fall! Mums and a pumpkin are on the porch and deck. I have some twig and wooden pumpkins, I switch out my shells for pine cones and nuts, and put my cozy pillows and throws out. Yay for candles nestled in soup beans and curling up by my gas fireplace!

  602. terri mitchell says:

    I would proudly partake of some plush pumpkins in paprika.persimmon and peach!♡♡♡♡

  603. Am enjoying your journey with your ‘new’ MCM home and am excited to see where you take it! They’re such quality homes, embracing both form and function??!
    And the PUMPKINS??!? ?

  604. Love your Blog. So much like I feel. Have changed things by seasons and months forever.
    I love to change out the house, and my friends look forward to seeing what all I have done for this
    season. Haven’t started it yet, but have some plans formulating in my mind. Want to get all the
    “Fall items” into one or two bins so I don’t forget or loose any of them.

    You energize me into not letting things get old. Thank you.

  605. Love the fall. Have already put out warm oranges, browns, creams and chocolates around the house. I am also gearing up for my favorite soups and stews!! Broccoli cheese on the menu today :)
    Thanks for your blog and inspiration. Praying for you and the settling of your new home.

  606. Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to read it. Love your blog and am anxious to see how your new home develops. Thank you for the opportunity to win the plush pumpkins – they’re beautiful!

  607. I must have this mirror! And I adore the pumpkins!

  608. A slow, cold spring in upstate NY means I’m not quite ready to jump into fall! Still enjoying the warmth of swimming weather, but will admit that the cool mornings and evenings are helping me to get reset and ready for a long season of coziness.

  609. I LOVE pumpkins of any kind!!!!
    Good luck on the new home!

  610. yes, I am beginning to pull out my Fall things to add around the house… love Fall! Would love to add plush pumpkins to my decor!

  611. Christina W. says:

    Love the pumpkins and love your blog!!

  612. I love the pumpkins! I have the perfect resting/nesting place for them!! happy fall

  613. love the pumpkins!! i have the perfect resting/nesting place for them…. happy fall!

  614. Robin in NC says:

    You are so gifted! I’ve got a friend like that, she just makes her place feel so homey & looks awesome! Thanks for sharing your gift & the chance to win those adorable pumpkins!

  615. So fun to see your new home unfolding. Fall is definitely my favorite season, and I adore anything pumpkin–so velvet pumpkins would be the perfect embellishment. Can’t wait to see all the special touches for Fall and Christmas, too!

  616. I think I am as excited as you are… watching you settle into your new home. I love moving and having all new rooms to set up and decorate. The pumpkins are gorge!

  617. I’m not ready for fall. The summer was just too busy and I want to hang on to it a little longer. But some cute little pumpkins could help!

  618. Brandi Kremer says:

    Love these! They would be a great addition to my home! Thanks for the opportunity.

  619. We’re getting ready for Fall by preparing the house for coziness, warmth, and watching the beauty of the season as it changes color, gets windy, and rains outdoors. My Fav season.

  620. As I get older I find myself decorating less for the seasons. It’s so much work to unpack everything & then pack it all up again when the season is over. But some plushie pumpkins would be appreciated.

  621. The snow pumpkins would be just darling in my living room – perfect up to thanksgiving!

  622. I love the idea of starting to “cozify” our home. These cool nights have helped us want to bring out the blankets!

  623. Cynthia Pronovost says:

    Beautiful pumpkins!!!! I’m falling for Fall!!!!!???

  624. I have just recently discovered your blog. So refreshing! Although our decorating styles are fairly different (because we seem to have different budgets), I always see something that I like and get great ideas! And, by the way, I would love to win these pumpkins so that I could give them to my dear sister!

  625. We live in California, but fell in love with Seattle while visiting my daughter who went to Seattle Pacific. I love following your new adventure and living in Seattle vicariously. Love those charming pumpkins, too!

  626. The pumpkins are so pretty!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  627. What more can I say. ……..the pumpkins are everything. Love the stems. I wonder were they get them. I would love to know as I have a vintage store and love to make them for the store too. Love you website and book Cannot wait to get it

  628. Autumn is a great season, we’re still in summer during the day but nights are definitely cooler now. I’d like to rearrange my living room and the pumpkins would fit right in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  629. I love getting the home ready for fall, and love beginning outdoors with pretty porch decor, mums and pumpkins

  630. I am looking forward to cozy evenings with a fire burning, crisp apples, boots and scarves and walking in the forest through the crunchy leaves. I would love to have the pumpkins to add to my fall decor.

  631. Thanks for this awesome opportunity. Love all your decorating inspirations. Fall is my favorite time of year. Fingers crossed.

  632. Fall is my favorite season, the crisp mornings, warm cozy days where everything seems to glow brighter and happier. It’s also the time for my birthday, so my excitement goes to the next level in mid October! I love everything about fall, I’d be thrilled to win those beautiful pumpkins!

  633. love following this page!!! Awesome ideas !!!

  634. Chelsea Menjivar says:

    Fall is my absolute favorite season to decorate for, and these pumpkins are exactly the addition to my fall decor that I need! They just make the room look so cozy!

  635. Loving what I’m seeing of your new home. Congratulations! I’ve loved those pumpkin groupings for a long time,

  636. Thanks for introducing us to plush pumpkins! Beautiful!

  637. Fall is my favorite season in PA. Congrats on your new home and keep dreaming BIG!

  638. The pumpkins are so pretty! I keep telling myself that I am going to make some of those but after several years I am resigned to the fact that it may never happen.

  639. Love the way your home is coming together. Love the pumpkins too.

  640. Cheryl Mericle says:

    This is the best time to start snuggling in. Love seeing those beautiful pumpkins again this year. I wish I could afford a set of my own but with us moving the week before Christmas last year we’re still recovering. Can’t wait to see whats next. Have a great day!

  641. Your home looks so warm and welcoming already – clearly your pup has already settled in!

    Love those pumpkins, they would be wonderful in my new home!

  642. We love in your part of the country and I find the fall and winter season kind of dull. I definitely want to get better at cozy fall nesting.

  643. Living vicariously through your new home. Enjoy the process and the creativity!

  644. Melissa, I really appreciate your sweet attitude about what a home should be :) Those pumpkins are so pretty…I’d love to have some of my own!

  645. Andrea Ludema says:

    I love what you said about nesting being a way of settling in and making your space home. We just moving into a new house, and I am in that process of making it my own. And coincidentally, those pumpkins would be perfect!

  646. I’ve been eyeing these pumpkins for forever! Would love a set! Haven’t been inspired yet to decorate for fall but it’s coming anyways!

  647. I have been eyeing these for years – I would LOVE to get them for my mom for her bday. They would be beautiful in her home.

  648. I would love a set of white pumpkins ! So pretty !

  649. Your house is shaping up nicely! (I looooove the picture of Jack!). I would also loooooove the pumpki s for my home! Thank you for the chance to own them Melissa, and Good luck with your cozyfying!

  650. Yes, tomorrow is the day summer decor gets put away and the Fall things come out! YAY! I would love to add the plush pumpkins to my mantle.

  651. I’m pulling out all of my fall decor this weekend. I can’t wait! Love these pumpkins!

  652. What a great addition would those lovely pumpkins make, propped up on my entry table. The metallic and cream tones are perfect!

  653. Love the colors and smells of Fall. Love all the pumpkins and would so love to have the natural set. Love, Love, Love these!!!

  654. Have always wanted a set of these plump pumpkins. Can’t wait to get your next book!

  655. These are beautiful!

  656. We’ve just moved into a new home too, I’m looking forward to making it cozy ! I love your blog, and those pumpkins are adorable !

  657. These are the best velvet pumpkins EVER!!!

  658. Wendy Bayer says:

    Perfect for fall decorating!

  659. I loooovvee these pumpkins! I hope this is my lucky day!

  660. Love the new house, can’t wait to see it all complete.

  661. Love pumpkins especially velvet ones from love feast!!!

  662. So glad to hear that things are going well with your move…Happy Day….I’m hoping we get Fall this year….still very warm….maybe by Halloween. =)
    Happy Day

  663. Carol Bicknell says:

    Happy Fall Decorating! Just love those adorable, plush pumpkins! Looking forward to seeing your new home and all the wonderful touches you will add to it!!

  664. Marissa Wade says:

    I love those plush pumpkins! They are so elegant and fun all at the same time! I can’t wait to see your house unfold as you get settled in!

  665. Just found an oblong art-glass bowl in the thrift store — turquoise with silver exterior!! Would look gorgeous piled with these pumpkins!

  666. Love the plush pumpkins in the wooden bowl!

  667. Debbie Yaeger says:

    I wish I could buy every pumpkin from LoveFeast! The turquoise are my favorites! Look forward to your postings every day!

  668. I love fall nesting and glad to see you are doing this already in your new home! Everything looks really nice in your photos. Love the pumpkins!

  669. Love them!! :)

  670. Lovely pumpkins, thank you for the chance to win.

  671. We are getting ready to move so I have really been appreciating your posts. I love the Sunset pumpkins!

  672. Love how you’ve got yours displayed. Can’t wait to see more of how your house comes together.

  673. It is brilliant that the plush pumpkins come in different colors. I love fall, but I am more of a cool shades person so it is always hard for me to decorate with reds and oranges. It is awesome that I could still decorate for fall without having to change all of my color palette.

  674. I love these handmade pumpkins!

  675. Have gotten my pumpkin coffee creamer and pumpkins candles in preparation for fall.
    I love those pumpkins. I was hoping they were near the top of your moving boxes, still remember them from last year.

  676. Many thanks to you and Love Feast for the great give away! I have wanted some of these velvet pumpkins since they first came out!! Does it count that it’s my birthday in a few days???? Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  677. Those pumpkins are adorable and look great with your blue and white.

  678. This summer I transitioned from being a SAHM (have been ever for the last 9 years) to full-time-working business owner– so needless to say all my decorating and “nesting” is done in spurts. I would love to win the pumpkins, because they would make fall nesting super easy!

  679. Fall is my favorite season as well. I love fluffing up throw pillows and snuggling into cozy throws! Hope I win those pumpkins!

  680. I have long dreamed of having Love Feast pumpkins.
    Settling in? I am. Cleaning, preparing to paint, making lots of things fresh and new. Winter is drear here and aa full-time faceliftt is wonderful!

  681. Love those gorgeous pumpkins! I’m looking so forward to Fall decorating.

  682. Judy Shepherd says:

    perfect- plush pumpkins :) that can be reused every year.

  683. Courtney Wagner says:

    Love the new house and love the plush pumpkins!

  684. I love the richness these velvety pumpkins bring to fall decor….Autumn if my favorite season and these are so perfect.

  685. I’m totally in love with your book (Love the Home You Have), blog & Facebook posts. Each day I can’t wait to see what your going to post next! I am also anxiously awaiting to receive and devour your new book! I wish you the many blessings in your new venue. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  686. Love your new place! I think it’s fun settling in to a new home. Velvet pumpkins? Swoon!

  687. is there enough funny business beyond Jack’s sofa? ~~~ love plush pumpkins!

  688. Akua-Sodio Flanagan says:

    Following along with your move encourages me to be patient as my family and I make our first house a home! We bought our first house and welcomed our baby girl a week after moving in two months ago. Simply lighting a few candles is helping me ushering in Fall. ?

  689. Fall is my fav!!! And those pumpkins are gorgeous!!!!

  690. Maureen Wildauer says:

    Hi Melissa….I am having a ton of fun ‘moving in the with you’!! No I am not moving myself. We built our dream home 15 years ago and I still love it to pieces. However, I really love watching and waiting as you take every step to nestle just like each of us non-designer people do in our new homes. I can’t wait to see each step you take as you find what fits the personality of the new home you have chosen. I adore your decorating style. Right now I see that you have put what you had that worked for your old home. Now you are going to make this home come to life in then Inspired Room Style. So happy for your dreams of moving to Seattle come true. Your home looks awesome. I love love love the views and lighting. Best decorating wishes!!

  691. Anna Starner says:

    Happy fall Melissa. I am so in love with these pumpkins.

  692. Dana Middlebrooks says:

    When fall comes,I change out the throws,candles and mantle from bright blues and whites to creams,tan,green and shades of Orange. I also hang the fall wreaths on the front and back doors,the colors blending with the oaks and other changing trees. I have a plastic container for each season so I don’t have to hunt around for my favorite things.

  693. I have my containers color coded to make them easy to identify for each holiday…..also, I am weeding through the containers a little more thoroughly…if I don’t love it…it’s out of here! Love love plush pumpkins!!

  694. I love that you made the room feel ready for fall without throwing red and orange all over the place. The layers and textures of the room are stunning!

  695. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’ve always loved those pumpkins!! Things are looking good around your new abode!

  696. I am in the same phase that you are. We just bought a new home. We also had sold our house very quickly. We are still making our house a home. Those pumpkins are beautiful. Love the glimpse of your new house.

  697. Love autumn cozy-ness! Those plush pumpkins are so charming. Your new home has so much to work with! Can’t wait to see how you pull it all together!

  698. ahhh….pumpkins galore! I like “love feast” the best.

  699. The Inspired Room is a wonderfully pleasing blog and Jack The Goldendoodle is a friendly ambassador! Love to add the Velvet Pumpkins to our NY Fall decor.

  700. Loving the transition to fall. Really enjoy your blog and looking forward to the next book!

  701. I absolutely love that little globe. Where can I get it?? Also your dog is the cutest!!

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