4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

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Hello! It’s Courtney here. I can’t believe it’s been about 3 months since I moved into my very first apartment!

When I first planned to move here, my design-loving heart got started right away dreaming up decorating plans. I started out with the basics and some accessories I had collected over the years and I was happy about how homey this place felt from the get-go.

But if I’ve learned anything from following along with my mom’s home transformations, it’s that creating a home is a process. Slowly but surely I’ve been making this home more personal. And of course, now that it’s fall nesting time, I’m all about bringing in the cozy vibes.

The last time I shared my space here on the blog, one of you commented that it looks like a ‘happy place.’ I love that! It got me thinking about ways to make your home spark joy. Who doesn’t want that?

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

Here are 4 Ways Make Your Home Spark Joy:

1) Sprinkle in memories

There’s something so special about looking around your home and seeing things that remind you of family, friends, pets, travels, etc. These items can tell the story of the people in your life and the good times you have experienced together.

Personal mementos are what set your home apart from a showroom display or a cookie cutter design. The things in our home aren’t what matters most to us, of course, but when the things we are surrounded with are chosen with intention and purpose, they can definitely bring joy.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

I’m excited to have my own kitchen and dining space. One of my goals in my own apartment is to invite people over as often as possible. My cheese board is personalized with the word ‘feast’ as a gentle reminder to gather people around my little table to make new memories.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

Calendars and custom art with the smiling faces and memories of the people I love is a sure way to spark joy. A customized memo board inspires me! Personally designed items make the most thoughtful gifts, too.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!


I have many good friends in my life and several of them have been with me since I was in first grade! At Shutterfly I found so many adorable ways to honor those memories and friendships.

2) Decorate with positivity

Filling my home with joy every day is an intentional choice. I love to see motivational words and life quotes that inspire me to keep positive, even when circumstances threaten to weigh me down.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

Here are a few customized accessories I have that reflect some of my positive life mottos and encouragements. I was able to easily create these at Shutterfly, and you can, too!

  • My ‘Cozy Vibes Only’ blanket was created with this sherpa throw blanket. Add your own photos or positive message (I made mine in Photoshop).
  • My ‘No Bad Days’ dish was customized from this catch all tray.
  • My ‘Feast’ cutting board can be customized for a gift or a life motto!
  • My Treat Yourself biscotti jar was personalized from this glass canister.

What are your own life mottos? How could you incorporate them into your home? Personalize your space so it can tell your story.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

3) Set the right mood

A home that ‘sparks joy’ to you doesn’t have to look like the expected ‘joyful’ space (vibrant, fun, cheery decor). Maybe a cozy or moody space sparks joy for you. Or maybe you’re happiest in an eclectic home inspired by your travels or experiences. Or maybe a more minimal style puts your mind at ease! What’s your decorating mood?

Decorating a home should be personal, so it helps to consider what mood brings YOU joy. Embrace it. Make a list of words that describe the mood you’d like to create to get your design wheels turning.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4) Create stress-free zones

Whether you’re a naturally tidy person or feel like a ‘hot mess’ most of the time (no judgement here!), I think we can all agree that having at least some things organized brings us joy. I mean, when you’re trying to get out the door and frantically looking for your phone or your keys and you can’t find them, do you feel joy sparking from your heart? Nope! You feel stress.

There’s more joy in your life when your necessities are right where you expected them to be.

Making organization personal and pretty might seem like a little thing in the grand scheme of life’s demands, but it makes a big impact.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!
Shutterfly offers many lovely customizable organizational accessories, such as trinket trays and memo boards.

I personalized a sweet little dish with one of my daily mottos “No Bad Days.” It’s a perfect reminder of where to set my phone or keys so I won’t start out the day feeling disorganized.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

So when you’re looking for a unique gift or you’re inspired to treat yourself to something special for your home, Shutterfly has customizable products that can bring your heart and vision together.

When I’m ordering a gift, I love it when the products come in special gift boxes or packaging. See a few of examples of Shutterfly’s special packaging below.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

4 Ways to Make Your Home Spark Joy!

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Awaken your space with your vision.
Shop Shutterfly Home Decor for personalized home accents that are uniquely you.

See the direct source links below:

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Hello! It’s Courtney here today filling in for my mom while she’s in Georgia for the Haven Conference as a blogging mentor.

I love a classic blue and white color scheme in pretty much any room, but I was particularly inspired by all of these pretty navy and white bathrooms today and I thought you might enjoy them too! I think the wood accents in many of these add a nice warmth to contrast with the cooler tones.

What do you think, would you do a blue and white bathroom in your own house? I definitely would!

I also want to mention that today is the very LAST day that you can vote for our rug designs in the Annie Selke Rug Design Competition! If you haven’t heard yet, we have the absolutely incredible opportunity to have our rug designs made into ACTUAL RUGS for Dash & Albert in 2018! Only 10 designs will be chosen, and it’s a super close race…eeek! If you’d like to help us out by voting for our designs, we would appreciate it so much! It’s SO easy to vote with a simple ‘like’ or heart on our rugs on the Annie Selke (@annieselke) Instagram page. The direct links to each rug are below for your convenience (you can vote from your desktop or phone) >>

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(by the way, you are allowed to ‘like’ both rugs!)

5 Navy & White Bathrooms

The challenge ends at 9 PM EST tonight.

Thank you all for your excitement with us as we’ve shared this process (and also thank you for your patience if you’ve been hearing us mention the rugs all over the place for the last couple weeks). :) It’s such an unreal opportunity so we really appreciate you allowing us to share and giving us the chance to win! It would be such an honor so we’re thankful for your support.

We had fun this week creating a few little Photoshop mockups to envision our rug designs in our house (new and old house). We think these rugs would go with so many styles…they’re classics with a twist! Check out the mockups below.

5 Navy & White BathroomsStarburst Rug / Striped Rug with Cross Border

5 Navy & White BathroomsStarburst Rug

5 Navy & White BathroomsStriped Rug with Cross Border

5 Navy & White Bathrooms

>>> Vote for our stripe + cross rug HERE!
>>> Vote for our starburst rug HERE!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!

5 Navy & White Bathrooms