Holiday Project: Glittering Ice Sculpture

Holiday Project: Glittering Ice Sculpture

We are going to make an ice sculpture! I have to admit, I never thought I would attempt to make an ice sculpture. I’ve joked about this before, in fact, that is HOW SURE I was ice sculptures would not be a part of my holiday plans. But this project should teach us to never say NEVER. There is always a SIMPLER way to do something amazing, and it will still be beautiful and creative. I am all about that.

Holiday Project: Glittering Ice Sculpture

Last week when the talented Sandra Evertson sent me her idea for none other than an “ice sculpture” of course I almost fell of the chair! But when I saw how simple yet beautiful it was, I was jumping for joy, this is my kind of project! She knew I’d need a more manageable ice sculpture! Thanks Sandra! You are my new BFF. I love creative people who watch out for me and share easy projects that even I can do.

For those of you who don’t know about Sandra, you are in for a treat. She is an amazingly generous and creative person (visit her blog to see all the wonderful things she shares, including sweet things you can download!). I am so excited to have her here for our inspiration week. Here is her bio from her blogger page:

I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. I’m a magpie collector of all things old and unique. I’m currently working as a contributor for Romantic Homes Magazine, a Directors Circle Artist for Somerset Studio Magazine, and contribute regularly to all of Stampington & Company’s various publications. I have authored several books including Fanciful Paper Projects and the most recent, Fanciful Paper Flowers. And this year Stampington & Company has just released my first two rubber stamp lines.

Yep, she’s a creative one! I am humbled and honored that she wanted to share a project with us here! Thank you, Sandra, for putting this together! Please welcome Sandra Evertson as she shares her instructions for this glittery holiday masterpiece:

Holiday Project: Glittering Ice Sculpture

DIY Ice Sculpture

Create a gorgeous Ice Fantasy display, right in your own freezer!
A quick and easy project to dress up your holiday table!

Variety of glitters
Vintage jello and tart molds
Silver platter (with a lip on it)

Simply pour jello mold half full of water, sprinkle in some glitter then fill the mold the rest of the way up with water.Place in freezer until hardened.

Just before your guests arrive, remove the molds from the freezer, let them set in room temperature for about 3 minutes and they will pop right out!

Arrange them on a silver platter, you can even intersperse them with votive tea lights, fresh holly, white roses with the stems removed, the sky is the limit!

Your “ice sculpture” will last for a few hours and even when it begins to melt it will create enchanting pools of sparkling glitter!

Holiday Project: Glittering Ice Sculpture

Happy Holidays!

My Best,
Sandra Evertson

Isn’t that pretty? Sandra and I joked about her husband’s confusion over seeing ice cubes with glitter on them in the freezer. Husbands may not understand the need for glitter on everything, but we do! Maybe put a “Do not use in a drink” disclaimer on these, just in case!

Copyright: All photos and tutorial in this post are copyright Sandra Evertson.

Photos and tutorial were used by permission of Sandra Evertson.

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

McMaster and Storm Giveaway


To find the McMaster and Storm Gift Wrapping Tutorial, click here. The tutorial is divided into four posts, labeled Gift Wrapping Tutorial, part one through part four.

Wow, can you believe the awesome gift wrapping ideas the ladies from McMaster and Storm shared with us? They are amazingly creative, I am really wanting to try some of those ideas. Boy do I wish I could visit their shop! Be sure and contact them via their blog or email address if you would like to make a purchase from their store. Word is they will have an e-commerce site up soon, and more exciting things are in the works for them! Thank you SO much for sharing, Kara and Darcy!

As if their tutorial wasn’t enough, they have put together a fantastic assortment of gift wrapping goodies for a lucky winner! Please leave a comment on THIS POST between now and Saturday December 8 for the drawing. Feel free to comment on all of the posts (in appreciation for our lovely guest contributors!), but don’t forget to leave one here! However, there is a small catch, just to make it fun and spur our creativity as we head into gift giving season!

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

In order to be entered into the drawing, please leave a comment sharing your favorite creative gift idea. Something any of us could find or put together pretty easily to make a fun gift. What are some great ideas for filling those boxes Kara and Darcy shared? I loved the idea of lots of little gifts within the big gift box. So much fun to open! We can all use ideas, so share away!

Have fun and best of luck to everyone! The winner will be chosen at random and announced here by Monday December 10.

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

McMaster and Storm Giveaway

Thanks again, Kara and Darcy!

Don’t forget there will be another fabulous giveaway this week from French General, so you will have yet another chance at winning a prize! More inspiration to come, click here for A GLITTERING ICE SCULPTURE PROJECT!

McMaster and Storm Giveaway