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Do you love touring homes and being inspired by beautiful rooms?

Do you need DIY inspiration for your own projects at home? Me too!

Since the beginning of The Inspired Room, I’ve loved featuring other bloggers. I’ve loved sharing their awesome DIY ideas for the home and the beautiful rooms bloggers create in their own homes.

Oftentimes during the day, I happen about a cute idea or amazing room I want to share with you. I just want to tell you right then and there, LOOK AT THIS! But of course, if I do that, you can’t hear me. Humpf.

So … a couple of years ago I found a way I could manage and share those ideas I love as I find them online, while being able to highlight the amazing work of other bloggers. I love to share them so my own readers at The Inspired Room can all enjoy them too. I add them to Room Tours or my DIY section, so you can search and discover new bloggers and great ideas any time you’d like!

I purposely have the comments turned off of those posts because I really want you to VISIT the bloggers on their own blogs, see their posts, pin them, and leave them comment love there. They’ve worked hard and deserve those comments (and the blog visits!).

Every now and then I’ll add one of my own projects to DIY or my rooms to Room Tours, since I’m a blogger too!


Want to share your ideas and rooms? Hooray! You can submit a tour or DIY. I can’t get to all of them, but I do add as many as I can!

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