Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

Snow Days are Awesome Days

You know those wonderfully unexpected unusual days where you are safe and snug, but stuck at home because of snow?


Those days are the best, if you are busy most other days like I am.

On a snow day, you stop being stressed.

You stop being busy.

You suddenly find time for baking, sledding, and tasting the snow falling from the sky.

You might nap by the fire.

Snow Days {Where You Stop Being Sad & Start Being Awesome!}

You can’t be sad on a snow day. So you start being awesome.

Those are the best kind of days. Awesome days.

I saw this sign over at House of Hepworths. I think I love it. I want one. Please.

We are still snowed in. I think Thursday is going to be another not-sad-pretty-awesome day.

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}


So my life has been kinda busy for the past few years.

Not only did we move to another state to start a creative church from scratch, but this weekend we are launching a concert house. Yawn. Not much goes on around our house.

Yeah. So. What would life be like without a little crazy eyed insanity mixed in? I don’t know. But I’d like to find out someday.

So meanwhile, along with crazy we need a bit of organization. Of course with all we’ve had going on, we haven’t had much time for GETTING organized. Kind of a catch 22. We have been just trying to make it through the day in front of us juggling all the balls and trying not to drop too many.

Because January is the time for turning over a new leaf, I decided I needed an organization intervention. That, and people are starting to look at us funny. Like we really might be disorganized or something. Meh.

One of the things that stops me sometimes from organizing is I have grand ideas of what “organized” should look like. I’ve dreamed about Command Centers forever. I’ve been plotting for quite some time to reorganize and makeover my office, and I’m definitely going to accomplish that in the coming weeks. But I also dream about things like big mud rooms and giant back halls when I have tiny halls and small laundry rooms. Blast.

In my mind, all the ideas I have for organization look perfect, pretty and finished. You know, like Pinterest.

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}

Or like The House of Smiths.

Hey! They made that beauty out of those radiator metal cover things so many of you suggested for my mantel!

So, THAT is pretty much why I don’t have my command center yet. I want to make stuff like that.

And I want a door like that too while I’m at it. Pretty as a picture.

I want a before and a perfect AFTER. Now.

But I don’t have the perfect space or enough time right now for what I might deem a Pinterest-worthy command center. There are other beautifying projects waiting in line ahead of this one. My husband is busy and while he helps me when he can, he is not a big fan of staying up past his bedtime doing DIY projects. And so sometimes my crazy schedule and big dreams for things like awesome command centers derail before they even get started. And so we sit stalled, and disorganized, not able to move forward. Yet, I know it is important and its time has come.

So this week I went to Costco for groceries because sometimes my family gets hungry (the nerve!) and on my way to buy spinach, I spotted THIS.


When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}

Behold.  The start of Command Central at my house.

Was it exactly what I pictured? No.

Is it perfectly functional for what I needed? Yes. And I love the smooth writing surface much better than chalkboard paint.

Could I paint the frame if I wanted to or add additional organizational items to my wall with this? Of course!

Did it come with a giant mudroom? Oh, snap. No.

Was there a better solution? Maybe, but sometimes you just have to START somewhere or you’ll never start anywhere.

Was it the deal of the century? Not really.

But was it a timer saver? YES.

So after wresting with my own mind over the options and what to do right there in the aisle at Costco, I decided DONE was going to be good enough this time. I’m a woman on a mission still trying to solve all my goals from last year like making our home work better for us. And nothing is going to stop me.

So I yanked the box out of the holder it was in and awkwardly balanced it in its box on top of my small cart (this chalkboard is HUGE by the way, four feet across and 3 feet tall), steering past the books and into the backsides of a few unsuspecting shoppers to get to the checkout stand. Oops!

Oh, and I had to leave without the spinach because I was too afraid of dropping the box. Home goals from last year trump eating this year.

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}

What I Wore to Costco

{don’t you think that would be an awesome linky party?}

While Pinterest is THE BOMB for dreaming about great ideas, sometimes good enough ideas are found at Costco when we are wearing our classic boring outfit of jeans and Chucks instead of the cute ruffled red coat and polka dot shoes all the cool moms on Instagram are wearing.

Anyhoo…this is my real life. Not too pinterest worthy. I just have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes I have a Costco-inspired life.

In my real life:

I’m OK that my command center is going in the tiny hall by my kitchen for now and not the perfect space.

I don’t have the most awesome stenciled wall ready to hang my command center to make it super cute.

And I’ve come to accept that I don’t have perfectly taped gridlines for my calendars. I can wait.

I’ve made peace with the face that I don’t have the cutest magnets to clip my papers on. What I have works just fine.

I’m OK with not having perfect light glowing through my windows for this picture taken at 10PM last night.

I’m OK with being content in a stage in between the BEFORE and the AFTER.

The important thing is: I finally have a command center and we can feel a little less crazy now. I’m good with that.

Carry on. Maybe next time I show you this I’ll have stenciled walls. Ha. Doubt it.

So what is holding you back from getting organized?

If you struggle with discontentment with where you are or need a little more courage to stay focused on what really matters, I thought this was such an honest, real post (and the fact that she mentioned me was sweet too!!).

When Good Enough is Good Enough for Now {Command Center for Organization}