After the Christmas Tour. The Unraveling.

After the Christmas Home Tour.

Sometimes I just have to laugh. Or wonder what is wrong with me. HA! I see so many people with their homes seemingly (still) all decorated … perfectly, shiny and pretty. They are hosting parties in their homes this weekend, leisurely enjoying making crafts, baking their favorite Christmas cookies, their gifts are all wrapped with cute paper and bows.

That is just how it is at my house!

I’m totally ready! We’re just sitting by the fire singing Christmas carols!


Truth. I’m sorry this is going to get ugly. Feel free to avert your eyes.

I haven’t bought or wrapped hardly any gifts yet. Really. I haven’t baked anything. Our tree has been undecorated by Jack.

Our garland on our stairs is crunchy and leaving bits of evergreen all over the railing and floor.

I killed at least one of our poinsettias.

My slipcovers had to go in the wash (again), so my family room is torn apart. It got so messy I had to keep the blinds shut. Just in case a blogger with a zoom lens was driving by.

Dogs are walking all over the furniture.  Now you know why I have to wash white slipcovers all the time.

What was a really pretty dining room table all set for the holidays during my Christmas tour just got buried in some sort of freak avalanche.

I’m just about to do a massive cleaning frenzy so I can recapture my holiday spirit.

But other than that, I’m READY! WHOO HOO!

So, how are you doing the week before Christmas? REALLY?

HA! It is seriously OK if you are leisurely making crafts, hosting parties and baking gingerbread cookies. Really. I am not jealous ONE BIT. I hope to join you in the festivities. Next week. We just had a little setback and I’ve got a few things left to do around here first. But I have time, right?

Building Character {in your kids} and introducing my girls and their new blogs …

Normally if I write a post about building character, I’d be talking about adding charm to your house. But not today! I’m over at (in)courage, talking about raising kids….but before I send you over there to read that post, can I just tell you that BOTH of my girls have now started blogs? I’m so excited!! And nervous. Yeah. A little nervous because they have access to pictures of the inside of my oven and other things I’d rather not show off. HA! This could get ugly.

I already introduced you to my oldest daughter Kylee’s blog awhile back (here is a Thanksgiving post where she inadvertently shows off my never-clean-oven and our Thanksgiving turkey), but now, you can meet my younger daughter too.

Courtney is a riot and so precious, you will love her and her brand new blog too. Check out Courtney’s fun post on one of our favorite shops and then go read (in)courage to see the ways I humbly built character into those girls!!

 So there you go! Me and my girls, all blogging!!

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