Blog Action Day

Monday October 15 is Blog Action Day, a day to voice your concern about the environment in a way that is meaningful to you. So how do I do my part to consume less? Among my own efforts to recycle, I encourage people to consider the possibility of not … ** Read more **

Coming to a blog near you

Hello! Eek, I've been swamped since Thursday, in case you are wondering if I climbed into one of those swings from my previous post and fell asleep for a couple of days! I wish! Just a little preview, I have some great things planned for you, not … ** Read more **

Rate My Space Wisdom

I was thinking some more about Rate My Space (I know, I should get a life!) and after Penny's comment, I have some more thoughts to share! Imagine that, more thoughts from me! Penny shared yesterday that she had in fact put her rooms on Rate My … ** Read more **

Silent Post

"To live content with small means To seek elegance rather than luxury And refinement rather than fashion To be worthy, not respectable And wealthy, not rich To study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly To listen to stars and birds, to babes … ** Read more **

Beyond Black Leather Recliners

"Men and women must contribute synergistically to the process of creating a beautiful life at home. This is something that should be thought through carefully if we are going to feel true satisfaction and pleasure of creating and living in a home … ** Read more **

Sweet Escape — Solitude

In keeping with our theme the past couple of days of being authentic, being real, and all needing times of solitude, today my sweet escape is simple. Solitude. Time to reflect. To be quiet. To disconnect from the chaos of life. So, does it seem … ** Read more **